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Title: When should I start dating?* Author: _Sassi Sassi.

Dated: April 8, 2020.

To most of youth, young boys and girls these days, the question on when is the right time for one to start dating has remained an endless debate awhe unanswered cry, the cry that read astray alot of friends, family members, schoolmates, neighbours and the social media family, as it has been and I still a question with no answers of which I do not have as well.

So many jamb questions like should I start dating when I'm of a certain age, when I'm done with school, when I'm at certain level while in the university where I'll be free, when I have enough cash or even when one asks me to do so. The questions have remained rhetorical one.

The questions have remained to be what I can call the silent killing gun that hunts and drives to hell most of youths if not all.

At one point in life I thought that getting old is itself enough as a solution to the relational affairs and it's related problems, of which recently I found the answer to be NO a big no as there are so many elderly people who seek divorce and separation orders with their spauses each day around doors of courts of law and marriage reconciliatory boards.

I wonder and ask myself did any of the two blander in making the right timing for the relation affairs, something that makes their timing bad for timing relational affairs. I do not know either.

One friend of mine sometimes used to say to me that he cannot date/start dating since he argued not having enough money to take good care of the person he will be dating.

This as well paused a question as should one start dating when he/she has enough money to provide in the expected relationship?.

Literally NO since there are so many wealthy people I know who have no peace in their relationships and there are plenty of middle and low income people who are happy with their relationship.

Everyone has his/her own question and answers when it comes to a point of dating. Over years none has come with a genuine answer on the questions instead everyone has tried to come with his/her theoretical assumption that in some cases even doesn't relate to theirs hence not reflecting the reality.

This makes such assumptions bad to relay genuinely despite any case my be.

This comes due to the fact that we are never equal and never will be even once, we aren't the same or homogeneous as human being making a certain assumption that worked better to somebody X it not being necessary to work in the same manner to Y.

This reminds me of Dr Myles Munroe, a celebrated write and preacher who wrote in his book titled Dating and waiting a potentil book I suggest you get a copy of it. In the book Dr Munroe tries to answer the same question as a grown up man, father, husband, Pastor, writer and critical thinker. He provides no right or direct answer to the questions since our timelines tends to differ from one person to another, instead he offers us a better way to follow.

Dating starts from oneself before one practically starts to look for a mate for such purpose. This is the only and right time one can make critical analysis on the benefits and challenges of dating. Depending on one's timeline when one gets to grasp what are the expected advantages and disadvantages which can be foreseen.

And such that one has been at a position to keep the advantages more of positive and the disadvantages turning them to blessings then this is the time one can start dating.

Why is it so?

One is at a position to have mechanisms of managing all the risks likely to having rise out of the relationship and handle them appropriately.

One is at a position to have reasons to love such that he/she be kept holding when things are not in order in their relationship.

This will keep everyone bound to the relationship to the extent of not being ready to be kept away the other, making a perfect combo.

Everyone can have his own time for that as it's quite impossible to have it all at once, everyone can have his/her reasoning on it and this is how it is supposed to be since

the beauty is within the eyes of the beholder as we all concur to it.

Everyone has his/her own reason to love

this is naturally and that is how it has been and will be.

Everyone needs love, life is naturally love.

Dating should be the one with purpose otherwise it will be time wasting worth to call absurdity.

Relations issues are purely such that none will at one point run from them in life, playing it smart is crucial to everyone of us than being quite away from it for a happily living worth to live.

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