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Mobile Collaborative Robots Market To Generate $6.8 Billion Revenue by 2030

A number of factors such as the surging need for industrial automation solutions, rising demand for mobile cobots from the automotive industry, increasing government initiatives, and reducing operational costs are projected to drive the growth of the mobile collaborative robots market at a CAGR of 26.3% during the forecast period (2020–2030). According to P&S Intelligence, the market size is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2030 from $543.3 million in 2019. Moreover, the market is witnessing a trend of surging use of bin-picking mobile cobots in warehouses and factories.

One of the prime factors aiding the mobile collaborative robots market is the surging need for industrial automation solutions. The rise in complexity of production processes, increase in focus on higher productivity, high labor costs, and labor shortage have increased the demand for industrial automation solutions, across the world. Moreover, companies in developing countries like China and India are adopting automation solutions heavily to improve productivity and counter labor shortage, thereby enhancing their capability to compete in the global market.

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The application segment of the mobile collaborative robots market is categorized into pick & place, welding, material handling, assembling, and machine tending. Among these, the assembling category is projected to record the highest CAGR in the coming years. This can be ascribed to the fact that mobile cobots are required on a large scale in the assembly application, as these help in reducing assembly time and thus increasing the speed of manufacturing. With the surging automation level in the manufacturing sector, the need for such cobots is rising for assembly purposes.

Moreover, the mobile collaborative robots market is categorized into electronics, manufacturing, automotive, retail, mining & mineral, agriculture, aerospace & defense, and healthcare, based on end user. Out of these, the electronics category is expected to hold the largest market share by 2030. This can be attributed to the rapid adoption of mobile cobots by manufacturers in the growing electronics industry to increase their productivity and perform repetitive tasks in less time. These products are offered to electronics manufacturers by Teradyne Inc., Aubo Robotics Inc., Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Fetch Robotics Inc., Bosch Rexroth AG, and ABB Ltd.

Geographically, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) mobile collaborative robots market held the largest share in 2019, and it is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period. This can be ascribed to the growing population, increasing disposable income, surging awareness about automation solutions, and rising automotive and consumer electronics industries, in the region. Moreover, the presence of major electronics manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and LG Electronics Pvt. Ltd., and the increase in adoption of industrial automation solutions to diminish human intervention, are also boosting the need for mobile cobots in APAC.

Thus, the rise in need for industrial automation solutions and the benefits of adopting collaborative robots in industries are expected to propel the market growth in the future.
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Why will Demand for Compressors Shoot-Up in Hubei, China in Future?

The rapid expansion in the construction sector is one of the primary factors responsible for the mushrooming demand for compressors in China. Because of the rising urbanization and the soaring population, the construction sector is expanding rapidly. Moreover, with the launch of several construction projects, the demand for highly energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment is growing rapidly. The changing lifestyles of people and the rising average temperatures are also fueling the sales of HVAC systems in the country.

As per the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, there are numerous skyscrapers in China. There are currently as many as 88 skyscrapers in the country. This is pushing up the requirement for HVAC systems, which is, in turn, propelling the demand for compressors in the country. Furthermore, the hotel industry in the country is recording nearly 2,481 hotel projects that are currently in pipeline and is growing with a year-on-year (YoY) growth rate of 2%.

Besides the aforementioned factors, the boom in the automotive industry, because of the surging disposable income of people and the ballooning automobile manufacturing, is also positively impacting the demand for compressors in the country. This is because compressors are used extensively in vehicle manufacturing processes including product finishing, tire inflation, plasma cutting and welding, and car painting. For example, motor vehicle manufacturing increased from 7.7 million units to 29.7 million units in the country from 2013 to 2017.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, the China compressor market is exhibiting huge expansion. The value of the market is predicted to rise from $12.7 billion in 2018 to $15.7 billion by 2024. Furthermore, the market is predicted to progress at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2019 and 2024. Depending on dynamic compressor type, the market is divided into axial flow and centrifugal segments. Between these, the centrifugal compressor recorded higher growth in the market during the last few years.

Natural gas processing, food & beverage industries, and oil refineries are the major application areas of centrifugal compressors. They are heavily used in oil and gas pipelines for increasing or maintaining the gas flow from the site of production to the end users or consumers. The rapid expansion in the country’s oil and gas pipeline network is pushing up the requirement for centrifugal compressors. The China compressor market will register the fastest growth in the central region in the future.

According to P&S Intelligence, a market research company based in India, the main factor driving the progress of the market in this region is the presence of the Hubei province there. This province is home to a huge industrial base. Additionally, Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei, is home to numerous advanced manufacturing and automotive companies. These factors are fueling the growth of the China compressor market in this region.

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Light Sensor Demand Driven by Rising Construction of Smart Cities

Light sensors are installed in consumer electronic devices like smartphones and tablets to control automatic screen brightness and other features, which require the light to be sensed. The adoption of these electronics will escalate, on account of high demand from young population, especially the millennials. With a boom in the world population, the penetration of these devices will increase in the future. Owing to this reason, the light sensor market will accelerate at 9.5% CAGR during 2020–2030. According to P&S Intelligence, the market generated $1,456.2 million revenue in 2019.

Additionally, the establishment of smart cities has amplified the usage of light sensors, globally. These townships have sensor-based lights, primarily for ambient light sensing, as the lights in these cities have to be energy efficient. Due to this reason, the lights will switch on or increase the brightness when it gets dark. Similarly, during the day time, the artificial lights will either switch off automatically or decrease their brightness, thereby conserving electricity. Moreover, construction of new smart cities in India, Brazil, and China will fuel the installation of light-sensing devices in the future.

Apart from this, light sensors are also consumed in large quantity in the automobile industry. The automakers install these devices in the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for park assist and to sense the light. Moreover, the integration of internet of things (IoT) technology in ADAS devices has led to the increased adoption of light sensors in these devices. Besides, the light sensing systems also find applications in the healthcare, industrial, and entertainment sectors.

In recent years, players in the light sensor market have started engaging in product launches to gain a competitive edge. For instance, ams AG launched a tiny digital proximity sensor module — TMD2635, in September 2019. Installation of this sensor gives freedom to manufacturers of true wireless stereo (TWS) devices, to develop lighter and smaller earbuds of industrial design. Further, the company also introduced an advanced spectral ambient light sensor — AS7350, in January 2020. It is also designed for high-end smartphones as it offers accurate light source identification.

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Increasing Number of Restaurants Driving Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market

From $24.6 billion in 2019, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market value is predicted to surge to $33.9 billion by 2030. According to the estimates of the market research company, P&S Intelligence, the market will exhibit a CAGR of 3.0% from 2020 to 2030 (forecast period). The major factors driving the expansion of the market are the burgeoning requirement for ready-to-eat food items and rapidly expanding organized food retail sector across the globe.

With their increasing disposable income, the middle-class populace, particularly in the Eastern world, is increasingly preferring ready-to-eat food products. Moreover, the rising influence of the Western lifestyle is also positively impacting the sales of ready-to-eat foods. Such rapid changes in the food consumption and dietary habits of people are causing a sharp rise in the number of hypermarkets, food and restaurant chains, and supermarkets around the world. Furthermore, the changing food consumption habits of people are also encouraging unorganized restaurants and small grocery stores to upgrade their infrastructure by buying large refrigeration systems.

Besides, the booming organized food retail sector, which includes hypermarkets, supermarkets, and organized restaurant chains, in several countries is also fueling the expansion of the commercial refrigeration equipment market. The surge in the industry is fast, especially in Brazil, India, and China, on account of the rapid urbanization in these countries. For example, in China, the urban population is predicted to rise from 782 million in 2016 to nearly 1.4 billion by 2025. Likewise, in India, the urban population is predicted to surge from 438 million in 2016 to nearly 1.4 billion by the end of 2023.

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Why Are Cancer Patients Opting for Next-Generation Antibody Therapeutics?

For more insights:-

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) estimates that 1 in 5 people develop cancer during their lifetime. The organization further states that 19.3 million people, including 9,227,484 females and 10,065,305 males, were diagnosed with cancer in 2020, and this disease accounted for approximately 10 million fatalities in the same year, worldwide. The female population is usually affected by breast, colorectal, lung, and cervical cancers; whereas, the male population generally suffers from lung, prostate, colorectal, and stomach cancers.

Thus, the surging cases of cancer will accelerate the next-generation antibody therapeutics market at a healthy CAGR in the coming years. In contemporary times, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), the next-generation antibodies, are being considered as a safer and effective option for treating cancer, as these antibodies are prepared by combining a biologically active cytotoxic drug and monoclonal antibody to target tumor cells. These antibodies help in overcoming the challenge of the limited application of monoclonal antibody therapeutics.

Nowadays, the ADC technology is gaining traction due to the cytotoxic nature of such antibodies, as they offer a high potential benefit in chemotherapy. This property of ADCs delivers improved efficacy and enhanced specificity. Owing to the high efficiency offered by this technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies across the globe are increasingly focusing on the development of ADCs. For instance, Seattle Genetics Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company are involved in the development of ADC technology-enabled next-generation antibody therapeutics solutions.

Apart from ADCs, Bayer AG, Xencor Inc., Dyax Corp., Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd., Biogen Inc., Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co. Ltd., ImmunoGen Inc., Amgen Inc., and AstraZeneca PLC are also engaged in the production of Fc engineered antibodies, biosimilar antibody (Ab) products, bispecific antibodies (BsAbs), and antibody fragments and antibody-like proteins (AF & ALPs). In the coming years, Fc engineered antibodies will be consumed at the highest rate. These next-generation antibodies are being used in oncology and autoimmune/inflammatory therapeutic areas.

The surging use of next-generation antibody therapeutics can also be attributed to the numerous initiatives being taken by several government organizations for improving healthcare infrastructure and encouraging research in this field. The soaring government support toward this field is because of their higher effectiveness than conventional therapeutics for treating cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory diseases. Extensive government support in research is encouraging pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to heavily invest in the development of new antibodies.

According to P&S Intelligence, North America led the next-generation antibody therapeutics market in the past, and it is also expected to retain its market dominance in the coming years as well. This can be credited to the strong presence of prominent players, presence of well-developed life sciences research infrastructure, and increased anti-body research activities, in the region. Additionally, the growing prevalence of chronic health disorders such as cancer and surging government support for R&D in antibody therapeutics will encourage the adoption of next-generation antibody therapeutics in North America.

Thus, the increasing incidence of cancer and the growing popularity of ADC technology will fuel the usage of next-generation antibody therapeutics, across the globe.

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How Are Brownfield Discoveries Driving Digital Oilfield Technology Usage?

For more insights:-

During 2017–2018, electricity production from coal, natural gas, and crude oil grew by 370 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe), driving the global electricity generation during this period, says the International Energy Agency (IEA). Thus, despite the focus shift toward renewable energy, fossil fuels continue to hold the largest share in the earth’s energy mix. This is perhaps because power production from these sources requires technologies that have been known for over one century. Moreover, renewable technologies require a high investment, and many of them don’t produce electricity as efficiently; solar plants don’t work at night, while wind plants can only work on really windy days.

Moreover, a huge volume of unstructured data is created when looking for oil and gas and extracting and producing them, which needs to be turned into structured sets and aptly analyzed for taking any action. Digital technologies gather the data, give it a structure, and make it easier for oil and gas companies to analyze it. Even the discovery of immature oil and gas fields is driving the usage of digital oilfield technologies as the focus on renewable energy has made E&P firms focus on cost-effective and efficient production, so that the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) of such fossil fuels can be kept low.

As per an article on Forbes, 2019 saw a four-year high in E&P activities, with 12.2 billion barrels of oil discovered across the world, including 1.8 billion barrels in Guyana alone! Moreover, in January of 2018, Chevron Corporation and BP PLC, two of the oil supermajors, announced huge deep-water oil reserve discoveries in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. However, with oil and gas transportation costs increasing every year, the overall cost of producing electricity from them is rising. This, coupled with the already high expenses that E&P activities require, has forced oil companies to use digital technologies to make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Reservoir optimization, production optimization, and drilling optimization are the three processes accomplished by digital oilfield technologies. Among these, the technologies are majorly used for production optimization in both greenfield (newly developed) and brownfield (already operational) oil and gas fields. In order to achieve profitability, it is important for E&P companies to increase their production volume for the same investment, which is why the usage of digital oilfield solutions for this purpose is rising.

Presently, Europe and North America are the two largest contributors to the digital oilfield technology market because of their huge oil and gas reserves. The U.S. and Russia account for some of the largest oil and gas reserves and E&P volumes. Although Venezuela in South America is said to have the largest proven oil reserves, its production volume is quite low due to it being a developing country with primitive technology, which is not suitable for mass production.

Other than North America and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) is another potential user of the digital oilfield technology. For a region the very economy of which is built around oil, the Middle East could potentially generate a huge demand for such solutions. Among the top 10 countries with the largest proven oil reserves in the world are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the U.A.E., and Libya, all in the MEA region.

Hence, with oil and gas continuing to power humanity, the demand for advanced technologies that can help boost their production will only rise.

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Increasing Population Leading to Medical Display Monitor Market Growth

For more insights:-

Display monitors are among the most essential and easily recognizable equipment types at healthcare settings. A lot of the diagnoses these days are made by doctors based on what they see on these monitors. From the results of imaging studies and vital sign readings to what is going on inside the body, as the surgeon operates, everything can be seen on such screens. With the increasing population around the world, the demand for healthcare services is constantly going up. With more medical centers being set up in this regard, the procurement of display monitors is also rising.

This is why among all the resolution ranges these appliances come in — up to 2 MP, 3 MP–4 MP, 5 MP–8 MP, and above 8 MP — the demand for 5–8 MP monitors is expected to increase the fastest in the coming years. Similarly, of the monochrome and color variants, color variants are more commonly seen in healthcare settings, as they offer better visualization. The better the picture, the more confident the doctor can be in making a diagnosis, and in turn, more effective would be the treatment prescribed.

Apart from diagnosis, display monitors are also used in surgery and clinical applications. Among these, diagnosis has been the largest application area of these screens, without which X-ray, ultrasound, positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems are unimaginable today. Apart from radiological machines, even a large number of systems which analyze the blood and urine for abnormal substances are integrated with display monitors, for quick medical intervention.

Along with diagnosis, the usage of display monitors is also rapidly rising in surgeries, especially with the advent of minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) and hybrid operating rooms (OR). A hybrid OR has a number of monitors, attached to imaging modalities, which assist surgeons in complex operational procedures. Apart from imaging systems, the vital sign monitor in ORs too have a monitor, so if any anomaly is detected in any of the waveforms, doctors can immediately do the needful.

Therefore, with the increasing demand for such systems, companies providing them have upped their product development activities. For instance, CuratOR LX550W, a 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) monitor, was launched by EIZO GmbH in October 2017, for interventional endoscopy and radiology. In June 2016, the company had acquired Panasonic Healthcare Co. Ltd.’s endoscope monitor business, to offer 4K and 3D endoscopy monitors for ORs. Similarly, LG Display Co. Ltd. introduced a transparent and flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) monitor, in a 77-inch size, in June 2017.

The increasing usage of display monitors in ORs is also credited to the rising preference for MISs, which is also why North America has been the largest medical display monitor market till now. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 17.7 million MISs were performed in the U.S. in 2018, which was an increase of 2% from previous year. In the coming years, the highest rise in the procurement of medical display monitors is predicted in Latin America (LATAM), as a result of the advancing healthcare infrastructure in the region.

Hence, as the number of medical centers and patients increase, so will the sale of display monitors.

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Allabakash Khan is a musical artist and internet celebrity. He was born on 03th January 2002 ( age 20) in Jaisalmer Rajasthan, India .

  • Allabakash khan, is an Indian Musical artist, songwriter, Singer, Author, EDM Producer, YouTuber, and

He was born on 03rd January 2002 in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India. He grew up in basanpeer, Glater 

moved to Jaisalmer then later moved to basanpeer Juni Jaisalmer Rajasthan, Rajasthan where he was 

raised by his parents. He attended gsss basanpeer Juni school Jaisalmer (passed class 0-10), High 

School ends his School Life (passed class 11-12). Then He started his new College Life in Government 

sbk College, Jaisalmer (passed graduation in 2021-2022). 

Allabakash Khan started his career at the age of 19(running 2021) in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan as a music 

producer online. He later started releasing his originals on major streaming platforms. He first released 

"later melody allabakash khan" on Spotify in 2022 and then after a few months he released his music on 

many other international platforms like Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Anghami Music, 

Musixmatch, Tidal, Resso, Wynk Music, Jana, Hungama, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, YouTube, 

Facebook & Instagram. Allabakash Khan created his popularity & Famously in a concise time with a lot 

of love from people. 

Allabakash Khan is best known for his singles “ later melody allabakash khan", and "love melody" on 

Spotify and other music streaming platforms & his best album is “ Allabakash Khan” with Top Ten 

Music. Example: kesariya allabakash Khan is the first Music in this album & it's recently released on all 

platforms. He created a YouTube channel he uses for music and also to teach, provide tips, guide, and 

help fellow producers & artists fit in the world of Music. 

allabakash khan born in 03/01/2002 basanpeer Jooni, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Their profession is 

photography, music artist, and influence, he started his career in 2018 on Facebook. At a very young 

age. He started working as a photography and music artist now he is much more successful in social 

media. Allabakash khan is an Indian music artist. Allabakash khan released many songs worldwide. He 

started his musical career journey in 2021. Allabakash khan began his career at an early age, with 

official tracks, and later he started remixing official tracks and he released his many songs worldwide. 

Allabakash was born and raised in Jaisalmer Rajasthan where he learned music. None of his family 

members liked music, so he had to practice his singing secretly. 

Allabakash khan, popularly known as allabakash, is an Indian music artist and YouTuber. They were 

introduced to the music industry by launching their first soundtrack, "later melody allabakash khan" on 

SoundCloud.after a few days he released his thirty-plus (30+) soundtrack on various music platforms 

like Spotify, Google plays music, Apple plays music, itunes, Amazon music,jio savan, and many more. 

allabakash Khan has released its soundtracks on foreign music streaming platforms such as Deezer, 

Tidal, and napster. you can also find allabakash khan's music on Instagram and Facebook library. 

Basically, allabakash khan starts his career first as a YouTuber. Sometimes later he enters the field of 

music. Now if you search about allabakash khan on YouTube. Then you will get all the information about 

allabakash khan. YouTube officially verified their YouTube channel as an official artist. YouTube gives 

him a music-verified badge on YouTube. Also, Microsoft bing officially verified allabakash khan it's bing 

search. You will find allabakash khan's knowledge panel on being searched as a YouTube personality

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Choosing business names might be the simplest task to begin, however, thinking too much can make it confusing and time consuming.

The easiest solution to business name selection is to keep it self explanatory. Being too creative can lead to loss of potential customers.

Business Names with industry specific phrases are some of the best examples in such cases.

Self Explanatory brand names makes it easy for all the readers to understand the nature of your business and your offerings. This way whenever anyone has a requirement for your services or is willing to buy any of the products you offer, it will be easy for such potential customers to reach out to you.

Not only this, at the same time it makes it easy for everyone to remember and recall your brand whenever there is an hour of need.

Let’s just adopt the customer’s thought process in this case. Think of the phrase you would type on Google or any other search engine while in a requirement of your own services. There is your answer, the phrase you type in, is one of the ideal matches to be included in your brand name. It is going to make it self explanatory and easy to be memorized at the same time.

We wish you all the best for success!

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When we say education, the first thought we get is education is the process of gaining knowledge. It is the process of facilitating learning or training and acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and ethics.

Education can be in the way of either formal or informal.

I believe that everyone in this world does acquire knowledge whether it’s by informal way from our elders, ancestors or by the formal way like going to school, college, university, etc.

Why do we acquire knowledge, how does it help us in our daily life?

We acquire knowledge on what we believe in future we shall thrive to become someone in our lives. We all have a goal and target on what we wish to become in the future, and not only are some of us still researching more options on what we want to become in the future.

It is excellent as you may get hundreds of opinions, but in the end, there will be only one opinion which will be the best of all and education in our daily life helps us both in our career and life as well.

To have a promising career, you need to get an education first. Education shows us the importance of hard work and thus helps us grow and develop in our life, and it allows us to differentiate between many things, including right and wrong, good and bad, etc.

Nowadays, education has become a joke in this generation because some people are not ready to work hard. They are unable to define their goals, targets, and what they want to become in life and are not focused on their career; my aim is not to point out to anyone but want to say that in generalit's hight time please take charge of your life, pass through the difficulties arising, be patient. In the end, things will be easier.


In the end, a person will have a promising career and will succeed in achieving their goals or targets.


When I say career, I mean it is an individual’s journey through learning, education, and all other aspects of life. It is an occupation or profession undertaken which usually involves training and teaching followed by one’s lifework.

A career cannot be achieved without hard work; To build a promising career and a bright future, a person needs to be hardworking, educated, and trained.

To be successful and have a career, a person must be passionate and interested in the chosen occupation or profession. The person must work with joy and excitement, enjoy the work the person is doing, and be determined.

A great career is whatever job you have that makes you want to work every morning, and it’s never about the pay or benefits.

Create different opportunities for a promising career because prospects don’t happen just like that, but you create them.

Always never give up on anything and go on with the choice that scares you because that’s the one that is going to help you grow, and in case of failures, don’t stop, keep going because failures are a part of life, if you don’t fail, you don’t learn if you don’t learn you’ll never change.


Work hard and build the foundation strong to build a great career and never accept defeat without trying and have confidence in yourself and at the end you will surely get success.


Nothing is impossible in this world; the word itself says I’m possible !!!!


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Artificial Intelligence Chips Market Trends, Dynamics & Market Insights: 2021-2026

Artificial intelligence chip is known as silicon chip which integrates AI technology to minimize human errors and solve computational & mathematical problems. The artificial intelligence chips are designed to handle large and parallel systems effectively. Artificial intelligence chips address the increasing necessity for faster processing due to enabled machine learning.

The Artificial Intelligence Chips Market is projected to grow from USD 7.6 billion in 2020 to USD 70.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of around 42.3% during the forecast period.

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