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Long Island’s Bagel Boss is soon starting home delivery

A staple breakfast spot of Long Island people is the Bagel Boss, which is being run by sixth-generation.

Due to pandemics, many of their outlets are closed, and people are unable to reach their bagels. For this, Alex Rosner, the General manager of Bagel Boss, is launching an online platform to deliver bagels to homes across the country.

Bagels after being baked are cooled, packed, and shipped the same morning.

"If you are from Long Island, you know that the bagels just aren't the same anywhere else," said Rosner. "Eating a fresh bagel any place from Long Island, specifically Bagel Boss, brings a smile to your face doesn't matter where you are in the country, and right now, everyone can use a smile."

You can sign in to their website BagelsOfTheMonth.com and order from a variety of flavors from 'Everything' to 'Rainbow.'

Rosner is implementing all the measures to keep the customers safe and provide them with excellent and reliable products.

"We pride ourselves on being able to give back to the community," said Rosner. "One way to do that is just by always be opening and having a place to be able to get food and supplies."

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Virtual travel: “View from My Window” makes you travel the world in quarantine

Barbara Duriau had created a Facebook Page- View from My Window. This virtual platform allows millions of people to treat their eyes by viewing beautiful travel pictures.

Duriau was keen to know about the circumstances and reality across the world. She is a freelance graphic designer from Amsterdam, and in late March, she posted a picture showing the view from her window. When the lockdown started, she realized that everyone is stuck with the same view.

By a month after she created this page, more than two million people joined the page. This page has brought out stories of various people, and people share more than just their view.

Sarah Hill from Arrowbear Lake posted that she finds it interesting to look at pictures posted by others as she has travelled internationally with her husband. In mid-April, she posted a snowy landscape picture. Hill explained she wanted to post this as many would find this unique and would not expect to see in Southern California; she wanted to share her perspective from that little part of the world. Hill said her post got comments from individuals in Michigan right to Austria, and she's not the only one. Each upload receives uncountable comments from individuals everywhere throughout the world, sharing expressions of inspiration and support.

The creator, Duriau, expressed her will to publish a book with the pictures from this Facebook group, and she would donate the earnings for a social cause.

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Miraculous survivor of COVID-19: Mike Arevalo

Mike Arevalo from Brentwood, a COVID-19 survivor, shares the story of his recovery and warns the public to follow all rules strictly. At this time when almost 3000 people of California have lost their life due to coronavirus, Arevalo asks the public not to take the virus for granted.

Arevalo would visit various retailers as part of his job in a California Lottery and believes that he might have encountered this deadly virus due to this reason. Coronavirus left him, and his family in a worse state as his survival seemed very bleak.

He went into a coma and came out on Easter. His wife, Rosemary Arevalo, expressed her grief and said that Mike is a miracle. His daughter exclaimed that he is a huge personality and realizes that it is a long recovery and the side-effects are unknown.

Mike's message to people was to keep fighting, maintain social distancing and not take this virus a joke.

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Nurse from North Illinois regrets not wearing a mask as she visits a bar

Katie Koutsky, a nurse from North Illinois who works for Advocate Aurora Health System said

she regrets not taking enough precautions when she visited her sister to help her reopen her

suburban Milwaukee bar.

Koutsky said, "First, while my priority was to support my sister and her attempt to restart her

A business which has been devastated by this pandemic, I'd like to express my regret for not

wearing a mask or practising social distancing while there, It was a lapse in judgment on my part

to not ensure I had my mask prior to leaving my house and do not maintain social distancing -

even during the interview requested by the reporter."

"As a nurse, I understand the fear and uncertainty everyone is facing and how important it is to

practice safety measures not only at sites of care but while away from work. I let my guard

down and apologize for making anyone feel uncomfortable or at risk," she said.

She stated that as a precaution she is going to self-quarantine herself for a week and will

undergo screening tests before she returns to work.

Advocate Aurora Health said that they are disappointed in Koutsky's decision not to wear a

mask in a bar, the chief nurse of the institute said, "We've also been doing a lot of education

actually with our team members for what they can do to be safe once they leave our hospital


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American Legion Post 291 serves low-cost food for veterans

American Legion Post 291 has switched its foodservice operation into a drive-thru restaurant

and has been helping military veterans families and the community by offering low-cost meals.

Jon Reynolds, commander of Newport Harbor Post 291, "We're learning a lot of new things,

because we've never done this before."

"We have had people that actually come and they don't have enough money for a meal and us

still, feed them," said Ulises Dominguez, kitchen manager and chef of Post 291.

American Legion posts, one of the largest in the country, has set out with clear intentions to feed

as many veterans as they can in Orange County.

"It means everything. It's like a home away from home and I appreciate everything the American

Legion is doing," said Vietnam veteran Ken Burch, who has been a member with the Post for

more than 30 years.

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Bears got into a rental cabin and were taken out by police

In a rental cabin in Gatlinburg, two friends got unexpected visitors as black bears during their vacations this weekend.

Michelle Eberhart had come with her husband and some friends to Gatlinburg to have some fun on the weekend. Friday, when all the men were busy playing golf outside the cabin, Michelle and her friends noticed a black bear standing at the back of a closed door.

The black bear broke into the cabin very quickly, and the women fled to bedrooms to be safe.

Adding to the problem, came three more bears around the porch.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency knows a lot about East Tennessee animals like black bears, and according to them, the bears are coming out of their hibernation, and this is not their typical behavior.

The police were called, and as police came, the bear was taken out of the cabin and also the other three bears on the porch. But bears took some souvenirs with them.

"They got 5 pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a pound of M&M's and two pounds of Sour Patch Kids and two bags of potato chips, two beers and two Diet Cokes and about 20 Zyrtecs," Eberhart said.

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Paying tribute to moms on frontlines this Mother's Day

This mother’s day we are paying canonisation to the lovely ladies and moms on the blue line of the coronavirus battle .their act of courage and strength being displayed will set an example for all of us that how humanity prevails.

Nurses like Lindsey Burrell are holding dying patients' hands but are unable to hug their children at the end of these gruelling days. It is right how the relationship of a mother to her child is nine months greater to any other relationship in this world.

In the constant fight against coronavirus, daily our superheroes – doctors, nurses, policemen & policewomen, bankers – leave their homes, and work to protect us, the common people. They step out leaving their parents, kids, spouse at home despite knowing that they themselves can get infected by COVID-19. Thus we need to understand that, we should be at home and keep our family safe. We should be at quarantine in our home, and we should avoid unnecessary travelling. And help our blue line members to do their work so that we all can fight with this coronavirus and we all should win from this COVID-19.

From our time in their wombs to their last breath, mothers play a benevolent role in the lives of each individual. They change our diapers, sit through our parent-teacher meetings while teachers complain about us, tolerate our adolescent mood-swings and advise us on relationships and careers. They are basically all-rounders — equipped to deal with every situation, and the lockdown period due to the coronavirus is no exception.

This Mother's Day will be much different for many, but that extra sacrifice is now paired with an even deeper gratitude for the women who give and save lives and hence shall forever be our creator, our goddess, our mother!

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Farxiga approved by FDA for the treatment of heart failure, may also help some COVID-19 patients

Farxiga, a diabetes drug developed by AstraZeneca, had become the first drug that had received FDA approval for the treatment of Heart failure.

Dr. Mikhail N. Kosiborod, a cardiologist and vice president of research at Saint Luke's Health System, was also a part of investigating team for the efficacy and safety of the drug said: "It's great news for patients with this condition."

Kosiborod also said that this drug was initially developed for the treatment of diabetes, but later it was approved as a drug for heart patients. He also added that it works on a different mechanism, unlike other medications for such diseases, and it provides a new option for the treatment of heart failures

AstraZeneca is studying the drug for its use for some patients of COVID-19 with some severe cardiovascular problems such as blood clots and heart damage.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart failures affect about 6.5 million people in the country every year, and in 2017 it became the reason for 1 in 8 deaths.

This approval can also be beneficial for the patients of COVID-19 suffering from such problems.

Some researchers are also conducting many studies to determine that it can help certain patients suffering from COVID-19.

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Rare symptoms found in some children suffering from COVID-19 in NY

Dozens of children in the US are admitted to hospitals suffering from serious inflammatory symptoms, which may have their roots to COVID-19.

Some cases first detected in Europe were thought to suffer from Kawasaki disease, which is an illness involving inflamed arteries. But now New York authorities had confirmed 64 such cases in the state and these children need intensive care as they have heart inflammation.

Some doctors in New York suggest that this may be a rare complication of COVID-19, but this is still not proven.

Chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton said that parents are not required to be worried about this rare event as it remains unique, and most kids have mild symptoms of COVID-19.

The signs and symptoms related to this complication are:

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Eye irritation
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Swelling of the hands and feet

As this symptom is new and there is no particular treatment for it, the children with such conditions require ICU and some supportive treatment.

"Again, doctors are treating the symptoms because we don't know the cause yet," she said.

Ashton also said that the reports suggest that only a small percentage of children are found positive, which is less than 3%.

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New guidelines for Oakland international airport

New guidelines have been announced today for face mask are to be worn at Mineta San Jose joining SFO and Oakland international.

New rules for employees and travellers. Children below six and anyone who have any problem related to breathing with not is allowed to travel.

Mask to be worn in flight if you are travelling with delta, united airline or JetBlue.southwest, spirit and American airline will make a list to make the passengers and crew compulsory to wear the mask.

The airport has also announced that cleaning and disinfecting the places which are touched regularly, bathroom to be cleaned after every two hours. Deep cleaning at night in the public area.

U.S. airlines have blocked the middle seats for the passengers to travel more and more with flights.

These guidelines have been notified on the website as well as the announcement made in public. The thermal screening will be made for the passengers as well as crew members.

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