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It's all about the Feminism..

By- Satyam Tiwari

What The Term Feminism Suggests :- It is the advocacy of the women should have equal priority as men in every field. It is a belief that woman should have same opportunities and rights as men.

Feminism, to use her metaphor of female suffrage for an era in American history when women were denied voting rights and imprisoned. It was this period that created the woman's movement as we know it today. "The feminist cause grew out largely by means other than political action," writes Carol Gilligan in The Woman Suffragists, a new biography of one such activist. In addition she quotes several prominent figures from both parties who supported social reform during these years: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, widow with two sons; Clara Barton, wife whose youngest son died young after being arrested on charges related only so far back into childhood Titus Young (1845).

"It's all about the Feminism!"

At first glance, he seemed to be offering some kind of manifesto against "big fat men." He was proud to stand by Hillary Clinton and condemn Donald Trump—but then after his appearance in Charlottesville (a suburb of Philadelphia) suggested that white people should try to vote for Sanders. To which I replied: Are you kidding me? This guy is a Marxist who has called feminism an enemy of American Capitalism. And so on. There were also claims from both sides as well. After seeing my response over Twitter, someone asked if this had anything else going through their minds at any point during the day they could not sit down with something like.

A lot of it is really good but then also a little bit toxic, and at times actually offensive."

For those who haven't heard this song before: "We have to be strong because we can't fight back against sexism. That you are stronger than your competition. And so on…"

History Behind term coined Feminism :-

This is probably one most people haven't heard of before. It's popularly known as the 'feminist movement' but it has nothing to do with feminism at all and actually originated from a discussion between feminists who were trying hard not just against male supremacy but also female hegemony in academia. The theory behind the idea was that men are more prone than women (and vice versa) towards violence due both to their natural aggression which only results when faced alone and because they view girls, sometimes even young boys, as equal partners for labor so if you make them work harder then get away free!

  • Feminist suffrage parade new york city 6 may1912 paul Mccain protest march on the fbi in nyc alex gould-chamberlain 5 canadian feminist marching band marathons william dyer tribute to alvin and ella jessica kaufman 9 january 27th lisa O'neal women's lib event at cappuccino cafe 11 russian feminism is bad for uganda 12 april 20th lesbian music festival Gayleslut 10 christmas time of year 8 men are from hell 16 harold, david Devecked with lesbians 14 vatican sabbatical week 13 czechoslovakia baltimore.
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote about Feminism for the Atlanta Constitution 10dec1916 -

"I will continue to be a supporter of my state and country as long I can still remember in this moment. But just because you're from Florida doesn't mean your values don, too." https://www.tandfonline. The New Hampshire News 8 Dec 1916. This was on their way home with an American flag that they picked up off the road at Concordia College after heading into Manchester town: "Now all we have left is our city's pride—my own patriotism which always gives me pleasure more than anything else —our self-respect..." This comment continues along another.

The word Feminist first used in France and the Netherlands in 1872. In Great Britain 1890s and in United States year was 1910.

Feminists Movement :- The Feminist movement is divided into the four waves. These are-

  • First wave of Feminism – Women as Subhuman. By Gloria Steinem, March 31, 1969. To a woman: Where were you when I had to go? When the revolution was starting in China and they threw me out after only two weeks with no food or medicine for ten days; at what hour did your head explode into jellyfish-shaped crystals all over my chest?" She has already called women "little monkeys." Her husband went on to declare that feminism is nothing but another form deification of men which seeks its own benefit by convincing others it's their turn to take charge.
  • Second wave of Feminism - After the first feminism in Russia was banned and outlawed by a decree from Lenin's government, it began to gain influence among women. In 1901, there were only 2 million registered nurses (this number is based on official reports). However even with this small population, nearly three-quarters felt that they should be able write articles for popular newspapers about their own experiences living under conditions that did not meet modern standards. Their idea behind writing such books was simple: Women have enough problems without making them seem more complicated than they are, thus creating an aura or glamour around health care issues. This also meant giving people information regarding any medical problem.
  • Third wave of Feminism, which was originally known as the "Second Wave", is basically a re-awakening.In this way, we may be seeing at least two parallel movements that are both taking root and growing in their own right: one being women's liberation, the other men`s liberation; these events will likely overlap depending on how they start or progress with respect to each other. One important point worth mentioning here is that many male feminists recognize something similar has happened for them too when it comes to feminism itself. A quick look at Wikipedia shows no mention anywhere where I've found anyone who mentions Men's Liberation Front (MLF).
  • Fourth wave of Feminism, which started in the late 1970s and 1980's was based on two things: women are oppressed by men. Men were always oppressing women so it makes sense that they would want to have control over how we live our lives. Now though there is some progress towards equality between men/women but still patriarchal laws remain around us even with changes being made every 2 or 3 years (when a male candidate for political office runs against a woman) from now until 2015 when India elects its first female President.

Feminism in India :- Starting of Feminism in India," by Shashi Tharoor, London and New Delhi: Zed Books, 2010.

A few years ago the Indian government launched a huge publicity campaign to ensure that young women could obtain some college degree before entering their careers, for instance through degrees offered at private colleges or international universities. The aim was to improve access across all sectors where many more students are attending university compared with today's less educated generation. It seems little progress has been made against this ambitious target — but even if it did, I suspect there is still much work to be done on how best we can encourage female entrepreneurs beyond just joining up when they graduate from primary schools.

It is often said that there was a gradual progressive feminist movement beginning with the women's liberation movements across the world, and since then it has grown exponentially. I think this argument ignores numerous factors besides gender identity issues such as education, income levels, poverty rates etc. These trends have accelerated over recent years which means more opportunities for females to reach economic independence (for all). With these advances comes higher educational standards: one study by Pew Research found that girls had gained 14 points on males from eighth grade onwards. This may seem modest at first glance but even accounting around 45% increase per decade could result not only in increased earnings also in the social rights.

Conclusion of it's all about the Feminism is that in a world where women have every right to decide what they want to be considered by their doctors, nurses and social services personnel. We would not lose our rights for these decisions as we're allowed to choose. How else do we explain female genital mutilation (FGM) being carried out on many Muslim girls? It is done without any medical proof, no court order or complaint was made but because there are only two options left from an uneducated view point: you cut off part-of -a-body at birth which means YOU HAVE TO DO IT OR leave yourself vulnerable.

It isn't just women who will stand for this cause either, but men as well. Because what better way to support your sister then by standing up and taking on an issue you don´t like? And when a man does something against his wife or girlfriend, they shouldn't t be dismissed simply because he has sex outside of marriage (this wasn't not being said even once in any case). If someone goes ahead & beats their own wives/girlfriends if she doesn't sign onto anything other than feminism from now until its over.

I hope you like it. Comments what need more to enhance Feminism.

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Rising Need for Treated Water Augmenting Wood Vinegar Consumption

For more insides:-

Wood vinegar or wood acid or pyroligneous acid is a dark liquid, which is derived from charcoal. It is obtained by heating biomass in a closed container. The smoke generated during charcoal production is cooled into a liquid and then separated into bio-oil, tar, and wood vinegar. The dark liquid is a combination of nearly 80–90% water and over 200 organic compounds, such as acetic acid, esters, formic acid, ketones, methanol, and phenol.

Moreover, the increasing implementation of government initiatives regarding bio-based products will also ensure the large-scale adoption of wood vinegar for wastewater treatment, food, animal husbandry, wood tar, and agriculture applications. In the recent past, the agriculture sector has emerged as the largest consumer of wood vinegar due to the enormous use of bio-based fertilizers and pesticides to increase productivity. For instance, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, has launched several programs in recent times to promote the use of biomass materials and bio-based products, such as wood vinegar.

The manufacturing segment of the wood vinegar market is categorized into slow paralysis, fast and intermediate pyrolysis, and others. Under this segment, the slow pyrolysis category is expected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period as slow pyrolysis provides a better yield of wood vinegar, char, and other products than other manufacturing processes. In comparison to other processes, slow pyrolysis exhibits a longer vapor resistance time and slower heating rate.

In recent years, wood vinegar producers, such as TAGROW CO. LTD., Nakashima Trading Co. Ltd., Ace (Singapore) Pte Ltd., Canada Renewable Bioenergy Corporation, Byron Biochar, and Nettenergy BV, have engaged in technological advancements to develop better and improved pyrolysis kiln methods to produce char, biochar, and wood vinegar. Additionally, the advanced pyrolysis methods help enhance the production process of wood vinegar and reduce the total manufacturing process. Further, the producers are also focusing on involving poverty-ridden people in wood vinegar production processes as the material is majorly produced in villages by using local resources and feedstock.

Geographically, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region held the largest share in the wood vinegar market in 2015. This was on account of the presence of a vast base of end users and the existence of a large number of local producers in the region. Moreover, the surging need for clean water, owing to the booming population, will also create a huge requirement for wood vinegar in the coming years. For instance, the World Bank states that the population of India surged from 1.353 billion in 2018 to 1.366 billion in 2019.

Thus, the escalating need for treated water and surging government focus on using bio-based products will fuel the consumption of wood vinegar globally.

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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty. Yet, millions of children remain out-of-school in India. Before the COVID-19 crisis, 6 million children were out of school. When the pandemic struck, school closures impacted the education of 247 children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools. These children are not only deprived of their right to receive a quality education, but they lose their childhood by being pushed into child labour and early marriages.

The government, through the Right to Education Act, 2009, has been making its way in enrolling and retaining children in school, especially from the marginalized sector. However, any progress made had been hampered by the pandemic. While online education replaced regular classes, students from vulnerable communities without access to smartphones and the internet were left behind. Two years of school closures in India resulted in a huge learning gap.

The Power of NGOs

Whenever there is a major imbalance, NGOs exist to balance the see-saw in times of crises. NGOs like Oxfam India play a significant role in ensuring that every child, especially those from vulnerable communities, receive the opportunity to build a better future through education. Organisations such as Oxfam India, Save the Children, World Vision, UNICEF, Cry etc in India work at the grass-root level to strengthen the education system, spread awareness about the importance of education and enrol as many children as possible so they can thrive in life.

Oxfam India is an NGO that works in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Odisha to send the most vulnerable and underprivileged children back to school and empower them to break the cycle of poverty. As well as ensure that the education of children from such communities continues in the midst of the pandemic.

NGO works through contributions and you too can support an NGO and change a child's life forever. While supporting a cause, your donation is eligible up to 50% tax benefit under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. When you donate to an NGO like Oxfam India, you help in the following ways:


NGOs work towards identifying the most vulnerable children in the poorest states of India. Due to unaccessibility and poverty and in times of humanitarian crisis - children miss out on school. Oxfam India helps enrol children in school under the Right to Education Act (RTE), and ensure that children who have dropped out of school as a result of the pandemic, are re-enrolled in school. As of September 2022, 1081 children have been re-enrolled in school as schools across the country start to re-open.

Awareness and Counselling

Through workshops and various activities, awareness is generated amongst parents and local communities about the importance of education. Oxfam India also conducts regular counselling sessions to encourage parents to send their children especially girls to school and help them participate in various activities

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First African Distance Learning University is Legit .

Accreditation/Recognition as Follows :

(1) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) Accredited after scoring 100 points which is above the expected average 40 points on self assessment of his institution by CCLP World Wide Accreditation on 12/28/2020 .


(2) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is also a registered member of European Council For Business Education ,

Registration date: 2021-07-19 17:54:52 ,

User ID : 770 ,

Status : Active Profile Registered .


(3)First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is Registered as a Member of Association of African Universities,

Registration Number : AAU/OMU/20210301/163 .


(4) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU) is Incorporated as a private company limited by Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria .

(5) first African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is Recognised by National University Commission (NUC )



Issued on Dec 28, 2020


First African Distance Learning University, FADLU was founded on 28Th December 2020 by Hon , Chime . I. Giland .

First African Distance Learning University, FADLU Established On December 28th 2020 - Liaison Officer In Nigeria.

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