Manoj Giri Is The Owner Of Saanjh Roofto कोलकाता

Manoj Giri Is The Owner Of Saanjh Rooftop Cafe And Restaurant By Dhana.

Monoj Giri who is currently the founder of Saanjh Rooftop Cafe And Restaurant By Dhana which gained great publicity in Haldwani and inspired him to open another branch at Nainital now becomes the most luxurious hotel destination for major celebrities and he started his journey by doing a job after completing his studies. He was sure that this was not his place, but he was determined to show the world what he can do. Life has always been difficult for him but his hard work made him “the man of his vision.” He proved his worth to the world and showed them what hard work can lead to. Despite all this, he faced many difficulties, but he stood fearlessly and solved them all. Now, he is an owner of many businesses leading a great successful life and he started his venture Saanjh Rooftop Cafe And Restaurant By Dhana with Himanshu Negi, Saurav Negi and Himanshu Giri.

About Saanjh Rooftop Cafe And Restaurant By Dhana

Saanjh Rooftop Cafe And Restaurant By Dhana at Haldwani is owned by Manoj Giri and He took this from the Hindi word “सांझ” which literally means “शाम” which totally depicts his creative view of the world and his restaurant gained great publicity in Haldwani and inspired him to open another branch of SAANJH at Nainital. He is determined to enrich his business through Saanjh. Saanjh has now become the most luxurious hotel destination for major celebrities having 40 hardworking employees. He has a vast dream to establish more branches of “Saanjh” in Rishikesh, Almora , Rudrapur and Dehradun and at pan India level.

About Manoj Giri’s Life Journey

The story of Manoj Giri’s life journey is a great example of how hard work pays off when you are determined and


He always says

“I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.”

In 2016, he left his great earning job as his heart was already in the vision of an incredible succeeding life which was far from accomplishing normal life in an office. He always imagined himself as a great businessman who would give employment to others. There he got to learn the fact that Uttarakhand has a vast scope of traveling and tourism business. He felt that here he will get his real passion. He founded an extraordinary tourism company, PAVITRA DEVBHOOMI TOUR, AND TRAVELS.

Doing hard things requires courage. But, having the courage to do hard things can make our dreams come true and bring the success we desire.

When he started his business, he never thought how hard the business would be. He faced many hurdles, nobody was there to help him. There was no support from his family. He was all alone, the thing he was carrying was his determination, hard work, and passion to win the world. In the same year, his brother Himanshu Giri and his friend, Himanshu Negi, helped him to open the travel company. He then had many struggles. His friends and family started discouraging him regarding his dream. They used to poke him about the difficulties he was facing but his passion never stopped.

In 2017, his hard work paid off, and “Pavitra Devbhoomi tour and travels” became one of the fastest-emerging and strongest traveling companies in Uttarakhand. In 2017, his friend, Saurabh Negi, and in 2020, Ajeet Bisht joined his team and supported him with his business.

In 2020, when the lockdown hit their business badly, but still he stood with his resolution and started a new way to start a new business. He established a business in destination wedding planning at Jim Corbett and Rishikesh.

With his new business, his old business also started to gain profit after the lockdown. He then started his main luxurious restaurant brand business along with Himanshu Negi, Saurav Negi and Himanshu Giri named SAANJH ROOFTOP CAFE AND RESTAURANT BY DHANA at Haldwani.He took from the Hindi word “सांझ” which literally means “शाम”. This beautiful name totally depicts his creative view of the world.

His restaurant gained great publicity in Haldwani and inspired him to open another branch of SAANJH at Nainital. He is determined to enrich his business through Saanjh. Saanjh has now become the most luxurious hotel destination for major celebrities having 40 hardworking employees. He has a vast dream to establish more branches of “Saanjh” in Rishikesh, Almora , Rudrapur and Dehradun and at pan India level.

Rishabh Rautela, hisi loving brother, helped him broadly in enhancing the face value of Saanjh rooftop cafe and restaurant. Rishabh Rautela is a Model and actor, casting director / Celebrity manager and founder of Spark production. He collaborated with lots of celebrities, sponsors, business partners, and actors. He invited celebrities and welcomed them in Sanjh. He invited Sooraj Pancholi, Priyanka Meher, and Uk Rapi boy. He is now aiming to call more celebrities and famous personalities to enhance the beauty of Saanjh.

Monoj Giri who was once just an employee of a small company made himself a business owner of a traveling and restaurant business. His story inspires us to think big. He showed us how determination and creativity lead to a new world of possibilities. He made his worth from his

hard work and devotion to his dream.

"Where there is a will there’s a way” this is what his life story tells. He still has a lot to achieve as he has created a vision of what is now. He is planning to establish more successful branches of Saanjh all over India. He is determined to place his industry all over India which will be valued by great celebrities, business leaders, and customers.

Life gave him hurdles and he cracked them with incredible leading life.
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Agnibho Mitra Comes Out With His Short Film "Rs 100 ".

Agnibho Mitra of Jutebox Productions has been known for his co-direction in projects like “LOOP” and “LENSHOOD” with Souradip Ghosh but his debut project is his solo direction by the name of “100 TAKA”.

Technically as well as creatively, this project is unique in itself for being the only one take movie shot by a director in his debut project but also showing the various usage of the same money underlying a beautiful layer of society through it.

A big hands down to the whole crew and cast of 100 Taka given below :-

Agnibho Mitra , Kaustabh Roy ,

Swapnil Chakraborty ,

Sreebas Dutta ,

Rahul Roy ,

Rounak Paul ,

Sohom Chatterjee ,

Saggy ,

Mala Mitra ,

Sumita Mitra & Soumita Mitra ,

Aniket Paul,

Subhodip Chakraborty ,

Ayan Adhikari ,

Sundar Pramanik ,


We whole heartedly thank Inkzoid Foundation and Durlav Sarkar for support all the budding filmmaker with a plantform to showcase thier Talent.

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Kitab Writing Publication Is The Evolved Name Of SGSH Publication

Kitab Writing Publication is a growing publication which was formerly known as SGSH Publication founded by Divya Trivedi and Kitab Writing as the name suggests hopes for every individual to own their books to gather knowledge and spread knowledge throughout the world. As we all know we can build ourselves from scratch with the help of books only, but without knowledge, we will only tumble down.

In today's article, we will tell you the reason behind changing the SGSH Publication to Kitab Writing Publication. As everyone knows SGSH Publications' journey has always been a Rollercoaster Ride yet in just 1 year of continuous hard work SGSH became one of the best and fastest growing publications apart from that writer's favorite Publication. As we know our founder Divya Trivedi's motive is not to just publish books but publish happiness. Now after so much hard work we have published many books with joy and received many awards in Google, and newspaper features but unfortunately, we had to change the name. This decision was taken by the founder. She believes that SGSH is her mission and Publication is a business. By mistake, she and everyone connected both of them, and in the end, the SGSH mission somewhere was lost. To revive the SGSH mission we have changed the name of the publication. Now Kitab Writing Publications and SGSH mission are separate. So we will serve you both side by side but it should be a bit different.

Kitab Writing Publication's main aim is to be like a family. Just as a family is our support system. In the same way, books are our support system to learn and rewire ourselves to be strong again to not battle with our emotions but to love the emotions. Our motive is that book is not part of life, but a book is a life in itself.

Kitab Writing Publication is a growing Publication. Kitab Writing as the name suggests hopes for every individual to own their books to gather knowledge and spread knowledge throughout the world. As we all know we can build ourselves from scratch with the help of books only, but without knowledge, we will only tumble down.

So grab a coffee and start writing a book and publish your dream with us. A dream to fulfill thousands of dreams.

We are starting again as Kitab Writing Publication. We started our journey on 4th March 2023 and will keep walking on this journey for many more years to come and fulfill every little writer's dream. We started by publishing one book and fulfilled our author's dream of being a writer and gaining confidence in their abilities. Slowly and steadily, we are growing and gradually we will reach new heights, and fulfill every person's dreams who wish on becoming a writer.

We are going to be the first step for many Writers and Dreamers from different fields but we are happy to give wings to all those little dreams hidden among our busy lives. We hope for Consistent hard work, honesty, and truth with all of you.

Come and connect with us by joining our Publication and start writing now.

Thank you for reading through this article.

Keep working hard and build your dreams with us. For more contact us on

Whatsapp: +91 7506994878

Instagram: Kitab__writing__publication

Mail: [email protected]


Kitab Writing Publication

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Kushagra Srivastava - An Ambitious Musical Artist And Author.

Musical Artist Kushagra Srivastava is an Author, Poet & Web Application Developer.He has written more than seven books in which The Last Night (Khamoshi) has been the most popular book. Recently a song of his was released (Ik Chehra) which was sung by Kirti Goel, Music composed by Ridam Srivastava and published by Valuable Studio Productions.

Kushagra Srivastava's Popular Works

Kushagra Srivastava's popular works includes some of his popular songs - " Han Mai Haari Zrur hu - Kirti Goel" , "Hamara Safar - Gauravee Yadav" , "Nai Aata - Priya Srivastava", Ruby 2022 has been the major music album of Kushagra Srivastava, in which many talented writers have given contributions.Kirti Goel, Ayushi Singh, Gauravee Yadav, Divya Tiwari, Priya Srivastava, Anashya Verma, Kushagra Srivastava, Priyanshu Singh, Ridam.

Kushagra Srivastava's Achievements

Kushagra Srivastava's achievements includes National Campaign 2013,T.G.O. and for social service with this all singles from the album were podcasted as episodes. Was the last album of 2022 with which a book has also been released called " Beauty Of Words".Kushagra says that this is the biggest album of his life and he worked very hard for it, which got the support of many people. At a very young age, they got a lot of experience working on this project. project was full of challenges but success comes from trying.

Awards Received By Kushagra Srivastava

Kushagra Srivastava has been honored with many awards in which some of the major awards are-

1.National Campaign - 2013 ( BEE CONSERVE IT ) Ajay Mathur Director General [ Ministry of Power , India ]

2.Award For Social Service ( C.I.S. ) N.C.C.P , New Delhi

3.T.G.O. [ Ministry of Environment And Climate Change , India ] , [ The Energy And Resource Institute , India ] , [ U.N.E.S.C.O ].

About The Founder Of Valuable Studio Productions

Kushagra Srivastava is the founder of Valuable Studio Productions which is an independent music label. Ruby 2022 , Tum Mere Music Album was published by Valuable Studio Productions.Along with this, famous books like Beauty of Word's, The Last Night, My First Love were also published by Valuable Studio Productions.

Vaakif Production is a sub title label of Valuable Studio Productions which deals in Songs Publication & Distribution .

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Other News Kolkata

DJ ROOP - The New Sensation Of Music From Bengal.

The new Sensation of music from Bengal, DJ ROOP who is more popularly known by his stage name DJ ROOP is a Disc Jockey & Music Producer by passion and a Computer Science Engineer by profession.He had started his DJing career on 2014 and currently he is based at Kolkata, India.At present, he is working at a renowned IT service company as a Software Engineer and he is following his passion at par with his job.

He had a passion for music from his childhood days.He had initially started his musical journey as an Indian Classical Singer at the age of 3. During his starting days, he used to sing the morning prayers every day at his school, representing his school choir group. Later on, his school teachers suggested his parents to give him a formal music training as he had a very sweet singing voice.Thereafter Kaushik was given regular private singing classes by one of his school teachers.

Kaushik Das Aka DJ ROOP's Journey was really inspiring in which he had learned to play a few Indian instruments like Harmonium, etc. He also holds a certificate till 1st year(Diploma) in Indian classical singing.Later on, during his school days, his interest shifted towards electronic music, as he used to find them very energetic and interesting.He always wanted to make that kind of electronic banger music by himself. Hence after completing his primary schooling, he did the basic DJing course from a senior DJ who lived nearby his house.

During his remaining school life and college life he had participated in many DJ Wars and he had achieved a rank in few of them. He was also offered a 100% scholarship by India's No. 1 DJ Academy, PartyMap Academy as a prize for wining the competition. Later on, he had availed this free professional DJing course at their Kolkata center and he had got a lot of exposure after this. He has also judged a few DJ Wars which were organized by few top college fest's in India. Till now DJ ROOP has performed at more than 30 college festivals in India, which includes few colleges like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati, IIM Calcutta & few medical colleges as well.

He had performed in a college festival which was powered by MTV Beats & Vh1 India. DJ ROOP had also performed in Sunburn Campus, Sunburn Arena & Sunburn Goa, which is the biggest brand in India for hosting EDM nights. He was also interviewed in a few radio stations and a few television news channels. He had also released a song, whose lyric video was released in YouTube via VEVO. DJ ROOP has also performed in many corporate events organized by the top corporate brands in India. He has also performed in many celebrity weddings & destination weddings. DJ ROOP has also performed in many clubs gigs, all over India.

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The Top 10 Outstanding Women Of The Globe.

The top 10 outstanding women of the globe are Mayaa SH,Ruchi Rachit Singla,Divya Rashmi Dudia,Payal Chowdhury,Somdatta Mitra,Manisha Jaiswal,Ranivah Khurshid,Poorvi Rajak,Gunwanti Harish Thanvi,Dr (Major) Shital Jindal,Khushbu Gulab Fadke,Ashna Chand,Tabassum Rozy,Kadambari Gupta and Keerthana.

Team INKZOID FOUNDATION and the founder, Durlav Sarkar appreciates their contribution in the field of literature and felicitates them as the top 10 outstanding women of the globe.

•Mayaa SH(Special Mention)

Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature and is a multi National Award Winner,a Podcaster, an Artist ,a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress and a Triple World Recorder. She is a Women Empowerment Culturist. Mayaa has depicted gender inclusivity and equality throughout her work and through her powerful writings on Feminism. Mayaa has several certifications from the United Nations, UN Women United Nations Capital Development Bank,United State Institute Of Peace , United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study Of Sustainability ,World Health Organisation,Asian Development Bank Institute . She is Certified on Effective Communication Skills for Professional from University of Southern Queensland and Taking Gender Responsive Education To Scale Coordinated Action For Gender equality Cross Sectoral Approaches from Center for Universal Education at Brookings, United Nations and University of California, Berkeley. Her work depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than 130 plus anthologies with 5 plus solo books and had been aligned with more than 70 plus publication houses .She has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. Mayaa navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a therapy to combat stress and fear .

•Ruchi Rachit Singla (Special Honourable Mention)

Ruchi Rachit Singla hails from Hisar, Haryana, India who recently received Bharat Ratan Atal Samman Award. She completed her Masters in Pharmacy from Hindu College of Pharmacy, Haryana. Currently, she is staying in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Her keen interest in research led her to choose R&D as her profession. She is currently working as a Research Scientist for a leading pharmaceutical company with more than a decade of experience.

She has a passion for writing. She got it in her genes from her mother. She loves writing motivational poems, articles, and quotes along with this she has compiled eight anthologies so far (Jindagi ek paheli, Season of colours, Bachpan, Umeed, Sweet memories, Udane do mujhe, Way to happiness and Wings of motivation). Her poetry focuses on unsaid heartfelt words which connect her with her readers.

She is also co-author of a poetry book – “Baatein Kuch Unkhai si” and loves to spend time with her family along with this she also created a world record by writing 11 liner poem in which every line starts with alphabet “L” for which her name enters the INKZOID Book Of Records.

You can explore her write-up and quotes on Instagram @ ruchi_singla_7.

•Divya Rashmi Dudia (Honourable Mention)

Divya Rashmi Dudia is a financial analyst from Jodhpur Rajasthan . She is an enthusiast , epistemophoile, nature lover, soft hearted girl who believes that you can achieve every bit of what want to be . She is a writer who turned her passion into her profession . She has been into writing since 2018 and from 2020 she became an anthologist and a co author of more than 70 plus anthologies.She has complied an anthology named 90's childhood.She was awarded as young talent by inkzoid and recently her success story got featured in a magzine named "Doodly minds " .

Her achievements includes her name featured on google and in around 30+ leading newspaper as a young trending writer of jodhpur who turned her passion into a profession with 5 top leading women personalities and she recently received the title of 'Best Author Of The Year 2022' for being an INKZOID Literary Face 2022 awardee. Latest addition was a leading newspaper named youthnewsexpress that published an as a new emerging trending writer of jodhpur.She was published in a magzine named the celebania with Neha Dhupia and celeb story magazine with Ashmit Patel. Recently got published in 36 self made personalities with bajrangi bhaijaan fame Harshaali Malhotra. She was awarded with honor of national award on 25 dec in International literature festival in Delhi . She was also awarded as author of year 2021-22 for inkzoid publication .

She believes work for yourself and let it speak. Work work and work don't expect the results!!You have the power to turn each day into a successful life story. Keep working hard and keep grabbing the opportunities .

•Payal Chowdhury (Special Exclusive Mention)

Payal Chowdhury is from Belpahar,Odisha. Born to an elite family of education and culture she had a hobby of writing at the age of 10 and gradually it turned to passion. Professionally she is a teacher and passionately a writer. After completing her Masters degree in English and pursuing fashion designing course under the guidance of Anuradha Jha (designer at Decathlon,UK) she started her writing career since November, 2020. Initially she wrote quotes only later on she wrote poems,fictions,microtales and articles.She participated in 400+anthologies as a co-author,took part in podcasts.

Her work was recognised with various awards such as Aloha Award,Indian Noble Award,Rising Star Award (Multi-talent) award and has achieved Gold medal as well.Along with that she has been awarded with the title of "WRITER OF THE YEAR" AWARD.It was in 2021 she met Durlav Sarkar (founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION) and her career was uplifted. She was honored with the INKZOID BOOK OF WORLD RECORD, GLORIOUS BOOK OF RECORD, ICONIC PERSONALITY AWARD,UNIQUE PERSONALITY OF 2022, INKZOID SHINING STAR AWARDS.

Recently she was awarded with TPL SHIKSHA AWARDS FOR the category -MULTITALENTED WOMAN OF THE YEAR,at Dwarka New Delhi.

•Somdatta Mitra(Exclusive Mention)

Glorifying the temple of writing , painting , oratory, Mrs. Somdatta Mitra adorned her career with innumerable awards in writing challenges , open mics and writing competitions and recitation. Embossing her academics in M.A. English from Delhi University, a diploma in Commercial Art from ( I.I.F.T. ) International Institute of Fashion Technology , South Extention , New Delhi, a diploma in Desk Top Publishing from Brainware Computer Academy , Kolkata , she embarked on a journey in content writing initially in Advertising and Marketing. Culminating into teaching was a decisive moment whereby , she initiated her tutorial Bottlebrush Classes to promulgate creativity at its peak. Her enigma and strong manifolds amalgamated her poetry, articles and short stories into a published writing cadre. She completed 1000 anthologies as a co - author . She contributed for a solo book " UNHEARD VOICES " which is under publication.

☆ Received world record acclaim for writing the longest patriotic poem in English for India, endorsed by Inkzoid Foundation.

☆ Received world record acclaim for writing the longest fairy tale in English by an Indian , endorsed by Glorious Book of Records.

☆ Received a world record for writing the maximum number of difficult words used in a prayer for humanity in English , endorsed by Continental World Records.

☆ Received awards in the achievers category for the Best Teacher and Best Writer, endorsed by Magic Book of Records.

☆ Received Lost Pearl Feminine Awards by Lost Pearl Publication

☆ Received National Glory Awards for social work , writing poems and oratory by Asian Artist Union.

•Manisha Jaiswal

Manisha Jaiswal born in West Bengal with dream to make a change in the society.Professionally she is serving for a Pvt organization.Apart from her profession She Loves to read and in her spare time she loves to resolve the questioner of her mind.

She recently achieved Rabindranath Tagore Literature,Nazrul Sahitya Samman,Naari Samman Sheroes Award,TGP Woman Choice Award 2023 along with this she came In Namya magazine for the edition of march and the Inspiring Woman Volume IV as the cover star and became the author of the book "Shattered And Twilight" after she got featured as the Top 50 Literacy Award 2023,Best Poet Of 2022 and Top Iconic Personalities Of 2023 apart this she is also a multiple world record holder for writing a 14 liner poem (sonnet) in which all the sentences begins with the letter 'M' at the age of 23 and her name enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records for her contribution in the field of literature.She also India's Top 20 Prestigious Artist Award, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad National Excellence Award, India's top 30 Achievers Award for her contribution towards literature. Not only with this She is a co-author in more than 50 books. She is a regular contributor of Namya Publication Magazines. She has written her own solo book named "Tonic of Love &Heartbreak" and also Compiled "The Dynamic Love World" book.

People always asked her about her inspiration, and she simply reply that her inspiration in her parents “Mr. Manoj Jaiswal (Father) and Asha Jaiswal (mother).” Both inspire and motivate her in achieving her goals and her friends always supported her.

Along with this She is Holding the Position of Magazine Director in Drop of Change Publication

•Ranivah Khurshid

Ranivah khurshid hails from Shopian jammu and kashmir. She is an Author, Writer, Fair minded socialist, Green Panther person, Magnificent poetess from valley Kashmir.

She has given her contribution to around more than twenty books one of which has received WORLD RECORD . She desires to reach new heights in the field of writings.

Her poems and words are always beautifully crafted, relatable and inspirational. As reflected by her most of writings she describes an alluring theme of Nature, social challenges, female self-sureness etc. She is known for her revolutionary words and her appreciable writings.

•Poorvi Rajak

Poorvi Rajak D/o Sunil Rajak and Mamta Rajak is a resident of MVP colony Visakhapatnam. A multitasking girl who has embarked her mark in the field of Art. She won her first award at the age of 3 years and Camlin Art award at the age of 4. Her parents and Teachers encouraged her to continue her Drawing and painting. She has achieved many Prizes in School, Inter school, District, State, National and International level Art Competitions.

She achieved medals and trophies in different level art competitions

Major Award won by her includes:

• India Book of Records

• Bharatiya Bal Kala Sanskriti award

• Indian Icon Award

• Freedom Art Award

• Most innovative Global Artist Award

• Kala Ratna Award

• Kala Utsav Award

• Super Talented Girl award 2023

• Bhartiya Mahila Gaurav Samman 2023

• Sahara Charitable The Super Woman Award

She is not only an artist but also a poet. She wrote more than 100 poems. She has written a book of poems named “The Fascinating world of poems” which was published recently by Anuragyam Publication New Delhi. The book consist 75 Poems and dedicated to the 75 years of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Apart from the above award she has also proved herself and got prizes in State, National and International level Karate Competitions, Debates, Elocution, Public Speaking, storytelling, poem writing, easy writing, Slogan writing, poem recitation, Abacus, SOF's Olympiad exams, Art and craft and many more… she is very popular among fellow students and is very intelligent, hardworking, humble, and has excellent leadership qualities. She has always shown her interest in Art as well as in her academics and has always stood ahead.

She gives her achievement credits to her Parents, Teachers and her well wishers to encourage her.

•Gunwanti Harish Thanvi

In this chaotic world she is the serinity you will crave for.

Most probably Gunwanti Harish Thanvi hails from the City Of Rajasthan

Currently, she has completed class 12 in science stream.

Besides Studying she is passionate for Writing.

She's a Coffee Freak.

She craves for each word to give it a meaning.

Inspiring People and Spreading Smilestones make her heart smile.

Inspite of writing she has a great interest in Photography, Art .

An individual with a keen heart and likes to interrogate with people.

Gunwanti Harish Thanvi from Phalodi , has written 2 solo books which is at top 10 in amazon. Kaid Parindey and Jovial Companion are the 2 solo books written by her. She is an astounding Photographer and a super innovative artist. She's a world record holder and compiler of 100 + books . She is a founder of SH Publication , Sian Publication , Manager of SW Publication, CEO of SJ Publication.

She wants to be a renowned photographer , best writer and a doctor in his upcoming future. She wanted to achieve everything in her life.

•Dr. ( Major ) Shital Jindal

An EX-ARMY Indian Major, a government DOCTOR by profession --- she's a WRITER by passion, writing since class 2.

Since February 2018, she is writing on YourQuote App. You may find her latest work there ---

She had authored 4 books on YQ, available now on YQ stores. She's also having more than 10 co-authored anthologies to her name, available on Amazon, Kindle et al.

Education: MBBS, DiIT (Army), PGDMCH (IGNOU), PGDGM (IGNOU).

Work: After MBBS, 1y house surgeonship in Paediatrics at Civil Hospital Bathinda. 5y SSC in INDIAN ARMY. Will complete 14y as PCMS-1, on 30th July 2023.

Other achievements:

▪Honoured with *GOC-in-C commendation card* on 26th January 2007, while in Army.

▪Had been office bearer of IMA Bathinda, for 11 years.

▪Presently, Vice-president, PCMS Association Bathinda.

▪Had completed various online & offline running/walking activities. Also finished, *Bathinda Half Marathon (21.1k) in 2020*.

▪Won crown of *Mrs. PUNJAB QUEEN 2018-19*.

▪Honoured as *Mrs. Global dignity Beauty with Brains 2019-2020*.

Her life's motto: To live life, one day at a time. To smile and spread the sheen to all, pandemically.

Her life's long-term goals: to become a FLAGGED MARATHONER, to become a MOUNTAINEER, to participate an INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT.


•Khushbu Gulab Fadke

Khushbu Gulab Fadke is a daughter of Vatsala Gulab Fadke

and Gulab Vithal Fadke, born and brought up in Mayanagri Mumbai,Maharashtra,India.

Participated in "World Record" Anthology...

She has started her journey as an Co-Author for various

publication houses and contributed in 40 books.

Also participated in Rising Poetry Stars open mic competition.

She is an Author for "Kuch Haseen Unkahe Nagmo ki Gunj" and

currently finished writing "Kuch Khushbu Ki Kalam Se" will be getting published soon.

She loves to be Fashionable and loved to get clicked.

She has also worked for one of the TV serial as an "Character Artist".

and also done Bridal Photo shoot for Reliance Jewels.

Photography, Bharatnatyam Dancing, writing Poems and Songs is her passion.

She has Euphonious Voice one can hear her on Spotify

"Do Dil Aise Bhi"

She is Karate Trained and Self Make up Artist and loves to play Guitar

and loves to decorate some or the other things. Also she is very much into

Sketches and Drawings.

Basically she is Versatile.

Whoever talks to her always get impressed by her

She is Jovial, Loving, Cute, Kindhearted, Caring, Beautiful, Attractive,

Gorgeous Personality who enjoys her Bachelorette Life.

A Courageous Girl who lives life as per her own Definition Reach out to her on Instagram Id : real_fkhush Email id: [email protected]

•Ashna Chand

Ashna Chand is a passionate writer and an inspiring English educator.

She is a post Graduate in commerce, and has been a professional

trainer for English language. She aims to make a difference

through her writing. Ashna has a strong belief that her words

have the power to connect hearts, to heal people, to strengthen

the weak. She believes her writing will take the readers to their

free world of dreams. She has co-authored multiple beautifully published anthologies.

Happy Reading.

Love and Regards,

Ashna Chand

•Tabassum Rozy


She has completed her +2 intermediate in Science Stream , also studied Medical and completed CIVIL ENGINEERING from Bhubneswar and doing higher studies in Bhubneswar University.

She is also AMBASSADOR of the University she is studying in. She was asked to do a role in s small movie as a student in her college in one of the telugu movie.

She is also going to develop such an application for all the students who ever is getting suicide further the process is going on.

She has done her internship in Bangalore with “My Captain” company and worked in a Civil Centre Company in Bhubaneswar.

She was running an youth group for helping Animals like dogs to get food. She is also a Badminton champion from school level to College level . She has got lot's of certificate's online quiz competition which was Conducted by HAL township in Engineer's Day and got stood up in 1st position and many more in different course's. She is also a choreograph as well as she like to do paintings got medals in painting and she wants to make her Mom proud as a Daughter.

She has been writing shayari and quotes for few years now as her passion. She is Co-author in more than 100 Anthologies. She has also got published in magazine. She also worked with K&K publication for some time.

She was also the Co-founder of KA Artisans group & Ambassador of Sarvad publication . She was 2021 Spotlight and also achieved lots of medals , certificates and trophies. She wants to be a passionate writer in future . She is very lucky to have such a family. They are the biggest support system who have motivated and inspired to write her charming and live her dreams as a queen . Her Role model is her Mom who has always supported in her up and down's.

She believes in making the impossible to possible because there’s no Fun in giving up.

A recent add on to her achievement was her name was added in google feature in The Top 18 Deserving Talents of India

also in Top 29 Amazing talents of the globe and even she has google featured also a Ambitious writer from Odisha.

She is also the Managing Director of

Dr.Abdul Kalam Azad foundation, Avav Publication and Author's word publication .

She is blessed to have all this just because of her Mother support and what she is today just because of her she is infront of us.

•Kadambari Gupta

Kadambari Gupta studied in dps mathura road and then pursued political science honours from delhi university followed by pg diploma in human rights and LL. B. from Mewar law Institute she loves to write poems and has co authored over three hundred anthologies along with this she is the author of one solo book named "Life Without You" and has a poem on motivation uploaded on YouTube and has won Aagaz virtual legal competition.

She has been awarded the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Award for her valuable contribution in the field of literature.


Keerthana is a sophomore pursuing Computer Science & Business Systems at Sri Sairam Engineering College. A Poetess, Compiler, TedX Speaker, Published Author, An Ardent reader & A World Record Holder.

A girl of nineteen running towards her dream, full of hope, finding her happiness in the smallest things. Keerthana has co-authored around 50+ anthologies including world record anthologies & authored The Man Of My Universe, holding a world record for the fastest dedicational book under Inkzoid book of records. She has won many accolades for her endless contribution to the field of literature.

She has participated in numerous poetry and speech competitions , bagged up many honors. She has received numerous prestigious awards in the field of writing,

such as the All India Best Writer Award, Indestructible Writer Award, Writer's Ink Awards, Sparkling Scribbler Award, Meritorious Star Award, and Jackhi's Gold Star Award.

She is also awarded as one of the Top 100 global child prodigies for her commendable contribution.

Keerthana is currently working on her debutant poetry book "Engraving Emotions" which is expected to hit by April.

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The Top 11 Amazing Books Of The Year 2023

The Top 11 Amazing Books Of The Year 2023 are Shri Universe, Pages From My Past, Marichi ki Dooriyan, The Mystery Box, Aghori-An Untold Story, First Murder, Mehyra, Aadhyatmik Yatra, Four Directions, Deewan-e-Krishna, Passionate Life.

Poetic Souls Publications takes an initiative to felicitate the deserving talents and tried to support the upcoming budding talents because they believe everyone has a talent thay just need to find and execute it at the correct time.

•Shri Universe By R R Nisha Shri

Shri Universe is about Spirituality and Medicine. It starts with a dream world and continues to reality. The book is a good read for spiritual seeds to sow in your life. You will become a better person after you read Shri Universe. It's pure magic combined with logic for living a miraculous life.

I am a simple person with high thinking. Though I am strict, I am a friendly girl. I respect my seniors and maintain professionalism in my day to day life. Knowledge and wisdom strengthens my mind, makes my body fit and soul to feel peaceful.

•Pages From My Past By Sombrata Mukherjee

‘The Past is not what it seems’. Things get really different when you spend your time with memories. Dive down into the realm of fun-filled adventures of the author life, get to know about the past incidents which moulds up the present greatly. Listen to the tales of how mischievous friends can be, what comical incidents arise when you spend your days with them walking on streets, recall the classical moments of parents, and most importantly get a chance to cherish various small incidents. Writing about what has happened is really interesting. I don’t know whether a reader would appreciate an author’s past life or not, but they would definitely enjoy the relatable tales of gait and melancholy. Countless events which impress a strong influence on someone’s mind are surely not being noted down by everyone but by a writer. He or she would appreciate such events which now are acting as a fodder to the composure. Everything in here is a part of me, some pages of my past and thus is the book.When I was busy spending time with my friends, my family, my teachers, my pet, my books I never thought that I was preparing the script for this book. Every weird incident mixed up with a band of emotions is placed in here. I’m glad to write such events which I may forget in the inevitable future. New memories would stand over the old ones, but one should not forget the old ones to be the base pillars. Before going into the next life through Karma Chakra, it is a bit satisfying to write about a portion of this life and hopefully my readers will enjoy the collection of stories, poems and memories written in here. Based on all real events, this book as a partial autobiography, the only difference? – It’s explained in an interesting story telling way. Every person has his/her own story, a portion of being greatly relatable with others. People love stories, and this book has a handful of them. As a bonus, get a peep of an upcoming work and also read the extracts from previous stories, poems. Cherish every moment, make memories sweeter!

•Marichi Ki Doriyan By Rashmi Shukla


"This book - Being my first solo publication, is all about the realms with various shades of life I have gone , heard or witnessed so far After writing rigorously, day and night about my thoughts ,views and conversations with brim of styles and persona of people thought to bring all the compositions under one roof. Here you will get to read a series of both short and long poems written at different places, different moods, situations of personal losses ,few wins and many many ups and downs of life.

I'll just say this depiction of instances will keep hitting the right chord the more number of times you read it, crisp and steady.

Yes ,its going to be a kind of reflections for tiny things around me and my aura!!

Read it!  Think about it!!

•The Mystery Box By Roma Dessai

This is an extremely powerful and intriguing story of a young girl Sophia and her friends . Sophia and her friends visit her Farmhouse for a stay where they find a unique box. After they reach the farmhouse they learn many secrets which they were unaware of.

Sophia’s parents embarks on a journey of mysteries behind the box which leads them to many surprises. 

An innocent mistake leads to behavioral changes in Sophia . Sophia’s parents and friends attempt to help her unfolds many untold secrets which keeps them astonished . The combined efforts to help Sophia come out of the misery puts her into more trouble. 

The incidents of the story are wholly absorbing. It is a story of The Mystery Box , how they find it and how it changes their life to an extent that it starts affecting them at each and every point in their life. They make lot of efforts to come out of it which puts them in more and more trouble until they learn the truth.

•Aghori-An Untold Story By Mayur Kalbag

Is a vibrantly colored collage of varied experiences that the protagonist, Subraiya or Subbu as he is fondly addressed as goes through. Subbu’s extremely deep and earnest desire to know more about the Aghori Sadhus / Babas becomes the basis of this most unique and indelible journey of adventures and experiences.

The book is not just a story but an opportunity for the reader to experience an exuberant expedition that incorporates different and diverse activities which are spiritual, intriguing, ethereal and at times, frightening!

Aghori-an untold story has been written in an autobiographical form with the intense intent of the author to make the reader feel that he or she is part of all the adventures and experiences. I believe that it is completely up to the reader or a better word would be the ‘viewer’ to infer whether the story of Subbu and his journey with the Aghoris is fiction or reality!

•First Murder By M R Sharveshwar

Stranger who has no decency finds a girl for just doing time pass in Instagram but she is not interested.. Stranger has a family and when he is depressed when his promotion got cancelled and when he came to know about his mother's incident happened in their village, now he has some unfinished business. He has no idea how is she. She is completely different from other women's who has only one purpose in life. Her life is fully dependent on and she will do anything to complete. One dream which is coming to her everyday makes her to wake up. She needs to forget that badly only by completing her purpose. That cannot be achieved by single women. She needs support, thinking about Instagram stranger to complete her mission. When she came to know that she was used by him and Alexandra was playing in her life and she came to know on her birthday night. She was wrong. She believed him and trusted him with all her life she didn't receive love instead she got only betrayal. As she struggles to come out of her betrayal she came to know about the fake websites which was used by Alexandra and her clients whether she will be able to uncover them with one phone, one laptop and with an unknown stranger. One murder and this is will be her first murder.

A Young girl, a stranger....

One laptop, one mobile...

One murder, one bad dream...


•Mehyra By Srijana Subba

The stories in this book has emerged from a day to day struggle and experience. Being a writer I have taken the liberty to scatter my imagination .

Statutory warning: Some characters in this book are not fictitious, any resemblance to real persons , living or dead is purely intentional....!!!

•Aadhyatmik Yatra By Mugdhaa Chandel

I never made these poems by stopping, thinking. Never contemplated for hours by holding a pen in hand. All my poems automatically emerged in the situations that happened to me. I have allowed them to remain in their original form, never made any corrections because all the spiritual ups and downs in my life are true. Whom I do not want to change. Today I am a spiritual guide, healer, these poems are full of turmoil, happiness and sorrow, devotion, disorientation elsewhere in my early spiritual journey.

•Four Directions By Mitrajit Biswas

This is a book which is meant for relishing the stories of different flavours. Four stories which talks about four different ways of life, it's directions and the choices of destiny. That is what makes this book stand out for in terms of the four different story flavours panned out and presented to you.

•Deewan-e-Krishna By Krishna Kumar

This book of poetry '' DEEWAN - E - Krishna '' is written for all human beings. Language of this book is kept easy so that people can easily understand. This poetry book contains all the philosophy of life . Meaning of Deewan means Vazir - but here it is totally different , it is all about a man who loves to nature , Nation , Parents , relatives , Guru , God ....etc .

I hope this book will add the wings to your dream .

•Passionate Life By Nikita Mahajan

Passionate Life is a book that draws from the experiences of real people to help people develop a virtuous and moral outlook on life. It provides a roadmap to help them navigate life challenges and better understand who they are, develop a solid and satisfying relationship with themselves, connect with their true self and passions, strengthen their character, gain more self-assurance, and discover their life's purpose. It is designed to assist readers in taking control of themselves and realising all of their potency and encourages them to live an ardent life filled with joy and reason if they have the right perspective and resources. The author expresses their gratitude to everyone who helped make this book a reality, from family, friends, colleagues, and readers. They also thank the publishing house's staff for their efforts, support, and advice in seeing this book through to completion.

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Other News India

News: Madhav Fashion Holds Successful Business Meeting with Staff to Set One-Year Goals at Satkar Restaurant

On 23rd March, Madhav Fashion, one of the leading Embroidery Fabric Manufacturers in Surat, held a business meeting with its staff members to discuss the company's goals for the upcoming year. The meeting took place at Satkar Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

The meeting was attended by the company's top management, along with department heads and other key personnel. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the company's performance in the previous year and to set targets and strategies for the upcoming year.

During the meeting, the management discussed various aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, production, and customer service. They also emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration to achieve the company's goals.

The staff members were given an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the company's performance and enhance customer satisfaction. The management appreciated their inputs and assured them of the company's support in implementing the suggestions.

The meeting was successful in aligning the company's vision and goals for the upcoming year. The management expressed confidence in achieving their targets with the help of their dedicated staff members. The meeting concluded with a message of motivation and encouragement for the staff members to work towards achieving the company's goals.

Mr. Umesh Malviya (Founder and Ceo) of Madhav Fashion

Overall, the business meeting held by Madhav Fashion at Satkar Restaurant was a productive and successful one. It demonstrated the company's commitment to continuous improvement and growth, and its efforts to involve all stakeholders in the process.

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On the third day of Navratri, Maa Chandraghanta is worshipped by the devotees.

Madhav Fashion is not just about clothing, it's a statement of style and elegance that defines who you are and what you stand for.

For business Inquiry: +91-9099144005

#Madahvfashion #mumbai #delhi #dress #saree #kurti #embroidery #fabric #digitalprintfabric #planfabric

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Other world news

A message to KU comrades during this exam period.

Exam advice for students.

Dear university students,

As you approach your exams, I want to offer you some words of encouragement and advice. Remember that you have worked hard to get to this point, and that you are capable of achieving great things. You have the knowledge and skills necessary to do well on your exams, so trust in yourself and your abilities.

During this time, it is important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Make sure you are eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking breaks when you need them. Don't forget to exercise, as this can help reduce stress and improve focus.

When studying, it is important to stay organized and manage your time effectively. Make a schedule and stick to it, and prioritize your tasks based on importance and urgency. Try to avoid distractions and stay focused on your studies.

Remember that it's okay to ask for help if you need it. Your professors, advisors, and tutors are there to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions or need clarification on any topics.

Finally, keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving great things, and with hard work and dedication, you will succeed. Good luck on your exams, and remember to stay confident, focused, and determined!

Francis C. Alisa

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Shoaib Habib Memon Received HBL PSL8 HamareHeroes Award 2023

Mr. Shoaib Habib Memon is a Freelance Social Worker, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Entrepreneur. Mr. Memon is a Pakistani citizen and resident of District Thatta, Province Sindh. He obtained the degree of M.A and LLB from the University of Sindh. He worked with many charity organisations , In addition to this Mr. Memon owns and operates a successful business in his hometown. Mr Shoaib Habib Memon Received HBL PSL8 HamareHeroes Award on 21 February 2023 on Match 10 at National Stadium Karachi Pakistan. Mr Memon have Near 50k Followers on Professional Network LinkedIn, He have Shared and Promoted Pakistani Talent on LinkedIn.

Mr. Shoaib Habib Memon received a “Book for Peace” award From FUNVIC Foundation Italy on 21 September 2019 and is regularly involved in volunteer charity work for poverty-stricken and neglected families. Mr. Memon supports deserving families and orphaned children with food and humanitarian projects, such as installation of hand pumps and wells for clean drinking water, supporting students in financial need, providing clothing and shelter, Women’s empowerment initiatives, and support to impoverished and disabled patients. Mr Memon got Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG) From Republic of Ghana ( West Africa) Presented Certificate of Achievement For Social Services to Mr Shoaib Habib Memon on 18 September 2021.

Mr Shoaib Habib Memon also Recieved : CERTIFICATE of Appreciation as a Humanitarian (Ambassador Books For Peace Award) in January 2022 From The FUNVIC Europe , which is part of the UNESCO Club of (Brazil)

Mr Memon Working For Flood Affectees Since June 2022 ,He also recieved Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Talent Award 2022 for his Volunteerly Social welfare work in Sindh ,

Read More

Watch Hamaray Heroes powered by Kingdom Valley honours the heroes of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Highlight the life and achievements of Shoaib Habib Memon

Watch full video:

Please See My Activities at below links

Story Covered by 24 News Channel

Interview Published on Best Startup Asia

By Mark Fitz

Story Covered in The High Asia ERALD

International Discussion about Global Crisis (Humanity)on Creative Society

watch on YouTube

Shoaib Habib Memon

Email [email protected]



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