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Mazin Fashi releases new single

18 year old Mazin Fashi is back with his upcoming single “Closer”. The song will be released on January 1st 2021 as a new year present for all music fans. The artist also mentioned that the song is related to LGBT+ romance.The song was written with Veda, Mazin’s friend when they were discussing about Mazin’s new project.

His debut single spotted was a hit on youtube crossing 8k views on the release month. As he works on his music on his own, the artist says “ It is so hard to make a song. We would think that it is easy as we hear it. But when you work alone for your passion, it is so hard. But i love taking risks for this”.

The artist have shared the cover art of “Closer” as well as some sneak peeks of the song. Also as Mazin mentioned, the song is in different style compared to his previously released singles “Spotted” and “Bang Bang”.

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