If the lockdown is increased, there may दिल्ली

If the lockdown is increased, there may be a shortage of essential goods

Many shops of essential commodities were closed due to the lock down across the country. Due to which the sale of food items has also reduced much earlier. The country's business has stopped. It is going to be a big economic loss to the country. At the same time, the value of goods of many shops has also increased, due to which hoarding done by many people is being told.

Meanwhile, supply chain has also been greatly affected due to shortage of workers and lack of operator. Maximum number of laborers have migrated towards their village, due to which the supply of food items has also been severely affected. There are a total of 6.5 crore shops including small shops in the country. Which has a total business of 1000000 crores rupees. Due to the closure of shops, this business has received a big shock. So far, there has been a loss of 100000 crores in this trade. Apart from this, we want to tell you that if the situation of lock down has to be increased further, the damage can increase a lot.

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BJP leaders surround Kejriwal on the problem of rationing

The Chief Minister was made aware of this by writing a letter by the Bharatiya Janata Party's assembly leader in view of the deficiencies occurring in the post-ration in the capital Delhi. By writing a letter to the Chief Minister, the assembly member of the Bharatiya Janata Party was told that ration is being distributed in 2500 schools in Delhi but ration is not reaching the people. Assembly member says that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is giving assurance to the people that no poor person of Delhi will be hungry.

Despite this, many people of Delhi are not getting ration. The member of the Legislative Assembly has expressed concern over the non-receipt of ration cards to the people. In the extreme situation, the poor system of government ration distribution system is increasing the problems of poor and needy people. Ration of about 1000 crores rupees has been made available to Delhi by the central government, but the Delhi government is also failing to distribute a ration.


Delhi hospital handed over corpse of corona infected to relatives without informing the administration

A case has been registered on the manager of the hospital by various sections on behalf of the administration of Maharaja Agrasen Hospital to hand over the body of the person who died due to corona virus without informing the administration. The case relates to the family of Haryana resident of Rohtak where due to negligence in the treatment of the woman, other members of her family got corona virus infection and died.

After which the administration came into action and, taking action, has held the manager of the hospital accountable. Due to handing over the body to family members, his son has also got coronavirus infection. The administration has to inform about this before giving a dead body to the hospital. But no information was given from the hospital. Due to which action has been taken over the hospital. On 10 March, a 72-year-old woman resident of Rohtak was admitted to the hospital for treatment. He was later referred to Gangaram Hospital.


The patient suffering from kidney disease due to contact with the nurse became corona infected

A kidney patient has been infected with Corona virus from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. When asked by the patient, the patient said that due to contact with the nurse, he has developed a coronavirus infection. The patient said that Wah Moolchand used to go for dialysis at the hospital where the nurse came in contact. In this way, the kidney patient is now exposed to coronavirus.

On 8 April, the Delhi Police had received information that a person living in Lajpat Nagar had come to terms with the virus. After which, after inquiring from the police, it is found that due to contact with the nurse at Moolchand Hospital, the person has a coronavirus infection. The infected person is a kidney patient and used to visit Moolchand Hospital regularly for treatment. .


Hamari Pahchan : Transforming the lives of underprivileged people through education

India has witnessed remarkable progress and growth over the years. However, this progress has not been uniform, and many of its citizens still grapple with poverty, lack of education, healthcare disparities, and various social and environmental challenges. Therefore, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a very crucial role in the upliftment of society.

In this landscape, Hamari Pahchan,a Delhi based NGO , has emerged as a powerful agent of change, driven by a commitment to social welfare and the betterment of communities. It has played an indispensable role in addressing the country’s multifaceted challenges.They provide various opportunities to underprivileged people so that they can create their own Pahchan (identity).

Founder of Hamari Pahchan: Tarun Mathur

Tarun Mathur laid the foundation of Hamari Pahchan in the year 2015, with a vision of creating a society that is built on values of equity and justice for all. He has been working rigorously towards the betterment of society. A visionary by heart and mind, Mr. Mathur has been serving the Government of India in the aviation department for more than a decade.In addition to this, he is also a professional chess player .He has represented India in a number of foreign nations.

Diligent efforts by Hamari Pahchan for the cause: Education for all

The problem of illiteracy in India is still a matter of great concern. The number of children struggling with illiteracy in India is alarming. As per the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), 32 million children in India have never even seen the face of a school. Moreover, the Education Ministry revealed that 29 million children do not have access to necessary digital devices. Current scenario highlights the need to bridge the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged children.

To address this issue, Hamari Pahchan has come up with the Drishti Initiative.They are working interminably on the cause of education for the underprivileged .

DRISHTI PROJECT: Education for All


"To bridge the gap between privileged & underprivileged children"

  • Inculcation of basic life skills
  • Empower children to grab significant opportunities for a bright future
  • Overall personality development

Plan of Action:

“An impactful plan of action, to kick start the transformation of our education sector.”

  • Weekly classes
  • Distribution drives for stationary and necessary supplements like textbooks
  • Vocational training programs
  • Personality Development programs
  • Expansion of our reach


Through their workshops, they have been able to educate 11250+ children

& conduct 3000+ distribution


As a part of this program, they conduct training sessions as well as informative workshops around themes like personality development, basic communication skills, computing skills and the like for children deprived of the opportunity to develop such skill sets. Along with this ,they have also come up with the “Gadgetshala” initiative under this project. It primarily aims to deliver Drishti Classes with the aid of the internet and gadgets in order to improve a child’s learning experience. Mentors are assigned to groups of children to guide them through the learning process and to ensure that

they have easy access to resources.

Moreover, their focus spans over multiple areas besides education like menstrual health awareness, unemployment,skill development,hunger and support to the elderly. They have run other various projects like Sukhad Project (Awareness regarding menstrual hygiene for women, distribution of health kit), Skill Development (Providing employment opportunities to the underprivileged) and initiatives like COVID-19 aid.

Their relentless efforts have helped them in becoming one of the best NGOs in Delhi.



In a world crying out for equity and inclusivity, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play a significant role in addressing societal challenges. Among these admirable groups is "Hamari Pahchan," an NGO dedicated to empowering marginalized communities through education. This article aims to shed light on the commendable work of Hamari Pahchan, highlighting how it is transforming lives, bridging gaps, and creating a brighter future for the underprivileged.

Overcoming Barriers: Equal Access to Education

Hamari Pahchan staunchly believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. With a mission to provide equal access to education for everyone, regardless of social or economic status, the organization operates in remote and underdeveloped regions. By focusing on children from low-income families, orphans, and girls facing the brunt of discrimination, Hamari Pahchan endeavors to create a level playing field for all. Through scholarships, financial aid, and school infrastructure development, the NGO ensures that these underserved children have the opportunity to pursue education and unlock their full potential.

Education beyond the Classroom: Skill Development

Hamari Pahchan understands that education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms alone. Recognizing the importance of practical skills, the organization places great emphasis on skill development programs. From vocational training to computer literacy, Hamari Pahchan equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to secure gainful employment and contribute to the growth of the economy. By providing training in sectors such as agriculture, tailoring, and computer sciences, the NGO ensures sustainable livelihoods for marginalized communities and helps them become self-sufficient.

Promoting Health and Well-being

Another significant aspect of Hamari Pahchan's work is its focus on health and well-being. The organization aims to create an environment where individuals have access to quality healthcare and live healthy lives. Through medical camps, vaccination drives, and awareness programs, Hamari Pahchan addresses health issues prevalent in underprivileged communities. By linking education and health, the NGO recognizes the importance of holistic development and its role in breaking the cycle of poverty.


Hamari Pahchan stands as a beacon of hope for marginalized communities yearning for a better future. With its unwavering commitment to education, skill development, and overall well-being, the NGO has transformed countless lives, and its impact continues to grow. By empowering individuals and breaking barriers, Hamari Pahchan is not only fostering education but also laying the foundation for a more equitable and just society. As we celebrate the tireless efforts of organizations like Hamari Pahchan, it is important for us to recognize the pivotal role we can play in supporting their cause and advocating for a world where education is a right and not a privilege.


Hamari Pahchan is a Delhi-based NGO that provides a platform for our society’s downtrodden. They give poor individuals a range of options to construct their own Pahchan (identity).

Their priorities include education, menstrual health awareness, unemployment, and hunger.

Since its beginning in 2015, they have assisted with the education of over 11250 children, the employment of over 2000 women, the distribution of over 10,000 menstrual hygiene kits, and the distribution of over 1500 corona kits.


Adrika Jackson: The Rise of a Virtual Fashion Icon, Shaping the Future of Digital Entertainment

On January 24, 2024, Shreyash Pandey unveiled Adrika Jackson, a virtual fashion icon, to the world in a ground-breaking move which combines technology and style. Being the President and Founder of the non-profit organization Earth Pathik, Pandey's entry into the digital fashion and entertainment worlds signifies an important shift in the virtual influencer market.

Adrika Jackson has become well-known very quickly, not just as a digital product but also as a representation of the possibilities for creation that the digital age provides. Redefining the limits of digital fashion, Adrika's influence goes beyond aesthetics, expertly combining the newest trends with her AI-driven identity.

Adrika's impact redefines the parameters of digital fashion, going beyond aesthetics.

With the innovative guidance of Shreyash Pandey, Adrika has emerged as a highly sought-after figure in the digital entertainment industry. She breaks new ground and shapes the future of virtual influencers with her unique and inventive perspective, from fascinating fashion photos to captivating challenges.

Adrika Jackson is not limited to the digital sphere; she is acknowledged for her contributions to the fashion and entertainment industries. Adrika's story is being shaped by Shreyash Pandey's leadership and encouragement of positive transformation, which has elevated her to the status of a shining example of originality and inventiveness.

As the launch anniversary of February 24, 2024, approaches, Adrika Jackson's influence on the entertainment and fashion industries is expected to continue, bringing in a new era where technology is the future of digital impact, fashioned by the convergence of creativity.


Asking better questions is a crucial skill in various aspects of life, from problem-solving and decision-making to effective communication and learning. Whether you're engaging in a conversation, seeking information, or trying to understand a complex issue, the way you frame your questions can significantly impact the quality of the answers you receive. Here's a quick guide to asking better questions:

Be Clear and Specific:

Start by clearly articulating your thoughts. Ambiguous or vague questions often lead to unclear responses. Specify what you're looking for to guide the person you're asking. For instance, instead of asking, "Can you explain this to me?" you might say, "Could you provide examples to help me better understand?"

Avoid Yes/No Questions:

Open-ended questions encourage more detailed and insightful responses. Instead of asking questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no," frame your queries in a way that invites the person to share their thoughts and experiences. This fosters a more meaningful and informative conversation.

Probe Deeper:

If you receive a general or surface-level response, don't hesitate to probe deeper. Ask follow-up questions to explore nuances, exceptions, or additional details. This demonstrates your genuine interest and can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Consider the Context:

Tailor your questions to the context of the situation. What might be appropriate in one setting may not work in another. Understanding the environment and adapting your questions accordingly shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

Listen Actively:

Pay close attention to the responses you receive. Active listening helps you formulate relevant follow-up questions and ensures that you're building on the information shared. This demonstrates your engagement and encourages more open communication.

Use the "Five Ws and One H":

Employing the classic journalistic approach of asking who, what, when, where, why, and how can guide you to cover various aspects of a topic. This method helps ensure that your questions address key components and provide a well-rounded understanding.

Encourage Diverse Perspectives:

When dealing with a group or seeking input from multiple individuals, frame questions that encourage diverse perspectives. This not only enriches the discussion but also helps in considering various angles before drawing conclusions.

Be Mindful of Tone:

The way you phrase your questions can impact how they are received. Ensure that your tone is respectful and non-confrontational. A positive and open-minded approach encourages others to share more freely.

Check here to fuul article: https://askquiry.godaddysites.com/f/a-quick-guide-to-asking-better-questions


Title: A Commitment to the Elderly by the Hamari Pachan NGO: Honoring Wisdom, Offering Support

  • The goal of the Hamari Pachan NGO is to appreciate the knowledge of the elderly and give them the support they require to live with dignity and respect in a society that is changing quickly and where their voices are frequently disregarded.

  • Hamari Pachan has prioritized addressing the particular issues that seniors confront, especially in the areas of health, social isolation, and financial security, since she understands the priceless contributions that these individuals make to their families and communities.

  • Through its healthcare efforts, Hamari Pachan aids the elderly in a number of ways. The organization is aware that seniors, many of whom may be suffering from age-related or chronic illnesses, depend on having access to high-quality healthcare to maintain their health and wellness. Elderly people are given the care they require to remain healthy and active by Hamari Pachan, who does this through health exams, mobile clinics, and accessible, reasonably priced drugs.

  • Hamari Pachan emphasizes the importance of treating social isolation among the elderly in addition to healthcare. Understanding the detrimental effects loneliness and isolation can have on mental and emotional health, the organization organizes social events, leisure pursuits, and peer support groups where senior citizens can interact, exchange stories, and create enduring friendships.

  • In addition, Hamari Pachan is dedicated to supporting older people's financial independence and security. By means of financial literacy courses, pension support initiatives, and revenue-generating ventures, the group enables elderly individuals to assume responsibility for their financial destiny and guarantee their enduring stability and well-being.

  • In addition to Hamari Pachan is a local, regional, and national advocate for the rights and dignity of the aged. The organization aims to promote a more inclusive and supportive society for seniors by increasing knowledge about issues including elder abuse, age discrimination, and access to social services.
  • While we honor the knowledge and experience of our elders, let us not forget that it is our communal duty to make sure they may age with dignity and grace. The non-profit Hamari Pachan NGO is a ray of hope and a living example of the strength of kindness and unity in creating a more compassionate and compassionate world 🌍.


ARIJIT BASU - Be the difference maker and bridge the gap and connect the dots

Arijit Basu, author of "Becoming a Special You" is currently associated with the world-renowned Pediatric Cancer Research Hospital – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States as Senior Clinical Database Engineer / Analyst.

Arijit, an International Ambassador of Dawn Research and Development Council ( Recognized by Govt. of India) . Top 100 Global Social Influencer - Piktale Influencer’s Award 2021. It's a unique recognition given to top 100 Global personalities for their contribution in varied fields. He is a Times of India (TOI) Brand Ambassador, Speaker, Educator, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Celebrity show host. He is also the Director- Communication for his entrepreneurial Edutech venture - digital learning platform Coachables. Recipient of 9th 2017 Kindle Gala award presented by Loretta McNary show, nrbnews24 channel journalist award. He was invited among the 50 special guests for the prestigious “Indian American Leadership Committee Congressional Luncheon – in July 2021 at Congressional Building for House of Representatives in the Capitol Hill – Washington DC. His passion for writing has earned him a niche name in the media industry. He was interviewed for news channels and was covered in various Business Magazine, vernacular, and English Language dailies. He is a contributing author to StoryBoard Memphis publication and Deccan Herald. He was also featured in a video by Kregse Foundation – “Our neighbors our stories.” Besides the above he was awarded for his work Internationally from various places. He is a recipient of the prestigious International Tagore award by Dawn Research and Development Council for the outstanding contribution in the field of Literature.

His recent book “Becoming a Special U”: Chasing dreams - paperback and ebook published by the renowned publishing house Barnes and Noble. The book narrates the unique feelings of the author regarding the challenges of life. Seeped in seasoned experiences from life’s travail, the author finds himself-journey a worthy one. Embracing challenges and maintaining some golden disciplines, he finds that his voyage has indeed been rewarded with its unique essence. The true reward of penning this book will be achieved if the readers find it worth adhering to the life’s golden lessons of life that the author has shared. Arijit is a blend of analytical and creative mind.

Arijit was born in Kolkata, India and did his schooling from prestigious South Point in Kolkata and a science graduate from renowned St. Xavier’s College. He further did a few advanced post-graduation studies in Computers with Programs in Systems and Database Management and Data Science from various renowned Institutions.

He also worked as a Research Analyst with Vanderbilt University Medical Center with Division of Psychopharmacology, Department of Psychiatry under the leadership of world-renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Meltzer. Arijit also worked as a Database Analyst with Vanderbilt University Medical Center with the Department of Health Services Research in Vanderbilt University Medical Center and served as an important member in the research team under the leadership of Dr. Michael Matheny, a renowned research scientist and clinician. Prior to moving from India to USA in 2007 he has worked in important positions with Godrej and Boyce, The Hindu Group of Publications, Business Standard (Financial Daily in association with Financial Times)

Besides his excellent work reputation in the clinical domain field Arijit earned a name and fame for his writing in the last few years. Arijit plays an important role as Social Global Influencer – He put immense effort in researching, connecting, and showcasing many important stories of eminent personalities around the globe through his Facebook / YouTube channel Talk shows - hosting of many celebrity shows from different walks of life and to name a few are Padmashri Anuradha Paudwal, Illusionist P.C. Sorcar Jr. and Indian- American actress Nandana Dev Sen.

He focuses on Analytics, Research, Communication, Information, Networking – Mass Media and News Media. His key areas are:

· Excellent communication skills and out of the box thinking.

· Provide community-based input, interaction, content-sharing, and collaboration.

· Focus on creative writing.

· Work on stories of human interest.

His dynamic personality as a database analyst and media personality has earned him won prestigious awards in India and USA and have highly been featured in leading Newspapers, Business Magazines, and TV channels.

To know more about Arijit Basu, visit www.arijitbasu.net


Держаудитори Харківщини попередили незаконні витрати на 14 млн гривень

Фахівцями Північно-східного офісу Держаудитслужби у січні проведено моніторинг 63 процедур публічних закупівель на загальну суму 548 млн грн, 42 з яких дали результат у вигляді встановлених порушень по закупівлях на суму понад 376 млн гривень.

За результатом складених аудиторами висновків про результати моніторингу закупівель, розірвано 3 укладених договори на суму майже 6 млн гривень та скасовано результати 2х закупівель на 8 млн гривень.

Найпоширенішим порушеннями було розгляд та не відхилення замовником тендерної пропозиції, яку відповідно до вимог законодавства необхідно було відхилити.

За допущені порушення закупівельного законодавства, до суду направлені протоколи щодо 7 посадовців та 6 винних осіб притягнуто до адміністративної та дисціплінарної відповідальності

Також, у січні 2024 року замовниками усунуті порушення виявлені моніторингами та перевірками закупівель, які проводились у 2023 році, на суму 34 млн гривень.


Nigeria afropop upcoming artist known as ALEX DOLLARS set to drop two (2) amazing fresh jam featuring with the Afrovibes artist YO VIBEZ.

ALEXDOLLARS has set to take is fans on amapiano level title Flex To Flex featuring the afrovibes artist YO VIBEZ .

The 2nd jam title PROPHET was a big motivational song especially on our lifestyle how brother treat brother.

Keep anticipate for the 2 songs.