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This self-taught Srinagar artist sketches her imagination on canvas, earns applauds

Iqra Shaban, 20, a resident of Soura Srinagar is a self-taught sketch artist. Her strokes on a canvas have won her admirers as the portraits look perfect in every aspect.

Iqra is a BBA third-semester student at Islamia College. According to her, the tryst with the art is innate. “I was interested in making pictures in childhood and during my early school days at Iqbal Memorial Institute I took part in different art-related competitions.”

Up to her senior secondary classes sketching was just a leisure time activity for her but, since then she got fully into it and took her art to the next level. Along with her studies, she gives the art a proper time, in fact has made it part of her daily schedule.

“After 12th class, I pursued art with passion and am giving my best into it,” She said.

Iqra believes that the sketch of Sir Mohammad Allama Iqbal that she sketched a year before is one of the fine portraits she has sketched so far. Apart from this, she has sketched a horse that was endorsed by art lovers on social media.

Now she is more into the creative sketching genre of this art. “ I made a creative sketch of an eye. The sketch is close to my heart and the artists applauded my work. I believe through creative sketching an artist can depict a lot of latent things that he can not express through words.”

She has won many awards and certificates for her creative art so far. She won the Young Woman Achiever in 2021. Apart from this, she has attended many workshops and participated in many online platforms in international forums.

Iqra has to deal with a fair share of her struggle. She said that in the initial days, she had to deal with many trolls but she kept going on and ignored them. “I have got my supportive parents who supported me through thick and thin.”

The young artist is now selling her art on social media platforms. “Recently I sold one of my sketches at the rate of Rs 2000 on my Instagram page.” Shaban has a youtube channel and runs an Insta page by the name iqrashaban01 where she has 1.3K followers.

However, Shaban believes that there are very few platforms available for budding artists and believes that there should be more platforms available for the artists where they can excel both in terms of their talent and financially.

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How Irfan Attari Kashmiri turned the youngest awarded Social Activist of Kashmir?

He deserves a salute as he is taking on the world of drugs!

Irfan Attari Kashmiri thinks a bit differently and love's floating in dangerous playfields and one of them happens to be the arena of drugs where he has plunged himself for a rescue act!

‘For him cyberspace is an unknown and a blank field and the general caution is tread with care! The other is the world of drugs in which the youth are falling prey to the greatest constrictor, the many legged reptiles who run the drug kingdom! So a big welcome to the coliseum where Irfan wages a big war against the killing invisible machines in Kashmir’!

-‘ In this fatally lethal kingdom which has become a sprawling world of profiteering at the cost of the youth, Irfan has taken a dangerous plunge, dangerous because many will not like his ideas and the way of functioning but the man has beans to slog it out against an menace staring at the youth. He incidentally is Chairman Youth For drug free Kashmir ,Kashmir Youth web (Largest Youth based organization in Kashmir)!

-‘ Irfan knows that there has never been a 'war on drugs'! Even if it has been, it has always been left unfinished. In our history we can only see an ongoing conflict amongst various drug users and producers. In ancient Mexico the use of alcohol was punishable by death, while the ritualistic use of mescaline was highly worshipped. In 17th century Russia, tobacco smokers were threatened with mutilation or decapitation, alcohol was legal. In Prussia, coffee drinking was prohibited to the lower classes, the use of tobacco and alcohol was legal. And now everything is illegally illegal as drugs are available in plenty (samaan or maal is the most used terminology or could be white chocolate or chicklet gum!

-‘He believes the fact that truth is the first casualty of war and the war on drugs is no different. Every day both the print and broadcast media bombard the public with a perspective and narrative which has proved to be devastating. This diet of cultural influence and propaganda is unremitting. If the war has to be fought in a rapid fire way then men like Irfan have to hold each other’s hand. Aberrations and bogies are not permissible because someone is earning on the lives of the kids of tomorrow who are rapidly becoming hollow and scratching their fatless skins till they bleed and finally run blue because of the blood drying in the veins and nerves! The end result is pale yellow death with eyes behind black but hollow eye bags with eye balls popping out of the eye sockets!’

-‘He is a writer, speaker and debater and thus is giving identity to the unidentified artists of Kashmir valley, contradicting the human psychology of egotism. Attari's age in comparison to his aspirations and ambitions is exiguous. He is a living messiah fighting for the cultural decay of the valley which is closest to his heart beat as it is not everyone's cup of tea. Having a good hold on cyber security, irfan Attari is providing cyber security help to hundreds of people. Awareness rewarding cyber harassments, cyber scams, cyber frauds and cyber hygiene like topics are most seen to be touched in Irfan's recent work.‘

- ‘An addict will always say that every time I draw a clean breath, I'm like a fish out of water. Obviously it means that he/she wants to stay in dirt, muck and filth scrambling out of his/her brain. But kudos to Irfan as he thinks a bit differently and it can be proven as and when he says, ‘the mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless over their addiction and unless they have structured help, they have no hope.’! But still it can be provided if we are prepared to offer them! But my organization and myself are prepared to stretch to the limit!’

-‘The youth received a lot of help from this non-political organization Kashmir Youth For Drug Free Kashmir, Kashmir Youth Web which was founded by Irfan Attari. This is a non-profit public benefit organization and the first youth based organization in the history of Kashmir that has represented the talent and the problems of Kashmir on an international level and also that empowers youth and adults equally.’

Srinager/ Jammu

The illegality of cannabis is outrageous but it is still available so there is someone needed so desperately in this increasingly mad and dangerous world that has been created by the drug mafia in UT Jammu and Kashmir. The world of the addicts is something like this as they feel that, unlike simple stress, trauma changes your view of your life and yourself. It shatters your most basic assumptions about yourself and your world, thoughts like life is good, I’m safe, people are kind, I can trust others, the future is likely to be good but as the stupor slips off the same thoughts are replaced with fleeting feelings like, the world is dangerous, I can’t win, I can’t trust other people, or there’s no hope. I need another shot to get positive and thus continue life till the day when legs begin to shiver, hands begin to shake and the stomach gets cramped up. It’s almost over and the final sigh….a life is lost consigned to the grave and gobbled up by drugs! Kashmiri’s only endeavor is to save young kids who have got themselves dissolved in this vicious death trap!

I. Something about Irfan:

He always has advice up his sleeve and that is, ‘while the outside world was full of danger, I knew my interior. I was certain that I could oust an intruder there. So just do it!’

* Irfan along with the other members is working on fields but keeping the anti-drug campaign as his priority.

* He says that the motive of our organization is to eradicate the social evils from our valley and the biggest of them all is the drug addiction. We believe it is the chain cuffing the youth from pursuing their real dreams.

* Youth for drug free Kashmir (the name of his organization) is internationally linked with foundation for drug free world and for their aims they have started the distribution of about 1 lakh books regarding the research of drugs (2021) out of which 10,000 books have already been distributed in the districts of Srinagar and Budgam.

* He vociferously says that we’re ready for the door to door campaigning of our books and by this our aim will be to make the Kashmir valley peaceful and fruitful.

* Besides drugs our focus will get on to the unseen and unknown artists of the Valley who’ve worked for a long time in their fields. We’ll work to provide them the platforms they deserve, nationally and internationally as well!

*My only goal is to make our Kashmir drug free and the team I have raised is dedicated to the crusade against drug abuse!

*Teenage is the most vulnerable and crucial, also a sensitive age where one breaks emotionally and needs some kind of support. Due to lack of maturity and sensibility, they opt other ways out of which the main focus drags on drugs.

II. About the organization:

Each and every member of Irfan’s team will invariably say, ‘I don't know what you're getting yourself into, but I know I don't like it. Some things in Kashmir are pure poison. If someone has put you on a demon's tracks, you'd better make sure the demon doesn't find you first. It has already got many!’

* Kashmir youth web & foundation for drug free Kashmir is an organization which emphasizes on the social causes, issues, events/ programs in the Kashmir valley.

*The main motto behind the organization is to provide benefits to the people and make society free from numerous social evils pertaining within it.

*The team of Kashmir youth web and youth for drug free Kashmir comprises youth whose intention is to make their society a better and peaceful place to do well by working on the number of social issues and tend to be supported by their society so that they can work with efficiency.

*There is a need to create awareness among those who are willing to take a leap of death into the sphere of drugs and especially to those who already are a victim of this. In view of all the present situations their basic aim is to help those who have become a part of this drug addiction society by providing them proper counseling and making them aware about the hazardous effects of drugs where death is a certainty!

Wonder how many of our readers have heard about the tale of a Lion and a Rose. Well if they haven’t then just look around and you will find plenty of them scrambling about. Just see around and ponder over what you saw. Every human is a Lion as well as a rose. It’s just the moment of indiscretion where a beautiful rose gets crumpled and Lion reduced to a toothless humble animal! It means behind every hand stained with blood there's another, and that one stays clean. What I'm saying is that behind a demon, there's always someone holding the creature on a leash! Check it out and be away from the silent serpent that gives the kiss of death! That’s the message that Irfan Kashmiri wants to convey!

Email :- [email protected]


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Bollywood actor Duaa Bhat is a budding artiste who hails from the Kashmir Valley. She shot to fame from the 2018-film 'Laila Majnu', which was directed by Imtiaz Ali's brother Sajid Ali

directed by Sajid Ali and Imtiyaz Ali as character Jasmeet.

●Worked as secondary cast in 'MASABA MASABA' Netflix series

●Worked in a music video's of zee music as lead

●Worked in tv serial "balika vadu" for colours

●miss india diva 2021

●miss india diva choice

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What do I write?

Hello readers.

First up, thanks for showing interest in my article. This is my first article on Avalanches, so I'd like to dive in with a little intro.

Well, I'm not a trained or a professional writer. I write for my pleasure and satisfaction. I'm prone to headaches and writing is my way to get rid of them.

I don't write on specific topics because as of now, I'm not making any carrier out of writing, neither am I writing to get popular. I'm writing for myself and if it happens that my writing pieces prove of benefit to others, then why not!

Other than writing, I'm a student but I'm always a writer on Avalanches.

Happenings around me do take my attention so I do write about them. Next up, life's very happening. We all go through a lot and some of us have the ability to have a control of it. So, I also like writing about life through my perspective. Other than that, I like to write about positivity which I think is quite related to writing about life. Creating scenarios in my mind is something I've been doing half of my life and I really enjoy it. Jotting down those scenarios is a part of my life. These are some of the major things that I write about. But to speak of the truth, it all depends on my mind.

I hope you get to read from me soon and benefit from it.

Thanks for reading.


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Zaakir Altaf Bhat (Born 31 December 1998) in a Muslim Family of a Small Hamlet Nambal Located in Anantnag District (Jammu and Kashmir)

Zaakir Altaf is a Renowned Poet ,Worldwide Published Author,Motivational Speaker along with that a Freelance Photographer working with several Magazines and Newspapers in Kashmir Valley and outside.

Zaakir Altaf is also well known about the Arabic and Turkish languages

Zaakir Start Writing and Enlightening The Poetry in English , Urdu , and His Native Kashmiri Language from his Childhood period.

Zaakir mostly quoted the Real life incidents in his Poems , He is also well known for his Poetry based on Nature , Love ,Religion, Nation etc.

Poetry based on materialistic as well as realistic emotions can be seen as the Best catch from his Writings. Zaakir is an emerging Poet of the time with a distinctive behaviour.

Somewhere He is known as a Sad Poet , A Romantic Poet ,Junior Shakespeare, Ghalib etc.

But in the real theme He is a Man with a Golden hand who is quoting the Poetry based on each and every ongoing issue either it is corona Virus, Suicide or Drugs


People reach out the amazing Poetries of the Author

on Apple books , Amazon, Playstore,Flipkart,Kobo,Barnes and Noble,Tolino,Indigo,Vivlio,Thalia,Bol.De,Angus and Robertson ,Pothi, Fnac and Kindle books

Zaakir has contributed his Poetry in Dozens of Anthologies compiled by various authors all over India

The most Famous Poetry Book 'Three Thousand Days' A great amalgam of Poems.The first Published work that has poems weaving the Emotional ,Philosophical ,Cultural and Conflict threads is bringing his Prestige to another level .Poems embedded the fragrances of Loss ,Hope ,Love,Romance, Dreams and sorrows that nowadays every youth is experiencing in their lives.’Three Thousand Days’ according to Author is a Book Of Poetry that Reflect The Moments of Last Three thousand days of His Life .

Included with Dreams , Imagination and a Romantic phase of Love

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*UmaarJamal 21 years youngest English Poet. He was born and brought up in Bandipora. Meet Umaar Jamal who sees poetry a medium to articulate his ideas*

Aadil Abdullah

Bandipora: Nov 6 2021:(QT): Umar Jamal from QuilMuqam area of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district.21 years Umar Jamal told us Quami Times⁩

I am a poet, a law student and a columnist. I have written dozens of articles in local newspapers My write-ups have been published in almost all major local dailies including The Rising Kashmir , Kashmir Obserber, Kashmir Age, Kashmir Reader etc. I also work freelance journalist.This youngest English poet of J&K Ummar Jammal from bandipora who has become poet at the age of 21 and has written large no of write ups,poems which have been published in leading journals , newspapers and is shining like a star now in the field of Literature. By qualification he is doing BALLB through Kashmir University. Most of the people from Law background always prefer to join courts or Police departments, and these people usually prepare for Police service, Prosecuting officer Jobs or other legal services after completing this degree. But this trend has now changed as now a days young law graduates, post graduates are now joining Intelligence depts of India like NIA(National Investigation Agency) and C.B.I as Inspectors , DSPs after qualifying the exam and only a chunk of people go for other jobs like Practice, Teaching jobs and other services.

Same is the case with Engineering, now a days NIT, IIT students prepare themselves for competitive exam and shift their profession from Engineering to Administration.

Similarly now MBBS doctors are opening big coaching centres for preparing others for NEET, JEE exam and through which they earn lakhs of rupees.

But there are hardly a few bright people among these professions who became top literary figures like Ummar Jammal. After 10 years this boy will be one of the top Poet of India . According to him he's greatly influenced by Shakespeare, Wordsworth etc. It gives immense pleasure that our Bandipora is producing such literary stars.Umaar Jamal told us Challenges are inexorable

in every work.I too have faced challenges as a poet.Initially when I used to write poems I conceal them rather then showing to others.But as time passed and my poems got published in newspapers and magazines, my family and my friends become aware that I do poetry.(QT)

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*✅Firing in JVC Bemina*

*_Militant escapes:Police_*

```👉⭕Srinagar, 05-Nov; Gun Shots were heard in JVC Bemina Srinagar on Friday afternoon causing panic among the visitors.

Sources told CNS that few gunshots were heard inside the hospital premises, Following which security forces cordoned off whole area.

Top police sources confirmed about the incident and added that there were inputs about the presence of militant in the hospital. Accordingly, team was deputed in the premises for his arrest .However, Militant fired back in retaliation and gave slip to the forces team.

More details emerging (CNS)```

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*Land mafia on prowl in sonawari, Mafia encroaches co-op society land

Agricultural land being turned to construction sites.*


Bandipora/Nov-05-2021/Quami Times

As the decline in agriculture land has been a trending issue in Jammu and Kashmir , sonawari area of District Bandipora of Kashmir is not going to lag behind to assist the declination of agriculture land in the area , the nearby areas of sumbal sonawari, like Asham , shilwat , shadipora, markundal have been witnessing a sharp increase in construction on agricultural land, tossing the government Order of ban on such land. The land mafia not only encroach wet land but also have encroached coop society land in the area with the help of ex revenue officials make fabrication documents of old dates to assist the land mafia in encroaching migrant land, state land and help them raise construction on agricultural land.

Agriculture being the sole source of livelihood in rural areas is witness sharp decline and the time is no distant when people will crave for such land and fooder to support them .

District Co-op society Chairman Bandipora Nazir Ahmad Rather told Quami Times⁩ (QT) that the land brokers without registration in the area have been alarmingly helping the menace to grow more. The migrant property, State land is being encroached by some vested intrested people with the help of Land Mafia, government administration pays no heed to stop the coversion of Aggriculture land besides the ban by High Court of J&K said a local delegation accompanied by few migrants who visited office of the Quami Times⁩ They further said that they appeal the governor administration to curb the menace and put the accused to task moreover a member of co-op society also visited the office and said said that fabricated and fake documents of the co-op society property were made by Ab Hamid Shah S/o Abdul Qadir Ahmad Bhat, Habib Ullah Bhat S/o Mohammed Sultan Bhat , Bashir Ahmad Dhobi S/o Abdul Khaliq Dhobi they all from Bazar mahala Sumbal and related which a case filed is under trail in crime branch and honble court , as such mafia groups are on prowl in sonawari and adjoining area and ho'ble court Bandipora on 05/11/2021 directed all to not interfere with the property and said it a serious issue, so the local masses are conveyed to not visited the disputed property .(Quami Times)

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*Story of a cricketer adil abdullah

from Srinagar Between Bullets & Death: The Story Of adil abdullah once he was a stone pelter now he is a upcoming cricket star of J&K*


Srinagar Nov 04 2021: In the seventeenth century, the Mughal emperor Jahangir is believed to have said: "If there is ever a heaven on earth, it is here (the Kashmir Valley)". Famous for its beautiful mountainous landscapes and holy shrines, the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir truly lived up to its tag of 'paradise on earth'. The J&K handicrafts industry also made a name across the globe for their exquisite designs and craftsmanship.

But, today, this strife-torn state is only famous for the bleak stories of violence, lethal attacks, militant insurgency and never-ending protests. The Indian state that was once labelled as the 'Valley Of Paradise' has undeniably become the 'Valley Of Death'.

The education system has degraded to the extent of almost being non-existent. The infrastructure is still a work in progress. The supplies are limited. And, to top it all, the presence of Indian military forces has led to restricted movements of the locals in their very own state.

While the perception of people about the state of affairs in J&K tends to change with time, the occupants of the conflicted region continue to suffer. However, amidst all the hindrances and adversities, the Kashmiri youth have managed to found some solace in the sport of cricket.

At a time when life in their militancy-affected state is caught between Indian security forces and ethnic separatists, cricketers like Parvez Rasool, Amir Hussain Lone, Rubiya Sayeed

, Manzoor Ahmad Dar and adil abdullah prove how cricket gave them an avenue to express themselves and their potential to the world, allowing them to break out and excel.

This is the story of

Adil Abdullah : From A stone player To Becoming J&K's Latest Star

Last, but definitely not the least, the story of adil abdullah rise in domestic cricket is another exemplary example of how Kashmiri youth are using sports to express themselves.

Born in srinagar zainakote hmt , adil abdullah witnessed extreme problems.

Earning a reputation as a swashbuckling batsman, adil abdullah smashed 24-ball 56

to guide Team chattbal warriors to a 2 wickets win over Team lead by abid nabi in their sami final match of 2017season of srinagar premier League T20 (SPL) in Kashmir. It was the fastest FIFTY in the history of the tournament.

Thanks to his exploits, Adil abdullah's career witnessed a big break after he was selected to play for the North Zone side in the inter-zone tournament organised by the (CPLCC )chief guest Mahindra singh Dhoni (MS DHONI).He was man of the match reseved cheque and trophy. Known as the Abdevilers (Mister 360) of the Valley, the 23-year-old now aims to make it to the JK team and make his state proud.

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*حاجن سوپور سڑک کی خستہ حالی نے مکینوں کو غصہ اور تباہی سے دوچار کردیا، مقامی لوگوں نے مداخلت کی درخواست*

عادل عبداللہ (قومی ٹائمز)

بانڈی پورہ، 2 نومبر (کیو ٹی): شمالی کشمیر کے بانڈی پورہ ضلع کے گنڈجہانگیر علاقے کے باشندوں نے جمعرات کو قومی ٹائمز کو بتایا کہ ان کے علاقے میں سڑک خستہ حال ہے۔

مقامی لوگوں نے اس مسئلے کے بارے میں خبر رساں ایجنسی-قومی ٹائمز (کیو ٹی) کو بتایا کہ ان کے علاقے سے گزرنے والی اور مرکزی بازار گنڈجہانگیر سے جڑنے والی سڑک کی خستہ حالی کی وجہ سے علاقے کے لوگوں کو شدید مشکلات کا سامنا ہے۔

ان کا کہنا تھا کہ حاجن سے سوپور سے جوڑنے والی سڑک خاص طور پر گنڈجہانگیر اور ہریتارہ میں کئی سالوں سے قابل رحم حالت میں ہے اور اس پر گڑھے پڑے ہوئے ہیں جس کی وجہ سے مسافروں کو مشکلات کا سامنا ہے۔

مقامی لوگوں نے انتظامیہ پر اہم سڑک کو بنانے میں ناکام ہونے کا الزام بھی لگایا۔

ایک مقامی، رمیز بھٹ نے کہا، "سڑکوں پر گڑھے ہیں اور بارش کے دوران گاڑی چلانا مشکل اور خطرناک ہو جاتا ہے۔" انہوں نے مزید کہا کہ مریض اور طلباء سب سے زیادہ متاثر ہوتے ہیں اور اکثر اپنی منزلوں پر دیر سے پہنچتے ہیں۔

گنڈجہانگیر کے ایک مقامی مدثر نجار نے کہا کہ "اگرچہ یہ سڑک کئی سالوں میں تیار کی گئی تھی لیکن پچھلے ایک سال سے اس کی تعمیر کا انتظار ہے۔"

مقامی لوگوں نے مطالبہ کیا کہ متعلقہ حکام اس شکایت کا نوٹس لیں اور اس سلسلے میں ضروری ہدایات جاری کریں-(کیو ٹی)

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Dilapidated condition of Hajin-Sopore road leaves residents furious and shambles, locals seek intervention

Aadil Abdullah (Quami Times)

Bandipora, Nov 2 (QT): The inhabitants of Gundjahangir area of North Kashmir's Bandipora district on Thursday told Quami Times⁩ that the road in their area is in shambles.

Locals while talking about the issue told news agency—Quami Times (QT), that the people of the area are facing immense hardships due to the dilapidated road condition which is passing through their area and connecting with the main market Gundjahangir.

They said the road from Hajin connecting with Sopore was in pathetic condition especially at Gundjahangir and Haritara from many years and is dotted with potholes causing difficulties for the commuters.

The locals also accused the administration of failing to macadamize the vital road.

“The roads have craters and during rains, the driving becomes difficult and risky,” Rameez Bhat, a local said, adding that patients and students are the worst hit and often reach their destinations late.

"Although the road was developed over the years but is waiting for macadamisation for the last one year,” Mudasir Najar, a local from Gundjahangir said.

The locals demanded that the concerned officials must take note of the grievance and issue necessary directions in this regard—(QT)

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Bloody October

17 days

11 encounters

14 militants killed

36 Casualties

Sources confirmed

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Cardon and search operation launched by security forces in Srinagar

Local sources


Photography.... Few years ago I didn't even know what was this soo called photography.... It started when I bought a phone with camera....l started clicking random shots... Like the things around me in day to day life.... I found it fun... I was developing Interest in photography by every passing day.... Slowly it began my hobby....Things started to change when I created my Instagram page... And started posting my clicked pictures there.... To my amusement I hot good response my people....I feel like I need to improve my photography.... But it was not possible without a good camera... So I took a dslr camera on rent and started to click pictures... In starting days I was soo confused as I wasn't able to understand the settings of modern camera... I studied about it... Obviously on you tube I watched a lot of videos for how to change the setting of dslr camera according to the type of picture I'm taking.... My brother saw me doing this and asked me about photography... And I said yes I like it... But I don't have camera of my own.... Few months passed and my brother gifted me a nikon d5600 camera.... I still remember that moment I was so happy at that time.... From that moment I took photography more seriously... I often go to photoshoots... I kept on posting my pictures on Instagram and my follwer list got increased.... A couple of weeks ago I banged ist position in Kashmiri heritage photography contest for my clicked picture of floating vegetable market in Dal lake.... It boosted my confidence more... And I'm thinking I mist oersue photography as my carrier... Jus work hard and you will be successful....


09 October 2021

Aaqib Majeed Khan,

Law student

In The Contemporary World Usually All The People Want to Get More And More Power, Not only the Common Man but If We Look On the Current era Even the countries Have Eager to Grab more and more Power in every field Than any other country.

A Common man too have lot Of desires among them the power attaining is the most one. But does they have any short method to gain power in the society?, No everything needs a proper dedication of time and Hardwork. Hence, The field of Law can be the most effective and future oriented Field for Intrested people, it isn't necessary that the every law knowing person has to be in court and do advocacy but after completing a law degree a student can do according to his/her plans but he may have powers of law at the same time.

Sometimes if he find any breach by anyone whether that is the govt. official he can sue him. He can sometimes fight for the oppressed people against the oppressors. He can file case and fight that by his own but only then when he possess the Knowledge of law.

He can do anything what good he want but needs this power.

But how can be this power Achieved?

The answer is only to be well known of law not only about your Nation but some international laws too.

As this is a well known saying that "Knowledge Is The Power".

If Soldier defends his nation by Weapon,An educated man can defend by Quill.

Jazakallah u khairan 😊

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  1. Iqbal akbar.

😘Suicide tendencies on a rise among youth,in kashmir

Ever since Covid-19 gripped Kashmir in March, suicidal tendencies among the people especially teenage girls and boys showed a sudden spurt and the trend continues unabated.

Figures suggest that teenage girls, boys and married women committed suicides in the past three months. The medicos say the pandemic has resulted in immense stress among the people especially young boys and girls besides marital feuds too have shown a spurt,................................................................................

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Agar Firdaus bar rōy-e zamin ast, hamin ast-o hamin

These beautiful line about my mother land kashmir defines everything about it. It's hospitality it's culture it's traditions.. Everyone around the world loves to travel Kashmir because this place is getting so much of love from every corner of the world.

Kashmir is number one in the world with zero (0) crime against visitors.

All we need to do Just one thing to publish positive vibes of KASHMIR because some miscreants are trying to You know spread hate among visitors about kashmir.....!

Just stay together and Protect our kashmir our land ❤

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