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एक आलिशान घर हर किसी का सपना होता है और उस सपने को पूरा करता है TAJ MARBLES, ABOHAR

घर को खड़ा करने से ज्यादा मुश्किल होता है उसको डेकोरेट करना प्रेमियम क्वालिटी और आँखो मे बस जाने वाली दीवारे , फ्लोर, बाथरूम, रूम, लिविंग एरिया बनाना पर अब ये सब है आसान क्योकि TAJ MARBLES, ABOHAR आपको देता है LUXIRIOUS & PREMIUM क्वालिटी के प्रोडक्ट जैसे की




टूटी और नल


स्टीम मशीन

वुडन फ्लोर

बड़े से बड़े नेता,अभिनेता, foreigners की पहली पसंद है ताज MARBLES ABOHAR

तो अगर आप भी घर बनाने या रेनोवेंट करने का प्लान कर रहे है तो आज ही विजिट करें

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Singer & Composer Rishabh Srivastva, Arjun Bijlani, Kanika maan joins roohaaniyat success party

When it comes to web series, “Roohaniyat” has been the most popular one of 2022. It’s available to watch exclusively on Mx Player. This Show earned the maximum engagement in the second season.

Roohaniyat success party was therefore held recently in Mumbai wherein the star cast such as Arjun Bijlani, Kanika Mann was seen celebrating with the singer composer Rishabh Srivastava.

“Roohaniyat” is a complete musical. It features 5 original songs and 2 reprise versions, they have all been composed by Rishabh Srivastava and penned by Syed Amir Hussain. Rishabh has even scored the background music of the show. Rishabh is a multitalented composer singer who hails from Noida. Prior to “Roohaniyat”, he gave beautiful music in the movie called “Dear Dia”.

Having released nearly 40 songs and worked with eminent artists such as Shankar Mahadevan, Javed Ali, Ankit Tiwari, Jyotica Tangri etc Rishabh will now be seen in newer projects. Talking about Rishabh who is from Noida,Uttar Pradesh. He shifted to Mumbai in 2011 which made him entangled in a lot of hustle to showcase his talent but eventually he got the opportunity to work in various movies,series and songs for Zee Music Company and others. Currently he is lined up with various projects like Chirag Nagpal's film Psychoo,Fevicol

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Matrimonial Murders – A thrilling murder mystery by Comely Publications

Matrimonial Murders is a nail-biting thriller that is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. A story about two roommates, Jessica and Kavita, who are pole opposites but closer than ever. Their sister-like friendship is to applaud for. But are they both aware of the person they share a home with? Are they sure about each other’s background? Do they know each other’s secret?

The girls’ neighbour Aahil, falls in love with Jessica and after many attempts woos her. Their relationship seems to be in perfect harmony, when he discovers her secret. Overwhelmed by the situation, he tries to wrap his head around everything, that’s when the story reveals shocking secrets about his dear friend and colleague Ved, and Kavita.

The constant news of murders in the locality and the mind-boggling turn of events make him scratch his head, just like it will do for you, trying to figure out who the actual murderer is. With every chapter, you will make assumptions but with every page’s turn, you will find something new. To find out, grab your copy of Matrimonial Murders, written by Faruk Haroon and Mizan Salim, published by Comely Publications.

Article by Dimpalkumari Panchal

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