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How to be a vegetarian

. By Jigmay Wangyal

(Meat definition by today's generation)

“Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food. Humans have hunted and killed animals for meat since prehistoric times. The advent of civilization allowed the domestication of animals such as chickens, sheep, rabbits, pigs, and cattle."

My appreciation for vegetarian.

I salute to all those who are drawn to the plant-based lifestyle.

I know every vegetarian has different reasons or different goals as not to prefer eating meat.

Some omit the meat for the impact it makes in protecting the environment.

Some avoid meat to avoid harming animals.

Some skips meat for their personal health benefits.

So, here, I would like to write about why we should avoid eating meat in three categories, Scientifically, Emotionally, Religiously and how to avoid meat.


I don't want to write much scientifically, because, many people already know this.

Doctors say, eating meat often risks for diabetes, liver cancer, Asthma, Colon cancer, Depression, and Stomach cancer.

Emotionally (Common sense)

Many Officials has been enacting different rules in their country, the most common and major one is Human Rights.

Do you see it? Recently what's happening in America? People have been protesting on black lives matter, it clearly shows that people are fighting for human rights. But I'm sure many of the protesters are coming from their home having fish and chicken burgers.

Why people don't fight for sentient-being rights? Why people don't fight for Animal rights? Why people don't protest for Animal lives matter?

Why officials and governments don't enact any rule regarding Animal rights?

I'm sure no government in the world supports Animal Rights. If any of them does. Then, why they give authorized licenses to meat shops?

Don't you feel weird killing others to heal your body? What if I steal your $100 dollars to feed myself? Is it going to be okay?

When we eat the meat, we are ingesting the energy of hopelessness, depression, fear, and horror the animal experiences as they go to be slaughtered. In many country they have “factory farms” where many many animals are raised in horrible conditions with the intention of being slaughtered for human consumption.

Even if if you not do the actual killing of the animal, you are involved in the killing if you are a consumer of the meat. You just pay someone else to do the killing for you. Lord Buddha Shenrap Miwoche said, " A meat consumer has no mercy." So, the Karma is the same!

Just close your eyes and imagine what if you are one of those poor chicken or a fish. How will you feel if someone cuts your toe? What if someone beat your child?

Those poor animals have the same feelings as what you feel when someone bullies you, they just can't express it, and they just can't raise the voice. This is their weakness, and we humans just take advantage of their weaknesses.

Everything in the world is changing every day, every year and everywhere except eating meat. Eating meat is the tradition of prehistoric generation, because human learned to live by hunting and eating meat, they wore animal’s skin, they travelled by animals, they transport the goods by animals, they fought the war riding animal. They didn’t eat animal’s meat for taste and ostentation lifestyle, they did because they don’t have choice. There are still so many people in Nepal region, who are still living mostly depending on animals, if I go back to my hometown in Nepal’s Himalayan region; I have to travel by riding horse. Human lived their life mostly depending on animals.

Human gradually begin to live by planting and farming, human learned to eat fruits and vegetables, they learned to cook and store food. These days human can survive without depending on animals, there are thousands of vegan and millions of vegetarian, but mostly still eating meat and wearing animal skin.

These day people are eating meat ostentatiously, they give different name to it, they takes photo of eating meat and shears to other, they eat meat shamelessly, infect they have to hide eating meat.

Religiously (In Bon and Buddhist teaching)

The lord Buddha Tonpa Shenrap Miwoche (Founder of The Yungdrung Bon religion) said,

“I don't know the religion of healing by killing; this is not my teaching; this is not my way to live.”

We have been killing and hunting animals just to heal our body, sometime, we even forget about what actually we are doing. Lord Buddha Shenrap Miwoche said, “Eating meat means, taking someone's life, without killing someone, you can't eat meat.”

Lord Buddha Shenrap Miwoche said,

"The cause of eating meat is killing,

It’s threatening to see meat,

It's anguishing to touch meat,

It's vomiting to smell meat,

How someone can taste and swallow it. "

Lord Buddha Shenrap Miwoche said,

“Meat is the assortment of the father's semen and mother's blood, its very dirt to consume."

We have been taking countless lives, we only change our body once we die, our body perishes into the earth, and the wind will blow it, water will flood it, then you disappear, you are no more you, your soul will find a new body to take a new life. "We have been taking various lives in form of different bodies, we have been a pig once, we have been a fish once, we have been a chicken once, and we have been all the animals.

There are total of six different forms of life, which are god, semi-god, human, animal, demon, and hell. We have been cycling all to this one by one, if, we don't practice compassion, merit and the way of Buddha, we always have to cycle in the universe and of a wheel.

But, this time, with great luck and perfect marvellous merit, we are born as human life. Human life is the rarest and the most precious life of any life.

We human are the only one who has all the senses properly, we have great power, we shouldn't waste this vast potential power on negativity, pride, covet, desire, and ego. We should use our energy in a great way, practice selflessness service, help the poor once, not only human poor but, a really poor, like fish, goat, sheep, and bull.

They are the real poor, they don't have beautiful ears to understand the words, they don't have a meaningful hand like ours to write, they can't raise voice for their rights, they can't express their feelings, They have been our parent once, if, we eat their meat, we are just eating our parent's meat, if we kill them, we are killing our own parent.

Our body is made up of five external elements air, earth, water, fire, and space.

Air is related to the breath we take, earth as the meat or body, water as our blood, fire as the heat of our body, and space as our soul. All those elements are natural bases as plant. So, we don't have to eat meat to heal our bodies.

If you eat meat ruthlessly, you will be born in a demon or a monster in your next life.

Even If your doctor recommended you to consume meat, eat it with compassion, pray for that animal, don't eat it in a joyous way, have a pitiful, and don’t be so proud to eat meat.

You became very much weak, it's a piteous and wrecked situation that you have to kill other to heal yourself, this is the situation you have to murder someone to feed your family, it's a situation you have to kidnap someone to feed your stomach, it's a situation you have to lie to feed your family, it's a situation you have to steal to feed your family.

Steal means, to take someone's belonging without their permission. So, killing animals and eating their meat is stealing, we kill them without their permission, we eat their meat without their permission.

Lord Buddha Shenrap Miwoche said,

"Take an example of your body, and don't hurt others."

Just imagine how would you feel when someone pinches you, you won't tolerate it. But, you are enough brave to eat poor animal meat, it's ridiculous.

Eating meat actually makes you lazier, it is strong and heavy. Eating meat increases our desire, it also make you angrier and hatred, because it is inflammatory.

Think about all the above disadvantages, think very tenderly, close your eyes and feel in your heart and listen to your soul, I bet, you will be abominable to eat meat.

How to avoid eating meat

If you are a Bon Buddhist practitioner, think about the teaching and words of Budhha.

Regret and confession

Stand in front of Buddha’s statue or in front of Buddha’s holly spiritual teaching book, or you can visit to your spiritual master, and then, fold your hand and bring it to your heart point (at chest), try to remember all the moment you eat meat and hurt animals. Regret for all bad sinful things you have done, regret for eating meat, regret for hurting poor animals, and be sorry for all these things. If you really regret for eating meat and hurting animals, For sure, you will be scared, you will be scared of yourself, you will be threatened, and you won’t believe that you have eaten that much of animal’s meat, because these are the signs of real and deeply strong regretful heart. Lord Buddha Shenrap Miwoche said, “Strong regretful heart is the key to apologization.”


for all the bad deeds you did till now, not only in this life, but also in countless lives you have taken till this date, apologise for eating meat, (if we collect the meat we have eaten till this date from thousands of previous life, it is as much as the biggest mountain of this world.)

Purify your heart, speech, body, mind and soul

With the great apologetic heart, bow down your head and say from your heart, dear great awakened lord Buddha! Forgive me for doing monster things, forgive me for eating meat like a demon, forgive me for slaughtering poor animals, forgive me for stealing animal’s meat, forgive me for hurting animals, forgive my mind for thinking about to eat meat, forgive my speech for talking about eating meat, forgive my hand, mouth, teeth and tongue for touching, chewing and swallowing meat, and forgive my whole organ and body for working and depending on others meat.


Kneel down in front of any of the three spiritual witnesses or your refugee, and then, promise from your heart, saying, with your true and genuine guide, I promise to avoid eating meat, I promise to abandon hurting animals, I promise to help and care animals, I promise to not to think about eating meat, I promise to not to talk about eating meat, I promise to not to touch animal’s meat, I promise to stop tasting meat, I promise to never to swallow meat. Dear lord! Bless me on this beautiful spiritual journey.

Dedication “Dedication meaning in Bon and Buddhist teaching; it is the intense of giving and distributing your virtual spiritual wisdom power.” Wisdom power cannot be distribute by hand or in any materialistic way.

Dedication is the most important thing in Bon and Buddhist teaching, dedication should be for other, not only to your relatives and loved once, it should be for all the sentient-beings. Lord Buddha Shernap Miwoche said, “ if you don't dedicate your virtuous merit with great compassionate and wholesome heart, a ruthless anger will overcome it.”

How to dedicate your merit

At the end of the day, sit in front of Lord Buddha’s statue or holy picture, and then, relax your body and close your eyes, recall all the good things you did in entire day, be proud for not eating meat, be proud for not hurting animals, try to collect all the animals in your heart and think about their happiness, think about how many animals might be suffering. Wake your heart as wide as you could; as the space is infinite, the number of animals are infinite. Think deeply and say from your hear; with great love and compassionate hear I dedicate all of my merit and power of not eating meat for the sack of benefit to all the animals, may my great merit rejoice all the animals.

Dedication prayer

I dedicate all of my pure merit I have done through; body, speech and mind for all living being

With this great power, may all the sentient-beings be welfare and free from three realms, may my merit purify all the negativity of every sentient-beings which have done in three times, with this great power, may all the sentient-beings accomplish the ultimate enlightenment; the Buddha hood.

I am a Bon Buddhist monk

Our goal is to accomplish the ultimate peaceful mind and the enlightenment. Our path is Mahayana, (selfless service) our practice is altruism, humility, humbleness, and helping others having peace.

Reach me [email protected]

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