Jyoti Duggal -The Epitome Of Beauty Fro कोलकाता

Jyoti Duggal -The Epitome Of Beauty From Haridwar.

Jyoti Duggal is the epitome of beauty from Haridwar.She is the daughter of Mr. Ravi Duggal and Mrs. Mamta Duggal born and raised in holy city also called “Dev Bhoomi” Haridwar, Uttarakhand. She has completed her Post Graduation in M.com and her double masters in PGDBA. She is a budding entrepreneur and she was the founder of Krishna Institute of Excellence ‘an institution located in her hometown’ where she tried to provide her best knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

She is also a founder of "Flying Soul Foundation" under which different communities are currently working. She is managing her profession and her passion altogether. She aims to flourish as a writer and wants to help all the aspiring writers and mastership artists who are looking for a platform to showcase their talent.

Her achievements till date are-

• Run an Institution in her locality

• Founder Of Flying Soul Foundation

• Worked as a co-author in 100+ anthologies and still counting

• Compiled two anthologies “once in a lifetime” and "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

• Author of the Book “COMPENDIUM OF THOUGHTS”

• Worked as content editor

• Worked as manager and influencer in a publication

• Kalam Ratan Awardee in the category of author and writer

• Featured in elysian magazine in June edition

• Received Star Icon Award

• Received inspiring Youth Award

• Received Chosen one Award






• Received Feminarc Award with the title of "ms. Graceful"

• Attended Kalam Youth Summit 2021

• Intern with many organizations like one life in finite happiness, Lions club (event utsav), Aashman Foundation (in Human Resource), Empire INC Holding Company, etc.

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Prachi Verma - The Pride Of Kanpur.

Prachi Verma is the pride of Kanpur who is an ambitious NEET aspirant from Kanpur, Uttarpradesh who scored 99% in ISC 2022 and became the English topper of India in ISC 2022 along with her academics she is also expertised in dance & can choreograph any form of dance in her unique way also won many inter school dance, debate, quiz and writing, art & craft competitions. Being an aspiring cardiologist she also got Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Prachi Verma’s Achievements

Prachi Verma’s achievements includes that she was nominated for INSPIRE – SHE Scholarship Programme based upon her performance in top 1% in Class 12 board examination along with that she is an ambitious NEET aspirant from Kanpur, Uttarpradesh who scored 99% in ISC 2022 and became the English topper of India in ISC 2022. Being an aspiring cardiologist she also got Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Prachi Verma’s Fields Of Interest

Prachi Verma’s fields of interest besides academics is dance, she can choreograph any form of dance in her unique way and won many inter school dance, debate quiz and writing, art & craft competitions along with that she got Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Prachi Verma’s Ambition

Prachi Verma’s ambition is to be a Cardiogist as she is a medical aspirant rather the future doctor of India and for all her achievements “Ups and downs are part of your life but you should always be dedicated towards your goal” – This line has been proven by her success.

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Mayaa SH Received The Title Of Face Of Contemporary Literature.

Mayaa SH recently received the title of 'Face Of Contemporary Literature In India' from INKZOID Literary Face Award 2022 for her solo book named "Soch" along with this she is a multi National Award Winner , an Artist , a Podcaster ,a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Author and A Triple World Recorder.She is a Women Empowerment Culturist who has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism.

About Mayaa SH's Works

Mayaa SH's works depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many.She has been featured in several national and international magazines and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. Mayaa navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a therapy to combat stress and fear . Her powerful assertion on women centric writings is reflected through her belief in “The highest form of self actualisation is an ascension in both Mind and Intellect set at the penumbra of unleashing the Potential within. The word " Naari" is a representation of Strength and the one who blesses the world with her grace and courage to endure any pain . "Shakti"(Power) is the infinite form , the infinite power of the perseverance and the tenacity of the mind of a woman.”

Mayaa has several certifications from the United Nations, UN Women United Nations Capital Development Bank,United State Institute Of Peace , United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study Of Sustainability ,World Health Organisation,Asian Development Bank Institute . She is Certified on Effective Communication Skills for Professional from University of Southern Queensland and Taking Gender Responsive Education To Scale Coordinated Action For Gender equality Cross Sectoral Approaches from Center for Universal Education at Brookings, United Nations and University of California, Berkeley. Mayaa SH came to the limelight as one of the most vital positioning of her vision and a powerful writing emphasizing on “महिलाएं एक नागरिक समाज की निर्माता होती हैं" and many have labelled her as a powerful voice of contemporary society. An expert in Prose Writing and various poetic devises, she helps identify many with common concepts and create a range of effects in her writings.

Through her powerful writing on “नारी प्रकृति का एक रूप”, many have labelled her as a powerful voice of contemporary society. Mayaa is popularly known as Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di , Mayaa Audio SH , President Of The Writing Industry , Padma Of The East ,Pushpa ‘The Fire’ and Lady Gandhi. Her diction, powerful eyes and a very low profile approach in life keeps her extremely observant to the nuances of life. An expert in Prose Writing and various poetic devices, she helps identify many with common concepts and create a range of effects in her writings.

About Author Mayaa SH

Author Mayaa SH is a multi-talented person who believes Motivation is a zeal that drives passion in people in order to achieve the highest form of self-actualization first and then strike a fine balance between the inner and the outer world. It is a catalyst that propels the wheels of fortune in forward momentum for an individual to be a better version of himself or herself. “The most important facet of motivation to me is the fact I have to continuously work for the upliftment and betterment of all people, especially women in all sectors and ensure that people are able to identify for themselves the power that lies within. This fact wakes me up every morning that there are so many people waiting to be ‘Listened’ to in this country. The countless voices echo just one note ‘Miles to go before I sleep and Miles to go before I sleep”, she says.

About Mayaa SH's Journey

Mayaa SH's journey is inclusive of her being aligned through her writings with more than 55 publication houses and over 100 anthologies and her participation in several national-level contests. She also writes for several websites and anthologies. Being an absolute homebody at heart ,yet extroverted, she often fantasies herself as a TEDx Speaker inspiring millions of women all across the globe to live their dreams.Her solo world record book “Sindoori” speaks on on the ideas and self belief that women must carry within themselves in order to be courageous and strong in life.It is a collection of golden thoughts that echo Strength , Resilience, Harmony , Creativity and Emotional Balance In Life .Women need to be empowered in all walks of Life and also within themselves . It is time for the world and global bodies to recognize the important role that women can and are playing in conflict resolution and community building. While recognition is important, it is to be believed it is also important to include women’s expertise in finding solutions to global conflicts. If we are to reverse the tidal waves of conflict and insecurity on a global scale, one must believe we urgently need everyone, especially women, to accomplish the tasks as research investigators. Women are capable of taking care of themselves and continue to hone their skills if uplifted for betterment and creating a fair gender inclusivity.

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Divya Rashmi Dudia Received The Title Of Best Author Of The Year 2022.

Divya Rashmi Dudia recently received the title of 'Best Author Of The Year 2022' for being an INKZOID Literary Face 2022 awardee and along with this she is a financial analyst from Jodhpur Rajasthan . She is an enthusiast , epistemophoile, nature lover, soft hearted girl who believes that you can achieve every bit of what want to be . She is a writer who turned her passion into her profession . She has been into writing since 2018 and from 2020 she became an anthologist and a co author of more than 70 plus anthologies.She has complied an anthology named 90's childhood.

She was awarded as young talent by inkzoid and recently her success story got featured in a magzine named "Doodly minds " .

About Divya Rashmi Dudia's Achievements

Divya Rashmi Dudia's achievements includes her name featured on google and in around 30+ leading newspaper as a young trending writer of jodhpur who turned her passion into a profession with 5 top leading women personalities . Latest addition was a leading newspaper named youthnewsexpress that published an as a new emerging trending writer of jodhpur.She was published in a magzine named the celebania with Neha Dhupia and celeb story magazine with Ashmit Patel. Recently got published in 36 self made personalities with bajrangi bhaijaan fame Harshaali Malhotra.

About Divya Rashmi Dudia's Journey

In Divya Rashmi Dudia's journey she feels her family and her friends are a biggest support system who have motivated and inspired to write her beautifully and live her dreams.Writing never comes in a day it takes years to build and to get better as it is a kind of meditation which calms soul and provides satisfaction of happiness and peace .

She believes work for yourself and let it speak. Work work and work don't expect the results!!You have the power to turn each day into a successful life story. Keep working hard and keep grabbing the opportunities .

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International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick joined at COP27, Egypt.

International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick joined COP27 in Egypt , virtually. She is a community adviser and member of the United Nations International and the Royal Commonwealth Society of the United Kingdom. She attended the meetings of the Food System Pavilion by FAO and UNFCC. She raised her voice about the climate emergency , hunger crisis, and gender equality for climate justice.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 closed with a breakthrough agreement to provide “loss and damage” funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters.

“This outcome moves us forward,” said Simon Stiell, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary. “We have determined a way forward on a decades-long conversation on funding for loss and damage – deliberating over how we address the impacts on communities whose lives and livelihoods have been ruined by the very worst impacts of climate change.”

Set against a difficult geopolitical backdrop, COP27 resulted in countries delivering a package of decisions that reaffirmed their commitment to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The package also strengthened action by countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change, as well as boosting the support of finance, technology and capacity building needed by developing countries.

Creating a specific fund for loss and damage marked an important point of progress, with the issue added to the official agenda and adopted for the first time at COP27.

Governments took the ground-breaking decision to establish new funding arrangements, as well as a dedicated fund, to assist developing countries in responding to loss and damage. Governments also agreed to establish a ‘transitional committee’ to make recommendations on how to operationalize both the new funding arrangements and the fund at COP28 next year. The first meeting of the transitional committee is expected to take place before the end of March 2023.

Parties also agreed on the institutional arrangements to operationalize the Santiago Network for Loss and Damage, to catalyze technical assistance to developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

COP27 saw significant progress on adaptation, with governments agreeing on the way to move forward on the Global Goal on Adaptation, which will conclude at COP28 and inform the first Global Stocktake, improving resilience amongst the most vulnerable. New pledges, totaling more than USD 230 million, were made to the Adaptation Fund at COP27. These pledges will help many more vulnerable communities adapt to climate change through concrete adaptation solutions. COP27 President Sameh Shoukry announced the Sharm el-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda, enhancing resilience for people living in the most climate-vulnerable communities by 2030. UN Climate Change’s Standing Committee on Finance was requested to prepare a report on doubling adaptation finance for consideration at COP28 next year.

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The Top 13 India's Upcoming Stars.

The Top 13 India's upcoming stars are Dr Santosh Bhardwaj,Mayaa SH,Dev Bhavsar,Mahima Raghuram,Gunwanti Thanvi,Amreen Fatima,Alfiya Suroor Khan,Mohammed Niyaz,Sree Varshini,Rohit Saha,Shweta A Jacob,Berdhisha P and Dr Aditi Dev.Team Indian Stardom News feels very happy to honour such deserving talents as the upcoming stars who will lead our country.

•Dr Santosh Bhardwaj

Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj is a physiotherapist and the founder of Gurukripa Physiotherapy Center, which is considered as one of the best physiotherapy center in India. Recently, Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj got featured as extraordinary personality on Google.

He has won numerous certificates and awards which includes Bharat ratan, star India achiever award, best physiotherapist award and a lot more.

Dr. Santosh has several world records, he got featured in celebrity magazine too.

•Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is a multi National Award Winner and a double World Recorder . Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist .She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism .Her work depicts the identity,economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than fifty plus anthologies and has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejasvi -The Imperishable on Woemn Power and Honour including few international.Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level .Mayaa navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a therapy to combat stress and fear . Being an absolute homebody at heart ,yet extroverted, she often fantasies herself as a TEDx Speaker inspiring millions of women all across the globe to live their dreams.

•Dev Bhavsar

Dev Bhavsar, Founder & CEO of The Writers Alliance,DSquare Digital & Incredible Indian Awards who is a young poet, hails from the World Heritage City – Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He completed her schooling at Shakti Vidhyalaya and currently pursuing a B.Sc.(IT) from LJ University, Ahmedabad.

He is a World Record Holder & Recently he has been awarded by the Indian Stardom Awards as the “Best Budding Star of 2022” in the category of Entrepreneur.

He is a Published Poet, He started writing late in the Lockdown.

“LOCKDOWN 2022”, “लोग तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे?”, “एक दिन सब संभल जायेगा” is some of the famous poetries written by him.

He has Compiled “Words By Heart” & “LIFE: An Unknown Journey” Anthology books, also he is a co-author of many anthologies.

He truly believes in the power of Karma.

He is helping budding writers through his community by organizing Grand writing contests, daily writing challenges & Online Open Mic events.

He is providing the platform of “The Writers Alliance” to talented people and making their work to reach a target audience and potential readers.

Contact details to reach him:

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @devbhavsar_official

•Mahima Raghuram

Mahima Raghuram, the founder of Utopia Publication is 21 year old, English literature graduate. She is a complete package of different interests like music, keyboard and guitar. Not just that she has so many interests. She is a writer, poetess. She has published a solo book "Dept of love" which is a compilation of poems written for her loved ones. It was published on 3rd June 2021.

Utopia Publication is a start-up started on 26th October 2021. We are providing great opportunities for young writer who has the thirst for writing and for everyone who takes writing as their serious passion and for everyone who is compassionate about writing. We are here to publish your dream book at an affordable price and compile anthologies and earn 10,000 and more with exciting opportunities to prove the world that each and every one of us have unique talent to show the word. Not just this we also provide google features and magazine features at also an affordable price.

“We are here to announce a great chance for every to participate in our next contest“

Yes, we are about to announce a talent hunt and we are going to be looking for talents all over India. Myself Mahima Raghuram, the founder of Utopia publication, English literature graduate. I have different interests like music, keyboard and guitar. Not just that she has so many interests. I am a writer, poetess. I have published a solo book "Dept of love" which is a compilation of poems written for her loved ones. It was published on 3rd June 2021.

I have published my poetry in so many anthologies and I have the craze for writing but I got an inspiration from the founder of Inkzoid foundation, Durlav Sarkar sir. The one thing I strongly believe that “Everything is not just about learning and teaching but also providing the opportunity that we got when we needed and I will always follow this”.

I want all the readers of this article to contact Utopia publication through either Email to [email protected] or what’sapp us on 9345455199. To know more about the talent hunt, stay tuned and connected with us.



Mahima Raghuram

•Gunwanti Harish Thanvi

In this chaotic world she is the serinity you will crave for.

Most probably Gunwanti Harish Thanvi hails from the City Of Rajasthan Currently, she has completed class 12 in science stream.

Besides Studying she is passionate for Writing.

She's a Coffee Freak.

She craves for each word to give it a meaning.

Inspiring People and Spreading Smilestones make her heart smile. Inspite of writing she has a great interest in Photography, Art. An individual with a keen heart and likes to interrogate with people.

Gunwanti Harish Thanvi from Phalodi , has written 2 solo books which is at top 10 in amazon. Kaid Parindey and Jovial Companion are the 2 solo books written by her. She is an astounding Photographer and a super innovative artist. She's a compiler of 100 + books . She is a founder of SH Publication, Sian Publication, Strings of Heart Publication, Manager of SW Publication, CEO of SJ Publication. She is 3 times Cluster level winner in various activities, and state level winner in Science working model. She is one of the Top 17 glorious talents of Globe and Top 29 Amazing talents of Globe.

She wants to be a renowned photographer , best writer and a doctor in her upcoming future. She wanted to achieve everything in her life.

•Amreen Fatima

She is Amreen Fatima. She has done M.B.A in Finance, Masters in English Literature and B.Ed.

Her other education includes


EarlyYears Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS Essentials)


International House of Doha, Doha - Qatar


November – December,2018


Teaching Knowledge Course


International House of Doha, Doha - Qatar


March – April, 2017


Advance Diploma in Computer Applications


Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University


2007 – 2008


Certificate Course in Export Import Documentation.


Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University



She is a teacher Professionally with experience of about 10 years of teaching.

She is an artist too.

Writing is her passion and many of her poems are published in local literary journal, Muse India Journal and she has won many certificates in poetry writing competition.

She is mother of two handsome boys and wife of Sarfraz Nawaz.

She has been a proud member of many workshops organised by various organisations.

Her other achievements includes:

1. Certificate of Appreciation – for Organizing “Youth Leadership Program 2018”


The Next Generation School, Doha - Qatar


May, 2018

2.Certificate of Merit for Active participation in Teacher Development Leading the Students to Lead

Qatar Centre for Career Development

October, 2018

3. Certificate for securing second position in Daily writing competition held by Writing Maniac on topic 'Stop Animal Abuse'.

4.Certificate for securing first position in Picture promt competition held by Writing Maniac.

5.Certificate for securing second position in 'Picture Promp.

•Alfiya Suroor Khan

Alfiya Suroor Khan a 20 year old girl, hailing from Bangalore Karnataka, A commerce student pursuing BCOM from SAM's college of Management.

A selfless attitude towards anyone whom she comes across with, very friendly nature and love to be with people. A warm hearted easy going nature has kept her determined towards her writing.

English is her heart, she is devoted to it . She won't have any existence without it. She has completely surrendered herself to writing poems and reading books.

She has been a part of writing journey since she was young.She started penning down her good and worst experiences and has been a co-author in many anthologies. She is also a compiler of the books "Words that bleed" and "Shinning Irenic" .

She has been awarded as "All Indian Best Writer Award" in the year 20-21.

In the year 2022 Inkzoid foundation has choosen her write up to be one of the to top 18 write ups for the year and as been circulated on 20 different platforms.

•Mohammed Niyaz

Mohammed Niyaz hails from Mumbai - The City Of Dreams. He rose to fame on facebook with his timely poetry headlines "Shayar Ki Shayari And Do Lafz Shayari Ke" since 2013 with more than 1500+ shayaris over a decade, later he continued with Instagram and then with "your quote" crossing 1300+ quotes.

His official debut as an published writer was back in "2020" anthology titled "Orange Hues" under "Flairs And Glairs Publications".

Following which he then starred in countless anthologies with a total numberings of 700+ as an co-author. He then played a front foot role for over 70+ anthologies as an compiler.

His recent published dual solos are "The Ink They Shared Through The Words", "The Collaborate Authors", "The Mutual Convo's" meanwhile his first solo dedication ever as an author "The Cinnemattic Heartthrob" a dedication book dedicated to "Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan" was published under "Phase 3 Publications".

Mohammed currently holds "2 World Records" for being the "fastest anthology compiler - Wish You Were My Better Half" and secondly for "Record Based Anthology - Scribbling Zone" as an co-author.

His works has been published in Pratibha Magazine, Sparkling Corn Media's Magazine, RK Magazine, participant of Namaste India International Magazine in which he serves as an "National Honorary Member" of the same.

Being google featured on "Daily Hunt News", "Prolific Magazine", a regular participant of "The Mount Kenya Times Newspaper" and much more.

He was twicely awarded with "Writer Of The Book Award" for "The Dreams With Wings", Few books have been dedicated to him titled "Challenge Your Limits" and "Krishna - A Bond".

He gave his voice over to a poem titled "Yeh Kaisi Ghadi Aa Gayi" based on the real incidents of "COVID-19 pandemic" which was written - edited - narrated by himself, released on his youtube channel on May 2020 which received positive responses from the respective viewers.

•Sree Varshini R

Ms. R.Sree Varshini is a fresh kid who pursuing M.Phil Scholar ( English Literature) from MotherTeresaWomen’sUniversity, Kodaikanal . A Poetess, Speaker, Published Author, An Ardent reader & A World Record Holder.

A girl of twenty five running towards her dream, full of hope, finding her happiness in the smallest things. She prefers to be a hodophile who loves exploring the world. She loves listening music which nourishes the soul.

Sree Varshini has started writing from her college days . Initially, she wrote some random scribbles which were appreciated by everyone. She started writing to express her feelings which were relatable to everyone. Later, She loved writing and many of her works brought a smile in a million faces, magic of realisation which encouraged her to pen more works. SREE VARSHINI has also been a ladder in bringing others up and helping them to get recognised. Making others recognise & seeing their happiness made her unstoppable. A naturalist who admires the eternal beauty of nature.She is kindhearted, hardworking and passionate human being. Not only she is an outstanding writer but also an outstanding person. Ms. Varshini is known for her play of words in her poems with a deep meaning. Her poems always have a magical effect on readers. Definitely one can call her words player.

Varshini has co-authored around 350 anthologies including the world record anthologies & . She has won many accolades for her endless contribution to the field of literature. Her astounding solo books , " FOLIAGE TWEAKS " , " YOUNG SPROUTS " , " THOUGHTS OF LITERARIAN " AND "TINY DROPS " , are accessible on Amazon.

She has participated in numerous poetry and speech competitions and bagged up many honors. She has received many prestigious awards in the field of writing such as the All India Best Writer Award, Indestructible Writer Award, Writer’s Ink Awards, Sparkling Scribbler Award, Meritorious Star Award, and Jackhi’s Gold Star Award , India's TOP 20 prestigious artist award, Top 8 legendary women of the globe, TOP 26 LEGENDARY PERSONALITY OF TBE GLOBE , Best poet 2022 from Tamil Nadu .

She believed she could create wonders and proved within a short span of time.

She suggests other aspiring teens to work on their passion which can take one to unreachable heights of life.

•Rohit Saha (The Bong Buzz)

Kolkata - The City of Culture is often known for its people, people dreaming to follow their passion.

This "Follow Your Passion" isn't easy but a boy nearly of the age of 15, when everyone else was busy in breaking hearts, made his first step towards his passion, he started writing and pouring his emotions into his write-ups. It's been 6 years of his struggle and now he is 21years old as we all know hardwork pays, it's somewhere true.

As a boy of an Bengali middle-class family, giving time to explore one's passion is difficult but this boy made it happen. As we talk about passion there comes a name along with it, ROHIT SAHA.

From dreaming to meet The lazy Bong, our all time favourite Dipta Da and the most established entrepreneurs of this time, Sayan Chakraborty & Rahul Basak to work with them individually and making a name within a time span of one year, this journey is inspirational to us but A DREAM COME TRUE MOMENT for that unnoticed boy.

Recently he named an World Recod for writing 240 quotes in just 24 hours. He is one of the most popular face in Inkzoid Book of World Records 2021.

He was also in " Top 17 Glorious Talents 2022 ".

Criticism is a part of every artist's life, he faced a lot of hatred too but what made him continue with his journey was the love from his close ones and his supporters.

You all might know him by his YouTube name, THE BONG BUZZ: SHAYERI KI DUNIYA. You all might know what is Bong Buzz but the struggle behind creating Bong Buzz was not known until now.

As Rohit Saha always says : "Yes, the “failure” will be painful, and you’ll grieve the loss of a profound passion. But that loss frees you. It’s liberating. You’ve got an infinite amount of dreams to pursue, so don’t hold yourself back. You can literally do whatever you want. Don’t play it safe. Take a chance, or you’ll never really know what you can do."

•Shweta A. Jacob

TSS, Greatest of all time! This happiest moment we all been waiting for years and finally it’s our time! Wait, wondering what is that? That is the grand success of the project “The Seraphic Seven”. This was a dream come true to 360 army’s not just Indian also international army’s were involved. This was Not just a single project, it is a series of anthologies containing SEVEN books.

1. The Abvolating Moments

2. A Perfect Melody

3. The Porphyrous Ocean

4. Our Ataraxia

5. Stellifying Journey

6. The Orphic Spell

7. The Temenos World

Each of these book were compiled by single compiler and the compilers are Aakanksha Dayal, Manshi Sadade, Anuja Vijayan, Meghana Jayaraj, Swapnil A. Jacob, Bhavya keshri, Shweta A. Jacob. Each of them managed the compiling with loads of patience and love. I have never seen any project with this much of coordination and trust on compilers even this project was delayed due to some issues.

But we all have one thing to learn from this “Only trust and a little bit of trust can make everything happen, even if the obstacle is too strong we all will hold hands and make the chaos run with all of our energies and courage combined together. No matter how big is the crisis is, it is nothing compared to our combined powers”

Compilers weren’t the only ones who managed the entire project. Before all the promoters A special mention to Augustine John. The promoters played equal role as the compilers, Rudrali, Samira, Rubee, Rai, Ayushi, Yashvi, Supriya, Rashiv, Smriti, Yashvi, Apoorva, Priya dharshini, Neelima, Kavita, Bandita, Kiran, christie, Hira Aslam, Mahima and in memory of Late Mrs. Pratima Murthy Padihar. We all Miss you mumma!

A hearty thank you from all the admins to all the Co-authors who have been waiting patiently for the arrival of this book. To all 360 writers “My hearty thanks for all your love, support and trust”- Shweta Angel Jacob and team

This is a little tribute to all the admins and promoters who supported this project and worked their very best to make this project a great success as it is now. Yes! This book has got a place in "BOOK OF RECORDS”

To all the admins who made this happen and who never broke everyone’s trust and worked real hard just for this project, I know you need to hear this You did great! You did an amazing job! Yes!!!! You made it happen, I am so proud of you. Trust me, we all are proud. I always knew you can make it. Thank you so much for not breaking our trust. And gave the book as we needed it. It cured all of our worries and gave a bright smile on every one of our faces.

With loads of love


A small gift from me to team TSS

•Berdhisha P

Berdhisha P was born and brought up in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu. Her birthplace is a heaven which is covered with beautiful nature and coastal areas. Now she has settled down in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She completed her Master's Degree in Coimbatore. She is a poet who loves to share her thoughts and imagination, which has its

uniqueness. She manifests the beauty of nature in her poems. Not only that, but she loves nature, which is her best friend. Not only that, but she also loves to travel to enjoy nature and its fresh breeze with her beloved one. Furthermore, she loves to write short stories and read novels in her leisure time. Writing is her most loved career. Moreover, she is a blogger; you can read her poems at http://berdhisha96.blogspot.com/.

She has started her writing career in her young age itself by participating in competition and winning prizes. After a long gap she got a platform where her write-ups get published, and she started as a Co-author, participated in about 120+ Anthologies. As a result of being a co-author,

she then started to work as a compiler and compiled twenty Anthologies. Her published anthologies are,

“The Universal Mind”, “Speculations in Solitude”, “Spicy Noodles & Cold Coffee”, “Heart Strings”, “Sea Turtles of Love”, “We were Destined to Meet”, “The Dreadful Land”, “Oversoul”, “Power of Pen”, “Never Felt So Loved”, “An Independent Star”, “Shattered Angels”, “Headlines of Co-

Author”, “Value of Relationship”, “The Dead End”, “Ignorance is Bliss”, “Honest Heart”, “The Wide Sky”, “Run on Fumes” and “The Gesture We Hold”.

After all this journey she decided to write her own book of poems. Her first solo book is 'AN EPITOME OF MY INNER SOUL ', a collection of seventy-one poems with various themes. As writing is her favourite career she never stops scribbling in the paper. She always wanted to explore new things by writing and by travelling to new places.

•Dr. Aditi Dev

She is Dr. Aditi Dev, from Faridabad. She is mother of 2 kids. She is Homeopathic Practitioner & has done MBA in Hospital Administration. She is working in a Multispeciality Hospital. She is not a professional writer, but loves to share her thoughts in the form of writing.I am compiler of The Oasis Anthology and The shining in the dark have got title of Compiler by these anthologies. She has done collaboration in more than 500+ Anthologies, She is founder of Author's word publication under Inkzoid Foundation,also she is participant in World Record Anthology for fastest compilation "Words that Heal Pain". Won many daily n weekly challenges on different platform.She was in Top 10 & achieved Special Mention for Christmas Compitition & it was an World Record too.She is also interested in singing, traveling & drawing.

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Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj - The Founder Of Gurukripa Physiotherapy Center

Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj is a physiotherapist and the founder of Gurukripa Physiotherapy Center, which is considered as one of the best physiotherapy center in India. Recently, Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj got featured as extraordinary personality on Google.He has won numerous certificates and awards which includes Bharat ratan, star India achiever award, best physiotherapist award and a lot more.

Dr. Santosh has several world records, he got featured in celebrity magazine too.


He is a precious gem of India and is an astonishing expert of his field.

He is a world record holder physiotherapist by profession, has been serving and helping people to get well from last 15 years.His father’s name is Mr. Gorelal Bhardwaj and his mother’s name is Smt Sukhani Devi Bhardwaj.He was born in village-pachari ,akaltara janjgir champa chhattisgarh.He is a very kind hearted and helping person. His life’s main motive is to spread happiness and positivity.

He is a precious gem of India. Dr. Santosh is an astonishing expert of his field.

Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj has numerous certificates and world records, he has been working for poor people from dawn till dusk, he has initiated various programs for poor diseased people.

From a very tender age, he has been struggling but initially he was for making good future living but now he's struggling for making people live long and healthy.

Recently, his great service was appreciated by ministers.

He's quite gentle, generous and genius human.

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" आगरा के घागरे " गीत के बाद खुशबू जैन द्वारा एक नये गीत का हुआ आगाज़ " सना स्टूडियो " में लिखा है मुस्कान भसीन मौजूद रहे " बॉलीवुड एक्टर सुजैल खान " व अन्य

iamsuhailanwar : news : mumbai >

आज मुंबई मे कुमार सानू जी के सना स्टूडिओ में गोल्डन चान्स फ़िल्म प्रोडक्सन के बैनर तले बन रही एल्बम का पहला सेड सॉंग दर्द की आवाज को बोलीवुड प्लेबैक सिंगर खुशबू जैन जी की जादूई आवाज़ में रिकॉड किया जो फिल्म मुंबई 2 आगरा का हिट सॉंग आगरा का घाघरा गा चुकी है और इस सेड सॉंग का संगीत बोलीवुड के मशहूर संगीतकार बाबा जागीरदार जी ने दिया है जो मुंबई 2 आगरा जैसी हिट फिल्म का म्यूजिक दे चुके है इस सॉंग के लिरिक मुस्कान भसीन ने लिखें है निर्माता आकाश भसीन है और निर्देशक सुजैल खान है इस सॉंग का पोस्ट प्रोडक्सन सीने ट्रैक प्रोडक्सन बॉबी कुरैशी ने किया है ये गाना नए साल 2023 में रिलीज होगा ये पूरा वर्क ई इस के फिल्म एंटरटेनमेंट के सय्योग से हुआ है

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Your startup’s name is one of the first things potential customers will encounter. It’s often the first impression they’ll have of your brand. So it’s important to choose a name that’s not only catchy and memorable, but one that represents your brand well.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a startup name. It should be easy to pronounce and spell, brevity is key, and it should be relevant to your brand. You should also avoid using jargon or inside jokes that only a small group of people will get.

Choosing the perfect name for your startup is a big decision. But with a little thought and planning, you can come up with a name that’s not only perfect for your business, but one that will help it thrive.

Your startup's name is one of your most important branding decisions. It will be one of the first things people learn about your company, and it can impact everything from initial investment to customer acquisition. When choosing startup names, you should consider its meaning, how it will look on marketing materials, and whether it will be easy to register and trademark. To get started, reach out to our team of branding experts for help choosing the perfect name.

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Akilbek Allan, a young artist, is born in NKS, Karakalpakstan, who releasing his new music. The new single includes a solitary melody. The melody is made to create a piece in the soul of the audience and make them sway.

The multifaceted starlet is also an expert musician, widely known for his beats “Heart Voice”.

Akilbek Allan started his work as a Musician of short single, in his debut he created a short music through instruments “Relief Song Beats” at the age of 18.

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Social work is a practice-based profession that promotes social change, development, cohesion and the empowerment of people and communities. Social work practice involves the understanding of human development, behavior and the social, economic and cultural institutions and interactions.Hello friend

My name is Aman Kumar

I am student of

SR college of engineering jhansi

Now days, I am doing interns with Hamari pahchan NGO.

I am doing intern for poor people. Those people can't get food. Through thus intern you are learning new thing new value in this world. You will distribute food and other meal to poor, hunger people, then you feel good, donate blood, donate cloth, donate book to children's and my mentor miss Divya tomar mam help us for doing this internship. Help for those people who are poor, helpless, etc

Thanks you

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