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After 2 motorcycles crash in north Columbus, 1 critical, 1 stable 

Columbus police say one individual is in basic condition and a subsequent individual is in stable condition after two cruisers slammed Saturday morning.

Police say the accident occurred around 11:25 a.m. on I-71 North close to Morse Road. One individual was taken to Grant Medical Center in basic condition. A subsequent individual was taken to St. Ann's in stable condition. All paths are right now open, as indicated by police.

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Hilliard senior graduates with joy after battling brain cancer

Most of the people take their senior year and graduation for granted, but it was not right for Leanna Ramirez.

In March 2017, Ramirez was diagnosed with brain cancer, and after that, it was all about treatment. She had two surgeries, four rounds of chemo, and 33 rounds of radiation. There is a 50/50 chance of tumor growth in the coming years.

But she is still here and alive and happy.

Like, different people have bucket lists Ramirez has "I Lived" list. This list includes going to Times Square for New Year's Eve, white water rafting in Colorado, going to music concerts, and a trip to Hawaii, all thanks to generous donations.

Her parents, John and Janet, know that every day is very precious for her.

"Yeah, there are still moments, though, that we have that you know...," Janet said. "But that's why we do this."

Ramirez came to the school and jumped out of her van to receive her high school diploma. She was congratulated and cheered with a rose.

"You win by how you live, every day," Janet said. "That's how you have control. That's how she has control. We could let this get us down, or we can celebrate every little step. We're just going to celebrate every little step."

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Labour Day Festival in Canal Winchester cancelled due to safety concerns amid COVID-19

The Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival set to celebrate 100th anniversary, scheduled from 5th to 7th September, is cancelled. The organizers of this celebration justified the decision as safety concerns during the pandemic COVID-19. Mike Coolman, the Festival Vice-President, stated on behalf of the board of directors that it was not an easy decision but essential and a responsible decision.

Generally, this festival in Canal Winchester attracts large crowds and brings in music, food, midway-rides, Frame Car show and the renowned Labour Day Parade. Also, the organizers have begun planning for the following year’s festival, which might take place from 4th to 6th September.

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Former state basketball player Mike Conley donates $200,000 to help medical staff and frontline workers

Mike Conley, a former Ohio State basketball player, had donated $200,000 to people who made him what he is now, those fighting with the pandemic.

He is currently Utah Jazz guard, and his donation "will address food insecurity, homelessness and remote learning needs exacerbated by COVID-19," according to the release from the team.

The donation from the player will be distributed among the Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City, CodeCrew in Memphis, Tennessee; Community Shelter Board and the Columbus Urban League in Columbus, Ohio; the Indianapolis Public Schools Foundation in Indianapolis; and the New Haven Missionary Baptist Church in West Helena, Arkansas.

Community Shelter Board would use the donation from the former Ohio State's player in Columbus by providing masks for every staff member and people in the homeless system. It will also be used to provide personal protective equipment to staff working at isolation centers and quarantine shelters for COVID-19.

The donation by Conley is a part of the "Acts of Caring" platform of NBA Together, aiming to make the NBA reach all the critically impacted parts of society due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conley won the NBA HORSE Challenge last month, which included a donation of $200,000 by State Farm to charities involved in Coronavirus response efforts on behalf of participants.

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Governor does not provide dates: Wedding Venue industry in trouble?

Large wedding venues like Ohio, which can hold more than 1000 people, closed in March, the same day when the Arnold Sports Classic was closed to spectators.

General Manager Hank Straty exclaimed that everything stopped immediately.

Dr Amy Acton, Ohio’s Health director, gave a mandatory health order that prohibits any event or gathering that brings 50 or more people in a single room or other indoor or outdoor place at the same time. The order remains in effect until the Governor Mike De Wine’s State of Emergency prevails. Henceforth, President Trump declared no get-togethers of more than ten people. This order has led to a temporary downfall in the wedding industry’s economy.

The manager says they see other businesses resuming; they to want to comply, but there is no communication.

The Ohio Governor told that he is concerned about social distancing; some caterers say that they can comply with the limitations just like restaurants. DeWine also said that he was not ready to give out any date to confirm when the receptions could begin, but if bars can restart, even halls can resume. In a bar, many people standing in groups is a concern, and that is the reason behind booked table compulsion.

Straty informed that they are quite a large venue wherein they can accommodate a lot more than just ten people, maintaining social distancing.

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Police identify man killed in I-71 northbound crash

Police distinguish the man executed in a solitary vehicle crash in the region of Morse of Road. It happened Monday soon after 4:50 p.m. at the point when Anthony Giannini Jr., 49 was driving northbound on I-71 only south of Morse Road. Giannini's vehicle left the correct side of the northbound paths and entered the grass. The vehicle struck various trees before it rolled and Giannini was catapulted from the vehicle and articulated dead at the scene. The northbound paths of I-71 were closed down and have since revived.

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Stabbing in East Columbus, the suspect fled

Police officers are searching for a suspect in a homicide that occurred in east Columbus in April of 2019.

A news discharge expresses that on April 22, 2019, 29-year-old Kyle Stewart and his girlfriend were inside the Shop N Go Market, situated at 3951 East Livingston Avenue.

Police said when both came out of the store, a man hit Stewart's girlfriend.

As per police, Stewart at that point defied the man.

Authorities stated the man at that point thrust a knife in Stewart's chest and fled.

Emergency workers reacted to the scene and took Stewart to Grant Medical Center, where he kicked the bucket the next day.

Police do know the rationale in the assault.

Specialists state the suspect is an African-American male. At the hour of the occurrence, he was wearing a cap, shades and a red or orange coat.

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After being postponed, “Race for the Cure” postponed to August 1

The new for the nation's largest "Race for the Cure" event had been released. The event will be organized on August 1.

The event was supposed to be held on May 16, but the dates were postponed due to the widespread pandemic.

The initial decision that the event will be postponed was announced back in March only.

The Interim Director of the "Race for the Cure" event, Julie McMahon, said that the decision to postpone was not taken lightly:

"Komen Columbus takes the health and safety of our participants, supporters, volunteers, staff, and the patients and survivors we serve very seriously. We are so grateful for the work of the City of Columbus and want to express our support as they also respond to this rapidly evolving situation. We will have a new date to announce in the coming days."

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Cancer survivor plans fundraiser

Life throws curveballs, that is said and experienced, Erica Mantell was diagnosed with acute

lymphoblastic leukaemia six years ago just as she turned 22.

She said, "It really rocked my world and that of all my loved ones, too, you just feel so down, you

don't feel like yourself at all and you're just not convinced life's ever going to go back to a new


Her chances of survival were high but that came with four months of full body radiation,

chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

One week later with her mom's help behind her wheelchair, she received her biology degree from

Ohio state.

After taking a gap of one year she went to medical school and is now working for Dublin

Methodist Family Medicine.

She is now named as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year which is set to

raise funds so as to find cures for blood cancers.

They planned on making $50,000 in donations but the virus outbreak has put a brake to it,

however, her cousin Lee has planned on doing a Facebook Live, Friday at 6:00 p.m., to shoot free

throws to raise money.

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Columbus Humane providing pet food assistance to help pets

As in this pandemic, many people are suffering from providing proper food to their pets. A new program is providing help to those in need by supplying pet food in

Franklin County.

Columbus Humane collaborated with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to provide free dog and cat food to pet owners in Franklin County during this time of need amide Coronavirus pandemic.

Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane, said, "We see a community who is struggling and need help. We want to be the ones to help them."

If anyone needs pet food, they can fill the online pet assistance request here.

To date, Columbus Humane had helped around 500 pet owners by providing pet food assistance. Finney said they are giving pet food to 60-100 families per day.

Finney also said if anyone needs help with the food of rabbits, hamsters, Guinea pigs, or turtles, they can assist them, too.

Columbus Humane is also accepting donations for the program. Anyone willing to donate pet food can drop it off in bins outside the facility located at 3015 Scioto Darby Executive Ct, Hilliard, OH 43026.

For more information, you can call Columbus Humane at 614-777-7387 or email them at [email protected].

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