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Ekam Jeet Sohal

Lovepreet Singh Sohal aka Ekam Jeet Sohal is a Punjabi singer, actor, lyricist, model, and He is a music lover. Ekam Jeet Sohal (born lovepreet singh sohal on 20nov 1995) is a punjabi munda, Born in the village of Amritser district (Punjab)

Work: Artist, Song writter at Ekam jeet sohal, Swag music

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Social worker Ankit Barthwal will again agitate, unhappy with the work of BJP government

Dehradun, Uttarakhand:- Social worker Ankit Barthwal, who shook the then government with his agitation, has expressed disappointment over the tenure of the BJP government. Social worker Ankit Barthwal said that there were a lot of expectations from the BJP government.

During the press conference, social worker Ankit Barthwal attacked the BJP government. While discussing the condition of the farmers, Anna targeted the central government. He put the central government in the dock for the pathetic condition of the farmers.

Barthwal said that when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country, I had high hopes from him. With a sarcastic tone, he said that I thought that good days are going to come. But after eight years have passed, I am very disappointed with his tenure. Social worker Ankit Barthwal said that I will agitate against the central government. For this I am seeking the support of the state governments.

On the question of keeping quiet till now, Barthwal said that I was silent till now because I felt that time should be given for big changes. But now I am regretting being silent at this point of time. He said that the government's time of about eight years has ended. So now I am compelled to agitate. He told that on April 2, a bugle will be blown against the government from the Parade Ground in Dehradun. Will start the movement once again.

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3.Australiya ODD CUP






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ɴᴇᴡꜱ ɪɴꜰᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

  1. CBI, Enforcement Directorate chiefs' tenures extended up to 5 years
  2. Bihar BJP sends copy of Bhagavad Gita to Rahul Gandhi after his Hindutva, Hinduism remarks
  3. Bengal: BJP worker beaten to death in East Midnapore
  4. Centre brings ordinance to extend tenure of CBI, ED directors up to 5 years.
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I used to be an anxious person , I am trying to be better now and change it but sometimes when I hit anxiety I just pour out my thoughts so here's a piece of poetry I wrote .

Some days

Trying to be strong ,

I hold myself everyday.

The anxiety blow me up.

But for the dreams,

cannot give up

I have to stay.

Some days are blessed,

Some days are bad.

I am becoming stronger today,

but might will face the darkness tomorrow.

On both the days ,

I am not giving up.

Won't let down by the sorrow .

God blessed me with my soulmate,

he keeps me happy

But I really wonder,

is it all right to still have my anxiety.

Because the past trauma eats me up,

but makes me stronger

Some days are bad

Some days are good

Just hold on for a little bit longer.

-Arushi Rana

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Tech news!

Everything you need to know about the rise and fall of Nokia!

All of us, either you or someone in our Family have used Nokia’s cellphone once in our lifetime. ‘Nokia’ which was once one of the largest cellphone sellers in the world and the first to introduce a Transportable Phone has now lost somewhere. But, the question is how one of the largest cellphone makers and well-established company lost its place in the market.

Nokia is one of the oldest brands and Nokia was not always a phone-maker. The company started as a Paper Mill Company in 1865 in South-Western Finland. This company got its name because of the location of their 2nd Mill. 2nd Mill, which was a rubber mill was near the bank of river ‘Nokianvirta’.

The company decided to join their three mills together and start making Electronic devices along with paper, rubber, and cables. This gave the company its Name ‘Nokia’.

In 1967 Nokia Corporation arrived and they continued making Paper, Rubber, Cables and Electronics.

The Rise Of Nokia Corporation

  • In 1984 Nokia acquired a company Salora & made its first telecommunication unit which was the world’s first transportable phone weighing 5 kg.
  • In 1987 they made the world’s first hand-held Mobile telephone named Mobira Cityman 900. And in the following year, it was named as Nokia Mobile Phone.
  • In 1992 company came up with the First hand-held GSM (2g) phone Nokia 1011.

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Anshuman Tiwari is an Indian Musical Artist, with many talents in the fields such as Artist, Songwriter, Guitarist. "anshuman tiwari" is an independent artist.

Founder and CEO of ARK Films

Establishes Film and Music Recording Company ARK Films Provides Music and Entertainment Videos

Music & Entertainment Video, Social Media Advertising, Video Marketing, Website Design, App Design, Photos, We Provide A Variety Of Services To Our Client.

Personal Life

Anshuman Tiwari Established Fame As a Successful Artist. Is An Indian Artist, Guitarist And Actor. Ubuntu Ubuntu From Dehradun, India. She Is Known For Her Instagram Model And Instagram Content Maker. As A Young Artist Grows Up, He Himself Has A Great Network Of Fans On The Instagram Platform Fun And Makes His Fans Laugh Commit To Growing Up His Platform And Properly Distributing And Analyzing His Pages On The Forum. She Owns Pages @anshumantiwari With Many Opportunities Comes With Her Large Number Of Fans. On Instagram He Goes On "Anshuman Tiwari" As His Name Everyone Knows By.

Anshuman Tiwari as a Guitarist: Anshuman Tiwari, better known as Anshuman Tiwari Musician, is an Indian guitarist and actor. He was introduced to the music industry introducing his first song "Modern Hip-Hop" on SoundCloud first. A few days later he releases his song on various music platforms such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavn and many more. Anshuman Tiwari has released his songs on international music streaming platforms such as Deezer, Tidal and Napster. You can find Anshuman Tiwari music on TikTok, Instagram or in the Facebook library too.

Basically, Anshuman Tiwari is starting his first career as a technical blogger or YouTuber. As is often the case later, you enter the music industry. Now if you search on youtube about Anshuman Tiwari then you will find all the information about Anshuman Tiwari. YouTube has officially confirmed its youtube channel as an official artist. Youtube has given him a guaranteed music badge on youtube. Microsoft bing also officially verified Anshuman Tiwari for their bing search. You will find the official information panel of Anshuman Tiwari on bing search like youtube personality.

Available On:


Google Play Music

Apple Music


Amazon Music


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