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Dublin bar owner has apologized for comparing quarantine and Holocaust

Dublin owner Kieran Finnerty, the owner of the Dice Bar in Dublin, apologized for comparing quarantine and the Holocaust after being criticized on social media.

The businessman made a post on his Facebook page (and later deleted it), in which he wrote that closing bars and pubs across the country due to an epidemic was similar to sending Jews from the Warsaw ghetto by train to Auschwitz supposedly for their own good .

Such a comparison caused a storm of indignation among subscribers of Kiran Finnerti. Many noted that temporary measures to close public spaces were incomparable with the tragedy that took the lives of 6 million people.

In the next post, the owner of the bar tried to apologize, but noted that what happened during the war was the result of 20 years of propaganda and the destruction of people's freedoms.

He was also criticized for this statement.

In the end, Kieran Finnerty apologized for the insults and for comparing contemporary events with Nazi Germany’s actions against Jews.

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Graffiti with celebrities urged to stay at home appeared in Dublin

The heroes of the work of the artist Emmaline Blake are Dua Lipa and Cardi B. In addition, the designer made her version of the propaganda poster of the Second World War "We can do it!"

A series of graffiti in the style of pop art with images of show business stars appeared on the streets of Dublin. Artist and designer Emmaline Blake used phrases from songs and TV shows to encourage the Irish to follow quarantine rules when coronavirus spreads.

For example, the American performer Cardi Bee reminds passers-by about the social distance of 2 m prescribed by the Irish health service. Self-isolating in New York, Cardi Bee reposted her Instagram portrait and noted: “Ireland takes quarantine seriously.”

The British singer Dua Lipa, depicted in a protective mask, calls: "Do not lean out!" The stars of the American reality show and television series "Sisters" Tia and Tamera Mowry "pronounce" their catchphrase: "Go home, Roger."

Swedish singer Robin reports that she is "dancing alone on the TikTok social network."

In another of her graffiti, Blake depicts the American propaganda poster of the Second World War, "We can do it!". The work of Blake depicts a nurse in a mask, below the signature - "Heroes of Health."

Local residents take pictures near graffiti and post pictures on social networks.

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Three men arrested in Dublin in relation to cocaine seizure worth €2.5m.

During the search of three vehicles, the police discovered cocaine worth €2.5m in Dublin on Saturday, April 25. Three men also got arrested in charge of drug supply and trafficking. Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (GNDOCB) launched an operation under which the vehicles were searched in the Blakes Cross area of the city. The officers seized the drugs and arrested men of age 44,48 and 59 at the scene.

Detective Chief Superintendent Angela Willis talked about this operation and called the seizure "significant" to disrupt such kind of activities. Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll headed the operation and reported the seizure of cocaine and apprehension of men.

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Dublin nursing home recorded 21 deaths in three weeks.

St Mary's Hospital located in the Phoenix Park of Dublin has recorded 21 deaths in three weeks due to coronavirus. Residents of St Mary's Centre are terrified looking at the tragic death rate in the nursing home, i.e., one patient a day. National Health Protection Surveillance Centre reported the case of this nursing home after announcing 52 new fatalities in the country on Saturday, April 25.

The death tolls of the country have reached a total of 1,063. Moreover, the country has reported 18,561 cases with 377 new cases on Saturday. Health Minister Simon Harris showed sympathies to the families and friends of victims. A large number of front line workers have also got affected by this deadly virus.

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The man jabbed by knife passed away in hospital.

A 20-year-old man, Glen Osborne, was stabbed by a knife at Balybough House of Dublin on Wednesday night, April 15. Emergency services were called to the scene, and the man was taken to the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. However, he died due to his severe injuries. Gardaí (Irish police) has taken the responsibility of the case and has started the investigation.

The place of the incident has been blocked and taken into the forensic examination. A spokesperson from Gardaí has reported that a young man has been arrested. The body of the man has been sent for post mortem on Thursday. The report is not yet out. The police have asked for any information related to this knife case.

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Young man stabbed to death in Dublin.

A young man named Glen Osborne died after being stabbed in a flat complex of Dublin. After this incident at Ballybough House in Dublin, emergency services and gardai were called to the scene around 10 pm on Wednesday, April 15. The 20-year-old man was taken to the Mater Hospital for the treatment of his injuries. However, he died after a few hours, and his body was taken for the postmortem.

The scene is blocked and is under investigation for forensic examination. A spokeswoman has reported one detention in this staying case. Gardai have urged the witnesses to come forward and give the information related to the case. The report of post mortem is due at this time.

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New Dublin Bus time table introduced.

Dublin Bus has launched new schedules for bus services amidst coronavirus outbreak. The Saturday time table will be followed with additional services in the city. The company is facing issues due to the outbreak of the deadly virus, owing to which they have decided to bring up modifications in the schedule. The buses will mostly run from early morning to avoid the chances of transmission of disease.

Dublin bus has come up with new measures to follow the social distancing standards.

The new time table of the Dublin Bus will come in effect from Wednesday, April 1. Ray Coyne, CEO of Dublin Bus, shared the social awareness video in the arrangement of bus seats on Twitter. The company has framed criteria to maintain 2 meters distance in the bus. They have used signs to make their customers aware of the new measures on the bus. They have pleaded the citizens to follow the social distancing regulations.

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St James Hospital's doctor worried about the lives of people.

Dr. Colin Doherty, a consultant neurologist at St James Hospital of Dublin, tested positive for novel coronavirus on March 19. He is recovering from coronavirus. Recently, he shared his feelings as a patient in an interview. The doctor said that when he got infected and entered self-isolation, but he was worried that many lives would be affected severely when he will back to work.

Many doctors and staff members, including her wife, were sent to self-isolation after the doctor tested positive. He stated that it was a difficult time for him, as many other people developed symptoms for being in close contact with him. He added that this outbreak would force the doctors to choose who will live and who will die, which is the worst situation for any doctor. "The kind of life and death decision that the doctors make every day, these are of a completely different order, " he added.

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Dublin duo returned Ireland before AFLW season.

Two woman Football stars of Ireland, Sinead Goldrick, and Niamh McEvoy, returned Dublin from Australia before the commencement of AFLW finals. The AFLW season got delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Women' has announced that the players of Ireland will be ready to play the final series.

Ireland has announced that it will conduct its matches as before. A new Australian Football League will start on Thursday, March 15, as the older fixture. The final two rounds were canceled in Australia due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Eight teams that entered the final series include North Melbourne, GWS, Brisbane, Gold Coast (Conference A), Fremantle, Carlton, Melbourne, and Collingwood (Conference B). The final matches will be conducted this weekend without any spectators. Michelle Nicholas Wals, the Irish AFL Coach, will be sharing important news of the football online.

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Man in custody in relationship with the firearms seizure.

During the routine patrol, gardaí found a car with four shotguns and one revolver in Tallaght. Policemen halted the way of car for speeding, but after inspection, they discovered the firearms. Two people of the vehicle fled way, but the driver got arrested and detained on St. Patrick's night. The man was brought in the court for having a connection with the seized firearms at 10:30 am on Thursday, March 19.

A spokesperson from Gardaí said that they observed a car in high sleep in Tallaght, which was caught at Ardmore Gardens. After the discovery of firearms in the vehicle, the driver was apprehended and then brought in the court for the hearing.

There were two more people in the car out of which one was on the front seat while the other on the rear.

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Tourist jailed for four and a half years for raping a woman in Dublin

Hoi Ping Yung, aged 47, raped a woman in a hotel room on his trip to Ireland on November 21, 2013. He got sentenced for rape in December 2019 in the Central Criminal Court. He got arrested by Gardai on the same day of rape after the woman reported the rape. But, he was believed to be drunk as he stated that he has no memory of the rape. He also added that the sex was consensual and told the court that all the persecutions against him are false. He was then released and petitioned that he didn't rape the woman.

Ms. Justice Burns took out this case after seven and a half years and proved Yung guilty for violating a woman's body without her acceptance. The victim expressed her pain of rape and said that she relived her rape in her trials against Yung. Yung has git sentenced for four and a half years for raping that woman in Dublin.

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Niall Horan extended his tour to Dublin in 2020

Niall Horan will be visiting Dublin City in the month of October in 2020 under his "Nice to Meet Ya" your. He extended his tour by one day and added October 31 to his melodious night in Dublin. This young Irish singer and songwriter announced the date of his show in Dublin at 3 Arena last week. He will be performing at the SSE Arena in Belfast on October 27. Horan is a popular music sensation of Ireland who is going to visit popular cities of the country in his "Nice to Meet Ya" tour of 2020.

The 26 years old singer has recently released his second solo album Heartbreak Weather on March 13, 2020, which has broken his previous record and reached the figures of three million. This song is the second song of his debut album "Flicker," which is being loved by millions of his followers. Niall Horan, a member of popular One Direction, said in an interview that he wants to put all his energy into his first album.

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Herbal cannabis worth €220,000 grasped in a raid in north Dublin.

Two men have been arrested on the charge of drug offenses by the Gardai. The police seized herbal cannabis of estimated price around €220,000 in a raid in north Dublin. Two men under the late 30s were arrested at the location and detained at the Store Street and Cabra Garda Stations under Section II of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996.

The raid operations were organized by Gardai to target the crime scenes operating in the Cabra and Finglas areas. The officials seized two packages of 11 kgs of herbal cannabis on the stage with the apprehension of two people. The officers from the Revenue Customs Service, the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, the Store Street Drugs Unit, and K District Community Action Team took part in the raid operation and successfully executed it. Investigations related to this case are going on.

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Euro-Tech Hub expansion in Dublin.

MasterCard has announced the elaboration of a European tech hub in Leopardstown, Dublin, on Monday, February 24, through a press release. It has been confirmed that this expansion of the firm will help to create around 1,500 jobs in South Dublin. MasterCard has showcased this evolution as a significant part of the development of the company at a global level. The timeline has been created for this project, which can take up to three to five years.

MasterCard was established in Ireland first in 2008, with 36 staff. At present, more than 650 employees are working in Ireland for Mastercard. The new firm will be established in Leopardstown, which is not much far from its current central location in the country. Ed McLaughlin, Mastercard President of Operations and Technology, welcomed this new establishment of the company as an essential step to continue its lead in global payment technology.

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Amanda Bynes Revealed Fiancé's Identity One Day after her Engagement

Bynes made headlines after announcing that she was engaged to an unknown man (for her fans). The actress announced her engagement on February 14 via Instagram. She only shared an image of her hand wearing the new engagement ring along with her fiancé's hand, which donned a wedding band. She engaged to her beloved mysterious man. Fans were curious about who exactly she was engaged to. The happy couple finally shared an image together on February 15. The mystery man is Paul Michael. The news reported that the happy couple met while the 33-year-old was in rehab, and they've been dating from two or three months. Over the past few years, Bynes has kept out of the spotlight and recently got a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise.

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Murder suspects arrested by Dublin Police

Justin Ray Ramirez, 21, and Cheyenne Taylor Bragdon, 22, are in custody in the Erath County Jail following a murder in Carlsbad, in Tom Green County, northwest of San Angelo on US 87. According to news reports, scanner traffic about a possible murder began around 10 a.m., and police officers were sent to two locations in Carlsbad in connection with an incident around 3 p.m. when the officer received a call from Marshall and found a white male in a gunshot wound. Officers found a vehicle description of the 2012 White car, an officer located it that was two miles north of Dublin, but officers located them. Illegal weapons were in a vehicle. Ramirez had a murder warrant, and Bragdon is a person of interest in the case. Both were taken into custody and being held in the Jail.

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Irish Olympic Laser trial shifted to Australia due to date clash

There was a date clash between regattas in Europe which resulted in a change of continent for the first Irish 2020 Olympic sailing trial. Four Irish sailors will now compete in Australia for the Laser Radial trial. It is the only dinghy in which Ireland has qualified so far for the Tokyo regatta.

Annalise Murphy, who is an Olympic silver medalist, will sail Melbourne in January. Aoife Hopkins, Aisling Keller and Eve McMahon are due to start their trial for the single Olympic berth at the World Championships in Melbourne in the last week of February. The 140-boat Radial World Championships at Sandringham Yacht Club, Port Phillip, will be the first event of three to decide who will represent Ireland. The other two trials regattas are the Trofeo Princesa Sofia in Palma in March, and Hyeres Regatta in April.

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Deliveroo planning to increase services to restaurants by two thirds

Deliveroo has set a target to increase the number of restaurants under its umbrella services by two thirds to 2000 this year. The company has its headquarters in London, and they have expanded into suburban Dublin. They are expecting to reach to 100,000 new customers this year. The current reach is close to 1.4 million customers.

To complete the target, they have to partner up with an additional 800 restaurants in this year which will be a 67 per cent increase in the number as compared to the last year. They managed to add 600 restaurants previous year which was 50 per cent more than they expected. They are currently partnered with 1200 restaurants across the state.

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Dublin’s hotel is all set to reopen.

The metro hotel of Dublin is set to reopen after it suffered from huge flames two years back. The hotel was down from a blaze in March 2018. The hotel went on a total reconstruction with an amount of 2O Million euros with upgradation. The hotel is reopening with the brand new elegant and enhanced look, and the management is looking for a 4-star rating for the same.

When the hotel is fully operational, it will hire 50 permanent staff along with ten part-time faculty of the hotel. When the fire took place two years back, 150 guests were safely got out of the hotel from skyscrapers as flames got spread to the upper floors of the hotel. Around 60 number of firefighters battled while stopping the fire for hours and hours by using Dublin Fire Brigade’s unique and advanced technique.

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Other News Ireland

Ukraine is supported by the whole world. Ireland, still one of the most closed countries of the European Union, is doing everything possible to help our compatriots who were fleeing the hostilities with their children.

Housing is provided on the island, children go to school, and the government is doing everything possible to give work to Ukrainian women.

Back in early March, two Ukrainian women with children left Kyiv for Ireland. They are currently located in the city of Limerick. There, the boys Egor and Kirill have already gone to a local school.

The Ukrainians were taken in by the Tucker family.

– From the first day of the war, we have been following the events in Ukraine. We contacted a volunteer organization that helps Ukrainians find families in Ireland who are ready to host them. And two hours later we were told that two women with children would come to us,” said David Tooker.

Neighbors bring toys to the boys. Irish children draw Ukrainian flags on the sidewalks and do everything to make Egor and Kirill feel at home.

On February 25, Ireland canceled visas for Ukrainians. Now she accepts everyone who has chosen her for a temporary stay. To date, about 16 thousand Ukrainians have found refuge there.

The old airport terminal in Dublin has now been turned into a makeshift visa application center. Ireland has simplified the procedure for obtaining the necessary temporary protection documents for Ukrainians as much as possible. Here they immediately give the social security number and a letter from the Ministry of Justice confirming the legal stay in Ireland.

These documents allow Ukrainians to have the same rights as citizens of the country. IDPs can receive social payments, use free medical care and, most importantly, find a job. If there is no one to go to, they temporarily settle in hotels around the country. Over time, they are going to settle people in Irish families. Already more than twenty thousand families wished to receive Ukrainians.

Ireland's biggest problem right now is housing. It is not enough, rental prices for a family in Dublin start from one and a half thousand euros per month. Local authorities understand this problem, as well as many others that have accompanied Irish society before. There is hope that this forced integration of Ukrainians will benefit Ireland itself.

“It hurts us a lot that Ukrainians are going through this terrible war. We try to integrate them into Irish society as quickly as possible. So, we are working on the possibility of recognizing teachers' diplomas so that they can find work, - said Irish Minister for Social Policy and Equality Roderick O'Gorman.

Ireland is a country of immigrants. Ten million Irish people at various times were forced to leave the country and seek a better fate. Perhaps that is why the Irish took the pain of the Ukrainians so close to their hearts, who decided to leave everything and leave for the unknown.

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