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Firefighters battle huge fire in a warehouse in San Francisco

A massive fire broke out in a warehouse in San Francisco on Saturday morning at San Francisco's Pier 45. Fire Department controlled it.

According to the San Francisco Fire Department, the fire started at around 4:15 a.m. At that time, no one was in the Warehouse.

Firefighters responded to the area of Taylor and Jones Street as the fire was first reported as a 1-alarm, but it grows up to become a 4-alarm.

The fire took more than a hundred fire units and 45 fire trucks to get diminished, and among these, one fire truck got damaged.

According to the fire officials, a part of the building collapsed, and the flames of fire reached above 100 feet of height.

One firefighter got an injury in his hand and arm and has immediately taken to a hospital. No other injuries were reported from the scene.

Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter said that

the firefighters were able to save the historic SS Jeremiah O'Brien and the museum on the pier.

"The fireboat St. Francis, San Francisco Fireboat 3, was put in the position to protect the historic Jeremiah O'Brien vessel. The St. Francis, per my operations chief, saved the Jeremiah O'Brien vessel," Lt. Jonathan Baxter said.

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Man accused of shooting a cook in restaurant for telling him to wear a mask in Aurora

Authorities said that a man was arrested for shooting a Waffle House employee because he was asked to wear a mask inside the restaurant by the employee.

Kelvin Watson, 27, was arrested by the Aurora Police on a charge of first-degree on Monday.

According to the arrest affidavit, Watson came after midnight on Thursday in the restaurant, and the waitress asked her to wear a mask to get served. The restaurant was only offering carry-out service.

Then Watson returned with a mask in hands but did not put it on, and when he was again asked to wear the mask, he put a small gun on the counter and told the cook that he could "blow your brains out," said a witness in the affidavit.

The following night, Watson stepped in the restaurant and did not wear a mask again, and when he was again told that he would not be served, then he slapped the cook in the face. Then he shot the cook in the chest or abdomen outside of the restaurant as the cook ran to getaway. The cook was released on Friday afternoon from the hospital.

"We are deeply saddened and regret that this senseless act of violence occurred," Waffle House spokesperson Njeri Boss said.

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"Melon-headed Bandits" rob gas station

As per police reports, a robbery occurred at a gas station on May 5. Pictures reveal the suspects masked with eye holes cut-out watermelon.

WRIC reports officers were able to arrest one of the suspects- Justin M. Roger, 22 years old.

He's accused of wearing a veil in broad daylight while committing larceny and stealing alcohol being underage.

Authorities are searching for the second "watermelon head."

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