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Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Growing fastly and within a few years will be cross soon approx 3.39 to 6.79 Trillion USD Dollar

According to a global finance expert report, the Indian Media and entertainment industry should reach approx 3.39 to 6.79 Trillion USD Dollars.

Where other countries make movies, serials, or documentaries based on sci-fi or unrealistic things. while Indian Company trying to make a great realistic, natural and message, knowledge-oriented. worldwide Indian movies, serials, and documentaries are very popular they appreciating more.

Doesn't matter what budget have for doing something in this industry, the matter is what quality you are maintaining. For the last three years, global top companies are investing and are interested to work together this is new change people have seing.

According to the latest report on news industries, Indian Media companies are the most trustable news company. Indian news now focuses globally on reporting locally in every country covering many sectors of the news. Where other countries are not able to do reporting genuinely on Russia and Ukraine war coverage. while the Indian news company reporting from start to till date they covering each reporting. this is the biggest change going on in the world, people inspire and stand with Indians.

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What is special about Indian culture?

India is the most powerful, influential, developed, prosperous, prosperous, and very safe country in the world. The entire earth and the world used to come under the jurisdiction of India and still is today. The rise and creation of the world's civilizations and religions also originated and were inspired by India. A glimpse of India's civilization, religion, and culture is visible in all religions and civilizations. All these proofs are available in divine holy texts. Those who know the truth accept the greatness of India. But there are some people in this world who deny the truth. And put new thinking in front of society and spread propaganda in a very vicious way.

While we all know that ''truth can be disturbing but cannot be defeated.''

More: https://news-ayursunpharma.blogspot.com/2022/04/what-is-special-about-indian-culture.html

Even today India respects and gives rights to all religions, languages, civilizations, cultures, and human thinking. India is the only country in the world to do so.

If we talk about the present time, then even though India is in the 3rd place in the world economically, the human being is in the first place in terms of power.

It is true that some evil-minded, greedy, cruel, demons of the world came to India as beggars, merchants, and guests and were shocked to see the prosperity of India. And this encroachment lasted for about 1200 years but India has never bowed down to anyone and has not allowed it to lose its original form.

That is why even today the world believes that ''India is the most powerful, influential, and great nation in the world.''

Till date it has been a record that no one has been able to defeat the warriors of India from the front because thinking is very prevalent in India, one Indian can protect the whole world. All the wars that took place were won by deceit. Because no warrior of India had the courage to face it and still does not.

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