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Cloud Supply Chain Management Market Growth Analysis And Trends

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Surging adoption in transportation management has been one of the major drivers for the cloud SCM market. As the world’s transportation networks and supply chains become increasingly intertwisted and complex, the systems that support them are advancing and improving at a rapid pace. Software vendors have been integrating more transportation optimization capabilities into their solutions, making it easier for shippers to streamline their supply chains, while also making them more cost- and time-efficient. This has been augmenting the growth of the cloud SCM market.

During the course of our analysis, we found that demand planning and forecasting is projected to witness the highest growth, with 20.3% CAGR during the forecast period, among all solutions in the cloud SCM market. Demand management solutions help to predict and manage replenishment effectively, align price and profit margins, better leverage past product performance and maintain a leaner and more profitable supply chain.

Demand management solutions takes supply chain management to the next level by enabling an automated ecosystem that simultaneously maps demand forecasting against factors like financial predictions, supply restrictions, inventory counts and customer commitments, as well as patterns of behavior that can affect demand at any given time. These benefits of demand management solutions are thus driving the growth of the demand planning & forecasting.

Cloud SCM demand will grow at the fastest rate in small & medium enterprises during the forecast period. The market for cloud SCM in energy & power and retail & wholesale industries are projected to grow at the fastest and equal rate, during the forecast period. Support & maintenance is estimated to be the fastest growing service type in this market. Private cloud deployment is becoming the most preferred cloud supply chain management, resulting in the highest growth among all deployment types.

Cloud SCM market has been growing at the highest pace in Asia-Pacific on account of surging industrialization in the region, and the growing adoption of automation among enterprises. Growing e-commerce market coupled with increasing focus on reducing the ownership cost are the other factors driving the cloud SCM market in the region. The regional governments have also been supporting the industrial growth, which is being translated into the growth of cloud SCM market in the region.

There exists a high degree of rivalry for wining over the clients among the companies operating in the cloud CSM industry. In 2017, Aditya Birla Online Fashion (Abof) selected IBM Cloud and Watson to deliver a personalized and convenient shopping experience to their customers. It will endow the Abof customers with various accessibility features, such as using natural language questions within Abof’s enhanced eCommerce platform, and receiving greater personalization and product recommendations. Some of the companies operating in this market include JDA Software, IBM, Logility, Kinaxis, and Oracle.

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Mobile Collaborative Robots Market To Generate $6.8 Billion Revenue by 2030

A number of factors such as the surging need for industrial automation solutions, rising demand for mobile cobots from the automotive industry, increasing government initiatives, and reducing operational costs are projected to drive the growth of the mobile collaborative robots market at a CAGR of 26.3% during the forecast period (2020–2030). According to P&S Intelligence, the market size is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2030 from $543.3 million in 2019. Moreover, the market is witnessing a trend of surging use of bin-picking mobile cobots in warehouses and factories.

One of the prime factors aiding the mobile collaborative robots market is the surging need for industrial automation solutions. The rise in complexity of production processes, increase in focus on higher productivity, high labor costs, and labor shortage have increased the demand for industrial automation solutions, across the world. Moreover, companies in developing countries like China and India are adopting automation solutions heavily to improve productivity and counter labor shortage, thereby enhancing their capability to compete in the global market.

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The application segment of the mobile collaborative robots market is categorized into pick & place, welding, material handling, assembling, and machine tending. Among these, the assembling category is projected to record the highest CAGR in the coming years. This can be ascribed to the fact that mobile cobots are required on a large scale in the assembly application, as these help in reducing assembly time and thus increasing the speed of manufacturing. With the surging automation level in the manufacturing sector, the need for such cobots is rising for assembly purposes.

Moreover, the mobile collaborative robots market is categorized into electronics, manufacturing, automotive, retail, mining & mineral, agriculture, aerospace & defense, and healthcare, based on end user. Out of these, the electronics category is expected to hold the largest market share by 2030. This can be attributed to the rapid adoption of mobile cobots by manufacturers in the growing electronics industry to increase their productivity and perform repetitive tasks in less time. These products are offered to electronics manufacturers by Teradyne Inc., Aubo Robotics Inc., Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Fetch Robotics Inc., Bosch Rexroth AG, and ABB Ltd.

Geographically, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) mobile collaborative robots market held the largest share in 2019, and it is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period. This can be ascribed to the growing population, increasing disposable income, surging awareness about automation solutions, and rising automotive and consumer electronics industries, in the region. Moreover, the presence of major electronics manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and LG Electronics Pvt. Ltd., and the increase in adoption of industrial automation solutions to diminish human intervention, are also boosting the need for mobile cobots in APAC.

Thus, the rise in need for industrial automation solutions and the benefits of adopting collaborative robots in industries are expected to propel the market growth in the future.

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Anti-Pinch Power Windows Helping Keep Injuries at Bay

The automotive anti-pinch power window averts the winding up of car windows if it detects any obstacle in the path of the glass. It identifies the obstacles with the help of an electric motor that is attached to a sensor, which can sense the force restraining the motion of the glass. The closing of the window stops as soon as the motor senses an obstacle, and it starts moving in the reverse direction. Owing to this benefit, these windows have been made mandatory in vehicles by several countries.

Moreover, developing nations are also generating a high demand for luxury cars due to a surge in the disposable income here. Luxury cars are mostly equipped with the anti-pinch feature, with the adoption of such features soaring over the years on account of the increasing awareness regarding vehicle safety. Leading automakers, such as General Motors, Audi, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Tata Motors, Hyundai, Toyota Motors, and Honda, provide anti-pinch power windows as standard or optional in their cars.

These auto giants are primarily focusing on installing automatic anti-pinch windows to adhere to the strict safety legislations laid down by several governments and regulatory bodies across the world. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive technology vendors are developing advanced variants to comply with the safety standards and cater to the safety concerns of customers. In addition, the widescale adoption of luxury cars and passenger cars in developed and developing countries is already pushing up the integration rate of such windows.

According to P&S Intelligence, Europe and North America cumulatively dominated the global automotive anti-pinch power window system market in the past. This can be ascribed to the stringent vehicle safety norms, technological advancements, high demand for passenger and luxury cars, and strong presence of automakers and OEMs in these regions. For instance, Europe is home to auto giants such as Audi, BMW, Renault, Jaguar, Land Rover, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volkswagen, and PSA Group. Similarly, North America hosts automakers such as General Motors, Ford, and Tesla.

Several leading automakers are adopting anti-pinch power widows offered by Tier 1 auto component companies, such as Robert Bosch GmbH, NXP Semiconductors, Magna International Inc., Continental AG, Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co., DENSO Corp., Inteva Products LLC, and Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG. These companies have been mostly focusing on partnerships and product launches to expand their presence, gain a competitive edge and, most importantly, increase the safety of passengers.

Therefore, with the growing consciousness regarding vehicle safety, the demand for automotive anti-pinch power windows will soar in the coming years.

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How is Rising Prevalence of Road Accidents Contributing To Surge in Global Medical Bionics Market?

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Bionics are highly advanced pieces of technology capable of integrating with different parts of the human body. Hence, the medical field, combined with these enhanced technologies, can do wonders. Due to falling from motorcycles, public transport mishaps including train crashes, and violence, people often need to undergo traumatic amputations. There are only a few cases where the re-attachment of the detached body part is possible. In many cases, a prosthetic implant of that specific body part is attached, to offer people the maximum use of the original body part.

Not just these, but various healthcare providers and organizations, such as rehabilitation centers and amputee support groups, are trying to raise awareness on such issues. In December 2016, the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) partnered with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) to spread awareness about enhanced cochlear implants. These efforts are propelling the demand for an array of bionic organs and body parts, in turn, encouraging their manufacturers to invest in more-advanced variants.

Bionics are available for the brain and spinal cord, heart, bones and muscles, eyes, ears, and other organs, such as the pancreas, lungs, and kidneys. Out of these, orthopedic bionics will dominate the medical bionics market in the coming years, primarily due to the increasing number of upper and lower limb amputations. As per a research study, for every 1,000 people, 3.8 undergo limb amputations, while 0.02% undergo hand amputations due to trauma. However, the biggest cause of limb amputations, at least in the U.S., is vascular diseases, such as peripheral artery disease and diabetes.

Some of the bionics mentioned above are non-implantable, and others are implantable. Of these, implantable bionics have been in the higher demand due to the growing cases of organ failure, in which case transplantation or organ function supplementation are the only ways out. In this regard, the rising incidence of CVDs is a major driver for the demand for medical bionics, including pacemakers, artificial heart valves, and ventricular-assist devices (VAD). With advancements in technology, even complete artificial hearts are available, such as those created by 3D printing.

In the preceding years, North America held the largest market share due to the high expenditure on the healthcare sector, growing aging population, increasing number of hand and limb amputations, and economic growth. Furthermore, the APAC region is expected to showcase the fastest growth in the medical bionics market in the coming years. It is ascribed to the expanding pool of diabetic patients in the region, along with the growing geriatric population, surging chronic disease prevalence, and growing healthcare expenditure.

Therefore, the surging number of accidents and injuries leading to amputations and rising awareness about different implants are propelling the demand for medical bionics.

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India Set to Witness Explosive Demand for Specialty Chemicals in Near Future

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Due to the surging population levels and the soaring consumer spending, the sales of specialty chemicals are rising sharply in Asia-Pacific (APAC). The increasing population of middle-class people, the growing disposable income of people, rapid industrialization, and the expansion of the manufacturing sector are creating huge requirement for specialty chemicals in this region. Besides this, the launch of several infrastructural development projects is also pushing up the sales of specialty chemicals in the APAC region.

These infrastructure projects include the construction of residential and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, malls, warehouses, shopping complexes, highways, railroads, roads, and manufacturing facilities. Specialty chemicals are heavily used in the construction industry in the form of pigments, resins, coatings, surfactants, paints, additives, varnishes, and adhesives and sealants. Because of this reason, the growth in the construction industry is positively impacting the demand for specialty chemicals all over the APAC region.

This is driving the advancement of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) specialty chemicals market. Specialty chemicals or performance chemicals, as they are sometimes called, are extensively used in the manufacturing processes of several products. They are low-volume chemical items that add significantly high value to various products. These chemicals are mainly used as ingredients in manufacturing processes and can also be used to produce a diverse range or products such as electronics goods, petroleum products, paints, and detergents.

Construction chemicals, surfactants, polymer additives, specialty coatings, agrochemicals, food additives, cleaning chemicals, electronic chemicals, paper and textile chemicals, plastic additives, lubricants and oilfield chemicals, water treatment chemicals, advanced ceramic materials, mining chemicals, rubber processing chemicals, and adhesives and sealants are the most widely used types of specialty chemicals in the APAC region. Out of these, the sales of agrochemicals were found to be the highest during the past few years.

This was because of the huge requirement for crop protection chemicals, the large-scale adoption of chemicals and advanced technologies that increase the production of crops, and the huge requirement for diversified food products in the region. According to the findings of P&S Intelligence, a market research company based in India, the APAC specialty chemicals market recorded the highest growth in China in the past years. This was due to the huge requirement for commercial and residential buildings in the country.

In the coming years, the sales of specialty chemicals will rise enormously in India. This will be because of the rising urbanization, the surging disposable income, and the growing requirement for enhanced aesthetics in various residential buildings in the country. Specialty chemicals are extensively used in several industries such as automotive, food and beverage (F&B), electronics, personal care, and construction. One of the major trends currently being witnessed in the industry is the shifting of production bases to APAC.

Hence, it can be said with full surety that the demand for specialty chemicals will soar in the APAC region in the upcoming years, mainly because of their ballooning usage in the construction and infrastructural development activities and automotive, personal care, and electronics industries.

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Why are Sales of 3D Cameras Booming Across the World?

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The surging usage of 3D cameras in the media and entertainment industry is causing a sharp surge in their sales across the world. Besides being used extensively in the media and entertainment industry, 3D cameras are also heavily used in the manufacturing and construction industries. The ballooning demand for these cameras is driving the progress of the global 3D camera market. According to P&S Intelligence, a market research company based in India, the market will grow substantially in the future.

Structured light imaging, stereo vision, and time of flight are the most commonly used technologies in 3D cameras. Out of these technologies, the popularity of the stereo vision technology was observed to be the highest in the world during the last few years. This was because of the large-scale adoption of this technology by various camera manufacturing companies, on account of their easier integration in 3D cameras than other technologies.

The major application areas of 3D cameras are smartphones, computers, tablets, professional cameras, and others. The ‘others’ group includes home automation systems, notebooks, and mobile robots. Out of these, the usage of 3D cameras was found to be the highest in professional cameras during the last few years. This was because of the high incorporation of 3D cameras in various professional cameras, primarily in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and North American regions.

Globally, the 3D camera market is growing rapidly in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa (LAMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Out of these, the industry recorded the highest growth in the North American region in the past years. Furthermore, the sales of 3D cameras are predicted to surge sharply in the Asia-Pacific region in the forthcoming years. As per many reports, the industry will generate more than $8,000.0 million revenue.

Some of the major companies manufacturing 3D cameras around the world are Go Pro Inc., Nikon Corporation, Canon Inc., Sony Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Eastman Kodak Company, LG Electronics Inc., Faro Technologies Inc., and Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Apart from these companies, the industry is witnessing the emergence of many new firms that are focusing on developing 3D cameras that can be used in home automation and virtual reality (VR) projects and applications.

Therefore, it can be inferred from the above paragraphs that the sales of 3D cameras will rise enormously all over the world in the future years, mainly because of their growing usage in the media and entertainment, manufacturing, and construction industries and their rising popularity among younger consumers in various countries around the world.

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Ballooning Sales of Automobiles Propelling Demand for Automotive E-Tailing

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The rising penetration of the internet and the growing popularity of online shopping are the main factors fueling the demand for automotive e-tailing services across the world. In addition to this, the soaring sales of automobiles are propelling the requirement for automotive e-tailing services. In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, automobile sales have grown massively in China and India in the last five years and this trend will continue in the forthcoming years as well.

In North America, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. are witnessing sharp surge in the sales of automobiles. The sales of automobiles have also risen sharply in the Middle-East countries and Australia and Iran over the last few years and this trend is likely to continue in the upcoming years as well. Automotive e-tailing basically refers to the online selling of various automotive parts and components such as interior accessories, electrical and electronics products, infotainment multimedia, tires and wheels, and powertrain.

One of the emerging trends currently being witnessed in the automotive e-tailing market is the increasing number of start-ups and the entry of several new players in the global e-commerce industry. In addition to this, the governments of several countries are providing these startups financial assistance and enacting various favorable trade policies. The leading automotive e-tailing companies are rapidly expanding their manufacturing facilities via partnerships in order to meet the escalating requirement for automotive e-tailing.

Geographically, the demand for automotive e-tailing was found to be the highest in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in the past years and this trend will continue in the coming years as well. This will be because of the surging sales of automobiles, the increasing number of mobile internet users, and the rapidly growing economies of the regional countries. The requirement for automotive e-tailing is also predicted to be very high in North America and Europe in the coming years.

Hence, it is safe to say that the demand for automotive e-tailing will shoot-up across the world in the future years, mainly because of the mushrooming sales of automobiles and the rising popularity of online shopping all over the world.

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Why Are Vertical Farming Crops Nutritious?

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Vertical farming or indoor farming offers advantages like less-water consumption, low-transportation cost, and minimized washing and processing of food products. These have led to the increasing adoption of this farming technique, in recent years. This cultivation method uses controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology and produces food products through shipping containers, vertically stacked layers, and skyscrapers.

Moreover, the soaring focus on healthy lifestyle will also support the market growth during the forecast period. Indoor farming helps in the production of organic foods, which are cultivated without the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. People across the world are preferring organic foods over non-organic foods, as the former is perceived as more nutritional than the latter. Vertical farming allows for the development of organic products that are effective in creating natural organic micro-greens.

Currently, the world is witnessing a surge in the migration from rural to urban areas, on account of the booming population. This has led to robust change in lifestyle, increase in per capita income, and growth in health consciousness among customers. Owing to these changes, consumption of organic foods, produced through vertical farming, have increased significantly. Besides, rising focus on reliable cultivation methods, irrespective of climatic conditions, is encouraging farmers to undertake eco-friendly production methods. This has led to the widescale adoption of vertical farming for the production of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Another growth driver of the vertical farming market is the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. In recent years, the production of pharmaceutical products has tremendously increased, on account of the high prevalence of diseases and high demand for personal care products. Pharmaceutical companies are opting for indoor farming to produce a range of medicinal plants, which are required for the production of pharmaceutical products. These companies are producing their patented products from raw seeds and offer proprietary goods to the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and medicinal sectors.

In recent years, companies and individuals are using internet of things (IoT) sensors in indoor farming to enhance their productivity. IoT allows commercial cultivators to store information detected via sensors in cloud storage or any other medium of storage. The farmers are utilizing complex sensors to screen the plants entirely, without manual support. Information gathered from the IoT sensors is stored in cloud platform for analyzing and performing appropriate actions, thereby, improving the productivity of farms with better monitoring in real time and less wastage.

Globally, the Asia-Pacific vertical farming market is expected to display the fastest growth in the forecast period. This can be attributed to the reducing fertile agricultural land in the region, on account of the surging population among APAC nations. The fertile farm lands in India and China are reducing at a rapid pace, on account of the huge population base and rapid urbanization in these countries. Moreover, the rising per capita and disposable income across the region will facilitate the market growth in the coming years.

With the increasing shift toward organic food and the environment-friendly cultivation methods, individuals and corporates are switching toward vertical farming, globally.

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How is Rising Incidence of Skin Diseases Fuelling Growth of Middle Eastern Dermal Fillers Market?

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The soaring geriatric population is one of the major factors propelling the demand for dermal fillers in the Middle East, owing to the fact that with increasing age, the body starts registering reduction in glandular and vascular tissues and loss of fibrous tissue. As per the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the share of the people aged 60 years and above in Saudi Arabia is expected to be 25% of the total population of the country by the end of 2050.

The other major factors fuelling the rise in the demand for dermal fillers in the Middle East are the increasing prevalence of skin diseases, rising disposable income of the people, and soaring awareness about scar treatment amongst the people, in the region. In several Middle Eastern countries such as the U.A.E., the climate remains hot and sunny throughout the year and this causes a high occurrence rate of skin ailments and problems such as summer rash, sun burn, dry skin, and summer acne amongst the people, which in turn, boosts the demand for dermal fillers in the country.

The major trends currently being witnessed in the Middle Eastern dermal fillers market are the burgeoning adoption of lip augmentation procedures, increasing number of product launches in the region, and the increasing popularity of minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries. Hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers are commonly used for lip augmentation procedures. This filler is a clear and biodegradable substance and it is normally produced by the human body. Due to the flourishing medical tourism industry in the Middle East region, a large number of people travel to this region for lip augmentation procedures and plastic surgeries.

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has been observing the highest usage of dermal fillers since the last few years. This is primarily ascribed to the rising demand for cosmetic surgeries and procedures and the easy availability of skilled medical practitioners, capable of performing dermal filler procedures, in the country. In addition to this, the country is expected to observe huge growth in the geriatric population in the coming years, which will massively boost the demand for dermal fillers in the country in future.

Therefore, it can be said without any hesitation that owing to the rising incidence of skin diseases and ailments and the mushrooming geriatric population, the demand for dermal fillers will shoot-up in the region in the coming years.

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Rising Air Passenger Numbers Fueling Aerospace Composites Demand

Countries across the world are focusing on expanding their aircraft fleet, owing to the surging number of air passengers. To cater to a wide passenger base, airline companies, both public and private, are increasingly adopting fuel-efficient and cost-effective aircrafts. This is fueling the demand for carbon fiber composites in aircraft manufacturing, as they are lightweight and exhibit exceptional tensile strength and high stiffness and help aircraft manufacturers reduce the weight of the aircraft. 

In the coming years, North America and Europe will dominate the aerospace composites market, due to the presence of several well-established market players and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the soaring demand for reducing the overall weight of aircrafts in the regions. Furthermore, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin America (LATAM) are also expected to use a considerable volume of such composites in the upcoming years, due to the burgeoning demand for commercial aircrafts in India, China, and Brazil.

On the other hand, the Middle East and African (MEA) region is expected to adopt aerospace composites at the highest rate in the foreseeable future. This is primarily owed to the rising focus on economic diversification in the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia. As a part of their economic diversification plans, these nations are rapidly shifting their economic reliance from the oil and gas industry to non-oil-based sectors, such as the aerospace sector.

Thus, the escalating number of air passengers and an increasing shift from the autoclave process to the OOA process will augment the production of aerospace composites in the immediate future.

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Why Is Automotive Transmission System Demand on Surge?

The surging consumer preference for greater luxury and comfort will also result in the largescale deployment of transmission systems in the upcoming years. To offer enhanced comfort, automobile manufacturers are integrating such systems in light commercial vehicles (LCVs), passenger cars, and medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCVs). As passenger cars sales exceed that of others, the largest volume of automotive transmission systems is deployed in these vehicles. These systems offer a smooth driving experience to drivers and help them navigate through intense traffic congestions.

In the preceding years, vehicle owners preferred manual transmission systems over automatic variants, due to the low cost of the former. However, in recent years, automatic transmission systems have gained traction, due to the high fuel efficiency and improved driving experience exhibited by them. Besides, the booming demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) will also create a huge requirement for automatic systems in the foreseeable future. For instance, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), battery electric vehicle (BEV) car sales will surge from 2,008,024 units in 2020 to 14,370,678 units by 2030.

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Why will Demand for Compressors Shoot-Up in Hubei, China in Future?

The rapid expansion in the construction sector is one of the primary factors responsible for the mushrooming demand for compressors in China. Because of the rising urbanization and the soaring population, the construction sector is expanding rapidly. Moreover, with the launch of several construction projects, the demand for highly energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment is growing rapidly. The changing lifestyles of people and the rising average temperatures are also fueling the sales of HVAC systems in the country.

As per the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, there are numerous skyscrapers in China. There are currently as many as 88 skyscrapers in the country. This is pushing up the requirement for HVAC systems, which is, in turn, propelling the demand for compressors in the country. Furthermore, the hotel industry in the country is recording nearly 2,481 hotel projects that are currently in pipeline and is growing with a year-on-year (YoY) growth rate of 2%.

Besides the aforementioned factors, the boom in the automotive industry, because of the surging disposable income of people and the ballooning automobile manufacturing, is also positively impacting the demand for compressors in the country. This is because compressors are used extensively in vehicle manufacturing processes including product finishing, tire inflation, plasma cutting and welding, and car painting. For example, motor vehicle manufacturing increased from 7.7 million units to 29.7 million units in the country from 2013 to 2017.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, the China compressor market is exhibiting huge expansion. The value of the market is predicted to rise from $12.7 billion in 2018 to $15.7 billion by 2024. Furthermore, the market is predicted to progress at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2019 and 2024. Depending on dynamic compressor type, the market is divided into axial flow and centrifugal segments. Between these, the centrifugal compressor recorded higher growth in the market during the last few years.

Natural gas processing, food & beverage industries, and oil refineries are the major application areas of centrifugal compressors. They are heavily used in oil and gas pipelines for increasing or maintaining the gas flow from the site of production to the end users or consumers. The rapid expansion in the country’s oil and gas pipeline network is pushing up the requirement for centrifugal compressors. The China compressor market will register the fastest growth in the central region in the future.

According to P&S Intelligence, a market research company based in India, the main factor driving the progress of the market in this region is the presence of the Hubei province there. This province is home to a huge industrial base. Additionally, Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei, is home to numerous advanced manufacturing and automotive companies. These factors are fueling the growth of the China compressor market in this region.

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Light Sensor Demand Driven by Rising Construction of Smart Cities

Light sensors are installed in consumer electronic devices like smartphones and tablets to control automatic screen brightness and other features, which require the light to be sensed. The adoption of these electronics will escalate, on account of high demand from young population, especially the millennials. With a boom in the world population, the penetration of these devices will increase in the future. Owing to this reason, the light sensor market will accelerate at 9.5% CAGR during 2020–2030. According to P&S Intelligence, the market generated $1,456.2 million revenue in 2019.

Additionally, the establishment of smart cities has amplified the usage of light sensors, globally. These townships have sensor-based lights, primarily for ambient light sensing, as the lights in these cities have to be energy efficient. Due to this reason, the lights will switch on or increase the brightness when it gets dark. Similarly, during the day time, the artificial lights will either switch off automatically or decrease their brightness, thereby conserving electricity. Moreover, construction of new smart cities in India, Brazil, and China will fuel the installation of light-sensing devices in the future.

Apart from this, light sensors are also consumed in large quantity in the automobile industry. The automakers install these devices in the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for park assist and to sense the light. Moreover, the integration of internet of things (IoT) technology in ADAS devices has led to the increased adoption of light sensors in these devices. Besides, the light sensing systems also find applications in the healthcare, industrial, and entertainment sectors.

In recent years, players in the light sensor market have started engaging in product launches to gain a competitive edge. For instance, ams AG launched a tiny digital proximity sensor module — TMD2635, in September 2019. Installation of this sensor gives freedom to manufacturers of true wireless stereo (TWS) devices, to develop lighter and smaller earbuds of industrial design. Further, the company also introduced an advanced spectral ambient light sensor — AS7350, in January 2020. It is also designed for high-end smartphones as it offers accurate light source identification.

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Increasing Number of Restaurants Driving Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market

From $24.6 billion in 2019, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market value is predicted to surge to $33.9 billion by 2030. According to the estimates of the market research company, P&S Intelligence, the market will exhibit a CAGR of 3.0% from 2020 to 2030 (forecast period). The major factors driving the expansion of the market are the burgeoning requirement for ready-to-eat food items and rapidly expanding organized food retail sector across the globe.

With their increasing disposable income, the middle-class populace, particularly in the Eastern world, is increasingly preferring ready-to-eat food products. Moreover, the rising influence of the Western lifestyle is also positively impacting the sales of ready-to-eat foods. Such rapid changes in the food consumption and dietary habits of people are causing a sharp rise in the number of hypermarkets, food and restaurant chains, and supermarkets around the world. Furthermore, the changing food consumption habits of people are also encouraging unorganized restaurants and small grocery stores to upgrade their infrastructure by buying large refrigeration systems.

Besides, the booming organized food retail sector, which includes hypermarkets, supermarkets, and organized restaurant chains, in several countries is also fueling the expansion of the commercial refrigeration equipment market. The surge in the industry is fast, especially in Brazil, India, and China, on account of the rapid urbanization in these countries. For example, in China, the urban population is predicted to rise from 782 million in 2016 to nearly 1.4 billion by 2025. Likewise, in India, the urban population is predicted to surge from 438 million in 2016 to nearly 1.4 billion by the end of 2023.

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6 Effective Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

A high customer satisfaction score is every brand's target and the key to success. So if you're reading this, you probably agree with this statement and seek advice on boosting customer satisfaction.

So let's not waste any more time and get to it. This is easy to accomplish with customer service software - send automated post-interaction customer satisfaction surveys or use a Social Listening tool to collect unsolicited insight into CSAT based on the keywords customers say and how they say them online.

These insights can influence development decisions and fuel new growth opportunities. On the other hand, improving your CSAT scores can be an uphill battle riddled with unknowns and terrible consequences.

Customer happiness has an impact on your company's revenue. Low customer satisfaction implies that your customer retention rates will be low. According to Kolsky's research, just one out of every 26 dissatisfied consumers complains. 91% of dissatisfied consumers who do not complain just leave.

With that in mind, can you afford to lose 91% of your dissatisfied customers? If not, go on to learn how to identify disgruntled customers by gathering customer feedback in the next section.

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction?

So, how can you boost customer satisfaction in today’s customer-centric society? To enhance customer satisfaction, use the following steps:

Gather consumer feedback: To better understand your customers’ demands, you must listen to them. And also, understand what your consumers desire. You may gauge customer happiness and learn what improvements your consumers want by conducting surveys.

Use customer feedback to set goals: Now that you've determined what your consumers want, it's time to put their suggestions into action. For example, if a customer complains that your onboarding sessions are ineffective, it's worthwhile to collaborate with your team and make it better.

Improve your product or service: Based on consumer feedback, you should always seek to improve your product or service. For example, if a customer demands a feature that you are unable to provide at this time, keep them updated on the status of the project. This allows you to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Follow up with your customers: Have you made any changes based on what they've told you? Follow up with the consumer to inform them of the situation. Keeping your consumers informed demonstrates that your company values customer input.

That said, let’s look at 6 tips to help you improve your customer satisfaction!

Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

1. Offer Omnichannel Customer Support

The more convenient it is for your consumers to reach you, the better their satisfaction levels. To provide multi-channel assistance, you must be present where your customers are.

Consumers make purchases through a variety of channels and gadgets. That is why it is important to have a presence across all consumers’ mediums. Among these channels are:

  • Live chat
  • Social media
  • Email support
  • Web and In-app Chat
  • Instant Messenger

In a nutshell, what is the single most significant advantage of multi-channel support?

You can converse with your consumers about their favorite mode of communication. As a result, be certain that you provide high-quality assistance across all channels. This allows you to increase brand reputation as well as consumer pleasure.

Today, there are a lot of omnichannel support platforms available that’ll help you integrate all your communication channels into one place with ease.

2. Integrate Review Collection as a Key Roast

Make Feedback Collection a Company Process.

Who understands what your consumers want better than your customers?

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable resources a company can have. It demonstrates how satisfied your consumers are with your brand, services, and goods. Above all, consumer feedback reveals your degree of customer happiness.

It's no wonder that customer-centric businesses are 60% more lucrative than non-customer-focused businesses. Here's a simple recipe for turning your firm into a customer-centric one:

Utilize several avenues to get customer feedback via surveys. Convert that input into action.

It's straightforward. You assemble consumer feedback. You take action based on customers’ feedback. You enhance the customers’ experience and boost customer happiness.

3. Consistently Measure Customer Satisfaction Metrics

88% of businesses now prioritize customer experience in their customer support strategy.

But do you know what your customer satisfaction scores are?

The first step is to assess customers satisfaction. Consequently, you can gain valuable insights into areas where you might improve. And also learn what works well.

How do you begin measuring your customer satisfaction? Here are the three most important customer satisfaction KPIs:

Customer Effort Score (CES)

This helps you determine how easy it is to do business with your organization.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This asks about the likelihood of customers recommending your business. Repurchases and referrals can be predicted.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Check to see if your customers are satisfied with your product or service.

By conducting these three customer surveys, you may learn about the factors influencing customer happiness.

Assume you are aware of what your customers are complaining about. You also know what customers prefer about your products or services. Isn't it then simpler to keep them happy?

Assume a consumer site sluggish response times while providing a low CSAT score. You realize you'll need additional individuals on your support team at this point!

4. Distribute Customer Feedback Amongst Your Teams

Let's face it: unheard consumer feedback is meaningless. As a result, assessing and responding to customer feedback should be a team effort.

If a piece of feedback concerns a bug in a mobile application, it should be handled by the product team.

But what if a customer criticizes your most recent social media campaign? Then it's up to your marketing staff to reply.

The more, the better. The more individuals in your firm who work together on customer feedback, the greater your customer happiness.

You may even need to involve management at times.

Consider the following scenario: a customer requests a specific feature. It flips your product roadmap on its head. You will need the consent of your management to ship the new functionality to the customer.

As a result, your company's upper management will consider the input before approving the feature.

In other words, you must route each piece of input to the appropriate team.

You should also instill a feeling of customer-centricity in your organization. In addition, urge each team to set aside some time each month to study customer feedback.

The final benefit will be that your entire staff will understand exactly what your customers desire. And your departments' efforts will then be easy to coordinate.

5. Respond to All Customer Feedback

Whether you receive positive or negative consumer feedback, you’ve got to respond to it no matter what.

You may profit from a satisfied consumer by obtaining more favorable evaluations, case studies, or testimonials.

But why is this significant? User reviews are trusted by 88 percent of customers as much as personal recommendations. Creating social evidence might persuade potential customers to buy from you.

On the other hand, if a customer is dissatisfied, you should strive to figure out why. You may then enhance your product or service to lessen the possibility of turnover.

What should you do if you receive new feedback? If it is bad, make an effort to apologize to the consumer. You can even pay compensation in high-risk scenarios.

How do you respond to negative customer feedback? Make an effort to apologize to the customer. You can even offer the customer some form of compensation in high-risk scenarios.

Here's an example of how to answer negative feedback:

Thank you [Name] for taking the time to share your experience with us. We're sorry to hear that your experience did not live up to your expectations on this occasion.

We have shared your comments with the team so that we can take the necessary actions to improve. Please contact [add contact information] if you require any more assistance.

Above all, the least you can do is express gratitude to the consumer for taking the time to respond to your survey. Because acting on customer feedback is a definite method to boost customer happiness.

Also, here are some additional customer satisfaction suggestions for dealing with consumer feedback:

  • Customers enjoy it when you admit that they can hear them.
  • When you take feedback into action, you may increase loyalty among your current consumers. It also aids in their retention!
  • Customers that have a good experience with your business may become brand champions for you.
  • Responding to consumer comments will only increase your customer happiness. Consider it this way.

6. Regularly Ask Customers For Feedback

Request input from customers on the channels they are most engaged on. There are several survey distribution channels from which to pick.

Email surveys, for example, can be used to conduct CSAT surveys after a ticket has been closed.

So, what happens when you collect feedback from customers across all of your channels? The entire customer journey may then be improved.

Don't wait for customers to send you unwanted criticism on social media. Instead, promote and pro-actively ask customers for input.

For example, did a consumer recently purchase from you? Ask them what prompted them to buy, their shopping experience, the checkout and payment process, etc. You can design the survey to fit your needs and keep it short.


There are plenty more elements to consider when thinking about customer service and enhancing customer happiness with your company. You must follow the suggestions mentioned above to simplify things, but don't limit yourself.

You can perfect your business's customer service - and you should never stop if you want to reach true success and be known as the "love brand."

A customer service software provides more detailed data than CSAT surveys can provide; integrating these two forms of customer input into a single customer satisfaction perspective is the key to generating accurate and relevant insights.

Mastering CSAT in your contact center entails listening, learning, and constantly seeking new ways to improve.

Check out to know more.

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Are Man-made, Synthetic, or Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Yes. Laboratory-grown diamonds are real and are not fake diamonds. Man-made diamonds are 100% carbon and have the exact same chemical properties as mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds are grown by recreating the conditions underneath the Earth that result in diamond growth: pressure, heat, & carbon. Learn more about why lab diamonds are not fake.

Lab grown diamonds are not the same thing as diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, or a CZ with a diamond like carbon (DLC) coating. Learn more about lab diamonds vs diamond simulants.

Is a Cubic Zirconia (CZ) the Same Thing as a Lab Grown Diamond?

No. Diamonds are made entirely from carbon, whereas cubic zirconia contains zero carbon! CZs are much weaker than diamonds and have different light performance and patterning. Any jeweler can easily tell the difference between a diamond and an inferior diamond simulant such as CZ or moissanite.

Is a Synthetic Diamond the Same Thing as a Lab Grown Diamond?

Yes. Laboratory grown diamonds can be referred to as lab created diamonds, grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds, cultivated diamonds, or cultured diamonds. That being said, we believes that synthetic is a scientifically inaccurate term for laboratory grown diamonds.

Can a Jeweler Tell That a Diamond is Lab Grown?

No. Our lab diamonds and natural diamonds of the same quality look the same, even to a trained eye. Traditional jewelers' tools such as microscopes or loupes cannot detect the difference between a laboratory-grown diamond and a natural, mined diamond.

The low-cost diamond testing tools used by many jewelers are designed to test between fake diamonds (CZ, moissanite) and diamonds. These cheap tools are rudimentary and are not able to accurately differentiate between mined and grown diamonds.

The gemological equipment needed to reliably determine if a diamond is mined or grown is quite complicated and costs over $10,000. The most accurate detection method, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, requires deep freezing the diamonds to −320°F (−196°C)! Most jewelers do not own such equipment due to the high cost and complexity.

That being said, all of Ada's lab diamonds above 0.50ct are graded by third party, non-profit gemological organizations and certified as lab grown with a microscopic laser inscription. A jeweler can utilize a microscope and look up the unique ID of the diamond in a public database. We are proud of the origin of our diamonds and do not try to hide the fact that they are lab grown.

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Happiness .... Have u ever felt this word soo deeply that you really felt happy. What happiness means in your words can u define it ... Ones you understand what happiness actually means you could grab it at ease. Happiness doesn't means that you are happy from outside but not from inside.

Passing time with your friends is okay

Passing time scrolling Instagram is also ok.

But making out time for yourself and your loved ones actually is the part of the definition of happiness .

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Being a human you may had have crush on some one which is also known as one sided love. Yeah you love that person a lot without knowing his/her reality. Maybe you are a fool who's lost in your crush 's eyes !

You know what you actually LOVE that person soooooooooo much but they might don't have a inking of it but then too you love them too much you dream about them you continuously think about them and you want to make them your best one in your life but unfortunately it never happens.

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A women, no at first a girl comes to the world with a bright face, lighten eyes, lots of love. She starts her footsteps to walk, open mouth to eat,runs brain to know the world. At first she recognize the people around her knows what is wrong what is right, at the age of 5 she goes to school, actually it's not that easy she studies till 10 but after class 10 she have to get married, take care of the house hold works. A girl have also some dreams but no one cares, no one feels.

After marriage a girl have no rights to talk, speak in front of anyone. Just be in limits, she wants to talk fulfill her dreams want to do a job earn money but this cruel world doesn't cares. She get pregnant at the age of 16,no ideas how to take care of all these , become a mother, sacrifice all things but no one cares, why because she is a girl right. A girl becomes a wife, a maid, a care taker, sacrificer, fighter, power booster, a game, but no one cares


Muskan khatun

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A Man and His Wealth, the Root of Errors

--- Haidar Ali Khan


A man is the most complicated creation of God physically and mentally. He is impossible easily to be comprehended. He is regarded the representative of God on the Earth as mentioned in the religious and historical analysis. He is thought the best faculty of God on the Earth. Many a period he had been always chosen to change the rules of Nature. He did all that, for what he was destined. After all, he always thought of two vice things; 'Power in hand, and Wealth in planned.'

Before coming to the point, It is very compulsory to know about a man, from where has he come ? What does he do ? How does he live on the Earth ? How does he behave with his own society, and the other creatures as well ? There are some knowledges, which should be intentionally known to everyone of us, as we have been told us about a man and his superiority. There may be both of the reactions; either authorisation, or remark for rejecting the thoughts.

The Almighty has created more powerful, more beautiful, faster, having more patience, even more qualitative creations than a man in the universe. They never complain for anything. They live without uttering any single word to Him. They have the same society in all as a man has. They do all activities as the man does; They sleep, get up, bath, eat and drink, and so on.They did not develop in any of the aspects, but a man did. They are still today as they were in the time of the world creation. It is not a question of one creation, but millions of creations, except a man. None of the creations expelled from one another, for they are not created for many reasons, but for one reason. It was only man who made it possible, or it may be said that Only he was blessed from the Almighty for doing so. In the history, it is mentioned that he was positioned sometime after The Almighty or Equal to Him. Even after out of millions, only man is the creation who is ever found restless, desirous, and worried for something. It is very strange to be thought and agreed.

How can it be possible for a man who is regarded the inventor, discoverer, developer, maker and more of the qualities. What did he not do for the world ? He invented the fire, vehicles, bullet, mobile etc; he discovered and navigated the new countries to the other countries to spread his business on international level; he developed his all aspects of life, that made him all round flourished creation on the earth; he made the rules and principles through which he paved the way for cultures and religions; He conquered not only on the lands, but on the seas also, along with it, all that, whichever became as hindrances in his way. Even after he is always wanting of something every time. Why is it so ???


With the passage of time, He tried his level best and got everything done. As he has well mannered experiences, inherited from his ancestors. Today He has all the sources through which he can fulfill his desires as well the needs. After having a glance on the whole world, It never feels that a man can not live with dignity and independent; he can never be worried for anything if he has been flourished and prosperous enough, and blessed with such unique things; he, together with his coming generations, may live successfully and happily. Yet why does he wander about here and there like a naive.

Who can think about a man that he is superior to others, and may live a life of unknown to everything ? There can be seen a situation of an imbalance lifestyle, misuse of the rights and freedom, persecution and exploitation, and despotic domination amongst his all society. What is this all happening before him. In this situation, being the most representative of success and development of the world, a man has been leading a miserable and merciful life.

It is not over yet. He, according to people, behaves wildly or like an animal. In the study, either it is in his heredity and gene, or he knowingly reacts. To this fact, there are many theories to be gone through. Aristotle, the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.”

For a moment, if it is so about a man as with the above comment on a man is right. Does it not look that Aristotle, having touched in deep, tried to remind a man in really his status that man is a social animal and comes from the wild land. He, in further, categorised his revolutionary fields, as he was expelled from the animals, and began to live as new creation with founding his own society. By and by It happened that he made himself unsocial from animals and Individual among them all. But The time has gone. The period after period has passed. The highest honours are rewarded to him on being an Outstanding and Individual creation on the Earth. He has made all the animals servants to him. It is not so that he was an animal, but a creation, Still he behaves as an animal or worse than that.

For his heredity and gene, it was researched scientifically in the ages that Primitive life is the background of this modern man. It is the period when a man lived with wild animals. The people of that period were not likewise today's. They were savages, uncivilised, cruel to one another, disinterested in relation, hunters for animals etc. In that period, a man was never in exception. After a long period, as the destiny falls, so he developed. It went on and on with happenings, and today's man became civilized, literate, and conscious. Here the facts sound of his ancestors belonged to the primitive period, due to his wild actions.


With all the above facts and fictions, the same question arises, " Why has a man been restless, desirous and worried for something ? There are hundreds and thousands of argumentative facts which gave to some perspectives things, that are either cursed for a man or bliss; ambitions for power; fame or prominence. A man has been sick of such leads as shows him the puppet of God controlled by Him. He does it all, to be very frank, for the most dominating and reigning, the Wealth.

Since the world is created, all the dominations were like wild goose chase for him, but by the time, they became works and roles finished in no time. It was only the wealth which stayed with him, never to be lost till the day of judgement. It was the wealth - it made him conquerer of the lands and empires, like the Mongols; it made him the notorious in the society; it made him the so-called political leader, like in Asian countries; it made him lost in the darkness, like Satan; it made him wild to his relatives and neighbours, as media reports the cases daily; it made him egoist; it made him poorer than poor, and richer than rich; it made banished his ideal status in the world.

'Wealth is itself a vice, so it makes a man vice'. The experience emphasises, "A man had better seek refuge in God as wealth invokes the Satan in greed'. It does not have desires to console a man in need, but ambitions to surpass the needs of life, for those he sometime becomes animal in vain. When he does not get his ambitions, he is infuriated and behaves wildly with no reason. It happens all because of the wealth.

There are a number of movies, stories, religious beliefs, sayings and tales of revolting the wealth at any way. To be awared, there are some everlasting sayings and thoughts; 'Money is the root of all evils', 'No vice like avarice', and 'The greedy is never satisfied'. These are such consequences of wealth that are never taken in argument or debate, whether you have or you have not. It is the main reason to call it vice. Only the Satan is satisfied with it. A man can never be regarded as satisfied with it by any means. Why is it so that Satan is satisfied with it, because Satan is free from all restrictions, whereas a man is dependent on one another, even on God ? It happens sometime that a man becomes satan in greed of wealth, and lost his consciousness to do anything; legal or illegal; forbidden or permissible.

Today's man is completely living a life of errors and evils just for wealth. Everywhere, a man has been suffered from inevitable problems. Wish for there would not be wealth, and money in the world !


There are not all but some who commit errors and sins. It is not regarding to one field or society; In the field of services and jobs, We can see many of the services and promotions are based on money and wealth. What to say about Excellency there ? Excellency is of no value in already set departments. Offices and officials are never made up of ideals, principles and laws, but of wealth and money. It is mastered by the names- bribe, corruption, black money, and so on. It is a laughing stock when there is any advertisement for requirements and vacancies in the newspaper or on social sites. It may be found in government sector as well as in private jobs. They are given facilities, like income, insurance, luxury, to some people, free food, and living etc. Having full of desires, they are restless day and night. What do they need in reality that may cure them from restlessness ? The wealth ?!?!

What is the status of girls or women in this 21st century. They are nothing but the stuff to be used, oppressioned, persecuted and victimized. Before this century, She was used by the rich and aristocratic people directly, but now she has been formalised by indirectly. People think that woman is safe and empowered by doing jobs and works outside homes when man is free from responsibilities of her and all. Actually they are blind to wealth and addiction. It is not called the freedom of women, but a cloudy compulsion that is forced by society and men. What to speak of a woman ? She is born with five blessings to men. She is thought to be like in form of God. As The most suffered from compulsions, Gandhi is the second name given to a woman who bears the tortures of the society. How ? It is only she who knows where her shoes pinch. Once a man be blessing to woman, only than She can be safe and empowered. It is impossible in such a greedy and injustice century. Contrary to this fact, It imparts the new generations equally how to earn and be superior, and forget the cultures and true teachings of religions.

Think of the girls, are over aged and not married yet. Think of the girls, work in offices and companies, and are exploited for money and promotions. If they go against it, they are raped. It is not a series matter that she was raped by some boys and men. The real matter is that the medias, the politics, and some people find a chance how to get wealth in planned through this case. Think of the girls, are tortured for dowry by the society indirectly before marriage, and by laws house directly after marriage. They should shame on them calling themselves humans. Is the wealth dire need in their life, for that they commit any error or sin.


It is not the fault of humans, but his ambitions for wealth. Sometime it looks that he, may be, needs a proper education to be virtuous so that he may become conscious wordly as well as spiritually. But It is only for observing the thoughts more and more which is also possible without paying any fee or a part of wealth. If it comes to be practically, a man has to bow down before wealth at any cost.

It is said that Knowledge is Power. A man is regarded superior to all creations, due to his wisdom and knowledge which make him witty and wise, but it is not in reliance in some places and people. As Alexander Pope, the Augustan age satirist, criticises a man and says, "A man boasts of his knowledge, but in reality he is a bundle of contradictions and weakness." From An Essay on Man, he further says,

"Know then thyself, presume not God to scan;

The proper study of mankind is man."

Here the poet wants the readers to know that Whatever is right, is right. A man can not deny this doctrine, and escape from the reality which is before him. He worship God, prays to Him, offers the obediences, and chants hymn to Him, as his olders used to do . What benefits did come from that ? Only as repose as sleep at night. He again returns to the same mood or business, as was restless all day. What is the problem with him having wisdom and knowledge ? Nothing but love for wealth to gain through any way.

There was a movie named Shivaji the Boss, of which Main Hero, Rajnikanth, the Superstar, speaks of the country, India that here poor gets poorer while rich gets richer. The common people consider it the Fortune that favours the rich. Some do not think so, and oppose it by commenting that Fortune favours the brave. They further add that God has created the world and all the things for human beings to possess equally. It is only man who, in his mean and ego, does not care for others.

The Institutions after institutions, of any thing whether social or religious, are being founded in the name of social services. Where is there a need of another sun If alone the sun can give light and heat to whole world ?

Today, the whole world need to think on it from the depth. A man should think of his ideal, legendary and deserving status. He is the representative of God, not of The Satan. He should get rid of ill-will and make limited his desires. Of all the great contributions, The best of a man is to be the representative of humanism however be it is possible, and wherever it needs.


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Other News India

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is India’s most famous Internet Celebrity,his Facebook account has about 200K Followers. And the Instagram account has around 200K followers. Now Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is the most popular Internet Celebrity in India.

Local companies and well-known brands are contacting him for collaborations and promotional reasons because of his significant social media presence. Every step is a new opportunity for Siddharth Kumar Choudhary. He is constantly uploading new photo and videos on his Instagram account.

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is the youngest Indian Singer, Actor, musical artist & Influencer in India, Siddharth's real name is Siddharth Kumar but mostly known by his nickname " Siddharth Kumar Choudhary " Between his fans and he is also a verified artist from this name. Siddharth Kumar Choudhary's YouTube channel is also collected popularity from his unique name.

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is born on 20 December 2003 and belongs to Muzaffarpur,Bihar. His father, Gopal Kumar Choudhary is a farmer while his mother, Gaytri Devi is House Wife. Siddharth has completed his 12th from D.A.V Public School , NTPC Kanti , Muzaffarpur in 2021.

Siddharth is now just 18 years old and one of the youngest artists in India. At this age, Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is like a model of those guys who want to grow on social media platforms. Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is now the most popular artist in India.

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