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Officer-involved shootings under investigation

A pair of shooting deaths occurred over the Memorial Day weekend in New Jersey. The shooting involved state police, and a male civilian was severely injured. As per the attorney general’s office, the incident took place on Saturday, around 6:30 am on The Garden State Parkway, Bass River. On the same day, around 1:00 am, another civilian was severely wounded in another shooting that involved an officer in Paterson. As per a spokesman for the Passaic County sheriff’s office, the injured officer was treated at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center and discharged. The names of the two men are not yet known, and the investigation is carried out by the office of public integrity and the accountability in the state police central crime bureau and attorney general’s office. The State law needs that the attorney general’s office should look into deaths occurring during encounters with law enforcement.


NYC Teachers showing their support to frontline workers by delivering meals

Two New York City teachers had come forward to support the frontline workers for their fight with Coronavirus.

Co-founders at Brooklyn Cares managed to make around 1,000 meals in just three weeks with their local support.

"It's been a very grassroots thing for us because neither one of us in the nonprofit world," Michele Levin, of Brooklyn Cares, said.

Another member at Brooklyn Cares, Stephanie Schragger, said that it was all possible with the support they received.

"We are so overwhelmed by the support that we've had from people," Schragger said.

Both managed to do this while teaching at St. Ann's School and also homeschooling their young kids.

Levin said that they had to try extra hard to make this project work "in the little pockets of time before class, after class, when our children are in bed, or on the weekends."

They decided to open Brooklyn Cares after seeing the impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare system and neighborhood restaurants and

thought to help both groups.

By now, they have received nearly $17,000 to provide meals to the frontline workers. The meals prepared by them go to healthcare facilities, including Cobble Hill Health Center -- a nursing home hit hard by COVID-19.


Columbia University research shows, thousands of lives could have been saved if lockdown started a week earlier in U.S.

According to new data published by the researchers at Columbia University, if the U.S. would have implemented lockdown around a week earlier, thousands of lives could have been saved.

More than 91,000 people had died due to Coronavirus in the U.S. till May 20. Still, according to the research data from researchers, around 36,000 lives could have been saved by implementing social distancing laws and locking down just a week before it was placed. And another report in the New York Times said that if these measures had been taken two weeks earlier, the number of saved lives could have been 54,000.

New York being the hardest-hit city, went on lockdown from March 22, and the first U.S. confirmed cases came on January 20. New York took months to implement an action plan which worsened the conditions according to the report.

Researchers also acknowledged that the estimates were based on idealized hypothetical assumptions. The effect would have been different as some countries such as South Korea and Italy started aggressive plans at the end of February.

As an answer to this report, the White House blamed China for lack of transparency and WHO for the deaths caused in the U.S. and the entire world.