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A hope to heal every human’: An introduction about The Kind Beings NGO.

The Kind Beings, a Delhi based NGO is run by Mr. Ajay. The prime motive of this organisation is to empower the deprived society and make it a better place to live in for each individual. The NGO is self funded and the immense hard work of all its volunteers is the only reason behind its growth and bloom. Kind Beings works for the upliftment of needy and aims to guide people. towards the path of vision, morals and success.

With this in mind, the organisation has come up with projects like Edushala, Strong She, World’s Makeover and Be kind to Animals. All these projects have different teams set up in various places. ‘Edushala’, is an initiative to educate and empower kids. ‘StrongShe’, to provide justice and ensure equivalence in the society; World’s Makeover believes in bettering the environment in all ways possible; Be Kind to Animals focuses on taking care of stray Animals.

Acts of kindness can shower lots of tiny chunks of happiness in one’s lives and make it worth living. This place could be much brighter than tomorrow where no hurt or sorrow prevails if the people work in unison and try to convert every human into a ‘kind being’.

Mr. Ajay has been working with the slum kids since a long time and feels delighted with the progress of his NGO while hoping to achieve much more and helping many more lives in future.

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