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Ultimate prevention to Graft rejection:-

Imagine,you do a transplant for 10-15L,after hours of surgery and thousands of investigation but it get Rejected by week/months, and this is very common.

The most frequently faced problem to organ transplant is Hyperacute/acute graft rejection. The present solution for graft rejection is use of Immuno-suppressents, but the price paid is increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections like Polyoma virus, EBV-induced Lymphoma, HPV-induced sq. cell carcinoma.

The one step solution for all of these problem is use of "Natural Immunological Barrier~ PLACENTA".

With advancement of Medical Science we can make a Artificial Barrier like Placenta which protect the transplanted organ from being rejected. The benefits of using this will be-

  • Hyperacute rejection which is due to IgM, will be prevented.
  • It will prevent diseases occur due to immune complex deposition like PSGN, Rapidly Proliferative Glomerulonephritis, MPGN type-1.
  • It will be protective for many drugs/viral/bacterial induced organ damage, due to placenta like Barrier.

Last but not the least, if we, in future will ever made such a Barrier, by using the concept given by Nature itself, we can revolutionise the Branch of Transplant Medicine.

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*रेहगुन में श्रीमद् भागवत कथा के चौथे दिन श्री कृष्ण जन्मोत्सव धूमधाम से मनाया*

*कथा के पांचवे दिन गोवर्धन उत्सव मनाया जाएगा*

बड़वानी - बड़वानी से 8 किलोमीटर की दूरी पर ग्राम रेहगुन में आयोजित सात दिवसीय श्रीमद् भागवत कथा के चौथे दिन कथावाचक पंडित श्री स्वामीनारायण शास्त्री जी ने परमात्मा से बड़ा कोई धर्म नही जो व्यक्ति अपने हाथों से लाचार गरीब को सहारा देता है उन्ही की हाथो की पूजा भगवान स्वीकार करते है। श्री कृष्ण महारास लीला के समय राधा ने उन्हें वैजयंती माला पहनायी थी। कहते हैं कि एक बार श्रीकृष्‍ण राधा के साथ नृत्य कर रहे थे तभी उनके साथ ही झूमकर नृत्य कर रहे एक मोर का पंख भूमि पर गिर गया तो प्रभु श्रीकृष्ण ने उठाकर उसे अपने सिर पर धारण कर लिया। जब राधाजी ने उनसे इसका कारण पूछा तो उन्होंने कहा कि इन मोरों के नाचने में उन्हें राधाजी का प्रेम दिखता है। कहते हैं कि श्री राधा रानी के यहां बहुत सारे मोर थे। यह भी कहा जाता है कि बचपन से ही माता यशोदा अपने लल्ला के सर इस मोर पंख को सजाती थीं।वैजयंती माला के साथ ही मोर पंख धारण करने की एक बड़ी वजह राधा से उनका अटूट प्रेम है। श्री कृष्ण का जन्मोत्सव मना कर युवाओं के द्वारा टोली बनाकर मटकी फोड़ी। जन्मोत्सव में पधारे श्रद्धालुओं ने झूम कर नाचते हुए श्री कृष्ण के साथ सेल्फी लेते हुए एवं नन्हे बालक श्री कृष्ण को अपने हाथों में लेकर उनका बाल रूप देख उत्साहित हुए कथा में स्वामी जी द्वारा श्री कृष्ण जन्मोत्सव श्री कृष्ण को अपने सिर पर शिरोधार्य कर उन्हें कथा के पंडाल मैं लाया गया तत्पश्चात श्री कृष्ण को झूला देकर उनकी पूजा कर आरती प्रसादी वितरण की गई । 4 दिन से लगातार हो रही कथा मैं लगातार दिन प्रतिदिन श्रद्धालुओं का उत्साह देखने को नजर आ रहा है। ग्रामीणों ने अपने व्यस्ततम कार्यों को छोड़कर कथा का आनंद ले रहे हैं वही कथा के पांचवे दिन गोवर्धन उत्सव मनाया जाएगा पंडित स्वामी नारायण शास्त्री जी देवास वालों के द्वारा पांचवे दिन धूमधाम से गोवर्धन उत्सव मनाया जाएगा।

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First gave life to a player of 11.50 crores, then sent to the pavilion Ambati Rayudu's strange reaction went viral on social media

Ambati Rayudu dropped the catch of a dangerous looking Liam Livingstone in the 7th over, but after that in the 11th over, he took the catch of Livingstone off Ravindra Jadeja's delivery.

A reaction of Ambati Rayudu is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In fact, in the IPL 2022 match played between Punjab Kings and Chennai Super Kings, Rayudu took a brilliant catch of a player of 11.50 crores. The reaction he gave after taking the catch is making headlines. Rayudu caught the catch of Liam Livingstone, who created a ruckus with both bat and ball against CSK, but before that he had once dropped the catch of this dangerous batsman.

In the 7th over, Rayudu left his simple catch on the ball of Ravindra Jadeja. After this, in the 11th over, Jadeja again weaved a net to trap Livingstone and this time he also got caught in Jadeja's net, but Rayudu made Jadeja's attempt successful, this time he did not make any mistake and caught Livingstone. took.

After taking the catch, Rayudu saw a big smile on his face. His celebration is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Livingstone hit 5 fours and 5 sixes in his explosive innings of 32 balls.

Economic crisis in Sri Lanka, Jayawardene and Sangakkara said - true leaders accept mistakes

Lost sister at the age of 12, could not even say goodbye properly, the story of the world champion player is painful

On the basis of this batting of Livingstone, despite a poor start, Punjab was able to give a challenging target of 181 runs to Chennai. In reply, Chennai Super Kings, adorned with Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni, were reduced to 126 runs in 18 overs and Chennai lost the match by 54 runs. This was CSK's third consecutive defeat. Livingstone also took 2 wickets for 25 runs.

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NATO said that the Russian army is uniting again to attack

NATO has said that Russian forces in Ukraine are reuniting to increase their attacks in the eastern part of the country.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltberg said, "Russia is reuniting its forces. More weapons are being provided to the Russian army. The number of soldiers is also being increased.

On the other hand, Britain has said that Russia is bringing about 1,200 to 2,000 soldiers from neighboring Georgia into the war.

It is worth noting that Russia said on Tuesday that it would reduce attacks in Ukraine and focus on freeing the Donbass.

But the NATO secretary general has said that Russia has not changed its objectives in Ukraine.

“We are seeing Russian attacks on cities continuing at the same pace as before. Russia is sending some troops to new places. Perhaps this is being done to strengthen the troops present in the Donbass.”

But NATO says that there has been no reduction in Russian attacks in Kiev and other major cities and these attacks may increase in the coming times.

On the other hand, the criticism of the government about this war in Russia is increasing continuously, the government is under tremendous pressure to protect the lives of its citizens.

The Russian government does not want more of their fighters to be killed in Ukraine, so they fight with money.

Looking for fighters. And such fighters can probably be found only where poverty and other problems exist. Syria is one such place.

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An Indian Farmer Done

A farmer lives in the village. He is a very important person. He grows corn for us. He is very hardworking. He works from morning till evening. He gets up early in the morning. He goes to his field with his bullocks. He ploughs his field. He sows the seeds. He waters his field. He is a very simple man. He wears dhoti and kurta. His food is very simple. He lives in a small house. It is made of mud. He has to work in all the weathers.

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My journey at masai school:

Hello friends,

I am Veeramma Sangme, Today I am writing my 1st blog to share my honest experience of my journey in Masai School.

Before starting, I want to share little bit about my background. I completed civil engineering in 2019. Before joining to masai school I didn't have any coding knowledge. My brother is working as a software developer, because of him I developed interest in coding. I was planning to learn coding and wanted to join best Institute, at the same time my brother said me about Masai School and he only shared registration link of Masai School . I searched on google, and I came to know that, this is the best platform to learn coding. So with the confidence of getting job,I registered, I gave MSAT-1 and MSAT-2 tests and I cleared the both tests and interview too.

Now I am a student of masai school studying in unit 1.

My journey starts from here,

In the beginning I.e. first 2weeks I felt it's very challenging and difficult to digest 9am to 9pm curriculum schedule. But as masai people's saying that, "We won't give up until you give up on yourself", like this statement only they are working hard to make feel us comfortable in this schedule. Yogesh sir's Scrum classes really helps me to stay motivated and made me able to bear that pressure.

One thing I really want to share u all, I. e. I really fell in love with the teaching style of Varun sir, Isha mam and Yogesh sir and the schedule of Masai School too..

I learnt one more thing from Varun sir is, Do whatever you want to do but, "Never give up".

Finally I am confident to say that, if you want to learn and want to build your career, yes this is the best Institute to join...

Thank u guys......

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পশ্চিমবঙ্গ রাজ্য বিদ্যুৎ পর্ষদ এমপ্লয় এন্ড ওয়ার্কার্স ইউনিয়ন 002 উদ্যোগে অনুষ্ঠিত হল প্রাক্তন সাধারণ সম্পাদক বলাই লাল দাসের স্মরণসভা।

বৃহস্পতিবার বিকেল ৪টা নাগাত WBSETCL এরিয়া অফিসে বলাই দাসের স্মরণে এক স্মরণসভার আয়োজন করা হয়।ফুলে ফুলে ভরে উঠে বলাই লাল দাসের প্রতিকৃতি। পুষ্পার্ঘ্য অর্পণ করে প্রয়াত বলাই দাসের স্মরণে ১ মিনিট নিরবতা পালন করা হয়।

স্মরণ সভায় উপস্থিত ছিলেন মালদা জেলা সেক্রেটারি লিনকন ইসলাম, সাউথ মালদা ডিসিএল এর সেক্রেটারি প্রবীর রজক, রিজিওনাল অফিস সেক্রেটারি বিপ্লব কর্মকার, প্রেসিডেন্ট উত্তম ঝা,টিসিএল এর ইউনিট সেক্রেটারি দিলীপ কুমার শর্মা, অভিষেক চৌধুরী সহ অন্যান্য কর্মীরা।

TCL এর ইউনিট সেক্রেটারি দিলীপ কুমার শর্মা জানান, বলাই লাল দাস আমাদের ইউনিয়নের প্রাক্তন সাধারণ সম্পাদক ছিলেন। গত ২২শে জানুয়ারি সকাল ১০.৩০ নাগাত হৃদরোগ জনিত কারনে তার মৃত্যু হয়। তাই তার স্মৃতির উদ্দেশ্যে স্মরণ সভার আয়োজন করেছি।

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Consider winter diet and you can't disregard the fiery and delectable Gajar Mooli and Gobhi Ka Aachar. This straightforward desi pickle works out positively for each food and is delighted in by individuals of all age gatherings. At the point when we talk about kinds of Indian foods, pickles are a necessary piece of it, not on the grounds that they add fragrance and taste to different cooking styles, yet additionally on account of the dietary benefits. We as a whole appreciate winter pickles however relatively few of us know the purpose for it. Allow us to explain to you why pickles are significant in winters.

Think of winter diet and you can’t ignore the spicy and delicious Gajar Mooli and Gobhi Ka Aachar. This simple desi pickle goes well with every food and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. When we talk about flavours of Indian cuisines, pickles are an integral part of it, not just because they add aroma and taste to various cuisines, but also because of the nutritional values. We all enjoy winter pickles but not many of us know the reason behind it. Let us tell you why pickles are important in winters.

Did you had at least some idea that your straightforward kitchen zest Cinnamon was significantly something other than a taste and flavor enhancer?

With an expanding mindfulness about wellbeing and health, this basic zest has ended up being a prevailing fashion among weight watchers and wellbeing lovers for its umpteen medical advantages. However, did you had any idea about that by adding this straightforward fragrant flavor to your eating regimen, you can really work on your opportunities to get pregnant.

All things considered, specialists propose that Cinnamon can help in supporting charisma and fruitfulness in all kinds of people and in the event that you are arranging a child, this zest should advance toward your everyday eating routine. Here is all you really want to be familiar with it.

Did you know that your simple kitchen spice-Cinnamon was a lot more than just a taste and flavour enhancer?

With an increasing awareness about health and wellness, this simple spice has turned out to be a fad among weight watchers and health enthusiasts for its umpteen health benefits. But did you know that by adding this simple aromatic spice to your diet, you can actually improve your chances to get pregnant.

Well, experts suggest that Cinnamon can help in boosting libido and fertility in both men and women and if you are planning a baby then this spice must make its way to your day-to-day diet. Here’s all you need to know about it.

No festival in India is finished without unique treats. Also with regards to commending an exceptional day devoted to the country, that is Republic Day, an intricate spread of unique dishes is the most suitable method for rejoining individuals for the event.

January 26 requires a unique festival as this date denotes the day when the Constitution of India became effective in 1950. So for every one of the foodies out there, here are a few tasty tri-shading plans that must-attempt to commend this devoted day.

No celebration in India is complete without special delicacies. And when it comes to celebrating a special day dedicated to the country, that is Republic Day, an elaborate spread of special dishes is the most appropriate way to reunite people for the occasion.

January 26 calls for a special celebration as this date marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. So for all the foodies out there, here are some scrumptious tri-colour recipes that must-try to celebrate this patriotic day.

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AndroBranch is used by more than 30000 people

If you are an Android user and you keep searching for new apps or games, then you must have known about AndroBranch. And I don't even need to tell about AndroBranch in this news But now for those who do not know, we have to tell till now, so let's start.


So this is a website which was started in 2021 but this website has added more than 30000 people to itself in 1 year without any advertisement or with anyone. And now AndroBranch's community provides free apps as well as the facility to download movies on AndroHood that too for free and on AndroBranch blogs also brings you Android and movies related news for free.


AndroBranch Store:



Now moving towards our news, yes friends, with the beginning of 2022, the AndroBranch family has become 30000 members and after talking to the members of AndroBranch team, we have come to know that this year they have very big plans and next year. By the year 2023, they want their family to be more than 100000. Now man, they are doing so much for us for free, so we also have some duty, so let's all join together with their family to become AndroMan.

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Everyone there in the avalanches reading this blog I would like to introduce myself with this article and I am here to crack jokes and to provide information regarding anything you guys wants just ask any questions your questions will be answered and for that you have to use my hashtag #saiomsesawal.

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Guys,just by shouting stop rape by doing candle march we can't stop time of cheerharan even many people tried stopping dushashan but couldn't but if they could have raised their weapon then there was a chance of avoiding na?

Same way we shall punish those rapists not by just prisoning them but by killing them😡 so other peoples don't dare to rape anyone.

Aatma raksha, Dharma raksha, desh raksha, stree raksha aur Gau (cow) raksha

Don't blame on anyone for your societys fault. It is we who don't give our support to the victims. Govind said that when we continuously think about something we get attached to it and that leads to lust when lust is not ful filled we become angry and can go to any extinct to fulfill it which leads to acid attack, rape, blackmail etc....but no this is never taught in schools.

Stop violence against women!!!

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10 Habits of Mentally Strong People

Do you ever feel like you are not enough? That your thoughts are too overwhelming to handle, that the world is against you, and that it's just too hard to keep going? If so then this blog post might be for you. Mental strength isn't something that some people are born with, it's a skill- one of many skills in fact- but if practiced can make all the difference. This article will explore 10 habits of mentally strong people in order to empower readers to start building their own mental muscle today!

1. They Don't Compare Themselves to Others

Mentally strong people don't compare themselves to others. They know that everyone has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses and that comparison will only lead to envy and frustration.

2. They Don't Dwell on Failures

Mentally strong people don't dwell on failures. Instead, they learn from them and move on. They know that dwelling will only lead to being upset so they use any negative feedback as an opportunity to get better.

3. They Don't Dwell on Successes, Either

Mentally strong people don't dwell on successes either. They keep success in perspective and understand that what matters most is how they react in the face of different circumstances.

4. They Don't Let Emotions Control Them

Mentally strong people don't let their emotions control them. They understand that emotions are just feelings and that they can choose how to react to them. This takes practice, but over time it becomes easier and easier to stay in control.

5. They Set Their Standards

Mentally strong people set their standards. They don't compare themselves to others or let other people dictate what they do. Instead, they take time to reflect on their values and goals in life.

6. They Know the Difference between Good and Bad

Mentally strong people know that there is a big difference between good and bad. The things that happen in life are not always black and white, and they know that there is a lot of grey area. They don't get wrapped up in the good or bad, but instead focus on what they can control.

7. They Don't Let Negative Thoughts Take Over

Mentally strong people know how to deal with negative thoughts. They don't let them take over and dictate how they feel or what they do. They know that these thoughts are just a part of life, but they don't have to let them control them.

8. They Are Optimistic

According to a psychiatrist in Bhopal, mentally strong people are optimistic. They see the best in people and situations and know that everything will work out in the end.

9. They Are Positive in Their Expectations

Mentally strong people don't expect the worst out of people and situations. Instead, they know that in most cases things will turn out for the best. They don't expect to let someone down or be let down because they know that things will usually work themselves out how they are supposed to.

10. They Don't Give Up Easily

Mentally strong people don't give up easily. They know that to achieve their goals they will have to face some adversity. They understand that failure is a part of life, but that doesn't mean they have to give up. Instead, they use it as motivation to keep going.

Developing mental strength is not easy, but with practice, these habits will help you get started. Remember, it's important to start small and gradually build up your mental muscle. So don't try to change everything all at once. Just focus on one habit at a time and before you know it, you'll be on your way to becoming a mentally strong person!


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Title =Garg Video Theatre

एक ऐसा सिनेमा जो 1990 में सतना और चित्रकूट के बीच

एक गांव मझगवां जहा ब्राह्मण का राज था और 96 गाँव के लोग और औरत मूवी देखने आते ये ऐसा समय था जहाँ डकैतों का राज हुआ करता था मझगवां क्योंकि यह मध्यप्रदेश और उतरप्रदेश का बॉर्डर था मझगवां यहां कोई भी काम चालू करने के लिए साशन नही डकैत की मंजूरी लेनी पड़ती क्योंकि दाससु प्रभावित छेत्र था और जिनका ये थिएटर था वो गांव के सरपंच के बेटे वो भी कहा झुकने वाले पूरे ब्राह्मण समाज ने सरकार की मदद से वीडियो थिअटर की सुरवात की क्योंकि राम जी के भूमि में कहा बुराई की चलनी

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DEFORESTATION :-. It is the purposeful clearing of forested land. Throughout history and into modern times, forests have been razed to make space for agriculture and animal grazing, and to obtain wood for fuel, manufacturing, and construction of Roads .

Deforestation has greatly altered landscapes around the world. About 2,000 years ago, 80 percent of Western Europe was forested; today the figure is 34 percent. In North America, about half of the forests in the eastern part of the continent were cut down from the 1600s to the 1870s for timber and agriculture. China has lost great expanses of its forests over the past 4,000 years and now just over 20 percent of it is forested. Much of Earth’s farmland was once forests.

Today, the greatest amount of deforestation is occurring in tropical rainforests, aided by extensive road construction into regions that were once almost inaccessible. Building or upgrading roads into forests makes them more accessible for exploitation. Slash-and-burn agriculture is a big contributor to deforestation in the tropics. With this agricultural method, farmers burn large swaths of forest, allowing the ash to fertilize the land for crops. The land is only fertile for a few years, however, after which the farmers move on to repeat the process elsewhere. Tropical forests are also cleared to make way for logging, cattle ranching, and oil palm and rubber tree plantations.

Deforestation can result in more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. That is because trees take in carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis, and carbon is locked chemically in their wood. When trees are burned, this carbon returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. With fewer trees around to take in the carbon dioxide, this greenhouse gas accumulates in the atmosphere and accelerates global warming.

Deforestation also threatens the world’s biodiversity. Tropical forests are home to great numbers of animal and plant species. When forests are logged or burned, it can drive many of those species into extinction. Some scientists say we are already in the midst of a mass-extinction episode.

More immediately, the loss of trees from a forest can leave soil more prone to erosion. This causes the remaining plants to become more vulnerable to fire as the forest shifts from being a closed, moist environment to an open, dry one.

While deforestation can be permanent, this is not always the case. In North America, for example, forests in many areas are returning thanks to conservation efforts. By reducing the DEFORESTATION We can save your environment.

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  Psychological well being

By Pooja Sevaramani

The phrase “psychological well-being” is used to describe an individual’s emotional health and overall functioning. We often get to listen to this a lot of times that do not neglect your mental health the way letter 'p' is in the word psychology. Although, it's silence is equally imperative. To begin with, people just started paying vigilance to their mental health but unfortunately, there was this pandemic outbreak. Owing to which, people were back to square one. The covid situation added to the sorrows and grief of the people by putting extra financial, medical and mental burden.

In my opinion the pandemic has spared none. From students to the old aged people, from daily wage earners to the industrialists everyone's mental health was compromised and the lives were affected. Earlier, humans were like free birds. However, during and after the pandemic they became doing birds. The daily wage earners, who have hand to mouth existence suffered tremendously. The condition of the migrant workers was not hidden, the conditions in which they were off to their homes was unimaginable. Researchers have found that the absence of distress doesn’t necessarily indicate a person has high psychological well-being. High psychological well-being is about feeling happy and doing well. People with high psychological well-being report feeling capable, happy, well-supported, and satisfied with life. However, during the dark period they started considering themselves incapable of helping even their family members, because their own lives were at stake. People became mentally distressed, they started feeling a sense of dejection where they can’t help others and can’t even ask for help. The only thing which stopped was the family income rest all other expenses were still on-the school fees, the house groceries, the house maintenance, and the internet expenses. People started experiencing mental fatigue because of increased amount of screen time and work load. I consider the people who had work/jobs pretty lucky to have jobs compared to the ones who had lost their jobs during the pandemic where companies themselves were incurring losses According to the statistics the number of people who lost their jobs last year were 225 million worldwide. Lack of fund in families lead to a lot of problems. The suicide rate rose 10 percent last year due to the mental breakdown. Life had been quite hard for mankind last year. No one likes to live in isolation. After all no one can change the fact that Homo sapiens are 'social animals'. We need interaction in our lives without which there is a high possibility of us suffering from nervous breakdown. The above matter has made things quite cogent that there are only 2 key facets in life which make us lead a jovial life—money and people around us.

I can very well recollect the disturbed state of mind of my friend’s mother during the pandemic. She did not step out of her house last year. She was so anxious and stressed that she stopped talking to her own family members because of the fear of contracting to the virus. It looks like a joke to us but we cannot even imagine the pain her family might have been through during that phase. The situation became worse when she lost her father. She could not even go and meet him because of the restrictions. The whole family suffered badly due to aunt’s severe psychological health. The meditation, yoga and their ikigai let them get out of that state and lead a normal life with masks on and sanitizers in the pocket.

Through this life incident I have come to the coda that keeping in touch with your loved ones especially in the tough times is the most important thing. And I would really love to express my gratitude to the people who went out on a limb and helped the needy and poor in those tough times. I also realized that things are always meant to happen that means they are pre destined. The only thing we need to comprehend is that walk the same path where life takes you and keep one thing in mind when you are in a tough situation remember that “this too shall pass” and keep walking and also do not neglect that ‘p’ in your life. These things will always help you have a normal psychological health.

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