The Moon Studioz’s Prayer of Hope burns बम्बई

The Moon Studioz’s Prayer of Hope burns bright amid Covid rampage

Mumbai, 7th June 2021: The pandemic. Disease. Pain. Death. Fear. If there ever was a time for support and strength - it’s now! Here’s a little effort - The Moon Studioz’s - ‘Humein Tanha Na Chhodna’.

More than a song, it’s a call to the almighty from the heart’s core. To hold our hand in this storm. To protect us from this invisible demon. To be with us in these desperate times.

The song has been evocatively encased in a montage of stills and footage, the completed production of which tugs at the heart strings, perfectly amalgamated with soulful vocals and heart-touching lyrics. The essence: Our Prayers are Stronger than Covid.

Vandana Sethhi, founder, The Moon Studioz (also an advertising veteran)and legendary film editor, director - Aseem Sinha over one of their regular chats felt the need for a prayer for these times. They shared the thought with veteran creative director - Amit Baid who has written the lyrics. Music director - Bapi Bhattacharya (earlier, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj) heard the idea and the lyrics; and was immediately onboard. The project could only come alive with the unflinching support of Aseem Sinha. Deepest gratitude to him.

Producer Vandana Sethhi says, “When all else has been tried, there will only be God. It’s time for God to come down and destroy this demon called Covid. This invisible enemy of humankind. That’s our prayer.”

Amit Baid, the lyricist, illustrates the spirit of the expression, “The prayer works at two levels. Firstly, it captures the pain of the situation - connecting with one and all. Secondly, it carries the emotions towards positivity and hope; invoking the almighty at all times.’’

“The musical challenge was to stir up the heart… while elevating the lyrics to make an impact. You will find the orchestration to be minimum and the voice - folksy because more than a song, it’s a call.” reflects, Bapi Bhattacharya.

The production ( Humein Tanha Na Chhodna) has been oriented towards social media with the potential of going viral as it strikes straight at the heart. Keep an eye out on your WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook timelines.
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The Moon Studioz’s presents Prayer of Hope during the pandemic

Adversity brings out the best of people. For the vast majority of people, there have never been periods of greater adversity than what Covid has inflicted on us. Despite this, most people have gone beyond and beyond in their service to others.

Doing everything they can, in whatever capacity, such as caring for families, neighbors, and coworkers, ordinary people donating money to NGOs for beds, oxygen, and medical facilities; employers paying workers even though offices were closed; ordinary people donating food and money to those in need. Such a massive display of human cooperation has never been seen before, particularly on such a global scale.

The world is still unified today. Who’d have guessed that this would be a moment of unity in despair? Fear, confusion, panic, and desperation unite us! People are just thinking one thing: Is there no way out!

And still, after anything else has been tried, there will be nothing left but God. When science has offered its everything when even the most valiant human effort falls short… there is only God! It’s time for God to descend and slay this demon known as Covid. This vile, vicious, and unseen foe of humanity.

Amid the growing darkness, The Moon Studioz is contributing in their unique way. They tried to articulate this collective desolation in a moving original prayer– It’s the cry of desperation to the Almighty, reflecting the collective sense of helplessness and finality at what is happening around us.

The song is a prayer to God, pleading with Him to intervene and put an end to this multi-headed devil. This enemy is claiming lives with little respect for human life. The album has been encased in an evocative montage of stills and video, the finished result of which tugs at the heartstrings, perfectly amalgamated with soulful vocals and melancholic lyrics.

Vandana Sethhi, an advertising specialist and first-generation entrepreneur who has launched a few communications-related businesses and ventures, leads The Moon Studioz. She imagined an extremely sensitive yet evocative creation that would pull at the heartstrings and ignite a collective lament to the Almighty, begging divine intervention in these despondent times, based on her understanding of and technical nous in social media.

Ms. Sethhi found the ideal artistic partner in writer Amit Baid, a senior advertisement colleague who meaningfully expressed the mutual feeling in soul-stirring songs, and singer-composer Bapi Bhattacharya. Bapi of Bapi-Tutul fame, whose work for Khosla ka Ghosla, Sarkar Raj, Sarkar, and other productions have received acclaim. The prayer took on new dimensions thanks to Bapi’s composition, which gave it a truly ethereal feel.

The production was created for social media and has the potential to go viral because it hits right at the heart of a problem that affects everyone! Keep an eye on what’s going on in your WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.

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The Coronavirus global pandemic-inflicted lockdown has changed all things for all people. In India, with no certainty about when the lockdown will be lifted, ‘stay at home’ and ‘work from home’ have gone beyond fashionable mantras and become lifestyle imperatives.

People are slowly,even if painfully, learning to adapt to this new normal. But, especially for the youth, weeks of watching TV, surfing the net, cooking, cleaning, sleeping… and then repeating the same cycle over and over, have exhausted all indoor options of entertainment and is slowly ushering in a sense of utter boredom and restlessness. Suddenly, everyone is craving the life they took for granted – simple things like going out for a stroll or a spin, meeting friends, shopping…

In this scenario, even the silver linings – such as purer air, cleaner environment, Mother Nature reclaiming her space through flora and fauna – are turning into minor irritants in the minds of bored youth. The positives are degenerating into negatives!

Where there was a challenge, Water Communications saw an opportunity to leverage the situation for their client’s brand,Cornitos Nachos. The agency created an engaging film for the crisps brand, simply by empathising with the target audience in their lockdown situation. Creatively and resourcefully too – the entire film shoot, production and editing was carried out without compromising any of the stringent lockdown rules of social distancing and leaving home.

The huge lockdown negative of boredom or boriyat, was turned around to become the hook and the positive of the film.

In gist, the film revolves around a group of young friends, separated from each other because of the lockdown; each feeling like a prisoner in their own home. In expression, word and mannerism, the utter boredom of the situation oozes out of them. Over a concall, each expressing their views on the current situation in tones of boredom, laced with sarcasm. Tired of things they once enjoyed, even positive things have become negative irritants, simply because they are overwhelmed and overdosed by them.

Enter Cornitos Nachos and everything changes.Its analogy of different, delicious and exciting flavours translates into adding fun and zing to their boring lives. Suddenly there are options to doing routine things in fun ways. Suddenly they are enjoying their stay at home, and beating the quarantine blues. Suddenly life is beautiful!

Conceptualised by Water Communications and produced by The Moon Studioz, the entire film has been shot during lockdown. Each scene involves only one artist in their own home, thus staying true to the social distancing and stay-at-home protocol. Complete post production of the film was also handled from respective homes – grading, editing, music etc.

The film, created entirely during lockdown, is a powerful statement in itself. The media itself has become the message! Boldly proclaiming to the industry and world, that creativity and ingenuity know no boundaries – even when, ironically, they are restricted by severe boundaries. There may be a restriction on movement; but movement of creative juices remains unstoppable! The world may have paused for the moment, but Water Communications has proved yet again (to paraphrase Steven Hawking) that adaptation is the highest form of intelligence.

In working around severe limitations of movement, location and resources, Water Communications and The Moon Studioz have, with this lockdown film, opened up further horizons in what may fast become a new trend in the film business – creating high engagement films on low budgets and within high resource restrictions. This could become the new normal, even beyond the lockdown era.

Finally, staying with the first principles of marketing communications, Water Communications has kept its client’s brand in the TG’s mindspace – more than that, cheerfully engaging and empathising with the audience by putting a positive spin on a negative situation.

To draw from Charles Darwin this time, for both agency and brand, survival in the time of the new normal, is all about who can be the nimblest in ideation and communication.

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Nachos brand Cornitos has launched #CornitosFilmyFlovurs campaign. The campaign created on Cornitos popular category Nachos Crisps, is pivoted on famous Bollywood dialogues, complete in intonation and style, mapping customers to specific brand attributes and the current situation with a well mimicked dialogues that add a distinct touch of humour.

"Especially at a time when people are feeling restless due to lockdown and worried because of the COVID pandemic, the light-hearted campaign provides happy relief in these grim times and timely distraction for people who have generally run out of all options to entertain themselves. The campaign narrative also molds itself into the lockdown experience, further leveraging the situation to convey to audiences that Cornitos delivers even in these difficult times, and while doing so, honoring all the rules and precautions every step of the way – from manufacture to packing to delivery and even transaction," the brand said in a statement.

Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director, Cornitos, said, “The challenge before any brand is how it stands up in tough times. And the current times are unique – a grim challenge like nothing else before. It is very important for any brand, but especially a retail one, to constantly stay in the public mind space. With this campaign we aim to create a recall value for the brand. The narrative allowed us to convey to the customers that we are scrupulously following all safe delivery rules. From another perspective, what we have is a fun product; the campaign assures the audiences that their fun times as sparked off by Cornitos Nachos are not compromised in any way. And, of course, the campaign lends a feeling of normalcy in these troubled times.”

Vandana Sethhi, Founder, Water Communications and Producer of the campaign said, “This is our second Cornitos campaign under lockdown, at the cost of sounding immodest, we are becoming something of masters of lockdown films. We love the challenge it brings; and as with all our other lockdown films, no lockdown rules or safe distancing mandatories have been compromised. From ideation to shooting to production, everything has been conducted remotely, and yet, who would be able to tell the difference from any other film created in normal times. About the concept, we were very confident that a Bollywood-spoof is a winning ticket. Who in this country is not a fan of films, and who therefore, cannot recognize and appreciate the famous dialogues?”

Director of the film Salil Jason Fernandez, delves further into the strategic insights behind the making of this film: “The spoof-treatment, humor and splash of fun are a perfect fit for the brand and category. Cornitos Nachos is perceived as a fun product. Coming as it does with several different flavors, there is a happy analogy in the film wherein the various ‘flavors’ of Bollywood are sampled via famous dialogues from popular films.”

Nevertheless, the lockdown months just gone by were especially challenging for businesses and their brands – especially retail brands. Cornitos with their communications agency Water Communications , worked right around the situation to engage their customers and even entertain them in the time of lockdown – and hence further enamor them with their brand.

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Kunwar Sohan Singh Rathore: Lifestyle Social media has become an essential part of modern life.

It provides an

opportunity for us to connect with friends and family, share news and

experiences, and stay up-to-date on current events. But social media is

more than just a convenient way to stay in touch. It also has the power to

change lives and even shape history.

In recent years, social media has played a pivotal role in everything from

political revolutions to the #MeToo movement. It has given a voice to the

voiceless and helped to shine a light on social issues that would

otherwise have gone unnoticed. It is clear that social media is more than

just a trend – it is a powerful tool that can be used to change the world.

Let's talk about the famous social media creator “ Kunwar Sohan Singh

Rathore”. He's from Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is a young social media

creator who has amassed a large following on various platforms. He is

best known for his videos, which often feature him lip-syncing to popular

songs. He has also appeared in politics.

Kunwar Sohan Singh Rathore was born in Udaipur. He has been making

videos since he was a child, and his passion for entertaining others led

him to become a social media creator. Sohan Singh is one of the most

popular social media creators in India, with a large and loyal following.

If you are looking for someone to follow on social media, Kunwar Sohan

Singh Rathore is an excellent choice. His positive attitude and creative

content will brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

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Business to Bollywood world, Othman Al Olama

The effect of covid on jobs people now looks normal, why? Because now people are ready to join and even ready to create different businesses and great opportunities for others. People today are working hard for setting up their businesses and making a name in the world. For being a businessman, you need to be way too creative, you need to always be in your present mind so that whenever you see an opportunity you can grab it before others. Coming to the topic now.

Here, you are gonna know about Othman Al Olama, a young UAE-based businessman who is now fulfilling his biggest dream. The dream of becoming a part of Bollywood, yes. Being part of Bollywood not only means you need to do acting, need to be inside movies, no. You can be involved in Bollywood by other means also. Like, Othman Al Olama and his company will be organizing events in which they will be signing up with Bollywood movie stars and making them part of the event.

For organizing events, Othman Al Olama is tying with the B-Town company that organizes events. All these events will be held in UAE. Not only in the field of Bollywood, but he is also a big fan of sports. He represented UAE in many tennis tournaments. Being located in UAE and part of UAE business and sports, he is very fluent in Hindi.

The reason behind liking Bollywood is the content of movies and creativity. According to Othman Al Olama, no one can get bored easily.

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Anaies: A new budding superstar of the music realm.

Enthralling millions around the globe with her tuneful voice and mesmerizing music is Anaies.

The entertainment and music industry by far has been one of the most creative niches in the current generation. Over many years, the industry has grown exponentially attracting many budding and talented music artists and professionals wishing to make it big. Music caters huge platform to an artist to show their talent widely. No doubt on the other hand it is equally tough to survive as there are already numerous great personalities who have contributed in the industry to other level and poured bliss in the listeners life. Some individuals have performed fabulously on the basis of their talent in music craft. We met one such supremely talented singer and music artist named Anaies who has left no stone unturned in delivering super entertaining music for all the audiences, fans, and followers.

Being inclined towards the world of world since a young age, it was no brainer for Anaies to choose music as an full-time career and profession. He knew she would excel in every musical endeavor and today she has proved to become one of the most complete music artists. Honing her overall skills and expertise, Anaies hustled hard to develop her own unique style of singing and music making. Some of her tracks that has provided sheer entertainment to audiences around the world are- Adaa, Ehsasami, Sahnesazi, and many more.

Finding peace and solace in music making and singing, Anaies is leaving no stone unturned in delivering desired results and had performed at many shows and events accumulating awards and plaudits for her work. Currently she is working on many new projects and songs which will be featured shortly to entertain his fans and audiences. The young music artist works with one motive to create a track that makes his listeners happy and leave away their stress behind.

For more details, follow her on Instagram @anaiesofficial

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Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is India’s most famous Internet Celebrity,his Facebook account has about 200K Followers. And the Instagram account has around 200K followers. Now Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is the most popular Internet Celebrity in India.

Local companies and well-known brands are contacting him for collaborations and promotional reasons because of his significant social media presence. Every step is a new opportunity for Siddharth Kumar Choudhary. He is constantly uploading new photo and videos on his Instagram account.

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is the youngest Indian Singer, Actor, musical artist & Influencer in India, Siddharth's real name is Siddharth Kumar but mostly known by his nickname " Siddharth Kumar Choudhary " Between his fans and he is also a verified artist from this name. Siddharth Kumar Choudhary's YouTube channel is also collected popularity from his unique name.

Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is born on 20 December 2003 and belongs to Muzaffarpur,Bihar. His father, Gopal Kumar Choudhary is a farmer while his mother, Gaytri Devi is House Wife. Siddharth has completed his 12th from D.A.V Public School , NTPC Kanti , Muzaffarpur in 2021.

Siddharth is now just 18 years old and one of the youngest artists in India. At this age, Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is like a model of those guys who want to grow on social media platforms. Siddharth Kumar Choudhary is now the most popular artist in India.

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If you have reached this page, I am sure you are one among those business owners who are going to discuss their experience on selecting the Startup Names successfully in the near future.

It is for sure that you have been through quite a few other guidelines as well for business name selection.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy and straight forward as it seems to be. There is a whole list of aspects that may impact your startup name.

Even after you have finalized your brand name, you need to be sure to check if any of your competitors has not already picked it up. Make sure that the business name you have chosen is not registered or copyrighted by anyone before. Also, check that the same domain name is available and is not used before.

Once you have made sure of the availability of the startup name, it would be a good idea to get the name registered and copyrighted, so that no one else can claim for the same name ever again. Also reserve the same domain name for your business website. Once you have done that, you are almost done with the startup name selection process and you can now move on to business logo designing with other marketing and advertising process for your venture.

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An great session with budding ngo on the theme power of self confidence

With the Founder MOHAMMED SOHAIL and the team member of Avasa Ms Geetika

The session begin with the intro of the both the community ended up with some positivite words shared by the founder. The communication of the both teams was memorable and very much interesting

The founder shared the views and experience on the self confidence

The event was successful with some question and with some useful tips

Given to them..

We hope the NGO avasa foundation reach the heights of success

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Do you toss and turn in bed every night? Do you watch the clock as your wake-up time mercilessly approaches and only manage to fall asleep at some point in the morning? Have you been counting sheep for hours and still can't sleep?

Everybody sometimes can't fall asleep. The problem is when this condition lasts a long time or recurs frequently.

Professionally, the condition where you cannot fall asleep is called insomnia. It is dangerous and it is not pleasant to play with it. Sleep is vital for a person. A person suffering from insomnia cannot fall asleep or wakes up frequently.

Common symptoms are:

- difficulty falling asleep at night.

- waking up early in the morning without the ability to go back to sleep.

- frequent nighttime awakenings

- night watch, confusion of day and night

Read more at :

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Prostate enlargement usually occurs in men with age. The enlargement can be benign or malignant.

If classified as benign, the enlarged prostate is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As for whether it is malignant, it will lead to prostate cancer.

Although it does not endanger the life of the victim, the complaints that arise due to an enlarged prostate are very disturbing activities.

Some people who have an enlarged prostate will feel dissatisfied when urinating.

Symptoms can include a weak urinary stream, increased frequency of urination, frequent awakenings at night, and an inability to hold back the urge to urinate.

In severe cases, an enlarged prostate can cause urinary retention, which is a condition in which a person is unable to excrete urine that is in the bladder.

To overcome the prostate, whether to surgery? Actually, the action to treat this condition depends on the severity.

The main goal of treating an enlarged prostate is to improve the patient's quality of life. The therapy offered also varies, depending on the severity of the symptoms experienced.

To determine the severity, the doctor will perform a series of tests including:

- International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) test score.

- Lab tests, such as urinalysis, prostate- specific antigen (PSA), and kidney function.

- Urophlometry (evaluation of the urine stream), calculation of residual urine.

- Images of the prostate that can be an ultrasound exam.

Read more :

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EDK Media attends a film, music and dance workshop in Umlazi

Ezase Durban Media KZN better known as EDK Media is a Film and TV production company established back in 2011, based in the heart of Durban KwaZulu-Natal. It offers a variety of services including: TV Presenting Training, Photoshoots, TV Shows, Documentaries, Events management and many more.

On Friday the 15th of July 2022, EDK Media production team attended an art workshop in Umlazi, the south eastern part of KwaZulu-Natal which was held in Umlazi Cinema Hall.

The event was solely based on ways that the youth could utilize to venture into the corporate sector and the entertainment industry. The gap has been identified, that the youth is seeking employment rather than self employment. With the unemployment rate at its peak in South Africa, it is crystal clear that having a degree does not automatically translate to employment.

Dignitaries and speakers from different places graced the event with their presence, amongst which Mr Xolani Dlamini, the founder and event organizer of Urban Arts Entertainment attended. Menzi Theo (executive director of EDK Media), Bella Mnyandu and Smangele Sokhela commended the event organizers for pulling off such a great event in such a short space of time.

We still have a long way ahead to ensure that our government is democratically accountable for its people and for the young people to be granted equal opportunity. We're hopeful that events of this nature make a dent.

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