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Healthcare providers of Chicago reach out to help underprivileged communities during COVID-19 emergency

Erie Family Health Centers gives incorporated and moderate clinical, dental and social human services for patients all things considered, under one rooftop.

President and CEO Dr Lee Francis joined ABC 7 Chicago remotely to discuss what his organization is doing during the COVID-19 emergency.

Francis told that they saw a spike in cases among minority networks and is currently beginning to descend, but it hasn't dropped enough yet.

He said that these people group are likewise profoundly affected by other chronic conditions and low vaccination rates for youngsters.

They're attempting to contact these people through telehealth. Erie serves over 82,000 patients for each year at 13 areas all through Chicago and the encompassing rural areas, paying little heed to protection status, movement status, or the capacity to pay.

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Chicago police announces the public safety strategy for Memorial Day

Chicago Police and other officials announced they are preparing a public safety strategy for Memorial Day Weekend on Friday morning.

At 11 a.m., the Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown and representatives from the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Park District, and other agencies made this announcement in a press conference.

To increase the safety for people, Chicago police will increase the number of patrols from Friday. People will be able to see a more significant amount of uniform police officers in and around major transit hubs and thoroughfares.

When it comes to large events, the preparation has to be good, and all the aspects of safety should be considered forming a new operation team. For this, the city is launching a first-of-its-kind Summer Operations Center within the Emergency Operations Center at OEMC. According to officials, SOC will start on Friday, and for every weekend this summer, it will be staffed by representatives from different departments of the city such as the Park District, Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Public Schools, Streets and Sanitation and more. This operation aims to reach the most vulnerable parts of the society, and departments and agencies will be able to monitor the city quickly and efficiently with this new center.

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Loretto Hospital provide free COVID-19 testing which will help underserved West Side communities

Loretto Hospital is offering free and easy testing for COVID-19, but this offer is turning out to be a danger in itself as people arrive at the center hours before the testing begins for COVID-19 at 9 a.m. on the weekend.

Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi, a chief clinical officer at Loretto, said, "So the process, once you get to in the front of the line, is probably less than three minutes, but it is the waiting process. But we try to do the best we can with how many people we have and the resources."

Lorette is located in the Austin neighborhood and is providing drive-thru and walk-up testing since April. The virus is proving to be more harmful to communities of color.

"Austin is an underserved community in terms of health care in general," said Erin Borders, director of outpatient services. "Most of our patients who come to Loretto and in the community have comorbidity."

Around 300 specimens are collected in Loretto daily and are then sent to state labs for processing. According to hospital officials, it takes 5 days to get reports, and delivery of the results is a challenge in such a time.

The medical workers at testing centers know the risk of their jobs, but without thinking about consequences, keep working to provide help to people.

Hospital officials are varied as they are unable to provide antibody testing; they are only testing for a person who has COVID-19 or not.

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