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These strange incidents happen to the soul for 1 hour after death.

Friends, the greatest truth of life is death which no one can avoid. The one who has come to the land of death, one day the energy in the body, which is called the soul, does not end, it just keeps transforming. When this energy comes out of the body, it is like a fog whose image is the same as the body from which it comes out. For some time after death, the soul has to go through a strange experience which is also sad and painful for the soul.

Unconscious state

The soul departs from the body and remains in unconscious state for some time. The soul feels like this. Like a tired person hard asleep, but in a moment it becomes conscious of unconscious and gets up and stands up.

Same behavior

When a soul comes out of a person's body, he does not know for some time that he is separate from the body. She behaves in the same way she behaved while in the body.

Restlessness and palpitation

A soul standing out of the body calls its relatives, but no one is able to hear its voice. This causes the soul to become restless. The soul is upset and wants to say something to all the people, but its voice just keeps echoing to him because it is not a physical, but a non-physical sound and a human being can only feel physical things.

Communication does not happen

After being in the body for years, the cover of the worldly illusion that is lying on the soul, saddened by the soul, sometimes wants to see his dead body and sometimes talk to his relatives, but his attempt fails.