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San Marcos Discovery Center starting online sale of plants from Saturday

According to a press release, the San Marcos Discovery Center is starting a new Online Store and offering curbside pickup for plants from Saturday. It is a limited-period sale and will wrap up till June.

The sale will go live weekly from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday at the Discovery Center, located at 430 Riverside Drive, and willing customers can schedule plant pickups.

Conrad Chappell, Discovery Center Specialist, said, “Spring is a great time to plant more natives, and the Discovery Center wants to help people connect with nature while at home.”

According to the spokesperson for the Center, the online store has a great variety of plants for sale, including trees, grasses, milkweed, and herbs. The plant prices are based on their pot sizes and starting from $2.50 for a four-inch pot.

“By growing these plants in their yards or at their businesses, our customers are sustaining pollinators, conserving water, and providing habitats to birds and other species,” said Chappell. “We have curated our inventory and kept it as affordable as possible to help nurture a healthy, diverse ecosystem in our region.”

Customers can also buy t-shirts and make donations for the partnership-based San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District monarch butterfly waystations.


Texan star Matthew McConaughey donated masks to rural hospitals in need

Interstellar star, Matthew McConaughey is providing masks to rural hospitals in need.

Lincoln had donated more than 110,000 masks for some rural hospitals which are in need.

According to a Facebook post by him on Thursday night, the star born in Texas and his wife loaded a pickup truck with boxes containing masks and are “hitting the road to get to rural hospitals in need across Texas.”

He made this donation after the Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller requested emergency funding for the rural hospitals.

According to Miller, “rural Texans can’t afford to lose their hospitals right now.”

McConaughey did not clarify which hospitals will receive the donations.


Mail-in ballot permitted in Texas elections? - Conditions applied

Texas citizens are battling to conduct elections amid the pandemic. Initially, Fred Biery, U.S. District Judge, granted an injunction which stated that anyone in Texas who wished to vote via email to avoid the spread of coronavirus could qualify for the mail-in ballot. The following day, U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals transiently stopped this rule from taking effect. However, Texans, who generally qualify for mail-in voting, can still cast their vote in a similar way irrespective of the court's decision.

As per Five thirty-eight, 29 states permit any registered voter to request for casting a ballot via email and five countries are carrying out their voting entirely by mail. In Texas, voters who are 65 years or older, have an illness or disability or are behind bars can request for a mail-in ballot. Attorney General Ken Paxton and other Texas Republican leaders clarify that the disability code is applicable for ones who are already suffering from some sickness or physical condition and not for those who are scared of encountering a disease like COVID-19. Despite many arguments for and against these norms, but currently, these regulations are in effect.

Voters must have filled the application for the ballot by email to the early voting clerk where they are registered.

For many people casting a ballot truant, areas must get finished polling forms that aren't stamped by 7 p.m. on political decision day. Voting forms are additionally substantial on the off chance that they have got by 5 p.m the day after the election if they were stamped by 7 p.m. on Election Day. Under Texas' political decision code, an absentee voting form can be conveyed to the region assistant's office via mail or dropped off face to face upon the arrival of the political decision with a legitimate type of ID.