उपयोगकर्ता संग्रह 2020 2 25 Manik . बम्बई , भारत


On Tuesday, a New York court convicted Hollywood producer Harvey Winstein in a rape case. Harvey has been charged by more than 80 women. He will be sentenced on 11 March.

Harvey was convicted of misdemeanors based on statements by Sexual Assault and actress Jessica Mann based on the statements of former production assistant Miriam Hale of Project Runway. However, he has been acquitted in cases of one rape and two violent sexual assaults.

Actress Jessica Mann accused Harvey of rape. Jessica had reported that Harvey raped her in a hotel room in 2013. At the same time, Miriam Hale said in her statement that Harvey sexually abused her in an apartment.

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In view of the violent incidents related to the CAA which has been going on for the last three days, the planetary ministry has issued a high alert in Mumbai. The state police has taken vigilance measures to maintain law and order. The official said that no other place in Mumbai will be allowed to be held except in the scheduled Azad Maidan area.

Also, Home Minister Amit Shah held an all-party meeting on Tuesday. It also included Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He had a meeting with the authorities on Monday night.

He has also directed the Delhi Police to activate local peace committees and involve people of all religions and classes in it. At the same time, the leaders have been asked to avoid making inflammatory statements and the general public should stay away from rumors.

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2 students were returning to home after the exam collided with the tractor whose driver was drunk. 1 student died on the spot and the other one is in the hospital in the critical condition. Tractor driver was arrested later.

Two students were riding a bike after returning for 12th examination collided with the tractor coming from the front. In this, one died on the spot, while the other is in the critical condition in the hospital. Witnesses said the tractor driver was drunk. A video of the incident has also surfaced following which the accused driver has been arrested.

Adnan Khan (17) and Sheikh Mohammed Sheikh Abdul Rahman Qureshi (17), studying in the city's Mittal Junior College, were returning home by bike with a Hindi paper. At around 2 pm, his bike collided with a tractor near Hotel Nilambari. This incident has also been captured in the CCTV camera installed on the spot. In this, Adnan Khan died on the spot and Sheikh Mohammed is on the ventilator. However, the tractor driver was also injured in it and later he was arrested. Adnan's father is a rickshaw driver.

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After continuous complaints from the people against the auto drivers that they drive the auto while using the earphones and due to this the auto drivers take them to the wrong direction. In the Meera Bhayandar area, now police is snatching earphones from them and burning it.

After continuous complaints from the people, the police has started a campaign against the auto drivers those who use earphones while driving in the Meera Bhayandar area adjoining Mumbai. The traffic police snatch earphones from them and burn it.

Police have snatched and burned more than 250 earphones from auto drivers. Police were constantly getting complaints from the passengers that the auto drivers listening to the song with earphones or talking to someone, take them to the wrong destination. Not only this, auto drivers blames the passengers for this and they also demand additional fares from passengers, which leads dispute between them. According to Meera Bhayander Traffic Department Senior Inspector Anil Pawar, this is the first campaign against drivers driving autos in Mumbai and surrounding areas.

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Gangster Ejaz Lakdawala has revealed in an interrogation that Chhot Rajan was conspiring to kill underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in 1998. He has also reveled many things. Dawood sends drugs to India, Europe and other countries and Ejaz has given two address of Dawood houses in Karachi, Pakistan.

Gangster Ejaz Lakdawala has revealed in an interrogation by the Mumbai Police that Chhota Rajan had conspired to kill underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in 1998. Although he failed. On 9 January last month, Gangster Ejaz Lakdawala was caught in Patna. The Mumbai Police, with the help of Patna Police, caught him on his way to Darbhanga. Ejaz has been in the custody of the Mumbai Police since his arrest and is making new disclosures every day.

Police sources said that Ejaz told in the interrogation that in 1998, he was part of the 10-person team of Chhota Rajan's righthand Vicky Malhotra. The team waited for several days outside a Dargah in Karachi to assassinate Dawood. According to Lakdawala, Mirza Dilshad Baig informed Dawood at the last moment and this plan failed. Mirza was a Nepal MP and a close aide of Dawood. Ejaz said, this made Rajan so angry that Mirza was killed the same year.

Lakdawala has also told the Mumbai Police that Dawood also has a good hold in Thailand and Bangladesh. Through these two countries, he sends drugs to India, Europe and other countries. Intelligence agencies have informed that Dawood is plotting to kill Ejaz in prison. Ejaz has also revealed the address of two houses owned by most Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi, Pakistan.

Ejaz, once a member of Dawood gang, later joined Chhota Rajan's gang. Later, after differences with Chhota Rajan over money sharing, he formed his own gang and stayed in the Netherlands to run a drug smuggling business.

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