के सभी प्रकाशन Anonymous . दिल्ली , भारत


Life ,Life is just like a timetable that you wake up and follow every day , life is all about doing the same old activities every day; just wake up and follow the schedule and most of the people in the world just follow this simple life . I am not one of those , I am like the person who just wants to do new things every day , from waking up to sleeping I just feel like doing something out of the box trying something new,going someplace new . I just don’t want to be the same I want to be a unique person I want to be a person everyone looks and tries to do something new , for me making even one person something different feels like an achievement for me . Memories is what should be with you throughout the life, make memories which you can enjoy , let your memory be alone or it be with someone else but at least that memory should be ecstatic , I believe in enjoying my whole life , doing adventures every day I believe in making memories but I don’t want to sit after a certain age and just keep thinking about what I did my whole life I want to enjoy till the last breath of my life .

A life should be like travel;meet new people ,dance with them ,enjoy with them , life means fun for me .I don’t want to get stressed .I don’t want to think about anything ,I just want for life is to have fun and go ahead , that’s what life means for me travel ,laugh and have fun . I spend my whole day with friends and that’ how I watch my life in front of me just sitting and enjoying every day around my friends cracking jokes and helping each other achieve something in life , that’s how I love to spend my day my year and I guess my whole life like.

People around just pressure everyone-what are you doing ?why are you going? Become someone !do something.This is the stress that cause people to become who they are not these people change everyone around them and with pressure people tend to change and that turns them from fun to being just like a normal person , just following the schedule and walking in the same path doing the same thing every day these are the people who get pressurized by someone and then they pressure others these are the people who remove fun out of life these are the people.I never listen to because you should be the one deciding how and with whom your life should be with.

A place which is called as home , According to me home is a place where you are meant to be the happiest and also the safest at same time , home can also be a person home can also be a place , home always doesn’t mean a roof on your head , home is a feeling home is abstract , home is a feeling of happiness and safety that not everyone can feel at the same time home is where you go after a stressful day home is where you go back to when you are tired , it just means that home is more than a place home is a feeling .

Decision that your life depends on people who tell that they took the wrong decisions there are no right or wrong decisions there are only consequences either bad or good , people should take their decisions according to what makes you feel right and satisfied and not because everyone chose that path , one should choose the path that feels that is worth for them and not just worth because everyone chose it your path chosen can be full of difficulty but when you reach to the finish line you’ll feel the taste of victory , you’ll feel so good about your chosen path that’ll make you feel the happiest , the satisfaction after the all the hurdles on your path is what one should want in life.

Love , love is what is the base to your life , love is also like a cherry on top in your life , but there’s one thing about love; not everyone is able to find the perfect match for their love , people make so many sacrifices for love because for some people love is life , but actually the truth is you should be in love with your life instead of giving up your life for love . People who find love are very lucky as there are not many who can connect with another soul in such a beautiful manner ,On Earth I feel love is the most beautiful and the most purest thing a person could find .

Life is not so simple to put it in an article but daily from to day to day I try to entangle all the aspects of my life I tried to make it as simple as it can be , but whenever you try to simplify it there’s always another thing that starts complicated in your life , there’s nothing that can make it easy so I just do one thing be happy , make happy and ignore the negativity , the only way your complicated life can be sweet and simple is just by living the day and not thinking about the next one , this’ll make you happy-let everyday of your life be a memory , there should not be a single day in your life where you regret something .This is what I do with my life everyday it may not feel that exciting but I always feel so good after the day ends and when the other day starts because there’s nothing to think about in between be happy enjoy your life and make memories , that is what life is all about for me.

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