सभी उपयोगकर्ता पोस्ट Priya Tandon . Gurgaon , India


Lack of Preventive Measures by common people*i.e 'We Citizens of India'.

Amidst of#COVID-19, the Indian Government has taken all the preventive measures to save the citizens from this pandemic virus as treating it is nothing less than 'Chasing a Rainbow'. I truly appreciate the efforts of the government in safeguard of its citizens during a tough time for all.

Sorry to state that why are we being 'oblivious' and not following the guidelines. It is a formidable situation. Please wake up!

1. Apart from our important work, why are we still going for outings to malls, lounges, theatres and many other crowded places? Can't we stay at home for a few days and spend some quality time with our parents and children, which is too hard to find in today's busy life.

2. Why are we jeopardising the health of ourself and many others?

3. Is that difficult to stay at home?

4. Many of us are still celebrating our special days and preferring social gatherings. But why?

I, Implore and beseech to one and all to understand the need of the hour and understand how important is social distancing and to stay away from crowded places. Kindly help urself and also provide enough knowledge to your domestic help regarding #COVID-19 as they might not be following the news or reading newspapers.

If, we read the numbers by WHO:

As per the reports,on February 21, 2020, Corona started with 4 positive cases in Italy and on March 30, 2020, the number of positive cases leads to 15000 plus 1400 deaths in Italy. With this, we can understand the seriousness of the disease..

'Stay home and stay safe'.!

Aapki apni suraksha aapke apne haathaon mein hai..

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