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Dog can Meow?.....!!

Since our childhood we all know Lion for roaring, monkey for jumping and climbing, Elephant for their trunk and tusk, snakes for their venom, fish for their gills, cats meow and dog is popular for loyalty and also that dog barks.

But when I said dogs can meow, you got amazed,shocked and were doubtful .

Its impossible!

But let me tell you, few amazing things has been performed in circuses where animals are trained in such a way that they lost their actual instinct and identity and become a source of entertainment for the crowd.

Is this dog also the same circus wala kutta who can meow!?

You will be shocked to know and I am sorry to tell you but unfortunately we are that dog who are trained to meow in a circus called School.

If you don't believe come with me I can show you the real picture.

We as a soul enter a womb, being nurtured there for nine month and finally we come on this heaven i.e., Earth.

And the journey begins, we grow we mature we start doing things on our own. And the picture starts , the tragedy begins. Till the age of 4 or 5 we enjoy, and we are allowed to explore but after 5 we are sent to the circus/school where we are trained to forget our own identity, our own Uniqeness.

Before moving forward let me ask you a question, can we expect a dog to meow or cat to bark??

Answer is A big No!

Then how can we do the same thing with our own life, who permits us for this injustice?.

Every child is unique and this statement doesn't even need a proof.

Ask from your parents when you were growing and exploring things on your own. Proudly they use to say my child is a genius, he does miracles!

But as I mentioned above after the age of 4 or 5 we are sent to a circus called school, where without Bothering

about the unique abilities of a child every child with different abilities are put to same class, are forced to read the same subject, are insisted to follow the same boring and not upgraded syllabus,and then sit for the same exams.

But because every child is unique and different the result we get is extremely heart breaking and painful.

At the age of 25 the same child(we) is totally drained, exhausted , blank and because he was trained to lost his identity, so with lost identity he is now looking for some short of job for livelihood.

Isn't it outstandingly worst?

The child who was performing miracles is now looking for miracles. Why are we not allowed to run our own race?

The story doesn't not ends here but it continues and continues from generations to generations. Dont you think the time has come, we should end this story by today and Stop this by now.

And let allow our child to "Run their own Race".



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