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Alice Scarlett De Gottahrd reveals the people who are her inspiration in the entertainment world

Alice said that Olivia Rodrigo , Tate Mcrae , Gracie Abrams and Dove Cameron are her inspirations in the music industry

And she also said that Taylor Hill , Kendall Jenner and Gigi hadid are her inspirations in the modelling industry

Alice said [ They are my inspirations and they will always be , I learned a lot from them , One of my dreams is to meet them , I think they are kind and talented , That's why they became my inspirations , I want to be just like them ]

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Alice Scarlett De Gottahrd talks about how she got her popularity and how she became a singer

She is using Instagram since 2018 and active in 2020-2021

She got around 25k followers ,The public starting to like her because of her talents and cute face and her wonderful personality

At the age of 7 , Alice started singing and writing songs

And at the age of 14 , She finally covered a song : ' All my friends are fake '

Originally by TateMcrae

She said that she wanted to become more than a singer , She also becomes a part-time model and actress

She really loves her job and She said that she wanted to become successful in this entertainment industry

Instagram : @alice_lett33

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Alice Scarlett De Gottahrd Biography

Alice Scarlett / Alice Scarlett De Gottahrd is an Coverist and Instagram star

She has around 25k followers on Instagram

Full name : Alice Scarlett De Gottahrd

Nickname : Alice Scarlett / Alice / Letta

Age : 14 Years Old

Born in 31 March 2007

Born in between Indonesia and Singapore

She is currently live in Indonesia

Height : 5'5 ( 165cm )

Weight : 50kg ( 110 lbs )

Ethnicity : Mixed ( Indonesian & Dutch )

Skin Colour : Olive / Light yellow complexion

Talents : Singing , Modelling and Writing Songs 

Inspirations : Taylor Hill , Olivia Rodrigo and Kendall Jenner

Instagram : @alice_lett33


She is an only child

Favourite animals : Dog , Quokka , Penguin and Ice bear

Favourite food : Burger , Pizza , Waffle and Chocolate Ice cream

Favourite Colour : Pink , Purple and Gold

Favourite movie : Ready or not , Maleficent , Descendants and Harry potter

She likes horror movies

She likes snow

She has a dog named Ruby

She is raised by her Mom and Family

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