Saddest art तिरुचिरापल्ली

Saddest art

We will start with the first question: why do people pursue art that evokes negative things that evoke such emotions? The emotions include sadness, pity, heartache, feelings and loneliness, disappointments, guilt shame and regret.

How many times have you tried to bottle up or mask sadness? Ever since we were little, society has told us that we can't afford to be said. Society teaches us happiness the only desirable, healthy emotion. but of course, sadness is an emotion with antagonistic thoughts and value. When if we turn it into an emotion that does something positive to us? Acknowledging sadness is hard, but what if we did it and learned from it? Instead of bottling it up, we can give it some space. Sadness is different from depression. When you allow your sadness to emit out. It never whirls to depression. There is a huge difference between sadness and depression. It is not similar to one another. It can be dealt with differently. Controlling tears doesn't work well many times. Pumping tears may also don't works. Controlling tears never make us strong or steel body. It is all about the act of being true to our feelings and it connects us with others. If a person carries sadness with them, they are not the ugliest. One who smiles at their sadness, keep it aside and walk away from it, is the smartest.

The melancholy mood turns us into a better artist. An opportunity to did deeper allow us to our rawest emotions. Good art is messy and there is an underlying sadness in all art. All the sadness and failure trying to remind us, we are not done yet. What a beautifulness this life is. Beautiful and broken and begging to be redeemed. And for those who are listening, this is a truth that resonates. The point is not about, all the art is sad but every sad is art. Things are wonderful, true and yes even a little sad. You need not have to wear your underwear on your head to prove that you wear underwear. Likewise, you need not mention sadness, in all your art. Everything has its purpose to exist. Someone's for pain, suffering and ugliness of life. We create a culture, that mostly responds to the exaggeration of beauty and the ugly. Every one goes what they need if you need messy to validate your experience and emotions, it isn't a qualifier or a definition of what makes art great, in the end when you look at art and you like it, you are looking at a mirror.

The art that disturbs the comfortable. It is a diverse range from hate to love, sadness to elation, fear to hope, that's its magic.

If you are an artist ( you are probably are) if you create or consume creative things- I hope you face this fact.💟

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In human society, we have tended to assign different roles, behaviour and morality for gender to distinguish male and female. These were acknowledged to construct and enforce the social distinction of later centuries English stands for feminity. The intermediate classes women have devoted themselves exclusively to the domestic sphere like Women, she has to wear different masks like daughter, sister, wife and mother for children throughout her life. once it was dominated by men, and they didn't help the recognition of female talent. The psychological concerns were not shown by another gender to woman. The dominated genres, neglected honour, lack of respect these extensively turned as literature. It doesn't have any manifold limitations for readers and writers. some restrictions did because it should be in its norms and forms. It is a "happy lady".The enormous process of making literature, looking for imaginations and fresh budding ideas. It lies beyond the universe and never fails to quench one's thirst. All beautiful heart, broken, sad, ruptured, cracked, bound heart that bottled in Literature. Bottled up but it never goes around the same field. It stood solemnly and not scornfully. The pensive man can find breathy thoughts in it. The Gender that refers to the difference between male and female.In literature or literal studies how one can evaluate themselves and others.When Gender comes everyone goes with female(Feminism) in literature. Here, a Study that talks about gender equality and particular gender's oppression, suppression. Some of us may misunderstand the concept of feminism and they talk stupid. Naturally, this is a big joke which makes sense. study of gender is also a study of Relationship.

"No break up happens when you make a research on gender study"

Not, studying and reading is not a matter, we Indians failed in application skill. In Indian law, there is no gender had given higher power to take advantage of the society or the government Over the other. This sick joke that lost its time.

The feminist theorist HELENE CIXOUS helped to evaluate our miss understanding of gender, the psycho Analyst and as well as feminist assume that human behaviour is that we learned not innate.

Generally, we could say 'men' the word naturally mean aggressiveness and Arrogantness, ? not from my perception, please!!!! uh!!!!!.

There is a healthy argument on gender theory that the majority of men are aggressive. I think these were the code for gender, that we have been learning from our childhood observing and learning from adults behaviour. Gender discrimination sounds filthy because gender is basic to human behaviour. It can also be applied to social context and literary works in literature. The gender that entails a role or The role is being culminated by action The literature positively having its Tender nature or soft Nature. As we sense in poetry, novel, fiction, and so on. It goes well with literary knowledge even in French, the word for literature is feminine/female. It Is spelt 'literature. This is strictly not about the gender role in literature. My readers could find difficulties in acquiring knowledge about the gender of literature, from the beginning I have got you people to a clear and right path still.

"make sure, you are not bored yet!?!..

Yes! there is numerous gender in literature. Literature that doesn't has a female shape and physic but it still stands alone and roare heavy. It attracts both the gender mentally. she contains feminine quality in all her moves, she speaks bold, stands towards truth, starting and ending of her world, She never regrets because nothing gonna happen reverse. She Holds poetry, prose, novel these are the cells of her blood. which is inseparable and she born in ancient Mesopotamia. She provoked this entire world with her enormous thoughts. She doesn't have long and blond hair, brown eyes, big lips and suggestive facial expressions, but still attract people. She doesn't want to leave us abandonedly. she has been giving fullest pleasure with divinity. "SHE" can be used when feminine quality Sounds high. But literature has masculinity too!.

Yes, the male can also play this role when he is ruled by the artistic world. If it is not? How could be a single father became a hero to his son? how he stood up to his entire family and society? here I won't conclude my baring article over the other gender. I could conclude it,..... T h a t... Literature is lord "Arthanadheswarar" and it could take incarnation more than lord Perumal. It is art, it can be anything in this world it has been seeing through gender but not under gender. Don't argue and go with the flow of literary thoughts and pleasure.

"LITERATURE is an art" it developed the language of love, it created a platform to express our innovative thought From the deepest bottom of heart.

The words of literature that gives life, the thoughts and feelings that make it still alive. It is not an illusion and not a mirage of life. It's sufficient in all barrier's life. The View of others that vary from ours. but we don't have a frontal eye like Siva. I interested in the romanticism of literary life And sense over it. It should be cultivated and make sure u sowed on the bog. It shouldn't be a barren land at any cause.

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We have an idea to make social distancing , find COVID +ve patients & Corona tested persons in public place

1#Social distance maintains hat

2#An electronic device to find people who affected by & tested cases in public place

#We need government support to do this project if any companies or any others contact us

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In Shizz B fashion walk 2023 Official Media Partner is IIMM NEWS Delhi.

Shizz B Cosmetic India Pvt Ltd started this company is started by Geeta Dagar and its operation on 23 March 2022. Shizz B organised around 9 events of the fashion show. One of the programs is organized on 9 jan 2023 in Golden Galaxy resort Faridabad Haryana. In this fashion show Bollywood Actress Vindhya Tiwari came as a bollywood celebrity guest. She shared the life experience of how she came into the Bollywood line from TV screen to Multiplex. Instagram Influncer khushi Shaikh came as a celebrity guest khushi shaikh given a Stage Make up by Kavita Sheoran and Khushi Shaikh also showed some dance moves in Fashion walk 2023. Ruchika Dhingra Arora came as a VIP guest and jury member. Sagar Chaudhary came as a VIP Guest Sagar Chaudhary also worked in ZERO films by SRK and Disney Hotstar IILLU Series.Amit Jain Bollywood Singer from Meerut has come to ShizzB Program and sang a song Gulabi Ankhen. Shizz B got their 1 runner up Miss Haryana 2023 named Babita Malik. Shizz B 2 runner up Mrs Haryana Neha Shizz B winner Mrs Haryana Shikha verma.

some details of Shizz B

Shizz B is a new approach towards redefining beauty in the skin & makeup industry. We started by hoping Mother Nature and design intuitive and uncomplicated natural products you can live with. Our game-changing products, 100% pure and herbal-based, are designed to get back flawless skin and beauty without using harmful chemicals.

Before the launching, our in-house team used Shizz B products for months and shared their personal experience with the research & development team. Then the R&D team worked on those feedbacks and made necessary changes in the product composition considering the specific requirements of all genders and age groups. This sample testing helps us to make a final product for you that gives the desired result and revives your inner beauty.

We, at Shizz B, oppose the thought of judging people according to the norms of society’s stereotypes. Instead, we designed Shizz B for inspiring souls like you who don’t loan themselves to the society’s benchmark of being beautiful and ideal. The one who knows his/her brain and never hesitates to introduce themselves the way they are. That’s why, Shizz B skincare essentials are developed in a way that makes you look and feel glowy, dewy best before you even think about makeup. Also, our makeup products are designed to add glow and sparkle to your real look and not cover you up or turn you into someone else.

Shizz B Vision

We, at Shizz B, are building the future beauty company where everything we make is for you. Because our vision is to give you back, ‘REAL YOU’.

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Rising Need for Treated Water Augmenting Wood Vinegar Consumption

For more insides:-

Wood vinegar or wood acid or pyroligneous acid is a dark liquid, which is derived from charcoal. It is obtained by heating biomass in a closed container. The smoke generated during charcoal production is cooled into a liquid and then separated into bio-oil, tar, and wood vinegar. The dark liquid is a combination of nearly 80–90% water and over 200 organic compounds, such as acetic acid, esters, formic acid, ketones, methanol, and phenol.

Moreover, the increasing implementation of government initiatives regarding bio-based products will also ensure the large-scale adoption of wood vinegar for wastewater treatment, food, animal husbandry, wood tar, and agriculture applications. In the recent past, the agriculture sector has emerged as the largest consumer of wood vinegar due to the enormous use of bio-based fertilizers and pesticides to increase productivity. For instance, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, has launched several programs in recent times to promote the use of biomass materials and bio-based products, such as wood vinegar.

The manufacturing segment of the wood vinegar market is categorized into slow paralysis, fast and intermediate pyrolysis, and others. Under this segment, the slow pyrolysis category is expected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period as slow pyrolysis provides a better yield of wood vinegar, char, and other products than other manufacturing processes. In comparison to other processes, slow pyrolysis exhibits a longer vapor resistance time and slower heating rate.

In recent years, wood vinegar producers, such as TAGROW CO. LTD., Nakashima Trading Co. Ltd., Ace (Singapore) Pte Ltd., Canada Renewable Bioenergy Corporation, Byron Biochar, and Nettenergy BV, have engaged in technological advancements to develop better and improved pyrolysis kiln methods to produce char, biochar, and wood vinegar. Additionally, the advanced pyrolysis methods help enhance the production process of wood vinegar and reduce the total manufacturing process. Further, the producers are also focusing on involving poverty-ridden people in wood vinegar production processes as the material is majorly produced in villages by using local resources and feedstock.

Geographically, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region held the largest share in the wood vinegar market in 2015. This was on account of the presence of a vast base of end users and the existence of a large number of local producers in the region. Moreover, the surging need for clean water, owing to the booming population, will also create a huge requirement for wood vinegar in the coming years. For instance, the World Bank states that the population of India surged from 1.353 billion in 2018 to 1.366 billion in 2019.

Thus, the escalating need for treated water and surging government focus on using bio-based products will fuel the consumption of wood vinegar globally.

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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty. Yet, millions of children remain out-of-school in India. Before the COVID-19 crisis, 6 million children were out of school. When the pandemic struck, school closures impacted the education of 247 children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools. These children are not only deprived of their right to receive a quality education, but they lose their childhood by being pushed into child labour and early marriages.

The government, through the Right to Education Act, 2009, has been making its way in enrolling and retaining children in school, especially from the marginalized sector. However, any progress made had been hampered by the pandemic. While online education replaced regular classes, students from vulnerable communities without access to smartphones and the internet were left behind. Two years of school closures in India resulted in a huge learning gap.

The Power of NGOs

Whenever there is a major imbalance, NGOs exist to balance the see-saw in times of crises. NGOs like Oxfam India play a significant role in ensuring that every child, especially those from vulnerable communities, receive the opportunity to build a better future through education. Organisations such as Oxfam India, Save the Children, World Vision, UNICEF, Cry etc in India work at the grass-root level to strengthen the education system, spread awareness about the importance of education and enrol as many children as possible so they can thrive in life.

Oxfam India is an NGO that works in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Odisha to send the most vulnerable and underprivileged children back to school and empower them to break the cycle of poverty. As well as ensure that the education of children from such communities continues in the midst of the pandemic.

NGO works through contributions and you too can support an NGO and change a child's life forever. While supporting a cause, your donation is eligible up to 50% tax benefit under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. When you donate to an NGO like Oxfam India, you help in the following ways:


NGOs work towards identifying the most vulnerable children in the poorest states of India. Due to unaccessibility and poverty and in times of humanitarian crisis - children miss out on school. Oxfam India helps enrol children in school under the Right to Education Act (RTE), and ensure that children who have dropped out of school as a result of the pandemic, are re-enrolled in school. As of September 2022, 1081 children have been re-enrolled in school as schools across the country start to re-open.

Awareness and Counselling

Through workshops and various activities, awareness is generated amongst parents and local communities about the importance of education. Oxfam India also conducts regular counselling sessions to encourage parents to send their children especially girls to school and help them participate in various activities

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Quién es Miguel Fernandez Arcos, el influencer que busca comerse España y el mundo con sus aventuras

El artista de 24 años, se encuentra incursionando en el mundo de la producción, cryptos y además como beat maker, todo un artista multifacético.


El trono de Miguel Fer, como lo conocen sus amigos está todas las redes y plataformas, con mas de 2 millones de followers en Instagram, Fernandez es todo un furor con las promociones y canjes en la plataforma de Facebook, donde constantemente sube fotos de todas sus hazañas y aventuras.

Se comenzó a hablar mucho de el el año pasado, cuando dejó la vida de experto en las Cryptos para aventurarse en todo lo que es la producción musical y los viajes, es considerado un traveler de primera calidad, siendo muy cotizado por marcas lujosas de todo el mundo.

Un cambio radical

En su vida ya que comenzó a dedicarse de lleno a la creación de contenido, lo cual le ha resultado muy rentable, no dejando de lado su vida aventurera y su espíritu de joven salvaje.

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First African Distance Learning University is Legit .

Accreditation/Recognition as Follows :

(1) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) Accredited after scoring 100 points which is above the expected average 40 points on self assessment of his institution by CCLP World Wide Accreditation on 12/28/2020 .


(2) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is also a registered member of European Council For Business Education ,

Registration date: 2021-07-19 17:54:52 ,

User ID : 770 ,

Status : Active Profile Registered .


(3)First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is Registered as a Member of Association of African Universities,

Registration Number : AAU/OMU/20210301/163 .


(4) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU) is Incorporated as a private company limited by Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria .

(5) first African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is Recognised by National University Commission (NUC )



Issued on Dec 28, 2020


First African Distance Learning University, FADLU was founded on 28Th December 2020 by Hon , Chime . I. Giland .

First African Distance Learning University, FADLU Established On December 28th 2020 - Liaison Officer In Nigeria.

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