के सभी प्रकाशन Lokesh . नई दिल्ली , भारत


Opinion about indian manufacturers:

I was reading nowadays that Indian motorclycle manufacturers are discontinuing their few bike models in indian market for example Royal enfield (Trials) model, Honda (Cbr). I believe that these companies spend millions on R&D for years to launch a model in the market. Do they really understand the market need I think NOT the reason is why I explain what a consumer think. Take for example for Honda is a company which produce and delivers very nicely designed 150 cc and 250cc cbr, cbr rr in other Asian market. If yamaha can bringing same model (R15) in india by doing some changes in the elements for the bike like USD forks or aluminium side brackets. So why honda cant bring CBR 150 with twin light which is available long time in indonesia and other Asian market, or CBR 250 rr which is better visual model that Yamaha R15. I know the segments are different but still india is a market which visually treat their eyes and yes empty their pockets as well if they like. Atleast you try, not like you trying means changing the headlight of a bike (CBR 250 last indian version) only and expect the markets to accept such lame thing when they have a better option in the market. Now let's talk about royal enfield trial. Personally it's a very tempting bike visually by color and exhaust location but their is no practicality. It's not the company cant do better it did before that itself with Himalayan and other but comeon be logical RE. Last but not the least Hero with its renowned model Karizma it's the timing fault only else it was a very nice looking bike for me except no mono shock on it.

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