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New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has asked the Delhi Waqf Board to respond to a petition by its employees for payment of salaries and emoluments pending for more than five months.

The Delhi Waqf Board Employees Association has contended that employees coming under certain categories have not received their salaries from October last year and are facing "unfathomable financial hardships".

"Counter affidavits be filed by the respondents, positively, before the next date of hearing," said Justice Jyoti Singh in the order passed in the matter recently.

The court also sought the stand of the divisional commissioner-cum-revenue secretary of the Delhi government on the plea.

Advocate M Sufian Siddhiqui, appearing for the petitioner, argued that the aggrieved employees have been robbed of their right to a dignified life in a brazen infraction of their fundamental and constitutional rights

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An eleven year old child was trapped in tha Lift


After getting the child, the parents along with other residents reached the security personnel at the main gate. It is alleged that the camera has been installed in the lift. Footage of him keeps running in the guard room. Simultaneously, the alarm was also sounded, but the security personnel posted at the gate were sitting with ear phones in their ears.


An 11-year-old boy was trapped for 45 minutes on Tuesday night in the elevator of the Tower-S of the Paramount Emotions Society in Greno West. The child was going down from his friend's flat. Then suddenly the lift stopped. After searching here and there for a long time, the attention of the family members went to the lift and the child was found inside. Then he was taken out. There was a lot of commotion in the society late at night. The police reached the spot and pacified the people.

Ajay lives with his family on the 6th floor of the Society's Tower U. On Tuesday night, his 11-year-old son had gone to his friend. The friend lives on the 16th floor of Tower-S. The father told that when he called the father of the son's friend at around 11 pm, he came to know that he had left and would come in five minutes, but even after 15 minutes he did not reach. Worried, he went out to look for his son. Searched all over the society but couldn't find it anywhere. Searched for Durga Puja festival in the society but did not get any success. He told that when he finally reached the son's friend's house in Tower S, he told that the son had been made to sit in the lift. After that, when I saw the lift, it was stuck between the 15th and 16th floors. Going near the lift, he saw that the son was trapped inside it. After that the maintenance team of the society was informed. After about 45 minutes, the son was taken out from inside the lift.

After getting the parent and resident child rained on the maintenance team,

the parents along with other residents reached the security personnel at the main gate. It is alleged that the camera has been installed in the lift. Footage of him keeps running in the guard room. Simultaneously, the alarm was also sounded, but the security personnel posted at the gate were sitting with ear phones in their ears. Due to this he did not hear the alarm sound nor did he see the CCTV footage. There was a lot of altercation with the security personnel regarding this matter. After that the police were called. The police pacified the residents and reprimanded the security personnel and directed them to restore order.

The parents wandered for 45 minutes,

the child left the friend's place at around 11 pm. Since then at 11:45, Ajay was searching for his son along with his family. Going to many towers and also saw the lift, but could not find it anywhere. Mother was completely broken. The photo of the child was also made viral in the society, but there was no help from anywhere. At last the father reached back to the son's friend.

Compromising on Amenities to Reduce Expenses

Residents in most societies in Greno West are troubled by poor maintenance facilities. Somewhere there is a shortage of staff and somewhere there are building related problems. Negligence is also done in keeping the agencies maintaining the lift. Maintenance agency is also hired at a low fee. People allege that builders compromise on facilities in order to save expenses.

Under the UP Apartment Act, if 66 percent of the buyers get possession in a project, then the builder will have to constitute an AOA there . The AOA will have to give the responsibility of maintenance immediately after formation, but most of the builders do not do so. Crores of rupees come to every society in the name of maintenance fee. While not much is spent on the maintenance of the society. In this greed, builders are not giving responsibility to AOA. In many societies, AOAs are waiting to get the responsibility of maintenance. At the same time, builders are trying to give responsibility amidst incomplete facilities, but the residents are not allowing this to happen.



Gd Sonu singh azad

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Smt. Droupadi Murmu Ji has been an outstanding MLA and Minister. She had an excellent tenure as Jharkhand Governor. I am certain she will be an outstanding President who will lead from the front and strengthen India's development journey," PM Modi tweeted.

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Droupadi Murmu Is India's New 15th tribes President

India got its first tribal President today as NDA choice Droupadi Murmu scooped up over 60 per cent of the total vote value. Opposition's Yashwant Sinha conceded defeat after three rounds of counting. The President-elect will take oath on July 25.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) backed Draupadi Murmu, 64% and is the second woman and first Adivasi female to hold the position of the President of India. She has defeated the opposition's pick Yashwant Sinha who was backed by Congress, TMC, AAP and several other parties by a massive margin after receiving more than 64 per cent valid votes. At the end of the counting process, which continued for over 10 hours, the returning officer P.C. Mody declared Draupadi Murmu as the 15th President of India. She was declared the winner in the run to become president of the world's largest democracy with 6,76,803 votes against opposition's Yashwant Sinha, who managed to bag 3,80,177 votes, reported The Indian Express.

Know Her Better! On June 20, 1958, President Murmu was born in the Uparbeda village of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha. She was raised in a Santali tribal family by Biranchi Narayan Tudu. Under the Panchayati raj system, Murmu's father and grandfather were the village heads.

Murmu was married to a banker, Shyam Cheran Murmu, who lost his life in 2014. The tribal couple had two sons, both of them died, and a daughter. In the span of seven years, from 2009 to 2015, she lost her brother, mother, husband, and two sons. Murmu's Career As Teacher She started as a school teacher before her debut in state politics.

At Shri Aurobindo Integral Education and Research Institute, Rairangpur, she worked as an assistant professor. Later, in the Irrigation Department of the Odisha government, Murmu worked as a Junior Assistant. In 1997, she joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and soon became Rairangpur Nagar Panchayat's councillor. She became the chairperson of Nagar Panchayat, Rairangpur and later served as the BJP's Tribes Morcha National Vice President.

In her political career in BJP, she was elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Rairangpur constituency in 2000 and 2004 for two terms. She served the state of Odisha as a minister of Fisheries and Animal Resources Development from 2000 to 2004 under the BJP and BJD coalition government. On May 18, 2015, she was sworn in as Jharkhand's first tribal woman governor. Her tenure as a governor continued till July 12, 2021. Currently, she is the second woman and first Adivasi female to hold the position of the President of India

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Domestic energy bills will rise faster this winter than previously forecast by the energy regulator Ofgem, its chief executive has admitted to MPs.

Jonathan Brearley said in late May that a typical household would pay £800 a year more from October.

But, while giving evidence to MPs, he said it was "clear" that estimate for winter bills now looked too low.

The original figure was used by ministers when deciding how much to pay in direct assistance this winter.

One industry analyst has predicted a rise of more than £1,200 a year in October. Cornwall Insight said that the typical domestic customer was likely to pay £3,244 a year from October, then £3,363 a year from January.

About 23 million households in England, Wales and Scotland have their bills governed by the energy price cap. That limits the amount suppliers can charge per unit of energy, and the standing charge, and is set every six months. From this winter, it is expected that this will change to a three-month period.

Mr Brearley said in May that a typical household gas and electricity bill on the price cap would increase to £2,800 a year, owing to continued volatility in gas prices.

But on Monday, he told MPs on the Public Accounts Committee that it was "clear", given the current "pricing dynamics" and the ongoing war in Ukraine, that "prices are looking higher than they did when we made that estimate".

However, he would not be drawn on exactly how much higher bills would be, ahead of the official announcement in the coming weeks.

Starting later this week, direct payments will be made to low-income households to help with the cost of living and covering energy bills.

Sarah Munby, permanent secretary at the Department for Business, said ministers would "keep a close eye" on whether this policy should go further if bills rose higher than expected

Ofgem also told MPs that it had found issues with direct debit demands from suppliers, during a review following accusations that companies increased customers' direct debit payments by "more than is necessary".

More details will be announced in the coming days.

Criticism of regulation

Soaring wholesale prices meant around 30 suppliers have collapsed during the crisis that has hit the sector. A total of 26 remain in the market.

About 2.4 million customers were automatically moved to a rival company when their own supplier folded. Typically, according to Citizens Advice, they had to pay an extra £30 a month for the duration of their original contract, as they were shifted to a more expensive tariff.

In addition, the cost of these failures totalled £2.7bn - a tab which was spread across all billpayers in Britain at a cost of about £94 each, not just those of the failed companies. This is before taking into account the potentially multi-billion charge that households could face due to the collapse of Bulb Energy, which is in special administration.

Last month, it was announced that Hayden Wood, who was the company's boss and co-founder, would leave at the end of July.

In June, the National Audit Office (NAO) said Ofgem had allowed an energy market to develop that was vulnerable to large shocks.

The NAO said that Ofgem had decided on a "low bar" approach for allowing new domestic energy suppliers into the market to encourage competition and choice for customers after the market had been dominated by six big companies

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The kannauj dipo

दिवाली भी आ चुकी थी। हर तरफ खुशी का माहौल था। मै भी गांव जाने की खुशी में काफी उत्साहित था l क्योंकि इस बार फिर दिवाली की छुट्टियाँ गाँव में बिताउंगा। नींद भी नही आ रही थी उस दिन

दीदी-: सोना, लैपटॉप बंद करके सो जाना, सुबह जल्दी उठना है, हाँ दीदी, थोड़ी देर रुको, मैं बंद कर रहा हूँ सुबह हो गई थी, दीदी:- सोना चार बज गए है उठ जाओ जल्दी, नही तो लेट हो जाओगे तब तक दीदी जी ने खाना तैयार कर दिया था। सोना नहा लिया है l तुम्हारा खाना टेबल पर रखा है खा लेना l हाँ , दीदी ने रास्ते के लिए कुछ पूड़िया और गोभी का आचार रख दिया घर से बाहर निकला देखा की चारों और कोहरा ही कोहरा था सामने का कुछ दिखाई नही दे रहा था मै नीचे उतरकर आया मैने वहा से टेम्पो लेकर बस स्टैंड पहुँचा जहां मैंने देखा बसों में ज्यादा भीड़ थी सवारिया इधर से उधर भाग रही थी जैसे तैसे मैं बस में चड़ा और पीछे विंडो साइड की खिड़की पर बैठ गया ,मैंने अपना आउटर देखा जो कोहरे के फुहारे से पूरा सफ़ेद हो चूका था l जिसे मैंने रूमाल की सहायता से साफ़ किया हमारी बस वहां से रवाना हुई.और खुर्जा अलीगढ के रास्ते होते हुए लगभग 200 किलोमीटर चल चुकी थी l जिसमे लगभग 50-60 यात्री सफर कर रहे थे जो अपनी - अपनी सीटों पर बैठ ,आपस में वार्तालाप कर रहे थे ,जिसमे कुछ बुजुर्ग दादा जी भी थे जो पास में बैठे यात्रियों को दिवाली और भगवन राम की विजय के बारे में उनको अच्छी-अच्छी बाते बता रहे थे l मेरी नजर सामने शीशे पर पड़ी देखा कि प्रभु अंशुमाली अपने आने की ख़ुशी में आकाश में लालिमा बिखेर रहे हो ,उनकी सरारती किरणों का माध्यम में ऐसे बिचलित होना , लग रहा था मानो प्रभु अंशुमाली आकाश की गोद में और बादलों की छाव में चाँदनी के साथ छुपन छुपाई खेल रहे हो . मैंने अपनी पूरी खिड़की खोली ,दूर -दूर तक ये धरा पीले - हरे खेतों से सजी हुई थी मानो इसने कोई सुनहरे गहने पहन रखे हो वो सरारती हवाओ के छोटे -छोटे झोके जो कभी इस सरसो की टहनी कभी उस टहनी को जा झिकोरा कभी गेहुओ के खेतों में जा मोती से बिखेरे .सरसो की टहनियों को इस तरह झूमता देख लग रहा था मानो वो माँ सरस्वती की वीणा की धुन सुनकर एक -दूसरे के गले मिलकर मग्न हो रही हो .

जिनपर सुनहरी किरणे अपने नन्हे- नन्हे पांवों से उनपर नृत्य करते हुए उन्हें सुनहरा बना रही हो, की हमारी बस ने मोड़ लिया और वो नादान सरारती किरणे मेरी खिड़की पर आ चमकी, मै भी कुछ सरारती सा बन गया,और खिड़की से बाहर सिर निकाल कर इस सुहावनी सुबह का आनंद लेने लगा , जहाँ मुझे एक गाव दिखाई दिया जिसमे कुछ मकान पक्की ईंटो और कुछ कच्ची मिटटी की दीवारों से बने थे l जो गाय के गोवर और गेरू से लिपी हुई थी उनपर रखे पटेल के छप्पर जो एक तरफ दीवाल और दूसरी तरफ लकड़ी के खम्बो पर टिके थे l दीवारों से होते हुए उनके छप्परो पर पौड़ी लौकी और सेम की बेले और उनमें लगी लौकिया जो कुछ तो छप्पर पर और कुछ दीवारों के सहारे लटक रही थी ,कुछ महिलाए अपने घरों के चबूतरों को गेरू और गाय के गोबर से लीपने के लिए चूने कुछ तो सफ़ेद मिटटी से उनके आस पास शैडिंग कर रही थी , चारो ओर त्योहारिक साफ़ सफाई चल रही थी l काफी ख़ुशी का माहौल लग रहा था ,कुछ बच्चे सुबह ही पटाखे छुड़ाने लगे थे वही पास गांव के बाहर कुछ दूरी पर एक माता जी गाय के गोबर के उपले बना रही थी पास में ही गोल-गोल बने उन उपलों के ढेर बड़े अच्छे लग रहे थे जिनकी मैंने फोटो खींची थी जिन्हे मैंने अपने घर आकर अपनी माँ को दिखाया था " आप भी ऐसा ही बनाया करो l अब समय ज्यादा हो गया था रोड पर धूल उड़ने लगी थी जिससे वंचित रहने के लिए मैंने खिड़की बंद कर ली थी और खिड़की के सहारे से लंवबत होकर बैठ गया था कि हमारी बस हमारे गंतव्य स्थान से 40 किलो मीटर पहले वेवर में बिगड़ गयी जिससे हम यात्रियों को दूसरी बस में बिठाया गया l मै अपने स्टैंड पर 5:05pm पर पहुँच गया वहाँ से मैं अपने टेम्पो स्टैंड "हांथी वाली बिल्डिंग के पास पहुँच गया ,समय काफी ज्यादा हो गया था , जिससे यहाँ से सवारिया मिलना बहुत मुश्किल लग रहा था पर थैंक्स गॉड मुझे मेरे ही गाँव के तांगा वाले अंकल मिल गए थे .मै उनके तांगे पर बैठ गया तांगा वहा से चलता है टक _टक _टक _टक.......... कुछ समय बाद मैं अपने घर पहुँच गया जहां काफी भीड़ -भाड़ थी कुछ रिश्तेदार मामा ,मामी ,मौसी और उनके बच्चे आये हुए थे क्योंकि अगले ही दिन मेरी दीदी की सगाई होने वाली थी , मैं जैसे ही अंदर जा रहा था कि माँ ने अपने लाल को लाल-पीला करना शुरू कर दिया "इतना लेट क्यों हुए ,क्यों लेट निकलते हो ,बगेरा-बगेरा ,पर माँ पहले पैर तो छू लेने दो, मुझे पता है कि तुम कितनी गुस्से में हो , तुम्हारा जो प्यार है हमारे प्रति वही बाहर निकल रहा है , माँ जी "होता है " हर माँ को अपने बिलायत से आ रहे लाल की चिंता होती है ,कंही कोई चुरा न कोई ये लाल ,आपको पता है की आपका लाल खुद इतना बड़ा चोर है अच्छा माँ अगर लेक्चर ख़त्म हो गए तो मै जाऊ कपड़े चेंज करने है थोड़ी देर बाद दीदी -: सोनू भैसो को चारा करना है और पानी पिलाना है अच्छा आते ही काम पर लगा दिया , तो दूध भी मैं ही निकलूंगा कोई आ न जइयो .की शाम का दूध निकालने का समय हो गया था और माँ दूध निकालने के लिए बाल्टी लेके आती है मै बाल्टी लेके दूध निकालने लगा थोड़ी देर में ही मेरे हाँथ भर आये थे क्योंकि मैंने काफी समय बाद दूध निकला था माँ दूध पकने एक मिट्टी के वर्तन मटकी में रख देती है मैं और हमारे मौसेरे फुफेरे भाई बहन और एक मौसेरी चाची काफी रात तक बातें करते रहे ,और तो और उस दिन बिस्तर जमीन पर लगाया था रसगुल्ले की बाल्टी और पानी बिस्तर के पास रख लिया था 1-2 बजे तक मैंने किसी को सोने तक नहीं दिया था उस दिन काफी खुश था मैं यानी Gd sonu singh azad

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📕The Light dusk📕

( an incomplete love story )

Suman is a gorgeous good thinker girl ,she born at little region in Lucknow. Her childhood was profoundly affected by her mother's kindness to feel spirituality . "When suman came home from school in the afternoons, her mother would have sometimes found her sitting in her bedroom, praying to God to grant her a little doll . She used to play with doll mostly.She does what she wants to do,she does it well, and she doesn't give a damn to anyone befor " she said to gd ,when she met him first time .and even told as she has noone as friend .

I'm not interested in,

Gd make her explained that there is no such a thing to befriend of someone is wrong but one should be good thinker whom you will be friend . Now friendship is concerned,depend on your interest .

her health was too compromised by the injuries she was suffering pain in her right index finger so she was not capable to note down in the notebook."Six days later, she was accidentally conceived," English guru explain lightly."she was healthy and strong in Brussels on New Year's Eve when she joined to ssc class morning batches may 07, 2017." But now she remains sick of cold . But never give up to join morning class in such thunderbolt weather .

When She was come to this smart City to spent her summer vacation with her father in ghaziabad. After 15 days her father tell her to join ssc class here last weakened,just afer one half months she involved in exchanging hearts 💕 and fallen love with Gd is simple virtuous boy belong to a spiritual family. She couldn't get each other felt that they love each other. The couse they could not break their voice to explain to love and were hesitate to shere their heart beats expression.They were felt only,we are only best friends.Who convinced them after 1 month this type relationship change in love,after spent a few days gd move back to his home town.Hence they lost this opportunity to love.She has broken is such a way as if something gone crazy in her life and decided not to be friend anyone, here after.it is a thumping entry into port of love ,

But both are awareness less to thier heart beats ,been beating in their respective heat one of both no-one was ready to explain about


Suman is smart and gorgeous clumsy 21 years old girl she is one of her sisters who has short hight and pink lovly lips she liked to bind single braid like pony tail. She was graduated in economic she had got initials education from there at local town in Lucknow

Her School Life passed in Lucknow, I know as far as her Educational qualification is concerned she completed graduation.


In the beginning of June she moved to ghaziabad with her elder sister soniya,this city listed in the samart city was more rainy city then NCR, to spent summer vacation with her father was posted as head constable in police station here, he loves Suman more becouse she was like that so ,in first at looking she make everyone fascinated of her,Suman had used to only come for a month every Summer to visit her father she was also love to her father,from the age 17 year .

When she got off The train at the platform and her sister notice that the sky was covered with lots blacken rainy clouds,and the thunderbolts was out louded ,soniya convinced Suman to stay for an hour until the rain is stoped and postpond their decision head to room, lest rainy drops poured over their head and been all drenched,soniya hates rainy season

Suddenly it started raining also fell some ice pearls suman collecte that in a polythene. Suman loves rainy seasons the most in rainy season but this rain fall out of season.

Both sisters reach at room and change their wet clothes and go to sleep . After 20 days soniya got a job and she was settled here but suman was jobless yet,there was no option she had to stay here for a single day.however When she planed to move back her home town last of month .soniya tell her to spent one more month here and advice to join ssc class yet.Soniya aroused her to join ssc class and SSC CGL exam was in coming days.at the last she mind and change her plane not to back Home Town.next day

At the first day of her in this academy first time when she enter in the class everyone was staring at her. she select a seat in the begining of the first row next to podium.but some students were still starring at.an awkward looking coloured boy sitting next to her is belonging to a spiritual family and dressed in kurta paizama,6 persons were in his family.everyone was follow to god "JAI GURU DEV " the first look at her was so attractive,fall continually staring for long time.don't know who was looking at ,he was looking at her or she was looking at board,or board was looking at both.Her fair and acne less face was filled with sweet smile her pink lips is hypnotizing everyone, it seems gd is flowing along with her Beauty stream.Her head was tied with a pony tail braid.

Sir,sonu singh where are you,pay your heed at board ,yes sir You the new addmission leave your chair and come here to introduce yourself to all.

When she was at front of him he seems like someone was targetting his heart,Was so nurvous she notice that three students are staring at one of them have beard and dark toxicated eyes staring blinklessly and commented.After end of the class he come out few minutes befor sit on chair every student was leaving to , he over hear jingling of her bracelet and stood hii it was seeming she was daunted . he say sorry and sware, i ll' never to anoy her again in coming days .we shouldn't have behaved like this .I know you are not that but you are good cultured girls. Hii I'm gd sonu singh azad but I don't deserve it at all. I know but only best friend and here to there is no complain you will get behalf of me ok .gd ask to Suman she is still nurvous and he explains that when she was get introduced herself , really her face was modesty .

Next day suman notice that when she presented in class ,there is no seat was available but only a seat was next to gd was out of work as she passed him she glance at him and notice that he also staring at her affectionately for no apparent other reason to sit next to him in front left corner of the room she notice him shifting his weight so that he leaning away as he can and she say thanks.he say no need of thanks ,it is mandatory to all .that all have to do. After a while she says him to clear her maths doubts....

Gd ask her Name ,she tell him ooh then you didn't know my Name yet ,I did tell last night, it seems you was not in your sense that time he tell her sorry, whats hurry to know ,he tell her ,I don't know but it's necessary ,ok I call you as Ruchi is right , isn't it ruchi was my 10th class girl ,was also fair like you.

Gd ever looks at friends notes book ,ever ask to them to know her Name ,Oneday he ask for her note book in which her name was noted he looks started been bloomy when he got her name .

He says to Suman to join him tomorrow computer class in lab next day both were sit next to one he introduse himself to her Suman is socked when her hand accidentally touch to his finger the moment she type some word he began to tell her about how to use shortcuts keys. Gd completed his work quickly Than everyone else. computer teacher enter into room ask to gd about suman who is this girl ,gd tell her is the best friend .

Don't you know ,Have to take membership for this lab , no one can come in without admission,ok ma'am Gd ask suman what type of people do you like in your life,the moment when you're helpless,thats whome I hope you will expect on she reply easily and leave the class as per computer teacher's order.

When a session was happen every student was called to address a speech with any other famale person. Gd choose to Suman to address a speech with , the topic was women empowerment ,That Which was explained clearly by both.

He was questioned why he choose suman than other girls,he replied calmly I don't know, but why you choose this institute than others .ohh no..

On the way to, hii gd how are you ,ohh

You,fine good morning , I overheard at our yesterday performance everyone was astoned

Yes I know , suman ask the same question to Gd " why he had choosen her " ,gd tell her you could have denied either, ok she says it is right even I couldn't deny you ,I don't know why.

May be you understood by now,the same problem I have I can't explain it either.

The time when every student take a part in weekly test ,Gd completing his work quickly and help Suman to solve some difficult questions,and also he apply paints mark on other answer sheet except his answer sheet

The time when the result was shown on the board, suman got first position in class.she achieve 85 out of 100 he says Thanks for get hight position suman ask meenakshi about hiking her number.she tell suman she doesn't know either.But sonu must have mischiefs in this .Gd do you know yea I don't know but I also got second position

She stare at gd and tell of course you are making an excuse.No..... But how you made it possible just one of both answer sheet was named of you and submit ,your answer sheet cast out .

Next morning suman awaken early called hii good morning,good morning he ask what's happen today so early shere morning wishes.nothing but I have doubt on an questions. PLZZ I feel sleepy I'll meet you there in class

In class everyone was gift the wishes to math teacher "happy birthday sir "

Happy Birthday sir that's the reason the balloon are hunged all around on white wall with help of the cello tap.no sooner sir blow the candles everyone come at pinching the balloon 🎈

Suman ask Gd do you prefer pinch balloons . sometimes I also gone crazy

Now my turn to question, do you prefer cake most yes than would you like have this dish but you I don't like the cake

She tell you were looking like so crazy man pinching the balloons ohh remember through pinching balloons do you still pain in your head sorry suman . She tell him don't say sorry while you didn't do this knowingly.

Gd tell summu to purchase an dupatta for her she denied at all and why , becouse that dupatta was tore because of me that day.you had put your dupatta beneath me when something was about happen injury with me against my mistake. suman" if you got injured than, thats reason I care for you

I have no need any other one ,I have already bought of same colour,I am still unfamiliar to this.Arre baba tomorrow I will come applying that ok ,have look.

One day he was in mall ,for shopping and buy some apples eating while walking through malls compartments.he got a call of mom to come back home town argently by week

Thats all he mentions in a mail to Suman

When she ask the reason sudden planed move back to home town

He tell suman don't impart it to anybody ,he vow to back soon after completing the work by April last

Suman sent a word"will you come tomorrow" through whatsapp.

He reply , yes

Next day in the morning he still was at station at 7:30am, the time she was also coming through that way

Hii suman good morning , good morning

You are here so early what's happen, nothing. Actually didi told me to buy some banana than I was here

Ok Gd I'll take leave I'm late to coaching why are you not going

Bye ,good bye she ask why would you never come back to here, yes I'll ,then why you tell good bye , sorry for this , does any matter if I leave or not . Suman just wait a while "dekhte rahoge ki kuchh kahoge bhi" ok sumn let it be .....looking farther and then cross the road yes ,it is turn my way to left ok

There was a little confusion between heart and brain it is imposible to find out outcomes,thats what heart explain brain is not ready to follow ,thats what brain says heart is not ready to follow.now what I do or not ...

He was at platform to book ticket when his friend called to him about suman why are you moving back you know approx half an one hour spent there is no osculate scene here there Is no love between us just we are best friend and best friend all times be seperate

Why not you tell to her clearly everything.

Yrr how can it possible and can't try my best to explain either,god knows she feel ........ something or not

One day gd sit at open space under banyan tree in waiting for suman when he met to soniya his past friend soniya and gd was on the bench close to one soniya says months have been passed to meet you and the you didn't leave any text to me soniya you also had forgotten me never ever try her best to meet ,but do you remember when we met near to Uttam hospital whereas I sacked hand , you was seeming upset "(mujhe lagaa tu abhi bhi naraz hai us thappar ke baad)"you are still angry to me,sorry yr I shouldn't have slapt you .well let it be,soniya how are you,fine ,where are stay ,at same building at there room owner aunty daunted you and say to stay in your limit,the you was living like Tomboy ,present time you was looking so cute in "salwar shoot"really I fall in love to you again,ok by the way why are you here early morning,nothing but I waiting for suman who is she,is My best friend.soniya tell Gd beta you have spoilt,it seems you are fall in love with her no yr she not my love we are only best friend. soniya meet suman

Soniya-: hii suman,how are you

Suman-: fine and you

Soniya Tell her he in my love ,suman Don't trust on her she is a mad guy ok ,Gd "soniya chal tu ja Tera Kam nhi hai"yr why are you tell her useless knowledge.Ok soniya ji wait a while.Suman -: and you ,why are you not coming in coaching for two days actually Suman next night my train to go back

Suman tell him at that day you were not in jocking mood ,yes I was serious ,

Sonu really you are leaving to home town next day by night train ,yes . sonu if I say you to stay for two more month here then you follow my sense its means you will also leave from here.will have join in delhi

PLZZ suman is not possible it is necessary to go and that's why I am telling you yrr just 2-3 months are concerned I'll come back soon.by April I'll rejoin class

Ok soniya I take leave to room I have change my cloths and,will have to pack my bag bye....

After leaving soniya suman ask gd about that talkative girl , nothing but must a headache of boys.next morning gd notice that Suman was bussy on phone Gd was calling but suman was not aware about gd was walking back side was following her at the end he walk fast to next her he ask not to hear me so far .she tell him my face and ear were covered with dupatta ,who was on phone ?????? The couse of fall separate.....?

When he was in the train ,train was in speed ,outer air was intrude in compartment was totally chilled ,he sat against the window vertically was lost in reverie and put his forehead on the frame of window,starting slept lightly he notice someone was waiting for him outside of window in this wet still moon light night.as if she wants to says in ths wetted night with dew droughts .who knows why he bear that stroke of chilled air while he has been forgotten everything.He feel so love in this chilled air he was feel a rhythm of voice in it .some passengers were started saying to shut window the compartment was being chilled . shutting the window he slept

Here Leftover weeks goes by easily,summu worried if gd didn't come back and why he is not calling ,she was waiting for him by April last suman didn't get any message yet Suman called many times his was " not reachable" sometimes "switch off" becouse gd scrap the sim without be familiar to truth,he wouldn't share that point of confusion to his friends what was the matter over that he got angry to Suman

But don't know why he was not satisfied to his decison what all he is doing to forget her was wrong then why his heart was beating for her only, something Was exist that . Sonu kumar Gds friend calls him and tell I don't know why suman be upset in the class ,he didn't tell to someone , always be Alon and yesterday complaining .......

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The Light dusk

(An incomplete love story)



The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed monetary penalty on ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank.

RBI has slapped ₹30 lakh fine on ICICI and ₹1.80 crore penalty on PNB.

The penalty on ICICI Bank has been imposed “for non-compliance with certain directions issued by RBI on ‘Levy of penal charges on non-maintenance of minimum balances in savings bank accounts’ dated November 20, 2014"

In a statement, the RBI said that the statutory inspection for supervisory evaluation of the bank was conducted by RBI with reference to its financial position as on March 31, 2019.

The examination of the Risk Assessment Report, Inspection Report and all related correspondence pertaining to the same, revealed non-compliance with the directions issued by RBI to the extent the bank levied charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance in saving accounts, which were not directly proportionate to the extent of the shortfall observed.

In furtherance to the same, the central bank said, a notice was issued to the bank advising it to show cause as to why penalty should not be imposed on it for failure to comply with its directions.

“After considering the bank’s reply to the notice, oral submissions made in the personal hearing and examination of additional submissions made by it, RBI came to the conclusion that the aforesaid charge of non-compliance with RBI directions was substantiated and warranted imposition of monetary penalty," the RBI said.

In case of PNB, the central bank said the action was based on the deficiencies in regulatory compliance. The RBI found the state-run bank was in contravention of sub-section (2) of section 19 of the Act to the extent that it held shares in borrower companies, as pledgee, of an amount exceeding thirty per cent of paid-up share capital of those companies. A notice was issued to the bank advising it to show cause as to why penalty should not be imposed on it.

After considering the bank’s reply to the notice, the central bank came to the conclusion that the charge of contravention of the provisions of the act was substantiated and warranted imposition of monetary penalty on the bank.

Written by Gd Sonu Singh Azad

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