उपयोगकर्ता संग्रह 2019 9 20 Manik . बम्बई , भारत


Local trains are life for this city, but the journey is becoming tense rather than pleasant. There are big fights over small things in packed trains. Similar incidents are coming out from last 2-3 days, which has embarrassed Mumbaikars too. The incident of assaulting a female passenger in a local train was not yet forgotten that another such case has come to light. During the journey in the tez local train of Central Railway, there was so much quarrel among two passengers that they cut the finger of the other.

The incident took place in the evening on the Central Railway at Asangaon Local. The case has been registered in Kurla GRP. The incident was reported by the GRP with a passenger named Mahesh Dumbre. The accused cut off the upper part of his index finger.

Dumbre travels from Asangaon Local to Thane and Dadar for the last ten years. Local trains have such a rush every day. Dumbre told that before coming to Thane station, the accused threatened and said that if they get down at the station, I will take out your intestines. After landing at the station, the accused was on the run, but was caught by the GRP on FOB.

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Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has refused to hand over a minor girl freed from the sex trade gang to her parents. The High Court rejected the petition of the parents of the minor girl, saying that it was feared that they could push her into prostitution. Also, the possibility of involvement in such illegal activities in future cannot be dismissed.

The parents of the minor girl living in Uttar Pradesh had filed a petition in the High Court and requested to be handed over to them. The minor girl was rescued from a hotel by the police in March 2017 by busting a sex trade gang. At the moment, the girl is living in Mankhurd's child improvement home complex. Her parents moved the sessions court in May 2017 and requested that the girl be handed over to them. The application claimed that his daughter had come to Mumbai to meet her sister and was caught by the police.

The Child Welfare Committee then advised the court in its report not to hand over the girl to her parents. The court accepted the report and directed that she would stay in Mankhurd's child home until she was 18 years old. She can then return to her parents. The parents then challenged the Sessions court's decision in the High Court. Hearing this, Justice S.S. Shinde said that the order of the sessions court is legally correct.

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People are unhappy with the state government: Chavan

Chavan said that Fadnavis is calling several Congress leaders and asking them to join BJP. He said that the Chief Minister is trying to break the Congress. He is calling many legislators but I do not think anyone will answer. He said that BJP performed very well in the Lok Sabha elections but it does not need to be too happy. The truth is that people are very unhappy with the state government and the results of the assembly elections can be quite different from the results of the Lok Sabha elections.

Meeting convened in view of assembly elections

He said about the district-wise review that a two-day meeting was called to discuss the alliance for the assembly elections to be held later this year. Chavan said, 'A large number of activists want to tie up with the underprivileged Bahujan Aghadi who contested 48 parliamentary seats in the state. Due to this, the Congress-NCP alliance faced defeat in about 10 seats.

When asked about NCP chief Sharad Pawar's statement about learning from the RSS in contacting voters, he said, "Congress has always been ideologically opposed to RSS". Party officials said that topics such as the Lok Sabha election results and the drought situation in the state were discussed in Friday's meeting.

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The GST Council, in its 37th meeting amid economic slowdown, decided to give relief to the jewelery, auto and hotel industry. In contrast, the burden of GST on caffeine beverages and train carriages and wagons has been increased. According to the decisions taken at the GST Council meeting in Goa's capital Panaji, the new rates will come into effect from 1 October.

The council, while giving relief to the small traders, said that it would not be necessary to fill the annual GST returns at less than 2 crore turnovers. Talking to the media after the GST Council meeting, the Finance Minister announced to increase the deadline to implement simple GST returns. In addition, exemptions have been announced from small GST returns to small traders with annual turnover up to Rs 2 crore. The Finance Minister said that it would be optional for these traders to file GST returns for 2018-19. That is, if such businessmen want to fill the GST returns of the last financial year, they will fill it or they will not fill it. It is completely at his will.

Gift to hotel industry

Giving information about the decisions of the meeting, Finance Minister Sitharaman said that the rate of GST on hotel rooms ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 7500 has been reduced from 18 percent to 12 percent. At the same time, hotel rooms above Rs 7,500 will attract a GST of 18 percent instead of 28 percent. There is no GST on hotel rooms under one thousand rupees.

Cess reduced on passenger vehicles

He said that the GST Council has reduced the cess on petrol vehicles from 10 to 13 seats under GST of 28 percent to one percent and the cess rate on such diesel vehicles to three percent. The Finance Minister said that the tax rate has been reduced on fuel for marine boats, grinders, tamarind and other semi precious gems except diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire. Also, some special types of defense products which are not made in India are also exempted from GST.

Tax rates increased here

The council has increased the rate of GST on passenger trains and wagons from 5 percent to 12 percent. Caffeine beverages have been taxed at 28 percent instead of the current 18 percent rate of GST and an additional cess of 12 percent. Sitharaman said that GST will be levied at the same rate of 12 percent on woven / non-woven polyethylene bags.

Corporate tax cuts

Finance Minister Sitharaman announced the fourth stimulus package in Panaji this morning to give a boost to the economy. It provides a large tax concession for domestic companies, foreign portfolio investors and investors setting up new units in the manufacturing sector. It has been announced to reduce the corporate tax rate to 22 percent without any exemption, while the tax rate on units set up in manufacturing sector from October 1, 2019 has been reduced to 15 percent. Significantly, in the first quarter of the current financial year, the economic growth rate of the country has fallen to 5% amidst difficult global and local conditions. This is a six-year low.

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A Maharashtra Navnirman Sena activist has been arrested for assaulting a policeman during Ganpati Mahotsav in Vangaon area of Palghar district of Maharashtra. An official gave information about this.

Assistant Inspector of Police of Vangaon Rakesh Pagare said that the accused has been identified as Mohsin Noor Mohammad Sheikh. He is the vice president of the Dahanu unit of MNS. "We got a notification late Friday night that some people were gambling in the Ganapati pandal," the official said. We reached there and detained some people. '

"When he was being brought to the police station, Shaikh abused and beat up the policemen present there," he said, adding that Sheikh has been arrested under Section 353 of the Indian Penal Code and is in judicial custody has been sent.

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