There are 2 advertisements of Fair in Nagpur

Imran shaikh sillod

Imran was born in sillod imran on 2006 according to 2022 imran is 17 year old guy imran is a instgram influencer imran have a different brand value instgram

Imran is a paid imran said he is not promoting any brand or product free of cost imran have good engaged with our audience

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Encrypted Physical Layer Communications Using Synchronized Hyperchaotic Maps

The emergence of fifth-generation mobile communication

networks (5G) is driving the adoption of the Internet of

Things (IoT) for various industrial, medical, and mili-

tary applications. However, the reliability and security of

data is fast becoming a key bottleneck for further IoT

growth. Fig. I(a) shows an overview of a typical smart

home/building system, where multiple IoT devices are con-

nected on trusted gateways, and initially-processed private

information is uploaded into a cloud database for further data

analytics and decision making. While the wireless communi-

cation links can be encrypted for security, each device’s data

is still vulnerable to physical side-channel attacks on the node

itself (e.g., using near-field probes or power supply moni-

tors). Fundamentally, this is due to the fact that encryption is

generally not energy-efficient enough for use in short-range

The resulting security vulnerabilities are unacceptable for

IoT devices in critical systems such as aircraft, military

facilities, and hospitals. These devices thus require effective

mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity, and

purity of board- or chip-level wired data links. However,

these requirements pose challenges for traditional private- or

public-key cryptographic schemes, since IoT devices usually

have stringent requirements on memory, cost, and processing

power. The security of alternative encryption schemes suit-

able for recourse-constrained platforms highly depends on

the effective volume of keyspace. Traditionally, static entropy

is simply generated off-chip as security keys that are stored

in a nonvolatile manner. Such key storage is well known to be

vulnerable to a wide range of software and physical attacks,

such as noninvasive probing. Some

other high-fidelity encryption methods (such as e-wallets

for cryptocurrencies) provide up to 192 bit keyspace but at the cost of high power, memory, and increasing circuit

complexity, making them hard to implement on practical IoT

devices. Physically unclonable functions (PUFs) have been

extensively explored for generating static on-chip encryp-

tion keys using chip-specific random variation [1]. Typically,

weak PUFs suffer stability issues while strong PUFs have a

low density of bits per unit area. Also, PUFs are not popu-

lar for communications due to i) the need for an expensive

enrollment (key sharing) phase before in-field operations [1],

and ii) the fact that they are non-configurable due to using

a static entropy generation mechanism. Dynamic entropy

generation by random number generators (RNGs) [2], [3]

provides another fundamental primitive to generate on-the-

fly random bits (only available during power-on condition)

for the creation of fresh session keys. While RNG-based

digital encryption does provide sufficient data security, it has

significant on-chip power and data overhead.

Recently, chaos-based encryption has emerged as an attrac-

tive alternative to the methods mentioned above due to

the highly unpredictable and apparently random nature of

chaotic signals [4], [5]. Chaotic systems are extremely sen-

sitive to changes in parameter values and initial condi-

tions, which can be used to produce a large number of

uncorrelated chaotic sequences for secure communications

[6]–[9]. A comprehensive survey of wireless chaos-based

communications systems can be found in [7]. In chaos-based

communication systems with coherent detection, chaotic sig-

nals are required to synchronized at both transmitter and

receiver side in order to recover the transmitted data. Thus,

unlike the above-mentioned RNG-based digital encryption

methods, here we utilize the extreme parameter sensitivity

of chaotic systems as private encryption keys for data com-

munications. This approach also results in a simple enroll-

ment process: security keys are shared simply by using a pair of chaotic systems with the same set of parameters,

in which case generalized synchronization methods [10], [11]

can be applied to guarantee successful data decryption. The

effects of unavoidable parameter mismatches can also be

minimized using recently-proposed adaptive synchronization

methods [4], thus improving robustness. One reported draw-

back of this approach is that low-dimensional chaotic systems

are potentially broken using known-plaintext attacks [12].

Thus, high-dimensional and hyperchaotic systems are desir-

able for encryption

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Yash Shimpi bday 🎂

9 may Happy birthday from mumbai...

Love from. Mumbaii




I Love You 🥰😍❤❤

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Material Polyester

Special Feature Eyelet

Brand K 2 6

Pattern Floral

Colour Red, maroon

Style Floral

K 2 6 Polyester Floral Curtain, Window-5ft, Red, Maroon, Pack Of 1

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What is special in 26 april

26 april 2006 ko kya special hai

26 april ko shaikh imran yani miimran_tz ka janam hua tha

Aur 26 april ko sillod mai imran ke janam din ke tor per banaya jaata tha per jaise jaise imran ko fam milna shuru hua to imran ka birthday aur bhi shehro mai banaya jaane lga per is saal 2022 mai imran ka birthday ramzan ke mahine mai aagya hai ab pta nhi miimran_tz kya decision lenge janne ke liye bane rahe 26 april tak hamare saath

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Many of us love watching a nice suspenseful mystery, don't we?

Yes, we all love to watch a good mystery. Be it a classic murder mystery, a crime movie, or a psychological thriller.

But why do we love it so much?

There can be many reasons to love murder mysteries or true crime stories. A good mystery can awaken our inner sleuth.

We all have an inner desire to look at a mysterious person, the urge to know what's going on inside their minds.

Murder mysteries bring an instant thrill while watching or listening to one. and who doesn't like a good thrill?

Deep down we all love something that is dark and evil but from a distance. Have you ever noticed that many of us say that

I could kill you or I wish I can kill him in an argument or out of anger and outrage? Thankfully it's just a phare, we don't

mean it for real.

But when we see it on screen that someone got killed, then our reaction is like oh my god! Someone killed someone, but

thank god it wasn't for real. In both cases, we get some sense of relief which calms our mind and heart.

Watching a crime show is scary, it's hard to watch but it's also hard to look away. We also somewhere know that we are

experiencing a lot of disgust while listening or watching these stories of evil and still don't want it to stop, we want it to keep going.

True crime stories or mysteries and scary, brutal, and nerve-wracking. Now you might wonder why would someone ever

put themselves into something like this? Because it gives them some sense of relief, they know what will happen, it doesn't scare them, so they feel in control.

Watching such shows gets us an adrenaline rush, which is comforting. and many of us like it.


Listening to crime-solving podcasts or crime shows, knowing that a crime detective is chasing down a serial killer is very interesting as it makes you feel like you are also a part of the process.

Crime entertainment is like a puzzle. It gives you a lot of excitement at every piece of the event. These series are often presented in such a way that the viewers think that they are solving the case alongside the detective. eventually, it gives

them some sense of satisfaction as if they played a role that brings justice.

We are fascinated by the dark side of human nature. We are all universally connected as human nature. Since we are the functionall and non-violent part of society, imagining ourselves carrying out such evil activities is nearly impossible.

When we watch someone like us on screen committing horrific crimes, it's like we are interacting with our intrusive thoughts.

We all know that such shows end with the wrongdoer going down and good always win in the end. But what we all are here for? an exciting rush throughout.


Yes! Sometimes getting obsessed with such stuff can affect you mentally. It may lead to issues like anxiety and getting

constant nightmares.

Sometimes you might even feel scared of being alone at home or walking home alone at night.

Watching too much violence and evil is of course not good for your mental health.

It is important to constantly monitor yourself after watching or listening to crime shows. One should be aware of how negatively this can affect your mental health.

As being said, “A little scare hurts nobody”.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying and loving crime shows and mysteries. After all, we all can enjoy a little deviance in our day-to-day lives.

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Imagine human lives 20 to 25 years ago, was there anything known as social media? I don’t think so!

But as we evolve, many changes occur in our lives.

Social media is also one such part of evolution, but nowadays it has become the most integral part of our lives.

We, humans, have gotten so influenced by these networking sites that we allow them to manipulate us as users.

We often tend to spend hours scrolling feeds on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when we are bored, lonely, and want some relief from a stressful situation.

We think that social media is just a tool to be in touch with our friends and family. Well, that’s not true. It’s just a statement

to convince our minds.

Social media shows us the partial truth of someone’s life. We don’t put or upload everything that is happening in our lives.

We mainly put all the nice and good things about our lives.

Think about it, have you ever seen a photo of someone with tears in their eyes saying that they got rejected in a job interview? I have never. It’s because we choose what post to show that version of our lives that we want people to see.

Everyone shows a better life on social media than they have in real life. Because we get to decide what to show and what not to show.

Social media often allows us to tell a different story than the actual one. It helps us to uncomfortable and not so events

and pieces of our lives. And that’s how we escape from the reality.

The main audience of these networking sites are students, teenagers, and adults.

Students these days have more online friends than they have in the real world. They avoid meeting people physically and

prefer spending their time talking to someone online on the internet.

They are so fascinated by the likes, comments, and followers they get. They feel so much more connected to this virtual world than the real world.

We all have seen those people who have many followers and have completely devoted and engaged themselves in using social media to

put out content regularly irrespective of relevance and relatability. Their whole life revolves around likes, shares, and followers.

This fascination with likes, followers leads to insecurities; people often compare themselves to someone who has more likes and followers. You might even have experienced this in real life.

And these things create a lot of negative impact and insecurities in the youth.

Social media has no longer remained a stress reliever tool, but it has become an addiction amongst all.

People spend hours watching random useless videos on Youtube or Facebook and waste time. This further creates a work or academic burden on them; this eventually leads to issues like stress and anxiety.

A study from California University claims that a user who visits a social media site at least 58times per week is 3x more

likely to find themselves depressed and socially isolated.

A documentary called “The Social Dilemma”, features interviews with former employees from various social networking

platforms that unfold the harsh reality of social media.

Many social media companies have succeeded by capturing much of our attention. They don’t think you are paying for the product, but they consider you as a product.

They have manipulated our brains in such a way that the moment our mobile phones buzz, we are automatically diverted

towards to check what the notification was about.

A former Google employee featured in the documentary mentioned above says that social media is not just a tool. A tool

does not nag you by sending you constant notifications to use it but on the other hand, social media manipulate you into

using it.


We must keep in mind that everything we see on the internet and social media is not true. There is a real ongoing world that exists where we belong.

Our lives have a real narrative, it’s not just a social media bubble.

We should acknowledge that we are addicted to this social media escapism.

We need to work on things on our own, it might time but it will be worth it.

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Why do we get distracted so easily?

Before jumping onto the main topic let's just define distraction.

Distraction can be simply defined as something that prevents someone from concentrating and focusing on certain things (main business).

Now let's take an example to understand this more specifically, In a classroom full of students a teacher is teaching

something, meanwhile students instead of to the teacher is passing the notes and stationary amongst each other now by doing this students can cause a disturbance which may lead to distraction for the teacher.

What are types of distractions?

Now for a normal human being, there can be many reasons to get distracted, some of the main and common reasons can


Lack of ability to pay attention,

Lack of interest.

Apart from these two reasons mentioned above, there are various types of distraction such as internal distraction, external

distraction, physical distraction. Now let's classify these three categories.

Firstly internal distraction can be related to mind, own thoughts, daydreaming. External distraction can be any noise,

motion, or disturbance caused around you. Lastly, physical distraction can be related to illness, dizziness, or hunger.


Mainly these days we get distracted by our mobile phones. Yes! Mobile phones create a lot of distractions like a ting sound

of notification of message can divert your whole attention. Apart from this, there is so much more on our devices such as

social media applications, phone calls, and the list can go on.

But some psychologists say that the real problem is not the chaos in our environment but it is our minds.

Our brain can think of so many things at the same time like while you are working from home but thinking of missing out

on the environment at your workplace, like watching a travel adventure show or documentary and spacing out to an image

of yourself climbing a mountain. This is a

the natural tendency of the human brain and a default mode of brain operations.

How can you shift your mind from wandering to focusing?

Distraction is a mind game. If you want to get focused, then you should work skillfully to manage your distraction.

Notice when you are getting distracted when your mind starts to wander.

2. Once you notice this try to shift your attention to something that is happening at the moment.

3. Try to be lively and pay more attention to what's happening right now: Suppose you are in a meeting, try to listen to

the person who is talking with full attention.

4. Try to focus on one thing at a time, sometimes you might even find yourself forgetting, but it's nothing to worry about

after all, you are just a human being.

Some physical changes you can bring are:

1. Have a routine in your day-to-day life.

2. Exercise regularly

3. Try meditation, as it will help you to build a focus.

4. Reduce your screen timing, communicate with your family and friends instead.

How you might feel after practising these tips.

Once you make this shift, you might notice the change in your regular life as if you're beginning to enjoy your life and live

in the moment. Everything gets more interesting.

You will feel less stressed out and wandering and more connected to what's happening right now.

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Wos is shaikh imran shaikh masood

Shaikh imran shaikh masood is a professional buisnessman,actor or singer

Imran is very popular person in sillod aurangabad

Imran have an instgram account imran have 44k followers on instgram

Net worth: 80k rs

Per month earnings: 25k to 50k rs

Miimran_tz charge per post on instgram 2k rs

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You get nectar of peace

from this flower of society,

only when you are respected by it.

Respect is not ordered.

Actual respect is earned,

when one’s deeds/karma inspires others.

You can do this good karma,

Only by following your dharma.

So, whatever your dharma may be,

keep following it and you will get peace.

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People, I have an Addiction

(A Letter to God)

Oh God, spare me from my duties,

I don’t want to have any responsibilities,

I just want to be fed by others my whole life,

while I make craziest love to my addiction…

Oh Almighty, I just want to be left all alone,

Away from terrible people; to be on my own,

Not to be bothered by even a single person,

While I make sweetest love to my addiction…

Oh Supreme Creator, keep me giving just one more dime,

to be able to have some more time,

without having to work; all my degrees collect grime.

While I make most intimate love to my addiction…

Oh Holy Spirit, I am ready to commit any heinous crime,

I have lost all my judgement of what is wrong or what is right,

Be it any one in my way, I am ready to take him on, and fight,

All of this Oh God; only to make love to my addiction…

I don’t care, oh Almighty,

I don’t care about feeding my children,

I don’t care about my family needing my attention,

I don’t care about what future befallen,

I don’t care about our society or culture

I don’t care even for my love, if I am tortured,

I just want to slip away, from all of the reality, and run,

to the imaginary world of me and my addiction…

I just care for my addiction Oh lord, only my addiction…

My addiction is my life,

My addiction is my only habit.

I can’t see no other purpose,

I can’t feel any of my senses,

I have lost myself to my addiction,

I am struck deep inside an ocean trench

without any sunlight, nothing is making sense…

in all this darkness, I think, why am I even present….

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Chandrakant Kannake is an Indian Actor, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer and Mobile Photographer. Chandrakant Kannake was born on 27 May 2003 in this village Shivanala (Gondi) in Bhandara, Maharashtra State. Chandrakant kannake's father's name is Santosh kannake And Chandrakant Kannake's mother's name is Rajubai Kannake, Chandrakant Kannake's Brother Name is Rohit kanhake. Chandrakant Kannake makes comedy videos on social media And Chandrakant Kannake had a dream since childhood that he wanted to become an actor And Chandrakant Kannake loves to do photography and videography apart from acting.

Chandrakant kannake is starting to make a career Chandrakant Kannake came up with the idea in 2019 that he should go ahead and decide that he wants to be an Actor And Chandrakant kannake started uploading comedy videos on social media But they could not gain popularity. Then Chandrakant Kannake turned his attention to education and in 2023 Chandrakant Kannake completed his graduation. And then Chandrakant Kannake joined acting classes. And now Chandrakant kannake is trying to learn acting through classes.Chandrakant Kannake's favorite Actor and Actress is South Actress Rashmika Mandhana and Bollywood Actor Tiger Shroff.

Chandrakant Kannake's favorite foods is Apple, Strawberry, Banana and Safflower

Chandrakant Kannake's Hobbies are Acting, Photography, Videography, Painting and Sports. Chandrakant Kannake's favorite movie is Shershah and Chandrakant Kannake is influenced by Shershah Movie which is based on the life of Vikram Batra, an Indian military officer and Shershah movie is the most favorite movie of Chandrakant Kannake's life.

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  • Chandrakant kannake is starting to make a career - Chandrakant kannake came up with the idea in 2019 that he should go ahead and decide that he wants to be an Actor. And chandrakant kannake started uploading comedy videos on social media But they could not gain popularity. Then Chandrakant Kannake turned his attention to education and in 2023 Chandrakant Kannake completed his graduation. And then Chandrakant Kannake joined acting classes. And now Chandrakant kannake is trying to learn acting through classes.

  • Chandrakant kannake Childhood/Early-Life

He spent his childhood in his home town Bhandara, Maharashtra, India with his family. He was a very polite and calm boy from an early age and very interested in sports and exercise. Since his childhood, his dream is to become a famous person and Actor.

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Chandrakant kannake Appearance

Chandrakant Kannake is an Indian Actor

  • Height In Meters : 5 ft 3 inch
  • In Centimetres : 162 cm.
  • Weight : 60 kg.approx.
  • Eye Color : Black
  • Skin Color : Brown
  • Hair Color : row8 col 2
  • Tattoo(s) : No tattoos
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Chandraknt Kannake favourite Food : Grapes and chicken eggs

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Actor : Tiger Shroff, Vidut jamwal and Vijay deverakonda

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Actress : Rashmika mandanna

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Singer (s) : Jubin Nautiyal

Chandrakant Kannake real life Superhero : Vikram Batra Indian military officer

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Cartoon Show : Tom End Jerry

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Animal : Tiger, lion, peacock

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Colour : Orenge, White, pink light

Chandraknt Kannake favourite YouTuber : CarryMinati And Ashish Chanchlani

Chandraknt Kannake favourite Destination : Batra Top

Chandrakant Kannake Hobbies : Acting, Photography, video editing & creating, gymnastics, Bodybuilding.

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Aesthetics Market Share, Trend, Challenges, Segmentation By 2027

Aesthetics Market Overview

MRFR (Market Research Future) expects the aesthetics market to touch USD 12,175.1 MN by 2025. The global market will be expanding at a rate of 10.08% during the review period.

Rising focus among people on looking younger and more fit raises the demand for a variety of aesthetic treatments, with this trend gaining popularity in developing countries as well. Aesthetic procedures such as Botox injections, liposuction, and nose reshaping have gained the attention of a surging number of consumers in Singapore, India, and South Korea.

The aesthetics industry is inundated with several renowned vendors that indulge in strategic competition, eyeing a better position. This leads to fierce rivalry in the aesthetic industry. The different strategies employed by the companies include mergers and acquisitions, new product launch, collaborations, agreements and more. To cite a reference, in December 2021, CUTERA INC., a reputed developer of light, laser, and various energy-based aesthetic devices, introduced an upgraded version of truSculpt flex, its popular muscle building technology. The truSculpt flex+ rapid treatment mode enhances the performance and quality of the Multi-Directional Stimulation, providing the same firming, strengthening, and toning results but in a fraction of the time.

Request Free Sample Copy at:

A major trend emerging in the worldwide market can be the surging demand for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. On top of that, the mushrooming elderly population increasingly opting for a variety of aesthetic procedures also add to the market value. The emergence of new technically advanced and user-friendly devices coupled with the rising number of men opting for aesthetic treatment will further strengthen the market position in the ensuing years.

Market Segmentation

Procedures as well as end-user are the major segments that have been studied in the MRFR report, to present a detailed outline of the aesthetics industry.

Some of the key procedures include nonsurgical aesthetic procedures along with surgical aesthetic procedures.

The end users covered in the research study are salons & spas, hospitals & clinics, along with dermatology clinics & cosmetic centers.

Regional Insight

The aesthetics market has been regionally segregated into Europe, the Middle East & Africa or MEA coupled with the Americas, and Asia Pacific or APAC.

The Americas, divided into North America as well as Latin America, is the biggest market for aesthetics in the world. The American market’s dominance can be accredited to the highly developed healthcare sector in line with a sophisticated infrastructure. The soaring cases of skin disorders among people, surging popularity of a variety of cosmetic procedures and the extensive pool of skilled & board-certified medial staff and surgeons foster the market share in the region.

The European market for aesthetics can be split between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Western Europe has a number of developed economies such as Germany, France, the UK, Spain, and Italy with well-defined, robust healthcare infrastructures. This, in addition to the high spending capacity of the consumers in these countries, makes Western Europe the better performing market in the region. The European market benefits from the strong support of the government in terms of funds and new initiatives, surge in research & development efforts and the leading vendors focusing on business expansion.

Browse Detailed TOC with COVID-19 Impact Analysis at:

The Asia Pacific market is led by Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and China. APAC will be thriving at the fastest rate between 2020 and 2027, given the soaring number of cosmetic professionals, and the escalating use of modern techniques. The availability of affordable treatment options attracts a huge number of overseas travellers, giving a significant boost to the medical tourism sector in the region.

Top Firms

Swisscode, SkinCeuticals, Endocare, Dermalogica, Kiehl’s, Clarins, Skin Medica, ZO Skin Health, Inc., Obagi Medical, Medik8, Neostrata, Biore, Alumier MD, Clinique, Elemis Ltd, PCA Skin, Lancome, IS Clinical, La Roche-Posay, Teoxane are some of the leading aesthetics devices and solutions providers in the worldwide market.

Browse Related Reports at:

Companion Diagnostics Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Intravenous (IV) Solution Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Concussions Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

About Market Research Future:

At Market Research Future (MRFR), we enable our customers to unravel the complexity of various industries through our Cooked Research Report (CRR), Half-Cooked Research Reports (HCRR), & Consulting Services. MRFR team have supreme objective to provide the optimum quality market research and intelligence services to our clients.

Contact us:

Market Research Future (part of Wantstats Research and Media Private Limited),

99 Hudson Street, 5Th Floor,

New York, New York 10013

United States of America

+1 646 845 9312

Email: [email protected]

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Toxic society?

Aim of our society is not to attain the higher truth, or welfare of our community. Our society is like a bubble. A vicious cycle. Let me explain:

We the middle class, work for the all kind of companies. These companies provide all kind of services and products. Then we spend our hard-earned money on our basic needs, other services, and entertainment.

The primary aim of these companies is to make sure they extract as much profits as they can, from us by ultimately influencing society’s mentality not caring whether it is morally right or wrong. Not caring whether it is the truth or lie. They care the most for making profit only. They want us to crave for things the sell. They create fake demand for their products by bombarding their advertisements wherever it is possible. They influence our daily habits. We knowingly and unknowingly fall for their tricks and do some things, which we don’t know why we are doing but we do as all others do it while rich extract a chunk of money from us. In their path of profit, they become blind towards harming our environment or destroying our earth.

We being the middle class, spend our whole life earning money and spending it, while the rich influence both our earning and spending. They enjoy all luxuries of life. They live in big mansions countless times more than required for a family, use resources in abundance and wasting most of the resources making sizable adverse impact on our environment. These people care about competitions, rivalries between companies but they don’t care about our environment. Nor they think if there is real need for their business.

Leaders of our community, people who are wealthier than us or having more power than us or having more influence than us like actors, musicians, politicians, cricketers, top management of MNC’s don’t want our society to grow wise, actually progress, excel in art, or make a happy satisfied living. Instead of this, they want us to use their manufactured products or their advertised products, their services, while they want from people working for them to toil so that they could get maximum profit. Rich gives us jobs to be their slave and make this system of extracting money from middle class more and more efficient.

We are bombarded with faces of few bunch of celebrities out of our population of around 140 crore people. The celebs want us to be mad about them, follow them, talk about them, even worship them, use their advertised products for what? So, they are able to extract money from us. The whole purpose of a middle-class man is to give money to the rich.

We pay taxes but we still need to struggle for basic needs like food, clothing, shelter. Values of our constitution like equality, fraternity, liberty are very much diluted in our real lives. Government should address our basic issues first and then focus on other needs. We have sent Mangalyaan on mars, but there still exist peoples who have to sleep hungry. There are still farmers who commit suicide. And index of inequality in India is like always, increasing.

How to break this bubble?

How to end this vicious cycle of our toxic society?

Please ponder upon the article and mail the answers you think are appropriate to address above questions to Email ID [email protected]

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Other News India

In Shizz B fashion walk 2023 Official Media Partner is IIMM NEWS Delhi.

Shizz B Cosmetic India Pvt Ltd started this company is started by Geeta Dagar and its operation on 23 March 2022. Shizz B organised around 9 events of the fashion show. One of the programs is organized on 9 jan 2023 in Golden Galaxy resort Faridabad Haryana. In this fashion show Bollywood Actress Vindhya Tiwari came as a bollywood celebrity guest. She shared the life experience of how she came into the Bollywood line from TV screen to Multiplex. Instagram Influncer khushi Shaikh came as a celebrity guest khushi shaikh given a Stage Make up by Kavita Sheoran and Khushi Shaikh also showed some dance moves in Fashion walk 2023. Ruchika Dhingra Arora came as a VIP guest and jury member. Sagar Chaudhary came as a VIP Guest Sagar Chaudhary also worked in ZERO films by SRK and Disney Hotstar IILLU Series.Amit Jain Bollywood Singer from Meerut has come to ShizzB Program and sang a song Gulabi Ankhen. Shizz B got their 1 runner up Miss Haryana 2023 named Babita Malik. Shizz B 2 runner up Mrs Haryana Neha Shizz B winner Mrs Haryana Shikha verma.

some details of Shizz B

Shizz B is a new approach towards redefining beauty in the skin & makeup industry. We started by hoping Mother Nature and design intuitive and uncomplicated natural products you can live with. Our game-changing products, 100% pure and herbal-based, are designed to get back flawless skin and beauty without using harmful chemicals.

Before the launching, our in-house team used Shizz B products for months and shared their personal experience with the research & development team. Then the R&D team worked on those feedbacks and made necessary changes in the product composition considering the specific requirements of all genders and age groups. This sample testing helps us to make a final product for you that gives the desired result and revives your inner beauty.

We, at Shizz B, oppose the thought of judging people according to the norms of society’s stereotypes. Instead, we designed Shizz B for inspiring souls like you who don’t loan themselves to the society’s benchmark of being beautiful and ideal. The one who knows his/her brain and never hesitates to introduce themselves the way they are. That’s why, Shizz B skincare essentials are developed in a way that makes you look and feel glowy, dewy best before you even think about makeup. Also, our makeup products are designed to add glow and sparkle to your real look and not cover you up or turn you into someone else.

Shizz B Vision

We, at Shizz B, are building the future beauty company where everything we make is for you. Because our vision is to give you back, ‘REAL YOU’.

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