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Prophylaxis and potential treatment of Covid-19.

There is no specific drugs that can cure covid-19 hence doctors are relying on symptomatic management of this disease. Symptomatic management involves treatment of symptoms of the disease rather than killing the specific pathogen(virus) for example if the patient infected with corona virus have fever, cough and breathlessness then doctors prescribes paracetamol for fever, deryphylline for breathlessness antitussive for cough. This kind of approach is very much effective and life saving for most of the young patients however in old people because of many factors like lack of immunity previous history of respiratory diseases, DM, HTN and patients with low immunity due to cancers and organ transplant medications it's very much challenging for doctors to treat them even after giving the patients mechanical ventilation and dialysis.There are many drugs which can indirectly help in the treatments some of them are very well known vitamins and few very effective antivirals.

1) vitamins and natural immunobusters which strengthen the immunity of old aged people.

a) Vitamin A:--vitamin A is known to maintain the respiratory epithelium and plays important role in immunity. Vitamin A is also used in treatment & prophylaxis of measles.

b) Vitamin C:-regulates various enzymes which take part in body's defense, it helps in repair of damaged tissues and also a good antioxidant.

c) Vitamin E:--Is a antioxidant and protects cell membranes.

d) zinc:-it is a mineral which tends to play important role in immunity to fight various lung infection and also used in diarrhea.

e) banana lectins and papaya extract are natural source of many vitamins and minerals for fighting infectious diseases. Bananalectins inhibits viral infections by binding to glycosylated virus envelope. It also has microbicidal properties.

List of potential drugs that might be useful in covid-19 but not have enough evidence of its effectiveness in covid-19 less benefits and higher risks. These drugs are still not approved by the FDA yet but there are trials conducted.

2) Antiviral drugs:- which can interfere with the replication of the virus and minimize it's effect.

a) Ribavirin:- it's interferes with the RNA metabolism required for virus replications.

b) Interferons:-interferons inhibit viral replication by interfering with transcription of virus nuclei acid.

c) ASCO9F:- hiv protease inhibitor.

d) Ritonavir:-Is a Antiretroviral drugs which also a protease inhibitor.

e) Oseltamivir:-It is neuraminidase inhibitor.

f) Lopinavir:--protease inhibitor used along with darunavir and cobicistat.

g) darunavir:-nonpeptidic protease inhibitor

h) Antimalarial:-Chloroquine and hydroxychlorquine are weak base and immunomodulators combined with remdesivir which is a neuclotide analog was found to be less potent.

I) Azithromycin with combination of ribavirin and ritonavir:- No evidence of effectiveness is present for this cocktail of drugs.:-:-:-Dr.M.Mudassir.Ahmed//9342777860//

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