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PillBox is an innovative automatic pill dispenser aiming to bring a revolution in the Indian Pharmacy industry. PillBox is a technology hardware which dispenses relevant drugs at the right time based on doctors’ prescription. During my summer last year, I realized that my grandfather was either not taking medicines regularly or consuming wrong medicines by mistake, leading to psychological and physical pain. There are many patients with decreased satisfaction and a lack of trust in the healthcare system. As per WHO, medication errors cause at least one death every day. The total costs of looking after patients with medication-associated errors exceeds $40 billion each year. In an effort to improve the pill dispensing process, I came up with PillBox. This IoT device is aimed to connect patients with pharmacists and medical professionals to improve the drug prescription and dispensing process. Patients receive a notification based on doctors’ prescription and once notified, PillBox will automatically dispense the right medicine. PillBox will contain a pressure sensor at the tip of outlet to check whether patient actually took the drug from the lid. The technology aims to not only solve one, but address multiple issues: (i) Efficient pill dispensing for citizens (especially senior citizens) who don’t have much knowledge of different drugs (ii) Disposition of expired pills so that patients don’t consume expired medications (iii) Maintain a record of drugs taken in the past by the patient (iv) No sudden shortage of pills by having an integrated platform to order medications (ex. PharmEasy) (v) Feedback system for doctors to check whether patient actually consumed relevant medications In terms of technology, PillBox will contain the following: (i) multiple chips in 10+ dividers for different medicines (ii) pressure sensor at the lid to check whether patient took the medicine, and (iii) scanner to scan manufacturing date, batch number, and expiry date to maintain a record of the medications inside the box. The hardware will be supported by an easy-to-use mobile / website application where patients will receive notifications / track the timings and type of medications. Doctors can access patients’ medication record, and patients will have autonomy to give access rights to doctors and family members. PillBox aims to revolutionize the Indian Pharmacy market by connecting patients, pharmacists, and doctors, tracking and creating feedback loops at every stage. A truly revolutionary product, PillBox is currently an idea with no other direct competitor in the Indian market. While there are some manual pill dispensers available, PillBox is the only IoT device aiming to maintain patient records with authorized users. PillBox aims to improve the inefficiencies of the pharmacy sector and assist everyone who consumes medications regularly. PillBox is certain to create an impact for our senior citizens and prevent deaths in India due to medication errors. PillBox will partner with old-age homes to provide the devices at subsidies.


Automate the complex pill dispensing process, reduce medication errors, and help speedy recovery of senior citizens. Plan is to create a user-friendly interface where right medication can be accessed in moment of seconds.

Project Plan:

The project of automatic pill dispenser is to be executed in India as it will cater to the large Pharma market. Under mentorship from Biotech experts, I plan on designing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in next six months. I will team up with engineers for hardware designing (3-D printing), and configuration of chips based on medication inputs. Once MVP functions, we will develop interface and add the scanning functionality. Lastly, we will be developing UI/UX interface with help from software developers. Over the course of project, we will also research into security systems as dealing with medical records requires the best security protocols. Initially, I plan on making this a B2B product and invest the profits to create a B2C product later. Target audience will include major hospitals, old-age homes and insurance companies with regularly medicated clients.

SWOT Analysis:


1. Automatic dispenser with superior technology when compared to the manual dispensers

2. Integrated platform for doctors to track medical records 3. Easy-to-use interface accessible to everyone


1. Hi-tech product making it difficult to use for people with limited internet connectivity

2. Price-sensitive consumers making it a tougher sell for B2C (a better platform for B2B)


1. Reduce medication errors, with a target population of around 70 crores

2. Potential to create the largest-ever proprietary database with potential of cross selling to pharma and drug company


1. Entrance of a foreign competitor with infrastructure based in developed countries

2. Cyber-attack although can be mitigated with best-in-class security protocols

Project Financing:

PillBox will be seeking venture capital / funding from government to finance the projects. VC firms like Sequoia, Accel and others are actively investing in the bio-technology space. PillBox will also take part in funding pitches to the government with a promise to provide a subsidized product to government hospitals and Ayushman Bharat. I aim to ultimately finance the project with debt once IP is developed (with IP as collateral). Debt financing will provide lower cost of capital, ultimately passing higher margins to the customers. The project will be highly remunerative due to low variable costs (low-cost hardware and current cloud infrastructure) and high revenue (large target market and first mover advantage).


Within six months, I can present the proof-of-concept to investors for seed funding. Thereafter, I will hire engineers and UI/UX developers to build interface in the next 12 months. Market analysis and outreach will be performed throughout the development phase. First delivery will be shipped in the next 36 months.


Initial product is B2B to cater hospitals and insurance companies. Once the B2B business is successful, the business can be scaled-up to cater to B2C consumers. Additional investments in infrastructure will help in reducing product’s cost to make it affordable for wider community outreach.

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Circular Economy

SUMMARY - For a more circulatory and sustainable economy, we need to re-think progress, adopt a long term strategic framework and promote more use of economic instruments in the context of the environment.We also need to explore in-depth the concept of a circular economy through practical issues.

“If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling”. – Ed Begley, Jr.

Circular economy is an economy system in which resources are used for as long as possible by extracting or gaining maximum utilization whilst in use and then reduce,regenerate and recycle products and materials at their end of service life.

Circular economy encourages use of biological nutrients in products manufacturing so that environmental damage is minimized at the end of their service life and they can be disposed of in nature in a respectful manner and other products with technical nutrients or those which are not Eco-friendly(batteries,electronics etc.) should be renewed to make a new useful product.

A report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation shows that circular economy can bring annual benefits of ₹40 lakh crore in India by 2050 and according to the analysis there will be around 44% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Earlier Traditional linear economy used to prevail, in which make:use:dispose approach was used. But now the current paradigm of Circular Economy is vastly appearing which is restorative and regenerative in nature as well as creating new opportunities for growth and inclusiveness.

So opportunities lie in how we can rethink and redesign the products we manufacture through exploring a change in our perspective and designing products in such a way that they can be reused. Therefore we need intelligence,creativity and innovation to change the way the economy works,to build and develop a regenerative economy.

The Traditional industrial model of take,make and waste led to unsustainable management of resources,it focused only on short term consumption whereas the current system of circular economy is opposite and it strikes with sustainable development while focusing on long term.It aims to redefine growth by focusing on positive social welfare.

Also Circular economy works on various principles provided as following:

  • Reuse products to form new piece
  • Redesign product for it’s second use
  • Resource from waste - Use of more biodegradable elements
  • Repair damage for second life use
  • Restrain and utilize energy from waste
  • Recycle with Re-purpose
  • Refuse non-biodegradable waste
  • Renewable energy sources encouragement to conserve natural resources
  • Reduce-throwing away less is buying less
  • Regenerate natural systems

Companies that are encouraging economies to go more circular

Through different ways either from ride sharing or car sharing to sustainable or biodegradable fashion and Products.Circular economy or closed-loop system is gaining more importance in current scenario as the focus has now been on consumerism approach and sustainable economy.

Small or large,companies have now started implementing circular designs to their products to provide us with an alternative option to enjoy products and services that we love with causing any environment depletion.

  • Green Toys - Milk jugs to Toys
  • Timberland - From tires to shoes
  • Johnson controls - Recycled batteries
  • Vigga - Shared Wardrobe
  • Aquazone - Wastewater to fertilizers
  • Raw for the oceans - Ocean trash into clothing
  • Allbirds - Cardboard and plastic to shoes
  • Rothy's - Bottles plastic to shoes
  • WeWOOD - Plant a tree for every watch purchased
  • Recover Brands - All kinds of recycled material to clothing products
  • CotopaxiLooptworks - Use of discarded fabric for outdoor gear
  • TerraCycle - Collect all the discarded items

All these companies are truly working for the better customer satisfaction in all the terms including fashion,comfort and durability and also trying to re innovate the term recycling.Also these companies are creating better relationships with their customers by educating them about their manufacturing process and recycling methods and for maintaining their mutual commitment to sustainability. A more circular economy will lead to waste reduction , addressing emerging scarcity of resource issues in a better way, empowering more competitive economies,increasing resource productivity and reducing environmental damage. Circular economy will also be beneficial to both producers and consumers. As this system will be more cost effective and will lead to reduced production prices, thereby benefiting consumers in all aspects economically,socially and environmentally.


Therefore, for a more circulatory and sustainable economy, we need to re-think progress, adopt a long term strategic framework and promote more use of economic instruments in the context of the environment.We also need to explore in-depth the concept of a circular economy through practical issues and how it can be useful in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Peddler Media lunch new Media ads buying platform

Rohtak (HR) Peddler Media lunch is ads buying platform peddler ads

Peddler Media one of the most popular Music And Video Production in India, advertising on Peddler Ads offers brands a massive reach and unparalleled audience , Peddler Media lunch Website where you can buy media ads (Tv Radio and Digital platform ) Peddler Media collaborate with 1000 plus local website in India to promote your product

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Other News India

Major Differences of B2C and B2B White Label Travel Portal

B2C Travel Portal is an online booking engine with many services like Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus and Car Booking, DMT/Recharges, Tour Package System. B2C travel portal software can be integrated with the leading GDS system like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and LCCs API. In the White label Travel portal / Readymade travel portal, there is already developed panels, due to which costing of these portals less comparison to the Customize Travel Portal, In the White label travel portal user tag or list his/her brand logo or business name in the travel portal website according to his/her need or requirements. B2C travel portal will open your brand's gateway to the world market. It lets you view all the travel-related searches on one platform where customers can conduct a hassle-free travel-related search or booking. This system connected to multiple Global hotel suppliers.

Features Of B2C White Label Travel Portal

  • Any user directly searches and book their ticket as per their need.

  • User can create their own account on the website in which he/she can manage the bookings or tickets on their own.

  • At one place users can book tickets to their travel needs as per their own preference.

  • In B2C, transactions are maintained by the user and may not be repeated.

  • Easy to surfing or maintaining the B2C Booking System comparison to B2B Booking System.

  • B2C searches are catalog-based and specific customer-centric.

  • B2C travel portal development is an effective way to reach out to your customers and increase your company's sales and revenue.

B2B Travel Portal is also an online Searching and booking engine with many services like B2C services. The major difference in the B2B comparison to the B2C, It is not available for all the users/customers, it is available to limited business partners or Travel agents. In this portal admin directly connected with the travel agents and the admin can manage the agents as per his/her preferences. B2B travel technology platform enhances travel agents and tour operators to distribute the inventories to the sub-agents through the B2B online portal.

Features Of B2B White Label Travel Portal

  • Only Agents that grant access by the admin can search or book tickets.

  • Agents can create an account but can only access whenever the admin grant permissions or make his/her account active.

  • The main focus of the B2B portal is, to develop an interest in business and interaction of business with other businesses.

  • In the B2B portal, all transactions have a high chance of repeated booking.

  • B2B portal search functionality is developed to complement these catalog based applications and travel necessities according to the business.

  • The B2B portal is accessed through a virtual private network, and the access is secured way into the list of fixed business partners.

  • B2B travel portal development solution allows you to effectively manage your travel business.

  • It provides direct access to the corporate clients and distributors to your web-based Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus/Car Booking portals.

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Importance of White Label Solution

On the edge of the travel industry, high requirements of travel portal solutions increase the demand of the White Label Travel Portal. In the modern world, there is a lot of competitors in the industry of travel so that's why travel expertise or travel Agents to be needed for the growth of the business. These terms are specially applied for the startups. They need a Travel portal software solution in which they can manage the business or grow their travel business and can fulfill all the Travel Booking needs of the consumers/travelers too.

Customized Travel Portal is good for their business but due to the developing cost of customizing the travel portal could be too high, so due to these circumstances, they have to prefer/advised for the White Label Travel Portal Solution or Ready-Made Travel Portal. White label travel portal, which has all the features which they required for their startups. White label travel booking software is good for startup travel agencies who consider it difficult to deal with financial issues.

Usually, ready-made travel portal booking engines include services such as Flight booking, Hotel booking, Bus and Car bookings, and Holiday Package Booking. These portals can be customized according to the Admin's need/requirements like a brand logo or own branding, own Payment Gateway Integration on the portal. In this portal, the assistance and support are given by the software providers as per the policies of the providers. A white label solution will help you place the bookings in a simple and hassle-free manner.

The Main Features Of The White-Label Solution For Startups

  • Startup travel agencies will have no need of waiting a lot to get their products done. Mean they can start their online Travel Portal business within two days.

  • In the B2C white label module, it helps the consumers to maintain the financial transactions through payment gateway in a secure manner and produce many reports, so that the startup can function well or properly.

  • White label portal is user friendly or it can help to gains the consumers, and when the user finds it easy to use then they will tend to use the portal again and again.

  • The travel technology providers are expected to provide technical support whenever it is required by the startup company. (24*7 support is expected to be provided by the providers)

  • A smooth travel portal design and simple features can gain the attention of valuable customers and convert visitors into good consumers.

  • A white label allows you to offer products and services without having to spend the time and money on designing and developing them yourself.

  • Get up and running faster, as you’re not spending time trying to become an expert in an unfamiliar field.

  • Not only does choosing a white label solution benefit your organization, but it is also an important feature when you want to do things like convincing users to adopt your Travel Training program.

  • Avoid making mistakes that have already been made, found, and corrected by those that came before you in the travel industry.

  • White labeling is used extensively by many companies.

  • The major reason why white label website development becomes important to your business is that it allows you to focus on ways to increase sales.

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Difference between API Integration and White label solution

APIs enable the interaction between the data, applications, and devices. It delivers data between devices and programs. API integration help to run easily the business and benefiting the customers. API enables access to services of the providers by adding codes to applications. It further enhances connectivity. APIs ensure seamless communication between mostly applications. But, it is so done by exposing a limited amount of a program’s internal functions. For example, an Application like SRDV Technologies is enabled by APIs to show the particular Flight, Hotel, Bus, and car details on their website. So, in other words, API integration eases businesses and benefits consumers.

Features Of API Integration

  • Representation - API Integration could be Ready-made or customized.

  • Value - It could be more expensive to integrate an API Comparison to the White Label Travel Portal.

  • Requirement - In most cases it has been required by the already well-maintained business partners who work in the travel field for 2-3 years to get some hike in their business.

  • Time Taken - It takes more time, comparison to White Label Travel Portal usually takes 5-10 days.

  • Resources - All the resources are provided to be integrated into the portal. The ownership of all the resources belongs to terms and conditions.

  • Development - Additional features also to be given to the consumers according to their requirements.

White Label Travel Portal is the ready-made travel portal that is used to make bookings and managing the tickets etc. for Flights, Hotels, Bus, Car, and tour packages. Usually, it is Product with no brand logo and brand name consumers can decide their own logo, name, domain, and payment gateway according to their choice. It is easy to gain access to white label services on your website. These websites can easily modify as per your need. You can add or remove any of the white label services. White label means there is no label and you can place your own label there. If you have a very good technical team and your vision is big along with your budget you should choose API integration. If you don't have much-investing strength and not able to handle a lot of technical issues of software/server/API, then you should prefer with White Label Travel Portal.

Features Of White Label Travel Portal

  • Representation - It is a totally ready-made portal customer has to be a brand logo, brand name, custom B2C Home page design with websites domains according to their choices.

  • Value - It cost very less compared to the API Integration.

  • Requirement - It is ideal for travel startups and those who just want to start their business online.

  • Time Taken - It takes less time, usually takes around 2-4 days according to the requirements of the customer.

  • Resources - All the resources like SMS integration, mail integration, social media log in, etc. are inbuilt and ready to use.

  • Development - Additional features like a discount, markup, convenience fee, agent etc. managements are also to be given to the users according to their demands.

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It is easiest to start but it is hardest to continue it and reach the top - HAMARI PAHCHAN NGO.

The Hamari Pahchan is the one of the best social NGO. It was found by Mr Tarun Mathur the renowned international chess player and who was government officer at Air India. NGO is established at Delhi, India in 2015.

The NGO provides help to underprivileged people so they can create their own identity and Pahchan in society.

Hamari Pahchan aims to eliminate the social evils like hunger, illiteracy, menstruation hygiene and many more. Under this NGO they have launched some other projects like Sukhad- to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, Drishti Project- educating children, Skill Development project - to provide employment opportunity to underprivileged people to stand on their own feet. Sice past few years Hamari Pahchan as non- profit organisation has devoted itself to people in need.

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What matters when choosing a right Travel Technology Partner?

In this modern world full of technologies all over us, we can simply find a Technology Partner but it hard to finds the perfect one. Especially when trying to identify a partner that can support your near-term goals and help you maximize value well into the future. On the simplest level, partnerships allow resources to be shared between both buyer or developers, including consultancy, education, and expertise, as well as more tactile resources like technology, capital, and marketing materials.

You need to feel confident that your technology partner not only has the capabilities to support your needs today but has the expertise and market leadership to your travel innovation that places you in a position of advantage in the years come. But there are lots of questions come to mind when thinking about them, most of the wrong decisions made in the hurry, to crack the deal. They should be selected by their work experience or reviews which gave by their old partners. Travel Technology partnerships can prove hugely beneficial for Travel companies, boosting sales, creating new revenue streams, and opening your company up to a wealth of shared resources.

At SRDV we’ve worked hard for better results and business from a service-based company to a reputable Travel Portal Solution provider that is fully invested in Travel companies’ aims and objectives across the Globe.

Some Features That Must Be Include When Choosing A Travel Technology Partner

  • Experienced: It’s important to identify technology providers serving travel marketers around the world in every form (airlines, hotels, ground transportation providers i.e. Bus/Car, and so on). They should have enterprise-wide systems and customization that enables travelers to plan, shop, and book within corporate travel policy and preferred supplier guidelines.

  • Achieving Goals together: The travel technology providers, you’re considering should fully understandable for task facing. Balancing traveler expectations and experience with maximized efficiencies, and cost management objectives. Your travel technology partner shouldn’t only provide a functionality-rich environment with a sophisticated travel policy engine with flexible controls, customized rules, and parameters to ensure policy rules but a solution that is easy to navigate and guides the traveler on the right choices with messaging that clearly communicates your travel program throughout the entire experience.

  • Reliability: It is a more relevant thing to be retrieved, especially in today’s fast-growing travel industry: Reliability is a must. As such, travel companies must be aware of the reliability of the booking engine they’re looking to operate.

  • Quality Control: You should have proper error control tools in the system, the damage can be minimized. Your system needs to be smart enough to handle those errors in such a way that your buyers do not feel the issue.

  • Working Speed: Speed is key for travel companies to maintain a competitive advantage. Resellers or travel agents need to optimize their time - the days when an agent had two hours to prepare an offer are long gone.

  • Flexibility: Travel company reaches a point when it needs to work with multiple suppliers. When this happens, companies must have the proper mapping tools, and if the supplier can offer efficient mapping services, all the better. There are companies that focus on offering lots of destinations with good prices, but that in turn pays less attention to the quality of the content.

  • Interconnectivity: Appearances matter and the look and feel of the interface needs to be comfortable and easy for those within a travel company to use. The buttons should be where users would expect them to be. Functionality should be intuitive. The interface should be simple enough for those without significant software experience to master.


You have to prefer technology companies that have well-established, working partnerships with TMCs, suppliers, and other third-party tech firms. Single out those uniquely positioned to lead innovation, and deliver tactile value to corporations and frictionless traveler experience. Determine if travel technology companies have demonstrated strategic alliances to participate in the industry’s evolution towards next-generation retailing, distribution, and fulfillment. New Distribution Capability will be a major factor in managing business travel in the years ahead.

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Skill Development Need For Women:

Women can constitute a massive chunk of India’s workforce, the percentage rate of working women in the total labour force is declining. Further, a large number of women are employed in the informal sector. These jobs are often seasonal, have meagre wages and provide no security of wages or tenure. Thus a focus on development of skills in women would be crucial in motivating them to develop life skills that will lead to higher paying and good quality jobs, better livelihood, economic independence and the ability to earn for their families.

Thus, Hamari Pahchan is a Delhi based NGO that puts forth a platform to aid the marginalized of our society. We provide various opportunities to underprivileged people so they can create their own Pahchan (identity).

Our focus spans over multiple areas like education, menstrual health awareness, unemployment and hunger.

Hamari Pahchan has been working relentlessly to provide employment opportunities to the ones in need. Initially, we came up with a small scale project known as ‘Vocal for local’ with an aim to provide unemployed women with vocational training as well as a platform to sell their produce. Fortunately, the response to this project turned out to be so overwhelming that we made a resolve to push it further as a full-fledged initiative.

This bold initiative aims to provide underprivileged women and youth with opportunities to earn a livelihood. Based on the concept of self sufficiency i.e. ‘Atma nirbharta’, this initiative strives to empower women so that they are capable enough to support themselves financially.

Our relentless efforts have helped us in becoming one of the best NGOs in Delhi. Our projects like the Drishti Project (Educating Children), Sukhad Project (Awareness regarding menstrual hygiene for women, distribution of health kit), Skill Development (Providing employment opportunities to the underprivileged) and initiatives like COVID-19 aid, have proved immensely beneficial to a lot of people. Our team works with a will to elevate people’s lives, fulfil their dreams and make them self-reliant which will further accelerate national growth and push the Atma Nirbharta initiative to new heights.

Contribute to donate, ration or meals to the unprivileged people who might need food right now.

No amount is big or small; it's the contribution that matters! You can even donate for a one-time meal i.e. Rs.50/-

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Hamari Pahchan: An NGO Dedicated to Uplifting the Underprivileged

Hamari Pahchan is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged in India. The organization was founded in 2015 by a group of young people who were passionate about making a difference in the world.

Hamari Pahchan works in a variety of areas, including education, health, and employment. The organization provides scholarships to underprivileged children, runs health camps, and helps people find jobs. Hamari Pahchan also works to raise awareness about social issues, such as gender inequality and child labor.

In the past seven years, Hamari Pahchan has helped over 10,000 people. The organization has provided scholarships to over 5,000 children, run over 100 health camps, and helped over 2,000 people find jobs. Hamari Pahchan has also raised awareness about social issues through its campaigns and events.

Hamari Pahchan is a registered NGO with the Government of India. The organization is also a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Hamari Pahchan is funded by individual donations and corporate sponsorships.

If you are interested in supporting Hamari Pahchan, there are a number of ways you can help. You can donate money, volunteer your time, or spread the word about the organization. You can also learn more about Hamari Pahchan by visiting its website:

Here are some of the ways you can help Hamari Pahchan:

  • Donate money: You can donate money to Hamari Pahchan through its website or by sending a check to the organization's address.
  • Volunteer your time: Hamari Pahchan is always looking for volunteers to help with its programs and events. You can find out more about volunteering by visiting the organization's website.
  • Spread the word: You can help Hamari Pahchan by telling your friends and family about the organization and its work. You can also share information about Hamari Pahchan on social media.

Every little bit helps. By donating your time, money, or voice, you can help Hamari Pahchan make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged in India.

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Madhav Fashion Company Celebrates 18 Years of Style and Excellence

Surat, June 1st, 2023 – Madhav Fashion Company, a prominent name in the fashion industry, recently celebrated its 18th anniversary with great enthusiasm and style. The event, held on June 1st, 2023, marked a significant milestone for the company founded by Mr. Umesh Malaviya and co-founder Mrs. Rekha Malaviya in 2005.

The anniversary celebration showcased Madhav Fashion Company’s remarkable journey over the past 18 years. Renowned for its innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the brand has consistently raised the bar in the fashion industry. With a wide range of exquisite collections, Madhav Fashion Company has become synonymous with timeless elegance and impeccable style.

During the celebration, Mr. Umesh Malaviya, the founder of Madhav Fashion Company, expressed his gratitude to the dedicated employees, loyal customers, and valued partners who have contributed to the company’s success. He acknowledged their unwavering support, which has played a crucial role in establishing Madhav Fashion Company as a trusted and celebrated brand.

Reflecting on the remarkable achievement, Mr. Malaviya stated, “We are truly humbled and elated to celebrate our 18th anniversary. It is a testament to the passion, dedication, and hard work of our entire team. We are grateful to our customers, who have shown immense trust and loyalty to Madhav Fashion Company. We remain committed to delivering unparalleled designs, uncompromising quality, and exceptional service.”

Madhav Fashion Company’s anniversary celebration also highlighted the brand’s commitment to sustainability. With a focus on responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices, the company strives to minimize its ecological footprint while maintaining the highest standards of quality. This dedication to sustainability resonates with the values of modern consumers who seek ethically produced fashion.

Looking ahead, Madhav Fashion Company aims to further expand its reach both domestically and internationally. With a strong vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the brand will continue to push boundaries, set new trends, and captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information about Madhav Fashion Company and its remarkable 18-year journey, please visit

About Madhav Fashion Company:

Madhav Fashion Company, established in 2005 by Mr. Umesh Malaviya and co-founder Mrs. Rekha Malaviya, is a renowned name in the fashion industry. The brand is synonymous with creativity, quality, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Offering a diverse range of innovative designs and collections, Madhav Fashion Company continues to inspire and redefine fashion trends.

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Offline Travel Agency Vs Online Travel Agency

Online Travel Agency is a web-based marketplace that allows travelers or consumers to research and book travel trips and tickets, including hotels, flights, cars, tours, amenities, and many more, directly with travel suppliers. With the integration of travel portal development, Travel API Integration, or White Label Travel Solution travel agencies can easily empower themselves to get access to the extensive range of data of worldwide transport and accommodation system.

Offline Travel Agency, where you have to visit to discuss your plans for trips and tickets or, any further travel-related query directly with travel suppliers. The presence of a specialty market for a uniquely designed travel is guaranteeing that customary travel business despite everything has plans to endure. A travel planner with dynamic abilities and years-long experience can manage you to get a handle on the big stake while booking your Travel. They are capable and have exhaustive information on the Travel Industry, subsequently, their own help encourages you to get the best arrangement. Rather than spending ages on perusing highlights for administrations, a solitary call makes it more advantageous for the travelers.

Online Travel Agency

  • Can provide better rates due to various options and with the support of investors.

  • Nowadays traveler prefers Online Travel Agency to book their itinerary as it gives them the liability to get their desired travel product services instantly.

  • Do more business compare to an offline travel agency, because of internet connectivity mostly all over around us which helps us to redirect to the best travel agency.

  • Have the best deal options and faster service can save your valuable time.

  • Global Reach through APIs which help to find the best Flight, Hotel, Bus/Car where ever you want. Have lots of options for every travel need.

  • Online Payment Gateway Integration reduces overdue in Market.

  • The brand name also promoting due to an online travel agency.

  • Less staff required comparison to the offline travel agency.

Offline Travel Agency

  • Sometimes expenses are higher due to limited inventory or no connectivity.

  • Sometimes the situation occurs like that, in which you have to suffer a loss due to lack of payment modes. Increase overdue in Market.

  • Sometimes doing great business and sometimes not, due to lack of traveler because people don’t want to suffer travel in city traffic so mostly not prescribed this service.

  • Can take much more time for confirming because of a lack of real-time services.

  • Offline inventory, not up-to-date with fare and deals. Have fewer deal options and a lack of customer services.

  • A travel planner can take more time to get a handle on the bonanza while booking your travel tickets.

  • Some benefits like Human to Human interaction can help.

  • More staff required to run.


Both Online and Offline Travel Services have their own arrangements of points of interest and disadvantages and it is up to you, what to pick while making an arrangement. I would suggest you go for an online travel service because in this IT era everyone wants to check and use the services via the internet. So Online Travel Portal is the need of travel industry business otherwise you will lag from your competitors. As OTA does not just offer you a Travel entry programming arrangement yet additionally if necessary help you with any direction to make your Travel hassle-free.

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How SRDV Technologies can help you to Enhance Your Travel Business ?

Innovative technology has changed the world hugely. Arranging an outing is a tedious cycle and individuals frequently experience issues in discovering time to design the excursion. Innovation has made it simpler for individuals to design the outing since it spares time and aides in effective arranging.

SRDV technologies play a vital role in enhancing the travel industry through their new ideas, great technologies, more expertise developers, best managing staff in the Travel Technology field, etc. At SRDV, You go beyond the surface to delve into what you actually need, where you lack, and guide you right through the process of ideation and creation. We help you visualize and finally achieve a seamless transition from IDEA to PRODUCT.

Our fundamental rationale is to fulfill your clients with your item and at the same time, you make development and progress. We create so that your sites pull in an ever-increasing number of guests which can be then changed over to clients and this will legitimately prompt high income. Our customer's prosperity is our prosperity and our main objective is to fulfill every technology related need of our customers.

Key Features How SRDV Technologies Enhancing Your Travel Business

  • We have a wide 10+ year great experience of working with clients across industries and across the globe.

  • We have delivered client satisfaction getting more and more work from our existing clients is the evidence of the same.

  • The client gets the desired result of what they want and need a good perspective and gives the best technology is always our goal.

  • SRDV commits to deliver the products on time, sincerity is our main goal.

  • Our experienced and professional team always here to handle every challenge of the technology aspect of work.

  • At SRDV, you will get the best support from our team from starting of your journey to growth.

  • By helping millions of businesses learn more about their customers (our ultimate customer feedback guide can help you do the same), we like to think we know a thing or two about customer satisfaction.

  • At SRDV, you get complete online travel agency modules for Flight, hotel, bus, etc. bookings in the website and Mobile Application i.e. You can take complete Travel Portal Solution under one roof.

  • SRDV Technologies has been around for years, a respected leader in the community and the industry. Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who year after year put their trust in us.

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API Integration helps to Boost Your Travel Business

APIs enable the interaction between the data, applications, and devices. It delivers data between devices and programs. It helps to run easily the business and benefiting the customers. In this modern world, the internet has become a fundamental piece of our life day by day. This faith in cell phones expands accomplished application improvement.

Application Program Interface or API for travel entrance constructs travel guides, courses, and other fundamental things that can enable the traveler to recognize a specific spot. On certain events, it may be utilized to find excursion spots, celebrated milestones, verifiable visiting spots, lodgings, and eateries. Along these lines, travelers can discover puts just by tapping their gadgets. The programming interface is an extraordinary method of picking up pervasiveness in a short timeframe. In the Travel, industry to provide real-time bookings and inventory fetching Travel Agencies can integrate Air Ticket Booking API, Hotel Booking API, Bus/Car Booking API, etc.

Benefits Of API Integration

  • API Integration could be ready-made or customized totally depends upon Travel Agency requirements and Budget. If Travel Agency has a small budget to start an online booking system on their brand name then they can go with a white label solution.

  • Customized API Integration fulfills Travel Agency’s every advance requirement. But It could be more expensive to integrate or develop a custom API based Online Travel Portal comparison to the White Label Travel portal.

  • In most cases, it has been required by the already well-maintained business partners who working in the travel field for 2-3 years to get some hike in their business.

  • It provides more flexibility to make changes in your portal. Additional features also to be given to the consumers according to their choices.

  • API Integration provides real like availability fetching and booking services on your Online Web-based Portal, and customers can choose service as per his/her preference and can make a booking by making online payment through Payment Gateways.

  • All the resources are provided to be integrated into a single portal. A travel agency can offer multi-vendor data to its customers by integrating more than one API in a single system.

  • It reduces the running cost by making the complete process automatic so no more staff requirements.

  • Global reach – By integrating Global vendors you can spread your business globally and provide services to your customers all over the world.

  • Brand Promotion – This also helps in your brand promotion. By providing the best inventory at a reasonable price to your customer you can build customer faith and high satisfaction.


API Development has picked up pace in the industry. APIs are already part of automation technologies. And with advanced innovations like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence making the Mobile Application more intelligent. The need for simplified APIs is growing more than ever. So, if you are looking to enhance your apps and websites with API integrations. Then API development is the right choice for you. But, more than the development.

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Probiotics Market Report from 2022 To 2029, Application Scope, Growth Drivers, Insights, Market Report

Probiotics Market size was valued at US$ 61.10 Bn. in 2021 and the total revenue is expected to grow at 8.31 % through 2022 to 2029, reaching nearly US$ 115.71 Bn.

Probiotics Market Overview:

This study's objective is to present a thorough market segmentation by geographic regions and product types, as well as an overview of the Probiotics industry. The analysis includes major information on market positions of the top Probiotics organizations as well as significant industry trends and opportunities.

The study also includes information on the major players in the global Probiotics market, such as company biographies, product images and specifications, production capacity, pricing, cost, and contact information. This study examines the entire Probiotics Market Size from a global perspective and makes predictions about future trends based on past data.

Request Free Sample Copy (To Understand the Complete Structure of this Report [Summary + TOC]) @

COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Probiotics Market:

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused substantial changes in consumer behavior across many areas of society. On the other hand, industries will need to modify their strategies to account for changing market supply. This report offers an overview of COVID-19's impact on the market and will help you build your business in accordance with the new industry standards. The results are verified through reviews and market leaders. The secondary research and analysis of the same are done using both paid and unpaid databases. Consumption in each nation by kind and supply by each player are sourced from legitimate government databases, paid databases, and, in the case of listed firms, company annual reports.

Probiotics Market Scope:

Aftermarket engineering undertook thorough primary research that included data triangulation, market breakdown, estimates, computations of market statistics, and calculations of market size in order to gather information, validate important figures, and verify the findings. To calculate percentage splits, market shares, and segment breakdowns, weights based on usage rate and average sale price are applied to each location. Based on the stated market size's acceptance or usage in the relevant region, the global markets and their sub-segments are segmented by country. Numerous market and industry-related topics are highlighted in the research. New product launches, business expansions, partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisitions are a few examples of marketing techniques. Additionally, the key components of the market research that clearly focus on the industry landscape have all been taken into consideration when structuring this study.

Segmentation Analysis:

The worldwide probiotics market is divided into two categories based on ingredient: yeast and bacteria. In 2021, the Yeast sector had a market share of xx%, and over the forecast period, it is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR of 8.91%. Human intestinal health has benefited from the increasing popularity of products containing Saccharomyces boulardii, a rare tropical yeast with a number of health benefits. Developing countries like China, Brazil, and India are consuming more probiotic yoghurt as a result of growing public knowledge of their health benefits. Probiotic-containing products are commonly available in Japanese stores, ranging from enhanced drinks to chocolates that contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.

The global probiotics market is divided based on distribution channel into hypermarkets/supermarkets, pharmacies/drugstores, specialty stores, and online. With a 32% market share in 2021, the hypermarkets/supermarkets segment had the greatest market share. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the best places to get protein-based supplement items because they carry a wide range of brands at reasonable prices and offer the highest-quality goods. It is anticipated that the category will expand more quickly during the forecast period. Due to the wide range of probiotic products available, customers who buy them from some of these major shops are prepared to be more picky.

The global probiotics market is divided into two categories: animal and human, depending on end-user. In 2021, the Human sector had the most market share at 91.5%. The variety of products that are fit for human consumption has increased as a result of technological improvements. The use of innovative food-grade ingredients in beverages and other non-dairy uses by significant market participants has prompted this response.

Key Competitors:

The industry placed a strong emphasis on alliances, purchases, and collaborations as inorganic growth tactics. The Probiotics market's potential for future rapid growth means that industry participants should benefit from it. The businesses listed below make up the global Probiotics market.

• CHR. Hansen

• Danone

• Yakult Honsha

• Dowdupont

• Kerry

• Probi AB

• Nestle

• Biogaia

• Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

• Glac Biotech

• Bifodan A/S

• Lallemand

• General Mills

• Uas Laboratories

• Archer Daniels Midland Company (ABM)

• Evolve Biosystem Inc

• Sabinsa Corporation

• Pepsico inc

• Post Holdings inc

• Kerry Inc.

• Amul

To get a detailed report summary and research scope of Probiotics Market, click here @

Regional Analysis:

After examining the political, economic, social, and technological aspects influencing the Probiotics market in each of these regions, the report also includes extensive PESTLE assessments for each of the five regions—North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

About Us:

Maximize Market Research provides B2B and B2C research on 12000 high growth emerging opportunities technologies as well as threats to the companies across the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics Communications, Internet of Things, Food and Beverages, Aerospace and Defence and other manufacturing sectors.

Contact Us:


3rd Floor, Navale IT Park Phase 2,

Pune Banglore Highway,

Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra 411041, India.

Email: [email protected]

Phone No.: +91 9607365656

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Education is a fundamental right and every child deserves an equal opportunity to learn. However, in India, education is not equally accessible to all sections of society. Hamari Pahchan NGO recognizes this fact and has initiated PROJECT DRISHTI to reduce the gap between privileged and underprivileged children. The organization believes that education is a powerful tool that can break the cycle of poverty and crime in the country.

According to a 2015 Oxfam report, 60 lakh children in India are still out-of-school, and 92% of government schools are yet to fully implement the RTE Act. India is also ranked at 123 out of 135 countries in female literacy rate. Despite the measures taken by the Indian government to encourage children to go to school, such as the mid-day meal and The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (2009), the ground reality leaves much to be desired.

Children in government schools lack soft skills like punctuality, hygiene, and discipline, proper learning infrastructure, accountability of teachers, and a conducive learning environment. Hamari Pahchan NGO has been working on the cause of education for the underprivileged with informal classes and slowly moved to more organized and regular classes that include themes around the overall development of a child's cognitive and behavioral aspects.

Apart from basic education, they also teach concepts of good manners, hygiene and cleanliness, kindness, gender sensitization, good and bad touch, as well as storytelling, arts, crafts,and coding. The organization also works towards increasing political awareness and making children aware of their voting rights. They ensure that children who do not have access to gadgets to attend online classes and internet connection are provided with the necessary stationery items and books they require.

Hamari Pahchan NGO primarily works in urban slums, government schools, and for children from low-income families. The organization believes that crime rates can also be reduced through PROJECT DRISHTI and the rate of development of these children can increase.

The organization is run by dedicated individuals, including Ananya, a second-year law student who has been working relentlessly to support the cause of education for the underprivileged. Hamari Pahchan NGO needs the support of like-minded individuals to help such children.

You can choose to sponsor the education of one child and make a difference. With Rs. 7500 per year, you can help provide a child with stationary supplements, books, and other study materials, as well as access to vocational training sessions.

Donating to the fundraiser of Hamari Pahchan NGO entitles you to tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. You can help protect the fundamental right to education of many other students like Raj by donating to the organization.

In conclusion, education is a crucial aspect of an individual's life, and every child deserves an equal opportunity to learn. Hamari Pahchan NGO is doing their bit to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged children by working towards providing quality education to the underprivileged. The organization's approach towards education is not just limited to providing basic education, but also focuses on overall development, including soft skills and behavioral aspects.

The lack of access to education for children in India is a significant issue, and initiatives like PROJECT DRISHTI taken up by Hamari Pahchan NGO are commendable in their efforts to address this issue. By providing education to underprivileged children, the organization is empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and make a better life for themselves.

We, as a society, need to recognize the importance of education and come forward to support organizations like Hamari Pahchan NGO in their efforts to provide education to underprivileged children. Every child has the right to education, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they get access to it.

In conclusion, let us come forward and support the cause of education for the underprivileged by donating to Hamari Pahchan NGO's fundraiser. By doing so, we not only help provide basic education to underprivileged children but also contribute towards their overall development and empowerment. Let us work together towards a society where every child has equal access to education and a chance to make a better life for themselves.

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How The Hoteliers Can Be Benefitted Through The Help Of Hotel API ?

In case you're a chief at an inn (Hotel), you may not realize what an API is or why it is important. Yet, you should. While APIs are important to individuals like friendliness tech directors and chiefs at any cutting edge inn, they really influence the whole association. Consider it: Technology is a significant piece of the cutting edge travel industry and the associations that are changing whole areas of the business are all carefully based: Online travel agencies, Airbnb, even funds processing.

APIs or Application Program Interfaces, are the most important feature for any digital network of programs. APIs connect the various hospitality software, applications, and programs that keep our hotel operations running on a daily basis. So when choosing new technology for your hotel, it's important to know how will API work. In 2013, there were 10,000 open APIs made available to the world by all sorts of different technology companies.

Advantages Of Hotel API Integration

  • It is designed in a standard manner that allows for easy integration with other programs.

  • It provides global inventories to your portal with real-time availability fetch and booking service.

  • Save your time and cost. By API integration you do not need to take requirements and make bookings on behalf of your customers. Now your customer can easily check all available options and make bookings itself.

  • API integration reduces Customer-Agency disputes occurs due to misunderstanding and increase customer satisfaction.

  • In such a complex environment, all these systems need to have a clear and seamless API layer so that the communication and synchronization between them happen efficiently.

  • The better and “cleaner” the API layer is, the more time-efficient and value for money it will be.

  • Provide better experiences for your guests and will make your team's jobs easier.

  • Online Payment Gateway Integration has a wider choice in online payments like wallet payments, credit cards, Debit cards, net banking, etc. which reduces the overdue amount in the market.

  • More reliable and robust and real-time price updating for the consumers.


APIs make the work easy, easy to maintain, less time-consuming and save your money. In modern times businessmen have limited time for the particular work and API makes these tasks very easy. So the integration of API with your business will be a better decision. A wide array of Hotel choices in every location, each providing different prices and availability, the task of navigating through multiple suppliers can be made easy with Hotel API Integration. The Online Hotel Booking System allows every customer to get access to large hotel inventory from anywhere in the world.

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What Are The Main Challenges Faced By The Online Travel Agencies

In this modern time where the Travel Industry is on the peak of the businesses which contributes to the boost for the economy of the world’s GDP. It is also stated in the report that this industry generated a huge percentage of all worldwide economic activity.

In the wake of perusing this reality, you more likely than not to know how quickly this industry is expanding its perspective. Along these lines, the quicker it develops, the more competitors it has, hence the more difficulties will be for you to manage on the off chance that you need to run and support your travel business in such a serious circumstance alongside competitors.

The Key Challenges Faced By Online Travel Agencies

  • Maintaining online presence: In this competitive industry, have to maintain your online presence is not an easy task. There are competitors that use more and more other best options to have high competition against you like, dynamic designing, SEO, a portable mobile application for their business. Soo you should have to able, to handle these tasks to compete against your competitor by using the best Travel Technology partners.

  • Maintaining service standards: You should have to maintain your own service standards because a bad service provided to anyone of your customer can relate you to lose that one customer and his/her references (maybe they can give you more business profits in the future). You should have to check your online reviews for your services, this has also a great impact on your business.

  • Easier the Booking Process: You should have to make your booking process easier and more reliable, because the complex your Booking is, the chances of losing the customer becomes higher too.

  • Customers’ Conditions: Sometimes the customers’ needs or conditions are the most challenging terms which can be faced by the Travel Agencies. So, the more you know them, the better you know their expectations and demands.

  • Regular Updates: The challenges for the online travel agencies still not the over, more the offers provided by the competitor and regular updates regards terms and conditions and website overview too will face you more and more challenges, so a good travel technology partner which is expertise in the technology field can help you out to grow your business.

  • Funds Management: It is not an easy task for managing your expenses manually. Travel businesses, like other businesses, have to spend a big stack of money on advertising, purchasing new technology-powered tools, customer service, and so on. Besides, it’s sensible to have some financial backup for the future.


However, these challenges and many-more other than these are also faced by offline travel agencies, most important a lag has occurred and you will be so behind the other online competitors. The challenges which have to face in an Online Travel Agency can be easier to handle if you choose the right technology partner.

You can easily overcome all the above challenges by finding your reliable and experienced Travel Technology Solution partner like SRDV.

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10 Major Features of Online Travel Agency

Travel is the most enjoyable and happy moment for any person. There are so many people who spend a lot of money on traveling. So day by day, the travel and tourism industry business is growing. if you are looking to invest in the travel industry, then an Online Travel Portal Development is the best option to invest. For developing an Online Travel Portal you have to find the best Technology Partner for your travel portal which makes your dreams come true, who will develop a best-featured packed online travel portal for you.

Top 10 Features That Must Be On Your Online Travel Portal

  • Advanced Search Filters: Search filtering is useful as there are different parameters involved in traveling which makes more confusion into the head of a visitor or traveler.

  • Easy Booking Process: Easier the Booking Process makes visitors and travelers visit again and again for booking the tickets.

  • Responsive And Dynamic Design: The design of a website is one of the first things noticed by visitors and travelers. The more responsive and dynamic designs of your website, the more it attracts visitors.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence analyses, and learns from previous searches made by the customer and uses that knowledge to make similar and best suggestions on everything like the best flights, hotels, car rental services, and even destinations for their next trip.

  • Inventory Management: Inventory management system makes help for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and Bookings. It also used in many industries to create a work order, bill of bookings, and other customer-related documents.

  • Multiple Language And Currency: There should be multiple languages and currency on your online portal which makes it more reliable for every visitor or traveler.

  • Predictive Search: Predictive search is nothing but a drop-down list that pops up immediately while you’re typing so that you don’t have to hit ‘search’ to find out common results. This is an excellent way to avoid displaying a large list of results, finding results quickly.

  • Customer Feedback And Reviews: Reviews option is the key feature of any online portal that must be there. More the higher the stars review is there more the visitors have trust in you.

  • Royalty And Referral Reward: This is the best feature to promote your online portal by giving reward points to the happy customers of your agency and a referral reward program will help to find some new customers.

  • Gallery: We live in a visual world where images are the most better way to inspire and communicates. These make a strong statement and will have a strong impact on your website. Also, people make more interaction on social networking sites that have plenty and incredible images.

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