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If you ask a common Indian person about Russia -India relation then answer will be -"Russia is India's best friend".

Any bilateral relation is all about fulfilling the national interests.On this line,recently,Russia has planned a military exercise " Druzhba-V" with Pakistan. It is a counter terrorrism exercise.

Experts are saying that this shows Russia's closeness towards Pakistan and it is a clear warning to India's foreign policy.

If you have a close look over this exercise then you will understand that Pakistan which uses Terrorism as its state's policy is participating in a counter Terrorism activity.Similarly, Russia which talks about Good and Bad Taliban has initiated this exercise.

What if India conducts defence exercises with Japan near to Sakhalin Island.?

Similarly what if India conducts a military exercise with Ukraine near to Crimean peninsula? You all know the reactions of Russia after these steps.

Why should India care about it? This closeness may share military tactics and arms between two countries .At the end ,Pakistan may put challenges on Indo-Pak Border. A further closeness may affects India's interests at United nation due to veto power of Russia.

India follows realism with idealism in its foreign policies.This country knows how to balance Palestine with Israel,Bangladesh with Myanmar etc.Russia can not ignore world's largest democracy and a 5th largest economy. So it is better to understand this global order practically and ensure fulfillment of India's interests.

What ideas do you have on this ?

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The supreme court of India recognises transgender people as third gender. Is this enough for this community?

The same court declared these people as socially and economically backward and asked the centre to provide reservation in jobs and education.

But,You can see the insensitivity of the centre in the transgender person act,2019.

One may assume that being a transgender is a psychological problem and this community acts like a thief and abuses the people while demanding money in the buses,trains etc.

Some Other people may say that transgenders should do jobs and earn money. I want to counter this through an example. The Kerala government provided opportunity of jobs for them in Kochi metro but nobody was willing to rent out houses to them.

Where is the problem? I think it is about mindset and we are not ready to treat them equally. We think that empowering them can disturb the harmony of Society. One day, I talked to this community personally and I got reply--. " we want respect and people are not ready to give this.we are not happy to earn money by clap and abuse routine.If you suggest me some other ways to live a dignified life then we are ready"

Although,we see many good examples where transgenders are doing well( Jyoti mondal as first transgender judge) but we need to work hard for justice to them.

Guys,What do u think? What can be done for them?

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Are we intolerant? Why should we care about Tanishq Ad that was released but discontinued recently.

There are two groups in which one group is calling this ad as an example of secularism and Hindu-Muslim unity.

Other group says this ad promotes love jihad and why only woman is Hindu not vice versa?

This issue is not black and white but

needs deeper analysis. If it is supported on the basis of secularism then why only one religion or Gender is targeted.

The supreme court of India once said--" A woman doesn't mortgage herself to a man by marrying him"

This shows how identity is important then why marriages force a woman to change her name( we have seen cases like Ayesha(Anjana) recently in Lucknow. Isn't it a patriarchy?

No doubt,we have a fundamental duty (Article 51A) to promote scientific temper and spirit of tolerance.One tanishq ad should impact our belief in brotherhoodness and togetherness.

According to me,if a secular person can raise voice against the withdrawal of Tanishq Ad then why silence over the issues like killing of Rahul Rajput and Fatwa against a girl chanting Sanskrit slokas.The Indian secularism is not about selectivism but equal respect to all religion.

Guys,how would you see this issue?

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