के सभी प्रकाशन Mohammed Azeez Nawaz . बंगलौर , भारत


Life - A mystery

We all live in this planet and all of us have different journey , sometime it might get too strange to accept the fact that the person who is very close to us has taken the same steps will land up in a different position is it all destined to happen if then why ??

Recently during the festival of Diwali I happend to notice a young boy who was standing and noticing the children from posh residence burning crackers the boy although blessed with good looks infact better than some of the kids in the surrounding was just standing without slippers in his feet and torn clothes

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Balance between what you doing

Make a list of what you do for others and what you get from others maintaining right kind of balance is the key which will result in overall satisfaction

What you do for your body the same results will be shown by it

What you do for your inner soul the same would be shown outside

Maintain balance?

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