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Education for all

I believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of

their socioeconomic status. I think this is important because it gives

everyone an equal opportunity to improve their lives and achieve their


Education is a key factor in escaping poverty and achieving

socioeconomic success. This is why I believe that it is so important for

everyone to have access to education, regardless of their financial


I also believe that education should be free. This is important because it

makes it more affordable for people from low-income families to get an


I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to receive a good

education. I am hopeful that all students will have the same

opportunity in the future.

By Gowthami P

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Hamari Pahchan: An NGO Committed to Empowering the Underprivileged!

Hamari Pahchan, an NGO situated in the bustling city of Delhi, is an organization that endeavours to provide a solid foundation and a sense of identity to the underprivileged sections of society. With a range of options available, the NGO aims to help the downtrodden construct their own unique Pahchan or identity, thus empowering them to take charge of their own lives.

The organization prioritizes several key areas that require attention, including education, menstrual health awareness, unemployment, and hunger. Since its inception in 2015, the NGO has made significant strides towards achieving its goals, successfully assisting in the education of over 11250 children, providing employment opportunities to more than 2000 women, distributing over 10,000 menstrual hygiene kits, and distributing over 1500 corona kits.

Hamari Pahchan has emerged as one of the most significant non-governmental organizations in Delhi due to its unwavering efforts towards improving the lives of the underprivileged. Their various projects, such as the Drishti Project (Education for Children), the Sukhad Project (Menstrual Hygiene Awareness for Women, Distribution of Health Kits), Skill Development (Providing Employment Opportunities to the Underprivileged), and initiatives such as COVID-19 aid have proven to be extremely beneficial to a large number of people. Their team, comprising dedicated and driven individuals, strives to not only fulfill the aspirations of the underprivileged but also empower them to become self-sufficient, thus accelerating national progress and propelling the Atma Nirbharta program to new heights.

The current pandemic has caused a surge in unemployment, with job opportunities becoming scarce. According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey, one in every four women in metropolitan regions is jobless, and young women have been the hardest hit by the crisis. In light of this, Hamari Pahchan has been working tirelessly to provide job possibilities to those in need. They began with a small-scale project called ‘Vocal for Local,’ with the aim of providing jobless women with vocational training as well as a platform to promote their goods. The positive response to this initiative was overwhelming, leading the organization to further develop it into a full-fledged program. This audacious effort aims to create opportunities for poor women and youth to make a living, based on the principle of self-sufficiency or ‘Atma Nirbharta.’ The movement strives to empower women, so they are financially self-sufficient, thus breaking free from the chains of poverty. As part of this initiative, the organization offers courses in a variety of occupational fields, including cosmetics, candle making, Diya making, art and craft programs, and music lessons. Along with these learning-based efforts, the organization also assists women in carrying out vocational activities by providing them with the necessary equipment, job opportunities, and a platform on which to market their wares, thus enabling them to become self-sufficient.

I have immense respect for the work done by Hamari Pahchan and their team. Their efforts have proven to be extremely beneficial, and they are an inspiration to many.

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Hamari pahchan ,is just not a ngo...its an emotion..a sunshine of our nation...which provide various opportunities to underprivileged people so that they can create their own identity🫂🫂.

Tarun mathur, an international chess player, officer at Air india and debate panelist is the founder of hamari is a Delhi based ngo that puts forth a platform to aid the marginalized of our society.

Our ngos main focus over multiple areas like education,menstrual health awareness,unemployment and hunger. Since 2015 we helped to educate 11250+children ,help 2000+women with employment opportunities,distributed 10k+menstrual hygiene kits and 1500+corona kits.

Our efforts have helped us in becoming one of the best ngos in delhi.our projects like the drishti project (educating children),sukhad project (awareness regarding menstrual hygiene for women ,distribution of health kit),skill development (providing employment opportunities to the underprivileged )and initiatives like covid-19 aid.

Our mantra is:- we care,we educate, we create, we empower, we believe.

~proud intern of HPN#LIPSA MOHAPATRA

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Is feminism becoming toxic?

- Joshua PK, Fazal Khan, Jiffin Stephan, LJ Ayush, Vanshika S

A few bad eggs spoil the basket, in this case, pseudo-feminism is a bad egg, and it tarnishes the true sense of feminism. If you pick up a dictionary, this is the meaning you are going to find for the word, Feminism (n): an ideology that promotes social, political and all other rights of women equal to those of men. Here I would like you all to emphasize the word 'equal.' The definition indicates that there should be no discrimination to either sex. But, lately, a new trend of feminism is emerging, rightly called pseudo-feminism.

Pseudo feminists have a deep urge to redress all injustices committed to women, mostly by lashing out and dehumanizing men. What they forget is the literal foundation of the feminist movement: equality. Pseudo-feminism spreads disinformation, dabbles in shaming and, to some degree, renders "feminism" synonymous with misandry. In my opinion, another form of pseudo-feminism is feminism of convenience. We do not realize it sometimes, but pseudo-feminism is all around us, hiding behind feminism in the underground. If real feminism was followed, then we would treat all the victims fairly. Victims will cease to be women or men, but only victims of abuse. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Pseudo-feminism cries out clearly that men cannot be raped, men cannot be tormented, and men who claim to have been exposed to such crimes are lying scammers. When a woman is set on fire, when she is abused, brutalized, stripped naked on the streets, forced to abandon her studies to marry a man three times her age, when she is threatened of being assaulted or mocked, when a woman is viciously bullied for refusing to pressurize her parents to pay a dowry when she is assumed inferior to her male colleagues, there is a need to speak out and same goes for the situation when a man goes through all such activities.

A prime example of pseudo-feminism is the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial and how our society silences male victims. It does not matter if the victim is a guy or a girl, sexual or domestic abuse is not a slap on any gender's face rather it is a slap on humanity. As Gloria Steinem rightly said, a feminist is someone who respects the dignity and full humanity of women and men. Real feminism wants a society in which men are no longer told that crying is for girls. Feminism started out as a concept to give women opportunities, to give them equal rights, no more and no less but equal. Feminism is not misandry, nor is resentment of men or women who desire control over men in society.

In this era of social media, I think we have overlooked the true sense of feminism and unknowingly fused the two meanings together. The reality is that even most women do not have any idea what Feminism means, but that is not necessarily their fault, given that there is no sound sense for the word feminism, and hardly anyone on social media understands what feminism is all about, and they all just end up being fake feminists. In this era of social media, with people manipulating circumstances only to build content, it is incredibly difficult to distinguish between true and false. We feel confident about joining the cause without really understanding what we are supporting or fighting against.

Many pseudo feminists say that men cannot be feminists, but you know who is a feminist, a man, or a woman, or a trans person, who believes in the equality of women. A feminist is a father who treats his daughter and his son equally. A feminist is a husband who encourages his wife to make decisions without forcing his views on her.

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Impact of Business Intelligence on Profit Generation

-Ronan, Cleavon, Daniel, Shivani

Business intelligence refers to the processes and tools that are used to analyze business data, turn it into actionable insights, and assist everyone in an organization in making better decisions. A BI system, also known as a decision support system (DSS), analyses current and historical data and presents findings in simple reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps that can be shared throughout the organization.

Business Intelligence or BI for short is not just a technology or just an out of the box type methodology. It is a powerful new management approach that when done right can yield or deliver knowledge, efficiency, enable us to make better decisions, and increase profit or revenue to almost any organization whether they be technical or not if it is implemented in the right manner.

As the concept of Business Intelligence is being implemented on a wide scale due to its practical and process oriented based approach and how it assists an organization in identifying how they should act or behave with their assets by and how it can relate to them increasing their revenue generation by adapting certain strategic plans devised by analysis of the market and financial trends. Business Intelligence principles are widely operated on a company or organizations data warehouse, as data can be accessed and processed easily without any such interruptions. Companies can make better and well informed or data informed decisions that can lead to creation of strategies that can lead to income generation as it helps keep a holistic and real time view of all relevant business data. Through the application of principles in Business Intelligence companies can acquire knowledge of the leading indicators that we were previously ignorant of, and can enable us to quickly identify the changes required to be made in the business environment and it aids us to measure the scope of our decisions.

Business Intelligence Maturity or BI-M for short entails the key aspect of how companies increase revenue generation, it is by Business Intelligence driven Cultural change.

The concept identifies 3 main stages that must be addressed namely ‘what’ the customers want or what the users want delivered, the second stage entails identifying the ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ as information is directly tied to business processes that can lead to certain trend that can promote company or organization-based growth and thereby leading to increased profit generation. The third and final stage strives to understand ‘how’ the information or data can best be used whether they may be in prediction or market analysis. By cramming all this information in a massive and secure company monitored data warehouse we can drill into this acquired data and encounter problems that can be addressed which leads to increased revenue generation.

Through these various processes enabled by the concepts and principles belonging to Business Intelligence we can draft or create strategic plans and or architectures to reach desired targets, thereby simultaneously increasing profit generation.

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Hamari Pahchan is an NGO that is actively working for the greater good. They have been able to help several who are in need through their participation in social work and crowdfunding. As an intern, I have been able to help them out by promoting their noble initiative and recruiting friends to join the cause. They have several projects such asI the Sukhad project to provide menstrual care to women, Project Drishti to provide education for the bright minds of our country and several others to feed the hungry and help the elderly.

Donate today to help out and make a difference!!!

Eradicate hunger-


Help the elderly-

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Magnetoresistance Sensor Market Leading Growth Drivers, Emerging Audience, Segments, Sales, Profits & Analysis | Impact of COVID-19

Market Overview

The Global converter modules market is anticipated to expand from USD 8040 million to USD 12 995 million by 2025. This growth is expected at a CAGR of 7%. What boosts the market size and dimension is the increase of IT and telecom sectors. Usually, the converter modules are the devices that alter the analog signals to digital signals or analog to digital. This signal conversion is for high-end applications. One of the most common examples of converter module usage is SMPs in data centers. Besides, the rising usage of battery-driven automobiles has also increased the global converter module market size. You can find an application of these converter modules in several other industries as well. You can find usage in the healthcare industry, logistics, defense, and several other domains in vertical.

The Converter modules deployed in the power components help either step up or down the voltage as needed by the end-user. In most cases, end-users and key market players prefer using a DC converter module to lower power consumption. Utilizing the convert modules also empowers end users to isolate the circuit all eliminate any potential breakdown. The increasing need for a power-saving solution to satisfy the end-users is one major reason behind the global market expansion.

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Market Segments

The worldwide Converted Module Market has three segments. It comes segmented based on its type, application, and region. Based on the type, you can find the global converter module divided into DC-DC converter, DC-AC, and AC-DC converter. The DC-DC converter modules hold the largest market share on the global stage. It is because; DC-DC converter module reduces the power consumption.

Based on the application, you can also find several segmentations. It includes Information technology, telecom, industry, healthcare, transportation, and logistics—besides, Aerospace and defense and also a key market segment based on application. Information technology holds the largest market share among the application with increasing innovation and development. The subsequent market shareholder is the telecom sector. The invention of new smartphones and tech trending devices needs minimal power consumption. Consumers are also demanding devices that have minimal power usage. In such cases, the DC-DC converter module helps the device manufacturers to attain the desired result. After telecom, the automobile sector is the following market shareholder.

Regional Analysis

As per the regions, the global converter module market has five segments: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and South America. Asia-pacific holds the largest market share and dominates the global market with an impressive CAGR. The increasing electrical component manufacturing companies in Asia-Pacific make it the best amongst all regions. China, Japan, and Taiwan are the nations that boost the global expansion of the convert module market. Europe retains the second largest market share with increased use in aerospace and defense.

Industry news

The government initiatives to augment earning measures extend the product range and targeted investment in growth. The increasing usage of converted modules in the Ethernet, VOIP, remote, cameras, and many other power components also expands the market size.

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About Us:

At Market Research Future (MRFR), we enable our customers to unravel the complexity of various industries through our Cooked Research Report (CRR), Half-Cooked Research Reports (HCRR), Raw Research Reports (3R), Continuous-Feed Research (CFR), and Market Research & Consulting Services.

MRFR team have supreme objective to provide the optimum quality market research and intelligence services to our clients. Our market research studies by Components, Application, Logistics and market players for global, regional, and country level market segments, enable our clients to see more, know more, and do more, which help to answer all their most important questions.

In order to stay updated with technology and work process of the industry, MRFR often plans & conducts meet with the industry experts and industrial visits for its research analyst members.

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1. What are William Cronon’s thoughts on The Endangered Species Act and preserving pristine wilderness? Do we have similar laws in India that aims to preserve and protect biological diversity? What are some of the challenges that we face in implementing such laws and what could be done to counter those challenges?

William Cronon is a 1954 born environmental historian, and a history, geography, environmental studies professor. He also looks into the history of the American West. He helps us to know about how much we human beings have a good connection with natural world. Cronon is particularly famous through his writing as through the writing he brings his ideas to the common people so that the people can know him more. His famous works are Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England (1983), and some other works. He says about his thought of wilderness in the initial parts of the essay itself. Cronon said something very different from what generally is said to be wilderness by analyzing it in a realistic way. He says that nature and society are inseparable also it is something which is close to human beings this makes us think about what is the relationship between nature and society. The endangered species act came into effect on 1973 in The United States of America. The main objective of the act was to conserve the endangered species and also to protect threatened species from not being extinct. For making it happen government monitored the land occupied the species and the surroundings. But there was a problem with this that was it doesn’t allowed even the native community who was skilled to manage the land and their surroundings and also to preserve then. This community was the glacier National park- The Blackfoot community. There is a violent separation happening between the community and nature. This non- ideal fortress conservation theory in America is something which tells about the pristine wilderness which is a better way of conservation. Here the science takes the ultimate decisions and nature is not having its own freedom. Coming to the Indian context there are particularly no such rules which is related to conserving targeting or endangered species. One of the major acts related to this in India is The Wild life protection act of 1972. The act says it protects the plant and animal species in India. It established schedules of animal species and protected plants. Wild animals, plants and birds were protected through this act, hunting and harvesting of the same was made illegal. Forest conservation act of 1980 is another such law. Also we have national forest policy f 1988 which is looking forward an increase in the area of forest of India to one third. As the second largest population of the world and this population itself is the biggest problem in implementing such protection laws in our country. As the population increases extraction of natural resources also increases. Green India mission and climate change action plan are two ways by which we are trying to help our nature through large scale tree planting. We can make awareness among people on the importance of conserving and preserving our nature and wildlife through conducting campaigns, making them aware of the exact situation around us and how to overcome it, the need of a healthy future, how to work for this etc. The national forest policy of 1988 mainly looks into the ecological need of the people here resources extracted from forest are used in a minimal manner as possible and it is said to use in that way for commercial purposes It clearly prohibits private parties from using forest freely. These are some of the need of the hour which could help our nature and natural resources to be in a better state.

2. What are the effects of climate change on the wilderness as we knew it? Do you agree with the ideas of people like Bill Kibben and Dave Foreman, as mentioned in the article? What, according to you, should our approach be to preserve the environment?

William Cronon is a 1954 born environmental historian, and a history, geography, environmental studies professor. The trouble with wilderness or getting back to the wrong nature of 1996 is his work which is related to sustainable environment. Common people in a region or group of them are actually admired but they are also called primitive and unnatural. Human-caused environmental change compromises the qualities for which wild regions were assigned, like clean air and water, and untamed life. It can likewise extend non-environment related dangers to wild, like obtrusive species and natural surroundings discontinuity. There are clashes happening between human and non human when we view the whole thing from the wilderness view point. To so misrepresent an obstruction, we are for all intents and purposes sure to dismiss the very subtleties and complexities we truly need to grasp as cronon additionally talks about the dualism that made a pathway to the Human to recognize from non-human. Furthermore cronon advertisements after the making of dualism individuals all through began to think they are the results of the bipolar reasoning. Without understanding that social frameworks are having a preferable holding over we think, comprehend with the Ecological frameworks. The absence of intercession inside this space went about as considerably more venturing stone to the extension of the tare between the dualistic perspectives and surprisingly these lead human to not consider all in their regular routine. Cronon taps upon the procedures like provided that this is true there is appropriate sound between connection as opposed to making the nature as a debut way for Intervention, development, improvement and progress. By refering to the Maya Biosphere ('phenomenal ground: reevaluating the human spot in nature') arranged in the northern piece of Guatemala in 1990, cronon by heart geographer examination the blend of physical and regular things he shows that fortification preservation model or individuals without wild has blown up miserably there are spatial example of deforestation. He groups government to empower the as of now nature - acclimatized networks to co-deal with the biosphere so deforestation, so that individuals of the local area cooperate with a decent reason to spread the green front of the topography and roll out a lot of supportable improvements. Cronon by experiencing the mentality of individuals by evaluating the meaning of the Wilderness he entices us to think the tree filled in the terrace of our home, filled in grounds as Nature so this how he is making us we are with nature, which a superior society ought to be, he is raising his voice through his scholarly structure. To look after our environment a simple step we can do is reduce reuse and recycle. Here itself we must mostly be concentrating on reducing and reusing. Before going to a wider area we can look into our local community or local area where our home is situated and there we can make a group and start cleaning our local areas and gradually widen the process. Conserving water is a very important thing when we talk about looking into conserving our environment for this it is very important to reduce the unnecessary use of water and also it would be great if we reuse water in areas which is possible as water is a very important resource from nature. Planting trees and plants are very simple and good idea to conserve and preserve environment. Also educating people and conducting campaigns which explains the importance of conserving environment and making people aware how it is depleting and how much it is important to conserve it are very important. In these small ways we personally can conserve our environment.

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Among the various social issues in India, one of the major issues that must be concerned about is the identity of transgenders in society. Even though the government of India has recognized and declared transgenders as the “third gender” and also affirmed that the fundamental rights granted under the Constitution of India will be equally applicable to them, they are still treated unequally in society.

Why is this happening in India?

Even after being legally recognized, transgenders have to face a lot of problems including discrimination in society, sexual harassment, and gender equality. They face discrimination within their own family. They are denied their right to go to school or seek employment for reputed positions. Although India is socially developing, the people and society have begun to accept the various races, religions, communities, and languages, it is in the area of sexual identities that India is still lagging. This is a serious issue that should be concerned about. Transgenders must be allowed and given the right to live their life in a decent and dignified way without being questioned on their sexuality. Instead of harassing, tormenting, or abusing them, we must start treating them as a part of society and give them the respect and dignity that they deserve as human beings.

In conclusion, we must all join hands together to support the trans and give them the respect they haven’t been receiving. The transphobic mentality and the discrimination against them is something we should we concerned about. It’s time we recognize the trans as a part of society and help them fight for their rights.

- Ameen Hussain

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Adapting to Global Citizenship Education for Peace and Sustainability in India:

GCED is UNESCO's initiative to respond to various issues related to violation of human rights, inequality, gender issues, poverty, etc. GCED is gaining importance worldwide as it empowers learners of all ages to learn both locally and globally. There is a dire need to adapt to GCED due to the impact of globalization. It is based on three domains of learning- cognitive, social-emotional and behavioral domains. The learners become aware of the local issues that affect one at the grassroots level. And then the same issues directly or indirectly impact one globally. And when we become aware and contribute to productive elimination and resolutions of the issues, we become responsible peace-loving citizens. GCED can help us in achieving awareness of global issues and challenges. It can help us develop our knowledge and therefore interact with the real world. Adapting to GCED will open our horizons to make the world a better place and make us humane citizens who think of one another. It will make us responsible citizens of the country. It will help us have a perspective that will treat everyone equally and create a fraternal community . It will help us walk together on the path of peace. If adapted, GCED will help in the creation of ethical citizens who care for the world they live in. The world is moving towards progress and development but at the cost of nature and its destruction. Therefore, we should identify areas that India is moving backward in and provide recommendations and solutions through the eyes of GCED.

- Ameen Hussain

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Released in 1987, R-Type became an instant classic when it hit the arcades across the world, thanks to its iconic weapons and innovative gameplay and the “Force”, an extra weapon you could attach to the front of your ship to lock incoming fire or shoot toward groups of enemies as a remote drone. Rather than relying on thousands of bullets, R-Type had complex levels with moving walls and sneaky attack patterns which could only be learnt by trial and error and players pumped millions of coins in to the arcade cabinets trying to get just a little further each play.

Over the years, the original game has been ported to almost every system imaginable along with a bunch of sequels both for the home and arcade. It came to a head with 2003’s R-Type Final for PlayStation 2, collecting all the best features from previous versions in one package. Now we have a sequel, but what could have been the ultimate R-Type sadly isn’t the stone cold classic is should be.

All the elements are present, from the bouncing lasers to the techno-organic beasts, and there are huge number of ships to use all of which are customisable. You can set the type of Force you have, the missiles, upgrade weapons, and there’s some nice cosmetic features which allow you to plaster the side of your ship with decals and change you pilot. The levels are much shorter than those found in R-Type Final and are inspired, rather than slavishly copied, from original game. For example the third level features a huge spaceship that manoeuvres across the screen, forcing you to hide in tight space, just as the original game did

However, it all feels a little flat. The first boss, the iconic Dobkeratops (or as everyone else knows her, the H.R. Giger prawn) is frozen in ice and aside from the odd wave of bullets, it just sits there and waits for you to kill her. Play on the hardest difficulty levels and she is unfrozen, but it’s an odd choice to lock the most famous of enemies behind the difficulty setting. The third level, the mothership, also feels a little dull as the mechanical, thrusting beasts from previous games have been replaced with a Tron-esque collection of neon blocks that barely resemble a spaceship. The rest of the enemies are equally uninspired, the original’s nightmarish creatures replaced with rather dull spaceships and pot plants, while the final boss is just a big, empty sphere.

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Sri. Puneet Rajkumar is one of the famous and well known actor known for his acting since childhood, so these book is based on his life history and helpful nature and we done interview by hundreds of senior artists, technicians they shared there personal experiences and moments.

'Appu Amara' is a book publishing based on actor Sri Puneeth Rajkumar, these book is intend to print around 50,000 copies. Since i cannot afford the huge cost of printing, I request you to help us by providing advertisement.



Female foeticide or killing of the girl child in the mother's womb is one of the cruel thing that our Indian families have practiced. Destroying and aborting female child before birth has been a sorrowful history in many families in India. Female foeticide is still a major complication in some parts of our country. Ironically we live in a country where we have thirty three crore deities including goddesses and we worship them. In mythology the script says that "There lives god where there is women." But I am afraid those are only written in scripts and we Indians do not put them into practice in our real lives.


The causes for this incompetence are LOW STATUS OF WOMEN, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, SMALL FAMILY NORM, THE NEWS AND PRINT MEDIA TODAY ETC. Today also in some parts of India women are considered to be a burden instead of blessing they are considered to be a financial obligation to the family as they will have to squander for their marriage and give a lump sum amount as dowry. These people have that mindset due to lack of literacy and the rules of government. There are people in the remote areas where they still don't know that asking and giving dowry is a offense and they could be booked for this malpractice. Families longing for sons think that their family name will be carried out by only sons in the future and also those sons will take good care. We have never given a chance to the woman of our family to take care of their parents it is only expected the sons to. There are other reasons why people choose for female foeticide and that is the information we get today about RAPE, MOLESTATION, BRIDE BURNING ETC.


This process began in early 1990's when ultrasound techniques gained a wide spread in India. There was a tendency of families to produce children until they got a son. This is primarily because of the sexist culture which existed in India against women. This affected the literacy rate among the women as well. In the beginning government was also quite as it controlled the population rate. But then the scenario turned out to be worst day by day. Sex ratio in 0-6 age group in India went from 104 male per 100 female in 1981,to 105.8 in 1991 to 107.8 in 2001 to 109.4 in 2011 and this notable changes found in the census report was mostly found in Punjab and Haryana. 80% of districts recorded an increasingly masculine sex ratio in 1991-1999. The Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act was passed in 1994, making sex-selective abortion illegal. Which was amended in 2003 holding medical professionals legally responsible. However, the PCPNDT Act has been poorly enforced by authorities.

For some silver chunks the doctors whom we consider as the second god kill the girl child for the families who ask them to. They are misusing science and technology for their own acquisitiveness. The doctors who perform this viciousness should be chastised enormously.


Due to this female foeticide there is a steep decrease in female rate in India. Because of which it is becoming very difficult to find a girl for a boy which in turn leads to girl's trafficking. According to the sources from many states girls are kidnapped and sold in Haryana for marriages where the girl child ratio is the least. In 2011, 15000 women were kidnapped and sold where to states where there least number of woman. The female foeticide has also lead to superiority complex in men which in turn leads to women exploitation.


There have been several campaigns which says against the female foeticide. The lead actors in Bollywood like Amir Khan with the medium of the show Satyamev Jayte has given justice to lot of mothers who has suffered in savagery.The license of many doctors had been cancelled in the remote areas of Rajasthan for performing the act of gender reveal. We could also create plays and movies based on this topic to educate people and children.


Ironically, our country is where people worship Goddesses, and where females are considered as Maa Laxmi’s incarnation and where young girls are worshipped and people touch their feet for blessings. But even then, the intentional killing of the girl child continues. Such hypocrisy of our society. Right to education, health and empowerment are the fundamental rights of every Indian woman. The horrible illegal practice of female foeticide has to be stopped by harsh laws and change in the mind-set of the people. Save the girl child for a better tomorrow!!!

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