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Journey Of Successful Musical Artist , Youtuber And Internet Personality - Sameer Khan

About Sameer Khan

Sameer Khan Is An Professional Indian Musical Artist , Youtuber , Photographer , Influencer And Internet Personality.

Sameer khan ( Musical Artist ), Born On 21 April 2004 In Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sameer khan Started his career in 2020 .

Sameer khan loves to create music . Sameer khan has also a Good knowledge of website designing . He is also working as a freelancer .


Sameer khan has done his Senior Secondry Education from A Private School and we dont know his school name . Sameer khan is going to persue ( hons) .

Sameer khan Is an Internet Personality

Sameer khan Is an Internet Personality and loves to Shares his Unique Vedios on his Social handles like on Instagram , facebook & Youtube.

Sameer khan has uploaded a vedios on his Instagram Account which got 2.4 Million Views

Sameer Khan Profession

Sameer khan is Indian Musical Artist and Internet Celebrity .he is really an honest person towards his works and building his carrer .

Follow Sameer Khan On His Social Media Handles :-

Instagram - @sameer_K_774

Facebook - @creatersameerkhan

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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under President Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009.

Born: 20 November 1942 (age 79 years), Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States

Presidential term: 20 January 2021 –

Party: Democratic Party

Spouse: Jill Biden (m. 1977), Neilia Hunter (m. 1966–1972)

Edited works: Halting the Spread of HIV/AIDS: Future Efforts in the U. S. Bilateral and Multilateral Response: Congressional Hearings, more

Organization founded: Biden and Walsh

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Rajnath Singh is an Indian politician serving as the Defence Minister of India. He is currently the Deputy Leader of the House Lok Sabha. He is the former President of Bharatiya Janata Party. He has previously served as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and as a Cabinet Minister in the Vajpayee Government.

Born: 10 July 1951 (age 71 years), Chakia

Spouse: Savitri Singh (m. 1971)

Education: Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur

Office: Minister of Defence of India since 2019

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Previous offices: Minister of Home Affairs of India (2014–2019), more

Children: Pankaj Singh, Anamika Singh, Neeraj Singh

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Amit Anil Chandra Shah is an Indian politician currently serving as the Minister of Home Affairs and the first Minister of Co-operation of India. He served as the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party from 2014 to 2020. He has also served as chairman of the National Democratic Alliance since 2014.

Born: 22 October 1964 (age 57 years), Mumbai

Spouse: Sonal Shah (m. 1987)

Office: Member of the Lok Sabha since 2019

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Nominations: CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Politics

Previous offices: Member of Rajya Sabha (2017–2019), more

Children: Jay Shah

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Narendra Damodardas Modi is an Indian politician serving as the 14th and current prime minister of India since 2014. Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 and is the Member of Parliament from Varanasi.

Born: 17 September 1950 (age 71 years), Vadnagar

Full name: Narendra Damodardas Modi

Spouse: Jashodaben Modi (m. 1968)

Education: Gujarat University (1983), School of Open Learning, University of Delhi (1978)

Organizations founded: International Solar Alliance, National Digital Health Mission

Niece: Sonal Modi

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Ahmed Muazzam

Ahmed Muazzam is a Video creator.

He lives in majhaua kand subdistrict utraula district balrampur Uttarpradesh.

He was born on 18 January 2004

He is a Video Organiser on Chingari app Moj app and others.

He is a verified creator on Knackit app.


Young writer and Publisher Pretty Susmitha

Is a Young writer and Publisher.

She Got the Best performance award from school for Her Poem was

Featured in Kenya times( African newspaper).

And also She got the Best Personality award from

Inzoid Foundation .

She has worked on about 85+ Projects as Co-author.

Her Writup

Lust or Love

Lust or Love

Love or Lust

With Love

Without Lust

Life Will be a Lovely Nest

With Lust

Without Love

Life Will Be a Crust


Beauty isn’t Denote

Weight of Body or

Height of your Age,

Colour of Your skin


Structure of face


Beauty denotes

In Your Character and

How you love others

Even when they are not Try to Give Back the Same.

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JEC PUBLICATION Launches its 2ND INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE SPANDORA first edition (MAY 2022); R K Mohapatra is the cover star

“Spandora - A Pandora”

Expressing one's thoughts and sharing them with the world has been a practice we do since ancient times. The only difference we can see between the past and today is the scale to which we spread our ideas and our views. Our views on any topic were just rounded up to a small group of people and it took a long time to reach the people. Along with this, you couldn’t be assured that your views reached the masses in the way you want. But today with the help of modernized mass communication techniques, it has become so easy to establish a base to deliver your thoughts and reach out to the masses, be it the internet, magazines, or any other form of mass commutation.

One such magazine, which tells the stories and the views of emerging writers is Spandora - An International magazine by JEC Publications which recently launched its May edition. This magazine talks about some of the fabulous and promising talents across India and spreads their views and potential to the entire globe.


Amazon link :-

Google play book link:-

About the Founder

Chaitanya Srivastava, a Merchant Navy student at Southern Academy of Maritime studies, Chennai lives in the holiest city of Varanasi. He is the Founder of the "JEC PUBLICATION & JEC Printing Technologies". This publication to him is like his child and in it he has invested his time to build it to reach the point where it stands today. Now JEC is so successful that many subunits have been established under JEC Publication. His vision for the publication is to be known world wide and to achieve that he is determined. He is one of a kind when it comes to penning down his feelings and thoughts on various topics. He is someone who keeps his distance from any form of quarrel and loves peace. Along with being the best student, best founder and the best writer he is also a dreamer who wishes to make this work a better place to live in and help the needy. He has been making people smile through his writing since many years. You can find his work on his Instagram page : jazbaat_e_chaitanya where he expresses his feelings and thoughts through his writings. Till date he has helped several Publications and individuals as well in printing their stuff, compiled books, novels etc. from his own printing press.

About the Chief Editor

Sabbi Ansari is a multitalented girl from Bihar. She is pursuing Maths honours. Naturally She is an introvert and she loves to explore things in life.lf She isn't spending time with her family and friends, you can always find her in the garden with pen, paper and her imagination. She has started writing in the 2019 lockdown. She has taken part in many poetry competitions and also works as a co-author in more than 20 anthologies. She has also compiled three anthologies namely Shaksiyat, Naari ek Samman and Emotion without direction and many more are on the way. Recently she has started a writing community also. She has also compiled 11 anthologies namely Shaksiyat, Naari ek Samman and Emotions without direction, A soul with cold heart, Eve teasing, Jazbat e dil, Life an endless journey, You and Me buds forever, Mom's world and Unconditional love. and many more are on the way. Recently She has started a writing community name BPH Writing Community. She is nominated as the best writer by Attainers Award organised by Jec Publication. She is also awarded as the best Compiler of the year and quote writer of the year by Dream Publishers. Also She has been awarded by the title of "Jagrook Champion" She is also featured as the literary rising stars of India in 'Entrepreneur ethics' media and also featured as "Ambitious personality" in many prestigious media like daily hunt, Midget herald, fox interviewer, influencer magzine Uk, entrepreneur stories and google. Her two poetries are also featured in two magzines and her thoughts are also featured in two newspaper. Her hobby is to do social work. She wants to become a teacher in future. You can also read her quotes on Google.

Insta id :- poet_and_pancakes

The May edition featured R K Mohapatra who is an accomplished author, philanthropist, and activist. Mr. R K Mohapatra is also featured on the cover of our magazine due to the amazing works he has published over the years which include various books: ”Retirement Planning: A simple guide for Individuals,”, "Investment Risk & Growth: A Guide for Investors about Investment Vehicles, "Sahi Nivesh Se Ameer Banen (Hindi Edition)” and many more. Along with these he has his blog and is a public speaker. He is truly a passion-driven person.

Apart from R K Mohapatra, many prestigious authors were featured in this magazine. These include

Dr. Vikas Singh, an accomplished author, and international marketing strategies. Recently his book “Return Ticket” was published in which he shared his thoughts on how ancient Greek literature is a goldmine of truth and wisdom which can truly transform our world.

Sumana, a self-motivated and self-empowered woman. In this magazine, she talks about her books - “Life through my Eyes” and “The Moment of Joy” which boosts your faith in yourself i.e. makes you realize the importance of self-confidence and help you boost it. Also, these books are filled with poetries and stories that will take over your sorrow and will enhance your positive attitude.

Ankush Tiwari, one of the rising and bright poets who have got a unique sense of writing which makes him different from the rest of the poets. His outlook on life and all the things is quite remarkable.

Kshama is of the mindset that every author should get the chance to be published and heard. And to fulfill this she opened her publication Kashmira Puravasini Publications which gives chance to all new writers to get their thoughts published.

Khyati Shah, someone who always emphasizes positivity which is noticed in all her writings. She is a writer, artist, dancer, and data analyst. In the magazine, she talks about how can one stop negative thinking from consuming them.

K.Anurag Rao, an engineer by profession and an author at heart. He is a unique blend of sciences and writing that one rarely sees.

Clara Menezes, a mother, wife, believer, dancer, food lover, content creator, and author. She believes that life is too short to be unhappy which she always follows. Her writings have been nominated in one of the international weekend newspapers: MT. KENYA TIMES. Also, she is honored with the “INDIAN PRIDE AWARD”

Pranjali Bhinge, professionally a banker, but she has a heart of an artist. She is a traveler and captures all her traveling experiences in her beautiful writings. Till now she has been the co-author of 50+ anthologies and e-papers. She is a reserved calm girl with really high aspirations.

Ashwini. P, a Tamil and English writer who has won many prizes based on her writings. She is self-motivated and self-inspired.

Sankalp Mirani, a bestselling author for Hindustan Times and CBFC for more than 5 novels. He writes urban fantasies as well under the name “IMPROVKAAR”. His works have claimed some serious appreciation in more than 28 countries and have been awarded many a time.

Jyoti Verma, a graphics designer and a writer who has won a national award for her book “My Hushed Voice”. She is loyal at heart and is interested in writing and dancing.

Fehmina Siddiqui, an active member of many poetic communities, is a poet, writer, compiler, and co-author. Her writings are always inspired by real-life experiences.

Ankita Choudhary, a true example of how a teen can make their voice heard and can bring a change. She is a passionate writer whose writings have been published in more than 40 anthologies and one magazine. Pen and paper are her best friends, defenders, and path to success.

Sulsha Mitesh Kapasi, a very expressive, intelligent, and creative young girl with a good sense of humor. She believes that her writings can change the world by bringing in-house conversations on various topics. She loves to weave her life experiences and fantasies into heartfelt poems which makes her one of the best poets out there.

Gurleen Kaur, a traveler and a language enthusiast who also loves dancing and painting. She lives to express her emotions through words.

All these writers have extraordinary outlooks on life and world. These intellectuals will surely amaze you with their talent and creativity with which they can express themselves.

Spandora is not just about the writers but it also helps promote all forms of creativity. This month we had an amazing interview with a Young and Promising Photographer Anand Gopal Mondhe who is truly deeply in love with nature. His wildlife photography will surely blow your mind.

All these promising talents are what Spandora is made up of which presents the world with a true image of India, which is a new, creative and vocal India.

Connect with Us


Instagram- &


[email protected]



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Anish Rajpoot anshu is a socialmedia Enterpreneur,who is born in 31 October at Uttarpredesh (Mirzapur).

He also got verified in socialmedia platform like josh and changa,tiki,

Instagram usename @anish.rajpoot.anshu

Anish rajpoot anshu is well upcoming star in instagram also.he has huge number of fans all over.

Anish had started his social media journey at year of December 2021.upto now he had makes a huge fans base of him.

Now Anish rajpoot anshu is greatly know as a star of socialmedia in upcoming future

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Yash joshi Is One Of The Famous Indian Famous Influencers And Video Creator

Yash Joshi is a social-media fashion influencer, who is born in june 17,2006 at Gonda (uttar pradesh).

He also got verified in socialmedia platform like josh and changa,tiki, .

Yash joshi is well upcoming star in instagram also.he has huge number of fans all over.

Yash had started his social media journey at year of 2020.upto now he had makes a huge fans base of him.

Now yash joshi is greatly know as a star of socialmedia in upcoming future

Instagram I'd 👉

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Himanshu Kushwaha Is One Of The Famous Indian Famous Influencers And Video Creator

Himanshu Kushwaha is a video creator and Musical arist ,who is born in january 4,2007 at chirgaon(Jhansi).

He also got verified in socialmedia platform like josh and changa,tiki, .

Himanshu Kushwaha is well upcoming star in instagram also.he has huge number of fans all over.

Himanshu had started his social media journey at year of December 2020.upto now he had makes a huge fans base of him.

Now himanshu Kushwaha is greatly know as a star of socialmedia in upcoming future

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CM Yogi Adityanath

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath is an Indian Hindu monk and politician serving as the 23rd and current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, he is in office since 19 March 2017. Wikipedia

Born: 5 June 1972 (age 49 years), Pauri Garhwal

Height: 1.63 m

Education: Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Siblings: Mahendra Singh Bisht, Shailendra Mohan, Shashi Singh, Manvendra Mohan

Parents: Anand Singh Bisht, Savitri Devi

Previous offices: Minister of P.R.D of Uttar Pradesh (2020–2022),

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Ahmed Muazzam

Ahmed Muazzam is a Video Creator.

He lives in Utraula, District Balrampur, Uttarpradesh.

He Was Born on 18 Jan 2004

He Created videos on many social platforms like, Chingaari app, Moj app, Josh App, Trell App and Other social platforms.

He started his career in Aug 2019 And now he is well known as a video Creator

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working principle of dc generator.

There are are two windings in dc generator , field winding and armature winding. Due to residual magnetism in field winding a constant magnetic field develops in it when armature winding is rotating with constant angular velocity in magnetic field according to faraday 's law of electromagnetic induction EFM is developed on armature winding.

E=N dø/dt

where , E= Electromotive force

N= Number of turns

dø/dt= Rate of change of flux

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इब्न खुदामा अपनी किताब अत-तवाबिंन में बनी इस्राईल का वाकिया पेश करते हुए कहते है के, मूसा (अलैहि सलाम) के ज़माने में एक बार केहत आया (सुखा पड़ा), आप अपने तमाम सहाबा के साथ अल्लाह की बारगाह में हाथ उठाकर बारिश के लिए दुआ करते है, अल्लाह की जानिब से मूसा (अलैहि सलाम) को गैब से आवाज़ आयी और कहा के “ऐ मूसा(अ.) आपके एक सहाबी ने अभी तक तौबा नहीं की.. “

मूसा (अलैहि सलाम) अपने सहाबा से कहते है के तुम में से कौन है जिसने अभी तक तौबा नहीं की इसीलिए बारिश नही हो रही, ये कहते ही बारिश का बरसना शुरु हो गया।

सहाबा कहने लगे “ऐ मूसा (अ.) आपने तो झूठ कहा हमसे! देखो बारिश तो शुरू हो गई”

मूसा (अ.) परेशांन होकर अल्लाह से सवाल करने लगे “ऐ अल्लाह ! ये कैसा माजरा है ?”

अल्लाह तआला ने फ़रमाया “ऐ मूसा (अ.) जैसा ही तुमने सहाबा से तौबा का ज़िक्र किया मेरे उस गुनेहगार बन्दे ने मुझसे अपने गुनाहों की तौबा कर ली” (रिवायतो में आता है के उस सहाबी के मुह से अस्ताग्फार का जुमला निकला)

मूसा (अ.) ने कहा “ऐ अल्लाह! मुझे भी बता , भला वो कौन था बंदा”

अल्लाह तआला ने फ़रमाया “ऐ मूसा(अ.) , मेरा बंदा जब गुनाह करके तौबा नहीं किया तब मैंने तुमसे छुपाया, अब तो मेरा बंदा तौबा कर चूका है फिर भला अब तुम्हे कैसे उसका नाम बता दू,..” [किताब अत-तवाबिंन]

♥ सुभानअल्लाह ! ये रिश्ता है अल्लाह का अपने बन्दों से…!

मेरे अजीजो! अल्लाह रब्बुल इज्ज़त हमारे गुनाहों को पोशीदा रखने पर कादिर हैं, और सिर्फ पोशीदा ही नहीं बल्की हमारे गुनाहों को मुआफ करने पर भी कादिर है, ज़रा शिद्दत से खालिस उसकी बारगाह में हाथ फैलाकर तो देखो।

बहरहाल, इस वाकिये में नसीहत है, उन तमाम हज़रात के लिए जो अल्लाह से मायूस होकर अल्लाह के आगे सर झुकाने के बजाये फलाह और फलाह के दर पर झुकते है, अपने गुनाहों के किस्से उन्हें सुनाकर उन्हें अपने गुनाहों पर गवाह और हुज्जत बनाते है, अल्लाह रहम करे, ना जाने कीस हद तक हम अपने रब से मायूस होते है जबकि वो तो हमारी तौबा की इंतज़ार में रहता है।

लिहाजा मेरे अजीजो! हमे चाहिए के हम अल्लाह से अपना रिश्ता मजबूत कर ले, और हर हाल में अल्लाह ही से सवाल करे, जैसा के हमारे नबी-ऐ-करीम (सलाल्लाहू अलैहि वसल्लम) ने सारी ज़िन्दगी आपनी उम्मत को तालीम दी।

♥ इंशा अल्लाह उल अज़ीज़

– अल्लाह तआला हमे कहने सुनने से ज्यादा अमल की तौफीक दे,

– जब तक हमे जिंदा रखे इस्लाम और इमांन पर जिन्दा रखे,

– खात्मा हमारा ईमान पर हो ,.

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