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Md Abidur Rahaman from West Bengal creates a hail in the music industry

Md Abidur Rahaman was born in 11th October 2002 in Pandua, West Bengal, India.

He not only makes music to listen but to feel the rhythm which gives a soothing experience to every soul


Anti-mob lynching law, reservation in contractual jobs: Azad Samaj Party’s manifesto in UP

The ASP(K) also released its first list of 37 candidates for the first and second phases of UP election.

The Azad Samaj Party (Kanshiram) on Friday launched its manifesto for the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, promising 80 lakh jobs, free education, and healthcare for all, writing off all farm loans and a law to prevent mob lynchings.

The manifesto was released by party president Chandra Shekhar Azad, who will be fighting his debut assembly poll from the Gorakhpur (Urban) seat, against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

If voted to power in Uttar Pradesh, the ASP (K) promised to fix a minimum support price (MSP) for all crops and pay sugarcane farmers within 10 days. Keeping in mind the inflation, the party said all tolls would be made free for commuters.

The ASP(K) promised that the Muslim Wakf will be freed of mafia and government control and the benefits would be used for uplifting the community. After clearing encroachment on Wakf properties, schools and universities would be built on them, the manifesto said.

It also promised to pass an anti-mob lynching law under an independent panel of retired judges.

The party will also implement reservation in contractual government jobs for Class C and D and regularizing the job after 5 years of work.

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Wos is shaikh imran shaikh masood

Shaikh imran shaikh masood is a professional buisnessman,actor or singer

Imran is very popular person in sillod aurangabad

Imran have an instgram account imran have 14k+ followers on instgram

Net worth: 25 cr

Per month earnings:1 to 10 lakhs

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Throughout this list, you will find quotes from this generation as well as from generations way before ours. But each one of these love quotes is formed by someone who was deeply in love at one point or another.


Stop using abusive foreign funding law,” rights groups demand repeal of FCRA

The government should stop using the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and other abusive laws to silence civil society in India, they urged.

The Indian government should immediately stop harassing the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns and its program unit People’s Watch, nine human rights groups said on Tuesday.

The government should stop using the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and other abusive laws to silence civil society in India, they urged.

The groups are Amnesty International, Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Front Line Defenders, Human Rights Watch, International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), International Dalit Solidarity Network, International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) and International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) in the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders.

On 8 January, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) searched the offices of the non-governmental organisation Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns (CPSC) in Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Officers from the CBI entered the group’s premises and seized several documents. The CBI officers informed the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns that they were investigating allegations of fraud and financial irregularities under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), a law that regulates foreign funding for Indian non-governmental organizations.

The Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns, a prominent human rights organisation better known by its program unit People’s Watch, monitors human rights abuses, works with socially and economically marginalized victims of abuses, including by police, and conducts human rights education and training. In 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs rejected the group’s application for renewal under the FCRA. They said it was “on the basis of a field agency report,” which civil society leaders widely believe refer to reports of intelligence agencies or law enforcement personnel.

When the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns challenged the government’s decision in the Delhi High Court, the Home Affairs Ministry told the court that the group used foreign funding to share information with United Nations special rapporteurs and foreign embassies, “portraying India’s human rights record in negative light…to the detriment of India’s image.” The government characterized this as “undesirable activities detrimental to national interest.”

The government’s response in court is evidence that it is violating India’s international obligations by targeting a group for promoting respect for international human rights instruments and cooperating with UN human rights mechanisms. The government also alleged financial irregularities even though the Delhi High Court had previously cleared the group of those charges in 2014 after the organisation challenged similar suspensions in 2012 and 2013. The case is still pending.

The government appears to have routinely disregarded court rulings in favor of civil society organisations and their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and association. The courts have repeatedly reminded the government that in a democracy, peaceful dissent is protected and may not be muzzled.

“The ongoing harassment of the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns and People’s Watch violates their right to freedom of association and access to funding and appears to be aimed at punishing the organisation for its human rights activities and at intimidating its staff,” read the statement.

This crackdown is part of wider repression of civil society in India, including through the use of draconian laws such as sedition and terrorism. Since 2016, the authorities have revoked, suspended, refused to renew the FCRA license of hundreds of civil society groups, or accused them of evading the law and frozen their bank accounts. These include the Indian Social Action Forum, Lawyers Collective, Sabrang Trust, Navsarjan Trust, Anhad, Oxfam India, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International India.

The rights groups alleged that the groups working on the rights of India’s most vulnerable populations such as Dalits, religious minorities, and Adivasis are particularly vulnerable.

Over the years, a number of United Nations bodies have expressed concerns over the use of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act to silence dissenting voices. In 2016, three UN human rights experts urged the government to repeal the law, stating that it was being used to “obstruct” access to foreign funding and that it “fails to comply with international human rights standards.”

In October 2020, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said in a statement that the overbroad and vaguely formulated FCRA provisions are “open to abuse” and that the Act is “indeed actually being used to deter or punish NGOs for human rights reporting and advocacy that the authorities perceive as critical in nature.”

Yet, in 2020, the Indian parliament passed amendments to the law, adding intrusive governmental oversight, additional regulations and certification processes, and operational requirements, which have further adversely affected civil society groups’ access to foreign funding and their ability to carry out human rights work.

“India’s National Human Rights Commission should promptly investigate the government’s refusal to renew the registration of the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns under the law and take all appropriate and necessary actions to protect human rights defenders and organisations, including their right to freedom of association and access to funding,” the rights group demanded.

They also urged the Indian authorities to put an end to all acts of harassment against the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns and People’s Watch, drop all complaints against them, and renew their registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, to allow them to resume their human rights work.

“The government should also amend the FCRA to bring it in line with international law and human rights standards and stop using it to target defenders and others exercising their basic human rights. It should further ensure that all human rights defenders and organisations are able to carry out their activities without any hindrance or fear of reprisals,” read the statement.

Written by: Sadiya Parveen

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The Eternal Hubble Telescope

BY: Muhammad Salman

Being an astrophile since my childhood, it always fascinated me as to how stars glow, why we can’t see them at daytime, why moon shines only at night and all other related phenomena. But with advancing age, I got involved in finding their answers & to my surprise, learning about Hubble answered all my questions. Hubble is a space telescope that was launched in Low Earth Orbit in the 1990's to explore space & its mysteries. Interestingly, the Telescope is still in operation.

From last few days, the news of launch of James Web Space Telescope is spreading rapidly & I find the contribution of Hubble Telescope worth mentioning as a part of this article. No doubt, James Web Space Telescope is better than Hubble Telescope in many aspects as technology has advanced to its heights but if we know anything about space & are able to propose different models & theories of space, it is only because of Hubble.

Hubble was invented by Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer after whom it is named & was launched in space by Discovery (STS-31) rocket space shuttle on 24th April, 1990 at NASA Space Center Kennedy LC-39 B in Florida . This 31 year journey of Hubble has been incredibly special. From studying Galaxy formation using knowledge of high redshift under project ‘Hubble Deep Fields Initiative’ to Cosmic Evolution Survey; taking millions of observations of space to capturing the first ever photo of Black Hole, Hubble has come a long way. Hubble features a 2.4 metre mirror & its five instruments carry observations in ultra violet, visible and near infrared regions of electromagnetic spectrum. One of the greatest achievements that Hubble has made is determining the rate of expansion of universe which we state in our common language as Hubble’s law. This law defines that the speed of galaxies away from earth is proportional to their distances from earth which we can easily understand as, the farther they are, the faster they are moving from earth. Hubble’s law is considered as the first observational basis for universe expansion & can be considered as a ground for proving Big bang theory & its model of universe expansion .Till now, Hubble is the only telescope which can be maintained and managed by astronauts in space. In 2019, the first ever image of Black Hole which lies at the center of M87 galaxy, 55 million light years from earth was captured & its credit also goes to Hubble’s legacy. Besides explaining Black Holes and capturing space events, Hubble has also opened new doors for research & exploration. The beautiful images of supernovas, galaxies & stars that we are able to see are actually monochromatic grayscales taken through a variety of filters incorporated in each camera & the beautiful colors are created by combining separate monochrome images taken through different filters. On Jan 1st, 2022 Hubble hit a milestone of one billion seconds in space, observing all the events occurring around. It is an achievement of this telescope that it has made more than 1.5 million observations in its 31 year journey in space.

The James Web Space Telescope which was launched recently by Arianne 5 ECA (VA256) on 24th December, 2021 will reach space in about a month & will continue the legacy of Hubble as a successor. The James web space telescope will primarily look at space in infrared spectrum & its large light collecting area will provide a more detailed back in time information. Undoubtedly the services of Hubble are uncountable & we were lucky enough to see it working all this while & will continue to have it in space for about 10 to 20 more years.

(The author is currently pursuing B.Tech from NIT Srinagar & can be reached at [email protected])

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Hijab Issue: Muslim Girls At Udupi College Defiant Despite Growing Harassment

Despite mounting outrage over the continued ban on Hijab in classrooms at Udupi’s Government Pre- University, the girls allege that harassment from college authorities has increased including attempts to silence them by threatening coercive action. However, the girls are standing their ground as they say they will not back down on what they say is their right.

“We will not give up. We are demanding for our rights and nothing will cause us to back down,” Almas, one of the students told The Cognate.

Speaking to The Cognate, Muskan, a 1st year PU student said, “On Friday, we were forced to write an apology letter falsely stating that we did not go to college for the past 15 days though the college allowed us to. However, we did go to college but were not allowed to attend classes as we were wearing a hijab.”

“Three of us were asked to sit in three separate corners of a room in the presence of four male professors, to write this. We resisted but they did not let us out of the classroom until we wrote,” she added.

Three weeks since the news of a Pre-University College in Udupi denying entry in classrooms to Muslim students wearing a hijab made national headlines, the girls still remain shunned out of their classrooms and being marked ‘absent’. CFI and GIO (Girls Islamic Organisation) approached the school authorities and the district collector seeking to resolve the issue, however, the girls continue to be denied permission to enter classrooms.

The girls have missed three weeks of classes and say that they may have a shortage of attendance that is required for them to write their Pre-University boards.

Principal Rudra Gowda tried to play down the issue as he told The Cognate that this was the first time such an issue had been brought up by the students. He said the college will abide by whatever directives the education ministry issues.

However, Muslim alumni of the college testify that they were harassed for wearing the hijab. According to Athiya, hijabs were physically snatched off students on many occasions. They were, however, permitted to enter the class, she says.

On January 1, reports that hijab-clad Muslim girls of Government PU College, Udupi were being denied entry into classrooms triggered massive outrage. The girls said that the principal, Rudra Gowda, did not permit them to wear hijab in the classrooms. They claimed though their parents approached the principal for talks, he refused to hold a discussion on the issue. They also complained that they are not being allowed to talk in Urdu, Arabic and Beary languages.

In this article:

Featured, Hijab, Karnataka, Udupi

Written by: Sadiya Parveen

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What is happening to Muslim in Nargund ?

On 17 January, 19-year-old Sameer Shahpur worked with his brother in a biriyani stall near the Nargund bus stand. Photo: Special arrangement

On 17 January, 19-year-old Sameer Shahpur, from Nargund, Gadag district of Karnataka, picked his friend Shamsheer Khan on his way to return home, hesitant to travel alone due to a Hindutva event in the neighbourhood.

But he never made it home.

Both the Muslim youths were attacked by armed Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh cadres near the municipality office of Nargund.

A CCTV visual from Nargund State Bank near Sangarwara shows how Shamsheer was chased and stabbed several times before he makes a narrow escape.

Though both were rushed to hospital, Sameer succumbed to injuries. Shamsheer is still in critical care at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS).

According to police, the attack was motivated by “hatred towards the Muslim community”.

Fayaz, a mutual friend of Sameer and Shamseer, says about a dozen RSS cadres were involved in the attack.

“Shamsheer was a pillion rider. He managed to escape from the mob but Sameer, who was riding the bike, was mercilessly stabbed in the chest,” Fayaz told Maktoob.

Sameer worked in a Biryani shop owned by his elder brother Zuber near the Nargund bus stop. Shamsheer was a photographer.

“My brother was a normal person just like any other person, he never had any enmity with anyone. We both used to work in my stall. Later that night, when he was attacked, I was in our home.

“It was him pleading for help he said “Bhaiya a mob have stabbed me please save my life”. I rushed to the spot I found him fallen on the ground,” says Zuber Shahpur, Sameer’s elder brother.

“My brother is innocent and he was mercilessly stabbed. We demand justice for my brother. I pray to God that no family should go through the sufferings we are going through right now. I know my brother is a shaheed —martyr— and he is in the heaven,” he lamented.

The incident has sparked massive outrage among Muslims in the locality. Hundreds attended Sameer’s funeral procession on Wednesday.

Series of Islamophobic violence

The attack wasn’t unpredictable. A slew of anti-Muslim violence has happened in Nargund, especially after a love jihad allegation last month.

“Muslim students were attacked in the school in the presence of the school staff, Muslims were even attacked for having a beard, wearing skull cap and Kurta,” claims Fayaz.

Muslims blame the police for colluding with RSS and taking no action for the attacks.

“They were 12-15 people who raided our home, pulled out my son and thrashed him inhumanly when my wife tried protecting they even hit her,” alleges the parent of one of the victims, who wants to remain anonymous.

“They were all associated with Sangh Parivar. They were raising anti-Muslim slogans too. When I complained about this to the police, instead of filing an FIR on the mob, they lodged an FIR against me. I still don’t know what was my fault and crime,” he told Maktoob.

On 24 December 2021, 17-year-old Nouseen Ahmed was assaulted on a Friday for wearing a skullcap while returning from the mosque.

“Five people, actively seen in the activities of the RSS, encircled me and ask me to take off my skull cap or else go to Pakistan. When I refused to do so they hit me and took off my cap and threw it away,” Ahmed told Maktoob.

“They alleged me for having a weapon in my bag and I was called anti-national. The college authority had called my Abbu. when my Abbu visited the college, the local Sangh Parivar members hit my Abbu in front of me,” says Javeed.

“But shockingly the police lodged an FIR against me and Abbu.”

That was not the only incident for Javeed.

“One day a mob encircled me and my brother while we were in the market, they called me anti-national and when my brother tried talking back to them they started hitting him and then we both were thrashed mercilessly in the midtown, no one stepped forward to help us at that time, I still fear going college,” added Javeed, a student of Siddheshwar PUC college, Nargund.

Even though Muslims were at the receiving end of these attacks, police kept booking the victims, says local community leaders.

Muslims protesting against anti-Muslim violence in Nargund. Photo: Special arrangement

“Police booked nearly 20 Muslim men in false cases,” says Zamir Nargund, a local Muslim community leader and social worker.

“When things got out of control, Muslim residents of Nargund decided to stage a protest against the Islamophobic violence, as the police were showing zero interest in providing protection”.

Following the protest, there was normalcy for some time.

Calls for violence against Muslims

But on 17 January, an event by Bajarang Dal called for violence against Muslims.

“That program resulted in a huge anti-Muslim violence in Nargund,” says Zamir Nargund.

Hindutva leader, Sanjay Nalwad was caught on video, calling for the murder of Muslims and vowed violence in a protest march in front of Nargund police station.

“It was around 8:30 pm I finished isha prayer and was heading back to my home along with my cousin. We were chased by the members of RSS. They were five people on bikes and they pushed us to the ground. But we somehow managed to escape,” recalls Fayaz.

“When my uncle enquired about them they started abusing my uncle and my family, within 30 mins approximately 200 people gathered in our locality, it is a Muslim locality.

They started knocking on our doors and raised islamophobic slogans like Desha grohigalanna deshadinda horage haaki (These anti-national needs to be exiled from this country). We then called the police. But they lathi-charged us and asked us to maintain while they [RSS cadres] were giving us death threats,” accuse Fayaz.

“The police also arrested my Abbu and Chacha. They were booked under section 307 but no member from the mob was either arrested or detained.”

Following the murder of Sameer, police have arrested four men belonging to Bajrang Dal and RSS including Sanju Nalvade. The other three are Mallikarjuna, Channabasappa and Sakrappa.

Six accused are absconding. The FIR, accessed by Maktoob, charged the assailants with IPC 341,143,147,148,149,307,323,324.

The police have also lodged an FIR against 15 Muslim youth following a complaint from the Hindutva group. Nargund Police refused to comment about the violence.

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Dehli riots convict Dinesh Yadav gets 5 years in jail

A Delhi court on Thursday sentenced Dinesh Yadav to five years jail term in February 2020 North East Delhi riots case, according to ANI .

He is the first person to be convicted in the case.

Last month, Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat had convicted him for being part of a riotous mob that set a house on fire.

This is the first sentencing the riots cases.

Yadav has also been directed to pay a fine of Rs 12,000, said advocate Shikha Garg, who had represented him during the trial. A detailed order on sentencing is awaited.

As per the prosecution, Yadav was an 'active member of the riotous mob' and participated in vandalizing and putting on fire the house of a 73-year-old woman named Manori on February 25 night.

Manori had alleged that a mob of around 150-200 rioters attacked her house when her family was not present and looted all the articles and even the buffalo.

The 25-year-old Yadav was arrested on June 8, 2020. The court framed charges against him on August 3, 2021, to which he pleaded not guilty and claimed trial. He was convicted on December 6.

Communal clashes had broken out in northeast Delhi in February 2020, after the violence between the Citizenship (Amendment) Act supporters and its protesters spiraled out of control leaving at least 53 people dead and over 700 injured.

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I got one policy on the same day and thought that it is an easy job but the fact was different. In India, Insurance policy is taken only for tax saving and not for the security of the self or the family. People treated me as if I am a beggar, and even friends and relatives clearly told to why I have chosen this profession which made me think to quit this line but my husband motivated me and supported me at every step of my career.

In Gujrat, I also faced discrimination on casteism and regionalism but I continued my journey against all odds and succeeded in getting business from across the country and won so many rewards and recognitions for my work.

Then in Feb 2014, with the help of my husband, we started our firm Profine Financial Services, which has completed a successful 7yrs now.

Now, We are in all fields of investment services, be it Life, Health and General insurance or Mutual funds, FDs, NCDs, Home loans & now even P2P Lending.

We are now partners with leading financial firms like Edelweiss, Prudent, Renew buy, and Faircent. Our strength is our prompt service and honesty in all financial dealings with clear pictures to our clients.

In Insurance policy we plan to be among top such companies, providing one-stop solutions to all financial needs of our clients across the board.

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Ms. Alisha Zaveri Fidelis, Founder of Urban Tutor is a Researcher, Trainer, and Educationist. She has completed her graduation in Psychology and Master in Social Work. Her interest lies in the upliftment of society, especially children by providing them quality education, and hence the idea of Urban Tutor came into existence.

Her Journey

Alisha after completing her graduation, worked as a Career Counsellor for 5 years during which she got an opportunity to work on a project on Career counseling of rural children of Gujarat. Being a Career Counsellor she met various children and individuals who couldn't complete their education due to vivid reasons.

That inspired her to pursue her Master's in Social Work instead of pursuing Psychology to do her bit towards resolving social issues. After her Social worked, she worked as a Research Coordinator at the Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute under different projects in social sector areas like Child Protection, Child Labour, etc. She is associated with NGOs like, Sahr Waru, Shwas, Online Pathshala

She is an empallened trainer at the Tata Institue Of Social Sciences for School Of Vocational Education for Ahmedabad, Surat, and Baroda hub.

She always believed learning is a continuous process, upgrading skills is a need of the hour that encouraged her to become a certified British Council Trainer, POSH Enabler, and certified as a Government Soft Skill Trainer under Skill Development Of India.

Ideation to Reality Of The Urban Tutor

Urban Tutor's foundation was laid in 2016with 1 student of the NIOS board but the full-fledged functioning started in the year 2018 back in Ahmedabad.

The founders of Urban Tutor Saumil Fidelis and Alisha Zaveri Fidelis being professional Social Workers were keenly inclined towards providing quality education to children. They visioned to provide an opportunity to children and individuals who couldn't complete their education but are willing to learn and grow.

Although the NIOS system enables the facility for individuals to complete their schooling yet there is a lack of awareness. The lack of information about the NIOS still holds back so many people from completing their education. While understanding more of NIOS in-depth they understood that NIOS is not only for children who don't have resources but also for students inclined towards extracurricular activities like sports, students preparing for competitive exams like JEE, and differently-abled students

The Urban Tutor with the same motive started working towards educating students about how to complete their schooling through NIOS. It assists the student in their holistic development, inculcating soft skills and providing them an end-to-end solution from selecting their subjects, its admission procedure, tutoring, and helping them find the best college after NIOS


According to the founders, India within the coming 10 years will have the world's largest youth population ready for Jobs and thus it becomes a necessity to educate the children of today. The children of today are the future of tomorrow and hence education is the key that can help us resolve the social challenges of the country.

Mission Of Urban Tutor

The Urban Tutor work to bridge the gap for the children who want to study but are unable to due to lack of resources. It also works towards providing a learning environment that can provide a strong educational foundation to the children along with helping them identify their uniqueness within.

Urban Tutor Services

Urban Tutor focuses on students like; the ones who couldn't clear their exams, school drop-outs, young working professionals, sports players, or differently-abled children wanting flexible Education. It educates students about further career choices, what can help them and how they can achieve their dreams. The experienced mentors at Urban Tutor provide one-to-one counseling sessions to students and their parents and clear their doubts in detail. The detailed and interactive study material allows students to think out of the box and evolve as a person. Its curriculum boosts students hailing from different backgrounds to become confident professionals, with values and become responsible citizens as well. The team of Urban Tutors makes sure to make the whole learning process fun.

Urban Tutor under its umbrella also provides soft skill training to students in different topics like; Art of Humor, Public Speaking, Corporate Career Training, Self-Acceptance

To corporate the train on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at both workplaces, etc.

Urban Tutor Fulfilling Dreams

Over the past 5 years, Urban Tutor has catered services to 40odd number students and helped them complete their education and excel. It aims to provide quality education to many different segments of children of society in the coming years.

Founders of Urban Tutor with their motto Shaping Concepts To Understand Easily wishes to make Education accessible for all in every sense. Needless to say, the founders of Urban Tutor truly live up to the famous saying by Nelson Mandela; ''Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

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HOME CHEF: Kavita V Purohit owns brand name Kavikrams Tawaicecream and Food.

Who says that only Hotel Management students can be a chef. Mrs. Kavita is a cost accountant by qualification.

SHE owned a cafe from 2018 till start of Covid 19 Pandemic in March 2020. During Lockdown time it was too difficult to manage as the investment itself was in lacs and lease and maintainance cost was killing the economy and budget. But as we all say When there is a will there is a way; Her Spouse suggested to start the same recipes as Home Chef. So July 2020 she stepped into Home Chef shoes and re-started her journey.

After that there was no looking back. Presently Kavita Purohit is successfully running her home kitchen where she serves bikaneri food, punjabi sabjis, some south Indian delicacies and her famous Tawa icecream.

In 2020 and 2021 she had done many lives and showcased her cooking talent at famous spots across Ahmedabad.

In 2022, Kavita Purohit has been appointed as Gujarat State President for WICCI-Food Processing Council.

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Children’s ER doctor asks parents to properly store firearms after an increase in pediatric injuries

Pediatrician Dr. Eric Jorge with Children’s of Alabama said they have seen a more than 50% increase in pediatric firearm injuries since the pandemic started, and with recent gun crime already this year, parents need to be careful

By Sadiya Parveen

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Last year, Children’s of Alabama saw more than 70 pediatric firearm patients. Officials said that is the highest they’ve ever seen it and so far this year, the trend isn’t slowing down.

Pediatrician Dr. Eric Jorge with Children’s of Alabama said they have seen a more than 50% increase in pediatric firearm injuries since the pandemic started, and with recent gun crime already this year, parents need to be careful.

“You have to do everything in your power to prevent access to the fire arms,” Jorge said. “A young child finds the firearm in their home and unintentionally discharges it and either kills themselves or another person.”

Jorge said he sees parent’s lives change forever after their child becomes a victim of intentional and unintentional gun crime. He said it’s also hard on hospital staff, because many of these injuries are preventable.

“It’s devastating for whoever the child was in the care of at the time,” Jorge said. “You can’t replace a sweet and innocent life.”

Jorge said it falls on parents and gun owners to be responsible and talking with your kids about gun safety isn’t enough.

“Their brains aren’t developed yet,” he said. “Therefore, it falls on the parents to prevent access to the guns and not just rely on the child or teenager. Teenagers are impulsive.”

He said it comes down to storage and there are four main gun safety measures to take

"Keep your guns locked,” Jorge said. “Keep your ammunition locked. Store your guns and ammunition separately. Store your guns unloaded.”

Pediatric gun crime has been rising for years and Jorge said it will continue until more safety measures are taken by parents and gun owners.

“Over the last twenty years, we have seen a tripling of firearm injuries. We don’t see that slowing down at all, until people start storing their firearms safely.”

Dr. Jorge said the gun crime is also impacting Alabama’s blood shortage. He said Children’s of Alabama is good on it’s supply, but gunshot wounds can require a lot of blood and many Alabama hospitals are already in short supply.

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Jharkhand: Ramgarh SDPO booked for attempting to murder wife


Ramgarh:An FIR has been registered Against Ramgarh Sub-divisional Police officer (SDPO) Kishore Kumar Rajak for a allegedly attempting to murder his wife, police said on Monday.

His wife Varsha Srivastava on Sunday filed a complaint with Ramgarh police station accusing Rajak of hitting her on the head and other parts of the body and attempting to strangle her to death at their official residence a couple of days ago, an officer said.

A case has been registered against Rajak for allegedly beating his wife with an intention to kill her and taking her hostage in a government residence, Ramgarh police station officer-in-charge Rohit Kumar Mahto said, adding that further investigation is underway.

Rajak, his wife and their two-year-old son lived in the official residence of the SDPO.

Reacting to the incident, BJP legislature party leader in assembly and former chief minister, Babulal Marandi, said, "When 'rakshak' becomes 'bhakshak' (protector becomes destroyer), how can common man feel safe in the state?" Responding to Marandi's statement, Rajak put up a Facebook post saying, "Honourable former chief minister, I am astonished by your knowledge, understanding and low-quality of behaviour."

sadiya Parveen Report

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In this article I describe about jitendra gawriya

Name_Jitendra gawriya

Father Name_Rugha ram gawriya

Big brother_Ramniwas Gawriya (MLA Parbatsar)



Village_jasrana, kuchaman city

Education_BSC(from kuchaman city)


waight_Average 60kg

eye color_black

hair color_black

instagram _ jitendra.gawriya

FACEBOOK_jitendra gawriya

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YouTube channel