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Business owner sues insurance companies for denial on claims for the losses caused by COVID-19

A small business owner in Columbus is battling a legal fight with an insurance company that denied his claims for losses when COVID-19 restriction forced him to close. Like other non-essential businesses, Craft and Vinyl in Grandview got closed in March due to COVID-19 closures aimed at preventing the spread of the disease. The owner of the brewpub and record store Troy Stacy filed an insurance claim with the hope of recovering some losses. Even his employees had to file unemployment claims. Stacy says that his insurance company, Cincinnati Insurance, denied his claim. He is one of the small business owners who are filing lawsuits on insurance companies for their claims to help them recover. "I was shocked that they would even contemplate denying the claim. Because it's there in black and white," Troy Stacy said. The lawsuit filed by him for the claim from the company states that the insurance company "refused to pay … for losses suffered due to COVID-19." Many insurances don't cover losses caused by viruses, but according to Stacy's lawsuit, "Cincinnati (insurance) did not exclude or limit coverage from losses from the spread of viruses." Across the country, many states, including Ohio, have introduced bills saying that all the insurance companies to pay for claims related to COVID-19, even if the policies exclude losses due to viruses.

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16 year old goes missing in Groveport

A sixteen-year-old teen girl went missing and in Groveport and the police are seeking help from public to find her, the girl is last spotted walking east on Landmark Road in Groveport on

Monday just after 1:30 p.m, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans and is apparently 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs around 145 pounds and has blonde hair. Any information on the girl can be passed over a call to the Groveport Police Department at 614-830-2054.

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Darnell Walton arrested by SWAT officers

19-year-old Darnell Walton had been accused of a fatal shooting near Canal Winchester in January has been arrested. Columbus police said that on Sunday around 6:45 pm at 300 blocks of Miller Avenue Darnell who had been accused of murdering Savon Pullie was arrested by SWAT officers.

It was on January 12th after 4 p.m. when a home in the 6300 block of George's Creek Drive was on fire due to a car crash. An investigation by the police said that fired shots were heard while the home was at the fire. Further analysis of the investigation concluded that Pullie died due to shooting and not because of the fire in the house. As of now, Walton is in the Franklin County Jail.

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Bar owner raises fund for its employees

As the pandemic situation continues, shop owners' struggle also continues. Ellsworth owns two bars; however, due to staying at home orders, he is worried. The city has lost its entire atmosphere. Ellsworth said that due to events such as spring games and graduation being canceled, he has suffered a loss in public visiting his bar, which has resulted in the loss of money. He said that he has already lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He helped his employees at three above high by starting a GoFundMe account. His 32 employees have got $315 per person. He started thinking about the other bars which are not having a Go Fund Me account and has made an effort to team up with a local T-shirt manufacturer who would make a design in both shirts as well as a hoodie. The revenue collected from the sale would be used to help 22 employees of the campus area bars.

At first, he had aimed at selling 500 pieces; however, due to social media, the sale of the t-shirt and hoodie grown exponentially. Two hundred hoodies and 2200 T-shirts have been sold, which has helped in getting revenue of $43,614. Further analysis of the revenue amount concludes that each employee will be getting $160.

Ellsworth said that he is proud, and when the situation becomes normal, then the design on t-shirts as well as hoodies will be looked upon as a sense of pride.

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FaceTime 54th anniversary celebration

A veteran and his wife's 54th anniversary was celebrated on FaceTime. Lloyd and flora Tackett were married on 23 April 1966. Lloyd just came from Vietnam because of which they both were apart on their anniversary. VA staff nurses said that the couple should celebrate their day with joy. Even during this pandemic. This event held in Chillicothe, Ohio.

It was emotional to see the medical staff who are fighting during this hard time and also caring for the feeling of the patients.

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2-year-old boy found in pond died

2-year-old boy who died and found in the pound in east Columbia said by police. The boy was found in a pond in the 3000 blocks of Kings realm avenue on Wednesday evening around 7:30. The toddler was missing about 15 minutes before but after that, he was found behind the house pond said by the police. The boy has been taken into nationwide children’s hospital and he died after 9:00 p.m. The police trying to find out the reason for his death and doing fast to search the culprit.

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Westerville couple dies in a crash on the Interstate.

A crash on the Interstate 270 in north Columbus claimed the lives of a Westerville couple on Tuesday. It happened around 8 a.m. involving an SUV and a semi-tractor trailer on the I-270 eastbound before I-71.

The incident occurred as Albert Abaka-Sampson, 62, slowed down abruptly or came to a complete stop in front of the semi. However, The SUV was then struck by the semi. The old couple onboard, Albert Abaka-Sampson and his wife, 60-year-old Helena Abaka-Sampson, died together on the spot.

All lanes and ramps have since reopened after they were closed because of the crash. The case is being investigated at the moment.

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Racial Disparity in public health discussed in a press conference

Mayor Andrew Ginther, City Council President Shannon Hardin, and Columbus Public Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts held a press conference on Monday morning and answered questions discussing racial disparities in public health relating to COVID-19.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that released its first breakdown of COVID-19 case data by race, 30% of patients were black. The federal data was missing racial information for 75% of all cases, however, and did not include any demographic breakdown of deaths.

The Mayor responded in a tweet saying 13% of African Americans do not have health insurance, compared to 6% of Caucasians. African Americans are experiencing more complications and hospitalization from COVID-19.

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Ohio has a potential to “triple” the number of tests per day if FDA supports said DeWine

All across the country, health officials have expressed concern that the testing facilities for Coronavirus remain limited.

Ohio is also facing similar problems in testing for COVID-19 positive patients. Gov. Mike DeWine came on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday morning. In this, he pleaded to increase testing facilities in Ohio to FDA.

Gov. DeWine said in his press meet, "I could probably double – maybe even triple – testing in Ohio virtually overnight if the FDA would prioritize companies that are putting a slightly different formula together for the extraction reagent kit. We have a worldwide shortage of some of the materials that go into this. We need help. If anybody in the FDA is watching, this would really take our capacity up literally, Chuck, overnight. That's what we need in Ohio."

Vice President Mike Pence, the leader of the White House coronavirus task force also came on "Meet the Press" on Sunday and said that 150,000 tests are being done across the US every day. "If states around the country will activate all of the laboratories that are available in their states, we could more than double that overnight." However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on "Fox News Sunday," where she said that President Trump gets an "F" on the testing response.

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Protestors protests on the road of Ohio

People of Ohio came on the road to protest on Saturday. Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio department of health director Dr. Amyacton has not done any press conference yet.

Governor said that it’s there right to protest under the first amendment. Protestors are frustrated due to shut down of their earning life because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ohio department of health confirmed 9,939 cases of COVID-19 and 434 deaths, and the cases may rise if the shut down is open, and this will create a bad scenario in Ohio. Every week DeWine announces to open up the shutdown slowly but not able to do that. The government is trying to do their best in all possible ways.

A protestor is right at their place as it has caused so much damage to lives economically socially and physically. Protestors where having banners and yelling for the right. Protested need that they should decide whether they want to stay at home or go out in public places. Some protestors are yelling that their business is going down, and no clients are there. This will lead to unemployment.

Governor, as given the faith that everything will come back to normal and again the economy will revive once again, but they also have to look forward to the cases spike in COVID-19.

The battle of COVID-19 as challenged mentally, physically, and socially at Ohio and protestors need justice and get back to their work. All the country's situation is indeed going worst do to pandemic COVID-19, but people should know that it’s necessary to stay at home as it is a deadly virus, and it is spreading too fast.

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