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Prince-The Desi Rapper launches his art logo.

Delhi: Prince , who turned a year older on on Feb22 , launched his art logo yesterday .

This logo is re- launched as per sources and this logo was designed by prince itself.

Also to be said prince is going to launch his new track soon. And is planning for multiple tracks ahead.

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As Prince-the desi rapper comes up with a new music series, the rapper talks about its unique format and the state of independent music in the country.

Rapper Prince went from an independent artist to become one of the artists in Pollywood and now he is ready to with new upcoming projects . In an interview on the sidelines of the event, the rapper candidly discussed money, achievements and rap as a genre in India.


How did you come up with the idea of making a series around music?

That was the result of collective brainstorming and my team found it very interesting. I wanted it to be different from all the other formats available on television.

Every culture and every city has a different vibe. We have shot in Delhi-Ncr with kk-the rapper and tushar azad which gave the song a unique new feel.

Does money motivate you more than personal satisfaction?

Money is a resource for me and it is needed to make music. If I need to make music, I need a laptop which again comes for a cost and so are stage shows. Most of the time it is personal satisfaction, but sometimes money does motivate you.

How do you pick up your hook lines?

My lines are witty in nature and I love to be surrounded by people who are witty. I usually pick up lines from conversations and I try making them simpler.I used it because I realised that it can be relatable for many people.

Do Indians take rap seriously as a genre?

As an art form, it is is not taken seriously and it is still seen as somewhere inferior. To evolve as an art form, it will take time because it is in a small zone and it will grow slowly and then people will take it seriously. It was the case with stand up comedy also but now people take it as a serious profession. With the rise of Kapil Sharma people started taking stand up comedy seriously and many comedians are getting work. People did not take contemporary dancers seriously but Remo (D’ Souza) sir is changing that perception now as he has given many people a platform to perform.

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