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Due to the lockdown everyone's life is getting affected. In Mumbai 7 workers were sleeping on the roadside. A high-speed tempo crushed those 7 people. 4 were died and 3 are in critical condition.

Fear of coronavirus is now swallowing people's lives. In Mumbai's suburb of Vasai in the early hours of Saturday, a high speed tempo crushed seven sleeping workers on the roadside. Four laborers died in the accident, while three are in critical condition. The accident took place in Vasai area. On the other hand, an accident also happened in Karnataka. A truck hit a lorry in it. One of them had 30 laborers. They were being transported from Hyderabad to Karnataka.

According to media reports, the Maharashtra government has imposed curfew since Monday due to the rising infection of Corona. Due to this, all work has stopped. In such a situation, the crisis of food has arisen in front of the workers of other states. Due to the closure of all types of transport, now workers are leaving for their homes on foot. According to the information, all the seven laborers who were victims of the accident were going on foot from Mumbai to Gujarat. They all left from Mumbai to Gujarat on Friday afternoon. They slept on the roadside when it was night in the Vasai area. So far, 159 people in Maharashtra have been corona infected.

Six people, including a driver and a young woman, were killed in a Saturday morning accident in Karnataka. Six others are injured. Police said, the accident took place near Pedda Golconda village. Five people died on the spot, while one breathed his last at Osmania Hospital.


In Baramati, Some people were roaming in the street, police said to go to the home. After this quarrel occurred and then villagers attacked the policemen with sticks and stones. Police have registered a case and arrested 14 people.

In the home town of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar, Baramati, 10 policemen, who were trying to follow the rules of lockdown, were beaten up by locals. Two policemen also suffered serious injuries in it. Police have registered a case and arrested 14 people. These include 4 women.

Some people roaming the street needlessly were asked by the policemen to go home. This led to a debate between the angry youth and two policemen. In a while, the matter got bigger and 25 to 30 villagers rushed to the spot and attacked the policemen with sticks and stones.

Around 9 police officers including 5 senior officers and 9 women constables were injured. Police have registered a case against two dozen unidentified people and arrested 14 people so far. The search for others continues.


Fear of Corona virus is affecting in everyone's life. People are worried whether they would be able to access banks and ATMs in this situation, so they are withdrawing cash from banks. Depositors have withdrawn cash worth Rs 53,000 crore from banks in the fortnight ending March 13 from the Reserve Bank.

Fear of Corona virus is affecting every part of people's lives. People are withdrawing huge amounts of cash from banks in anticipation of emergency. Depositors have withdrawn cash worth Rs 53,000 crore from banks in the fortnight ending March 13 from the Reserve Bank. This is the highest level of cash withdrawal in the last 16 months.

According to the RBI, such a huge withdrawal happens only in festivals or elections. The central bank, which supplies the currency to the public through the banking system, said that it has issued so much cash in the last 15 days. Till March 13, the people had a total currency of 23 lakh crores. Economists say that even though digital transactions have increased, the caution and fear factor prevails in people due to emergencies.

Axis Bank Chief Economist Saugata Bhattacharya said that people were apprehensive whether they would be able to access banks and ATMs in this situation. So, people took heavy evacuation as a precaution. Banks are promoting online transactions but many e-commerce companies like Flipkart have limited delivery service. Because of this people are also shopping offline, for which cash is required. Grocery and other online shopping items have now shifted to local shopkeepers.