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Into a teenager's mind....

COMPLICATED, NOT UNDERSTANDABLE, CONFUSED, MESSED UP and what not! Being a teenager is kinda the hardest thing possible! The pressure of having a crush or being someone's crush, the pressure of choosing a stream, the pressure of acing the board examinations , the pressure of looking your best for your secret admirer, the pressure of "fitting in" , the pressure of being cool and trendy, the pressure of getting as many likes on that post ; is all just too much!

And did I start about our parent problems?! The fighting, the arguing, the "you don't understand...aap nahi samjhoge!!!", the awkward convo and what not!

We clearly love the Netflix highschool dramas and also think that are life is one and the universe actually revolves around us...but then reality happens and bursts are bubble. I'm talking about the, the first rejection by your crush, the not so understanding parents, the never ending pimples and last but not the least THE EXAMS!

But on the contrast , I feel it's the best age of our lives, the DRAMA is never going to be the same, so let's enjoy before it gets fucked up by reality! Let's impresa those crushes and rock those insta posts! Let's live it all to the fullest!!!!!!


Clearly, Maine apni toh saari bhadaas nikal li !

Hope you relate to it!

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