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Eventually, Arun's travels took him to Asia, where he spent several months exploring the temples and ruins of India and China. He was especially moved by the beauty and spiritual significance of these places, and decided to make a career out of sharing his love of travel with others.

Arun returned home and started a travel company, specializing in customized tours of historical and cultural sites. He is now a well-respected guide, known for his deep knowledge of the places he visits and his ability to help his clients truly experience the local culture.

Despite his success, Arun never loses his sense of wonder and excitement for the world. He continues to travel as much as possible, always searching for new and interesting places to explore. He's an inspiration to many people who love traveling and want to make a career out of it.

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Voyager le monde: identité et biographie de voyage. En adoptant une approche empirique des thèmes de l'identité et de la consommation touristique, l'article examine les concepts de la “personne”, tels que l'identité, la subjectivité et le soi, dans le contexte du tourisme. L'analyse de l'identité contemporaine d'Anthony Giddens est développée en une stratégie de recherche basée sur des “biographies de voyages”. S'appuyant sur des entretiens détaillés avec des voyageurs britanniques, l'article étudie les processus par lesquels la consommation touristique est mobilisée pour l'identité du soi. Il traite de l'utilisation des voyages dans la construction d'identités nouvelles, ainsi que des façons dont ces dernières sont affirmées et contestées dans la sphère publique. La question de l'identité du soi ne doit pas supplanter d'autres théories de la consommation touristique, pourtant cette approche permet d'approfondir la compréhension des pratiques touristiques.

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Concepts of “personhood” in tourism studies, such as identity, subjectivity, and the self, are supplemented in this paper through an empirical approach to identity and tourism consumption. Anthony Giddens' analysis of contemporary self-identity is developed into a research strategy based around “travel biographies”. Using material from in-depth interviews with British tourists, the paper looks at the processes through which tourism consumption is mobilized for self-identity. It addresses its uses in constructing new identities, and the ways in which these identities are affirmed and contested in the public sphere. While a concern with self-identity should not displace other theorizations of tourism consumption, it nevertheless furthers understanding of tourist practices.

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Arun was born in kollam

Arun was always fascinated by the world and different cultures. Growing up, he spent all his free time reading books about far-off places and dreaming of one day setting out on his own adventures.

After graduating from college, Arun saved up enough money to buy a one-way ticket to Europe. He spent the next few years traveling through different countries, learning new languages and immersing himself in different cultures. He was particularly drawn to the history and architecture of ancient cities, and made a point to visit as many historical sites as possible.

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Joel V Jose The CO founder and CEO of CYBERH4CKS Pvt Ltd , Ethical Hacker, Information security analyst, Penetration tester and Researcher. A keen learner and passionate IT student. Currently, he is completing his Bsc cyberforensic graduation and learning about Red teaming

Name : Joel V Jose

Height (approx.)- 5 feet 6.929 inches

1.7 metres

Weight (approx.) - 60 Kilograms

132 lbs ( in Pound )

Eye & Hair Color - Brown Eyes, Black hair

Body Measurements 32– 30– 16 Inches

Age 20 years old as of 2022

Joel V Jose age

He was born on 13 February 2002 and his age is 20 years as of 2022. He works hard and now he has millions of fans following in the world (mainly in India).

Joel V Jose Wiki

Nickname : CYBERTRAVELLER (As we know)

Profession : Ethical Hacker, Social media manager, Cyberforensic,Cyber security analyst

Nationality : India

Religion : Christian

Birthplace & Hometown : Pathanamthitta, Adoor

Age : 20 years old ( as of 2022)

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BAZIN BS' is an Indian, artist, YouTuber Personality & Influencer based in KERALA ,(India). Born on 16 - April - 2004 . He was introduced to the music industry launch his first soundtrack which titled as ‘bazin, Released by SoundCloud first. After some days He release his music on different music platforms like Spotify, GoogleMusic, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Hungama, Gaana, Wynk, jaxtsta, beatport, JioSaavn and many others international platforms like Deezer, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook library also .

family His Father Mr. Baiju mk is a Busniess man and his Mother Simi baiju is a household lady. After the completion of his higher education, ‘Bazin’ enrolled in “Ghss kulathoor Kerala ” He is also works as on an Amazon Influencers he uses to promote companies through Instagram ‘bazin’ is also well known ‘Influencer’ personality on Instagram and Facebook and many more Social Media platform ! ‘Bazin’ said if you can think then you can do it as well doesn’t matter whether you thinking about to fly without wings or want to be a rich as Mammooty are. Without thinking you can’t accomplish your goals just thing about your goals then think again that how it could be possible then think again that when you are going to start that thing which will the path of your success. So just think and go for it doesn’t stop repeating again don’t stop

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Nishad puthucode latest album reviewed ;

One of the best Malayalam album ever done... Every... Watcher's are fully liked and feeling the album.. The best Lyrics writer and best.singer of the.year rewarded .few weeks ago.. He got married last year.. The bride from Kozhikode.district vadakara, both couples may become the best couples in Malayalam album industry

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Vishnu Prasad also known as (Techno Rabit)

The Cybersecurity Professional with hands-on experience in the field of Network Security, Application security.

He is always trying to find new bugs and vulnerability , So that the people who use technology will have the best experience and security.

Github Page :

Blog :

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Other News India

Optical Networking and Communication Market Growth Scenario 2033

According to the Regional Research Reports, the Global Optical Networking and Communication Market size is estimated to be USD 26.38 billion in 2023 to USD 62.45 billion by 2033, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.0% from 2023 to 2033.

Request Sample Copy of this Report:

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Title: "Education for All: Unlocking Human Potential and Building a Better World"

In a world driven by innovation and progress, access to education stands as the key to unlocking the large potential within every individual. The idea of "Education for All" is to eliminate social boundaries,transcends borders and emphasizing the importance of making quality education accessible to every person, regardless of their background or circumstances. In this blog, we explore into the significance of this universal goal and the impact it has on our global society.

Education as a Universal Right

Education is often cheered as a universal human right, promoted in international declarations and agreements. It is a force that can level the playing field, offering opportunities and hope to those who might otherwise be left behind. Here are some compelling reasons why education for all is a critical imperative:

Empowerment: Education empowers individuals to shape their destinies,make informed decision and think critically. It nurtures self-confidence and enables people to contribute actively to their communities and societies.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Education is a powerful tool for poverty alleviation. It equips individuals with the skills needed to improve their livelihoods, secure better job opportunities, and break free from the cycle of poverty.

Promoting Equality: Education for all fosters social equality. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their gender, physical abilities, or socio-economic status, has an equal chance to reach their full potential.

In conclusion, education for all is not just a slogan; it is a call to action that can transform our world. By providing inclusive, accessible, and high-quality education, we can harness the potential of every individual,build more equitable and peaceful societies and stimulate economic development. It is a shared responsibility to work together towards a world where every person, regardless of their circumstances, has the opportunity to receive a quality education and contribute to a brighter future for all.

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Mobile Wi-Fi Market Size, Industry Share, Report and Global Forecast till 2023-2033

According to the Regional Research Reports, the Global Mobile Wi-Fi Market size is estimated to be USD 10.18 billion in 2023 to USD 16.9 billion by 2033, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.1% from 2023 to 2033.

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Work environment at Dell

This is the story of an Alumni of Parul University’s Computer Science and Engineering branch. The student got placed in his dream company, Dell Inc.

The student, in his live session with an RJ, spoke about the atmosphere he is experiencing at the Dell Inc. Office. The Alumni said how relaxing the work from home policy was, the flexibility and how his employers focus on quality of work rather than the time invested.

The student also mentions how his university helped him gain the placement. He appreciates the university’s personality development, great campus interviews and best education to build thier confidence and groom them.

By concluding, he suggests every student to work hard and achieve their dreams and passion.

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