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Cure for Corona virus

I am a+2 student who has a lot of dreams but my life makes it so hard

I ll come to the point .Today we all face a great crisis of the famous disease corona .From China I thing it was made by them for a biowar but they are not providing the correct answer for the reason of this contagious corona.sry plz read this scientists I have been thing some days about corona but I didn't studied any detailed thing about corona virus but I researched in my class text book and found some thing use full to cure this virus not this virus but every virus .As we know the meristem of the plant is the number one thing that prevents viruses not viruses but all kind of thing are not efficient to attack the meristem of the plant .so scientists who research plz concentrate in meristem

Insha alla there will be one way out to kill it

I don't know how sense it is but plz concentrate in meristem s it can cure the whole virual infection in the world that we consider ourselves as uncureables he number one aathe n