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क्षणा क्षणाला आठवण येत तुझी

कधी भेट होणार तुझी आणि माझी


With a thought of ‘Think Global Act Local, Harshvardhan Shahi saw a dream that has been inspiring the youth around since years, here at Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Double graduated from Aurangabad, Harshvardhan started exploring his writing skills working as a freelancer reporter and photographer and was eager to start something he dreamed about always.

His interest in food encouraged him to be a food blogger and he started his Instagram page ‘Aurangabad Food Explorer.’ His friends and relatives used to laugh at him when he used to take photographs of various food items wherever he used to go. He started posting those photos with its review and people started liking it.

He was opposed many a times by hotel managers, restaurant and café owners and was criticized by many that what a foolish business is this!

Harshvardhan was very clear about his work that in fact was his passion. He went on and on and at present he has more than fifty thousand followers with a large fan following. Harshvardhan Shahi passionately tells this food story to the world at large through his multiple ventures.

Further he started digital marketing for hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as other food services through his page and became the first entrepreneur to start such kind of business here.

The food joint owners, who used to oppose him from taking various photographs of foods, started requesting him to take pictures and post on his page as they knew the response would definitely grow their business.

This turn was not sufficient as his dreams are always high. He started a production house called ‘Limelight Creations’ and started undertaking photography assignments of various events. His honesty, soft spoken and polite behavior and quality work flourished his business. He has produced short films, dance videos and a music video that has received millions of views.

His journey is ever achieving new heights. He also the youngest TEDx Speaker in Marathwada region. His story, his work and his achievements reflect his struggle, hard work, honesty and integrity.

He has recently received the prestigious ‘Karamveer Chakra Award 2019’ for his outstanding work. Also he has been awarded with ‘Excellence in Youth Leadership’ Award by YIN Sakal Group, Best Food Page of the City Award by Lokmat Times, Excellence of Digital Marketing of Food Category by MY FM 94.3 and Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2019 for Social Media Marketing of Food Category by MY FM 94.3.

There is much to share and get inspired by Harshvardhan, let’s wait for a second episode!

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It's all about journey, the fitness-centric firm is founded by Gaurav Pawar; who was once a dropout from Engineering who made his way to becoming a successful Entrepreneur. "I always had wanted to change the lives of people, and there could be no other better tool than Fitness and Wellbeing to do that", he said.

It all started when a boy from a well off family belonging from suburbs of Aurangabad, Maharashtra tried to break the walls that he had built for himself. Like most of the scholars the time has seen, Gaurav was admitted in B.E after successfully completing his 12th grade. It was in his second year of Engineering in February 2016 that he stepped into a gym for the first time ever and started working out, and he hasn't looked back since. He felt a strong desire to learn more about Fitness and Nutrition, and pursue his career in it.

This incident urged him to make the boldest decision of his life; which was to quit the study of Engineering. He faced stiff resistance from his family for the same. His parents refused to sponsor his certification in Fitness and Nutrition; owing to which Gaurav had to start working at an early age to make savings. He soon flew the coop to his new accommodation in Pune, Maharashtra. His passion for learning never made him realize the hardship of leaving his parents. He worked at a Gym in Pune, Maharashtra for a considerable amount of time to be able to pay his course fees. Later after that, he successfully completed certification in Personal Training and Nutrition from K11 School of Fitness Sciences from June 2018 batch.

Amid all this, Gaurav had faced a lot of criticism from people who looked down upon at the Profession of Fitness and Nutrition. With the best of what he had learnt so far and a hint of his own innovation, Gaurav created the masterpiece program named Manifestation 21. It first came into the picture on 9th April 2019. It took one visionary man to start this company; and over two years, It's all about journey has seen tremendous growth in terms of revenue generated, a reputation earned, and the number of followers on various social media platforms. Business development, Social media, Sales, HR, Physical training, Nutrition, and Mindset training are few of several departments that work for his company today. Fifteen brilliant minds are contributing to the growth of this company, night and day. The company has offered employment to numerous young professionals. It surely has set an enormous example in front of people that a passionate individual can find success in any profession.

It's all about journey, has been working successfully in delivering fitness to all kinds of people, with various body types and health conditions; who belong to several age groups, by educating them about fitness and wellbeing; Workout, Nutrition, and Mindset training playing a pivotal role in this. With the revolutionary fitness programs like Manifestation 21, Post M21 and Affirmation 90, the company has changed lives of over more than three hundred people in the past two years in India and across the globe. 'One day, Fitness and Nutrition will be one of the most sought after career in India.' is the objective that makes Gaurav shove the path for other upcoming professionals.

Social responsibility is something that has been taken utmost care of by It's all about journey. The company makes donations to contribute towards saving the lives of animals (names maintained confidential). Gaurav looks forward to changing more lives in future in the best of the way he can.

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Actor, producer Amol Ghodke extends help to underprivileged and orphan kids during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic which has caused people loose their hopes and courage in this difficult situation, Amol Ghodke has extended his helping hands for the underprivileged kids. Survival has been too difficult for many. Many kids sleep empty stomach during this difficult situation.

In an orphanage located in bhugaon, Pune, Amol distributed food, masks, sanitizers and all the basic items of daily needs.

In bhugaon, there is an orphanage and an ashram for blind and orphan kids. When smita patil, from this orphanage contacted Amol Ghodke and his team and informed the situation of the kids due to the Corona pandemic, Amol was so touched that he immediately decided to extend his help and then contacted his team to get all the basic items. He himself was monitoring in detail and made sure all the requirements get fulfil.

During a conversation with Amol Ghodke, he said, “I have seen lots of ups and downs in my childhood and knew how it feels to be in such a situation. I got so emotional and touched after talking to the kids that i would like to thank God for making me capable and being able to help my lovely children. These kids are differently abled, they just need encouragement and a little support for the society. During this Corona situation most of the NGOs has exhausted their funds, I would highly encourage people to come forward and help out."

Amol is a very ground to earth person. He believes in simplicity. In past he has helped many orphanages and old age homes. He usually celebrates his birthdays with underprivileged kids. In past he had also ran a campaign for cloths and daily needs item donation for the needy people.

Amol Ghodke is basically from Jalna, he came to Pune for his education and developed his interest for acting and Marathi movie industry. He is also very popular on Instagram and is spotted various times with renowned actors and actresses. He has even been part of many marathi movies and has also produced several marathi websites and movies.

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When you open Excel 2013 for the first time, the Excel Start Screen will appear. From here, you'll be able

to create a new workbook, choose a template, and access your recently edited workbooks.

1. From the Excel Start Screen, locate and select Blank workbook to access the Excel interface.

2. Click Open Other Workbooks to work on an existing workbook

To set up Excel so it automatically opens a new workbook

1. Click File then Options.

2. On the General tab, under Start up options, uncheck the Show the Start screen when this

application starts box.

3. The next time you start Excel, it opens a blank workbook automatically similar to older versions of


2.1. The Excel Interface

After starting Excel, you will see two windows - one within the other. The outer window is the Application

Window and the inner window is the Workbook Window. When maximized, the Excel Workbook Window

blends in with the Application Window.

After completing this module, you should be able to:

 Identify the components of the Application Window.

 Identify the components of the Workbook Window.

2.1.1. The Application Window

The Application Window provides the space for your worksheets and workbook elements such as charts.

The components of the Application Window are described below.

 The Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar lets you access common commands no matter which tab is selected.

By default, it includes the Save, Undo, and Repeat commands. You can add other commands depending

on your preference.

To add commands to the Quick Access toolbar

1. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Quick Access toolbar.

2. Select the command you wish to add from the drop-down menu. To choose from more commands,

select More Commands.

3. The command will be added to the Quick Access toolbar.

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Other News India

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is India’s most famous Internet Celebrity,his Facebook account has about 200K Followers. And the Instagram account has around 200K followers. Now Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is the most popular Internet Celebrity in India.

Local companies and well-known brands are contacting him for collaborations and promotional reasons because of his significant social media presence. Every step is a new opportunity for Siddharth Kumar Choudhary. He is constantly uploading new photo and videos on his Instagram account.

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is the youngest Indian Singer, Actor, musical artist & Influencer in India, Siddharth's real name is Siddharth Kumar but mostly known by his nickname " Siddharth Kumar Choudhary " Between his fans and he is also a verified artist from this name. Siddharth Kumar Choudhary's YouTube channel is also collected popularity from his unique name.

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is born on 20 December 2003 and belongs to Muzaffarpur,Bihar. His father, Gopal Kumar Choudhary is a farmer while his mother, Gaytri Devi is House Wife. Siddharth has completed his 12th from D.A.V Public School , NTPC Kanti , Muzaffarpur in 2021.

Siddharth is now just 18 years old and one of the youngest artists in India. At this age, Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is like a model of those guys who want to grow on social media platforms. Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is now the most popular artist in India.

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If you have reached this page, I am sure you are one among those business owners who are going to discuss their experience on selecting the Startup Names successfully in the near future.

It is for sure that you have been through quite a few other guidelines as well for business name selection.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy and straight forward as it seems to be. There is a whole list of aspects that may impact your startup name.

Even after you have finalized your brand name, you need to be sure to check if any of your competitors has not already picked it up. Make sure that the business name you have chosen is not registered or copyrighted by anyone before. Also, check that the same domain name is available and is not used before.

Once you have made sure of the availability of the startup name, it would be a good idea to get the name registered and copyrighted, so that no one else can claim for the same name ever again. Also reserve the same domain name for your business website. Once you have done that, you are almost done with the startup name selection process and you can now move on to business logo designing with other marketing and advertising process for your venture.

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An great session with budding ngo on the theme power of self confidence

With the Founder MOHAMMED SOHAIL and the team member of Avasa Ms Geetika

The session begin with the intro of the both the community ended up with some positivite words shared by the founder. The communication of the both teams was memorable and very much interesting

The founder shared the views and experience on the self confidence

The event was successful with some question and with some useful tips

Given to them..

We hope the NGO avasa foundation reach the heights of success

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The Evergreen fashion industry has been growing since it began and the interest in working in this industry followed the same. This resulted in creating opportunities for models and actors.

Born in Ludhiana, Punjab. Junu Mishra, Often known as Jiya Mishra is a model who aims to work with brands. In the older days, fashion was just about clothes but things are changed now with social media taking over the industry.

Working as a Model, Jiya Mishra has a great fan following. Jiya has yet to receive big works but with her large following and her content, it's for sure that she won't get unnoticed by the clients. Jiya is popular on social media and creates amazing content.

let's hear it from Junu Mishra.

"Honestly speaking, Indian People have a very different perspective when comes to a career as a model, The dark side of this career is what is always talked about. But it's not always about being in the controversies or the centre of media fame. one can silently work and achieve. Probably for me it's the most difficult industry to work in, where you may not have work for a few weeks or even months and it becomes hard to manage the finances. Not only this but also one needs to be fit mentally and physically. Most of the time perhaps all the time you have to be on diet to be trim and to look good, even after all of this the chance of getting an offer from the client is difficult due to huge competition out there. But it's also interesting to work, Where you get a chance to meet good personalities and good people. Apart, this industry always has an opportunity for newcomers"

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Malnutrition has been defined as “a pathological state resulting from a relative or absolute defi- ciency or excess of one or more essential nutrients”. It comprises four forms: Under nutrition, Over nutrition, Imbalance and Specific deficiency.

Under nutrition is the condition which results when insufficient food is eaten over extended period of time. In extreme cases it is called starvation. Over nutrition is the pathological state resulting from the consumption of excessive quantity of food over an extended period of time, Imbalance is the pathological state resulting from a disproportion among essential nutrients with or without the absolute deficiency of any nutrient.

Specific deficiency is the pathological state resulting from a relative or absolute lack of an individual nutrient.

The effects of malnutrition are different in poor and rich communities. India is an example of a poor country where malnutrition is endemic. Diet survey carried out in India has shown that the average Indian diet is ill balanced with an excess of carbohydrate and very little protective foods like milk, meat, fish, eggs, fruit and leafy vegetables. While under nutrition is the pressing problem in India, the major nutritional problems in many western countries today centre round over nutrition.

Factors Related to Malnutrition:

Malnutrition makes the individual more susceptible to infection and infection in turn is one of the principal contributory factors of malnutrition. Infection such as diarrheas dysenteries, intestinal parasites and worms are caused due to malnutrition. But malnutrition is not always due to shortage of foods.

a) Nutrition is perhaps the most important factor, which affects the health of a person. The body needs a balanced amount of nutrients and energy for its survival and is essential for good health. A balanced diet is needed and it takes into account six different food components which are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibres and water. The needs may depend on your gender, your age, your life type, you health conditions and so on. Intakes of energy and nutrients below or in excess of needs for a prolonged period of time can adversely affect health. Malnutrition is a term which covers problems of both under nutrition and over nutrition.

b) Malnutrition and Social conditions

Malnutrition does not only arise because of insufficient or too much nutrient intake. The problem may also occur because of the society where for example there is a population growth which may lead to insufficient food supply for part of the population. During war time, a similar situation is possible. But these are not the only ways malnutrition can occur in social conditions; teenage girls often have a problem with their body and go on diets and become either anorexic or bulimic

or even both. This is a serious case nowadays since the young part of the population is deeply involved with it and serious troubles are caused. It may lead to psychological problems.

c) Malnutrition and Economical conditions

Malnutrition is also a cause of a poor economy where people do not have the money to

buy food and because of that end up having an unbalanced diet.

"The real problem is money. Food is available, but people can't afford it. We need real

development and income-generating projects. Poor people live on the basic commodities such as bread, tea, sugar and rice.

Status of Malnutrition in India

● The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that 194.4 million people in India (about 14.

● 5% of the total population) are undernourished.

● India ranks 102 out of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2019.

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We are talking about one such musician. Who is going to make his name in the field of Indian music. Whose name is Sahil Raza . And he hails from Jharkhand. He was very fond of music since childhood. He wanted to show something like this in his life. Who became an example for other people or for people of his age and he has also done this. He has come so far in his life. That he has become a source of inspiration for others or for people of his age.

Sahil Raza is a musician as well as a music producer. And he makes his own music for his songs. And he can write songs in many languages. And can sing too. He is reaching new heights day by day. Sahil says that he wants to give such a platform to Indian music. Where Indian music has a different identity and it seems. That he is also seen to be successful in this work.

Sahil Raza has said this while sharing his personal things in a recent interview. That he has not come into a relationship with anyone yet. And he wants to stay away from these things in his life. And he said one thing about his success, he said that the person who dreams. Their dreams are not fulfilled and the person who dreams and works hard to fulfill those dreams. and works diligently. That person definitely gets success one day or the other.

If you are thinking that I should work hard today and I will get the results only today, then it is impossible. These words of Sahil are very important for today’s young people.

If people follow what he said. So he will definitely be successful in his life, Sahil has also announced his upcoming big album Song and he is also very excited about this album song of his.

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Crash Course for TNUSRB PC 2022

(Including Physical Training)

TNUSRB Recruitment Board is currently accepting applications for the jobs of Grade-II Police Constables, Grade-II Jail Warders, Firemen from qualified and experienced individuals. Merit-based criteria will be used to choose candidates.

Register today with Question Cloud to take part in the full crash course and take a free practice test. Question Cloud is India's largest online educational assessment portal offers a comprehensive crash course in both online and offline modes. Register now, at

The Complete Crash course training sessions for TNUSRB Police Constable 2022, will shortly begin in Question Cloud. With our thorough lectures, substantial test series and specialized study resources that are offered throughout the program, candidates can enroll in this program and ace the exam very easily.

Call us right away to obtain a complimentary admission.

Features and Details of the Training sessions

  • There are both on-campus and online course options.
  • Separate hostels are located for men and women.
  • Daily exams, 10 practice exams, plus a playground and gym.
  • Location of the residential course: Chengalpattu District's Aksheyaa College of Arts and Science.
  • Details on fees: Online coaching costs 5000 rupees, while residential coaching costs 15000 rupees.
  • To reserve your free seat, call us right now at +91 782 402 5188 +91 782 402 6188 +91 994 056 9880.
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Sumayazakeer, known professionally as 'sumaya N S' is an Indian, artist, YouTuber Personality & Influencer based in Thiruvanathapuram,Kerala (India). Born on 16 - dec - 2003. She was introduced to the music industry launch his first soundtrack which titled as 'The midnight soul, Released by SoundCloud

After some days she release her music on different music platforms like Spotify, GoogleMusic, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Hungama, Gaana, Wynk, jaxtsta, beatport, JioSaavn and many others international

platforms like Deezer, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook library also. She Belongs to Middle family her Father Mr. Sakeer " He is also works as on an Amazon Influencers he uses to promote companies through Instagram 'sumayazakeer' is also well known 'Influencer' personality on Instagram and Facebook and many more Social Media platform!

Sumayazakeer said if you can think then you can do it as well doesn't matter whether you thinking about to fly without wings or want to be a rich as Ambani's are. Without thinking you can't accomplish your goals just thing about your goals then think again that how it could be possible then think again that when you are going to start that thing which will the path of your success. So just think and go for it doesn't stop repeating again don't stop.

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Who is Sonu Parit aka Sønu..?

Sonu Parit is better known as his Stage Name Sønu. Sønu is an Indian Rapper from Kolkata. His full name is Sonu Parit. He was born in 18th Aug 2003 in Howrah, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Early Life - Sønu (Sonu Parit), was born August 2003 in Howrah, Kolkata, West Bengal.His Father's name is Manoj Parit, and his Mother's name Ramawati Devi. Sonu has two sisters, Bulbul and Jyoti. He lives with his family in Howrah Kolkata. Sonu Parit is from Siwan, Bihar. He is better known by his stage name Sønu, is an Indian independent rapper from Kolkata. and did his schooling at Shree Hanumaan Jute Mill Hindi High School. He started to gain popularity after the release of his song.

Career : Sønu began his music career with the release of the song "MAA" in 2020, on YouTube and all music streaming platforms including Jio Saavn, YT Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, When he started his career, his stage name was RA-one, after that in 2021 he changed that to Sønu. Sønu apart from being a rapper, he is also a good Beat producer and Actor. Sonu Parit has recently worked in a bengali serial "Nabab Nandini", in which he will be seen playing a small role of a football player.

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Why are Sales of 3D Cameras Booming Across the World?

For more insights :-

The surging usage of 3D cameras in the media and entertainment industry is causing a sharp surge in their sales across the world. Besides being used extensively in the media and entertainment industry, 3D cameras are also heavily used in the manufacturing and construction industries. The ballooning demand for these cameras is driving the progress of the global 3D camera market. According to P&S Intelligence, a market research company based in India, the market will grow substantially in the future.

Structured light imaging, stereo vision, and time of flight are the most commonly used technologies in 3D cameras. Out of these technologies, the popularity of the stereo vision technology was observed to be the highest in the world during the last few years. This was because of the large-scale adoption of this technology by various camera manufacturing companies, on account of their easier integration in 3D cameras than other technologies.

The major application areas of 3D cameras are smartphones, computers, tablets, professional cameras, and others. The ‘others’ group includes home automation systems, notebooks, and mobile robots. Out of these, the usage of 3D cameras was found to be the highest in professional cameras during the last few years. This was because of the high incorporation of 3D cameras in various professional cameras, primarily in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and North American regions.

Globally, the 3D camera market is growing rapidly in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa (LAMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Out of these, the industry recorded the highest growth in the North American region in the past years. Furthermore, the sales of 3D cameras are predicted to surge sharply in the Asia-Pacific region in the forthcoming years. As per many reports, the industry will generate more than $8,000.0 million revenue.

Some of the major companies manufacturing 3D cameras around the world are Go Pro Inc., Nikon Corporation, Canon Inc., Sony Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Eastman Kodak Company, LG Electronics Inc., Faro Technologies Inc., and Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Apart from these companies, the industry is witnessing the emergence of many new firms that are focusing on developing 3D cameras that can be used in home automation and virtual reality (VR) projects and applications.

Therefore, it can be inferred from the above paragraphs that the sales of 3D cameras will rise enormously all over the world in the future years, mainly because of their growing usage in the media and entertainment, manufacturing, and construction industries and their rising popularity among younger consumers in various countries around the world.

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youngest Founder under Sparkling cornexpress media from Hyderabad

He is an undergraduate student in Affiliated college of Osmina University.

He is also an great professional Designer, publisher and community collaboration partner from different parts of India.

He also an founder of Lyfin networks , as event Management and digitaal Nawaabi Magazine. He is Also An co Author of Mutliple Anthologies..

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