उपयोगकर्ता संग्रह 2020 4 11 Manik . बम्बई , भारत


In Sushrusha Hospital in Dadar, 2 nurese tested positive for Corona. Nw all the nurses of that hospital are kept in quarantine and will be tested for Corona. After this the BMC told the hospital authorities not to admit any patient in the hospital.

Maharashtra has seen the highest number of corona infections in the country so far. All the nurses of Sushrusha Hospital in Dadar, Mumbai have been kept in quarantine in the hospital itself. All nurses placed in quarantine have been asked to test. The BMC has said that these nurses will be shifted to a different hospital after the results of the test are received. Actually, two nurses of this hospital have been found to be corona infected. BMC has said that it should not admit any new patients to the hospital and leave all admitted patients within 48 hours.

On Friday, 16 new cases of corona infection were reported in Mumbai's Dadar area. Two nurses from Sushrusha Hospital and one resident of Kelkar Road have been found corona positive. In Dadar, the number of corona infections has now increased to six. Significantly, in Maharashtra, 1380 people have been infected with the disease, out of which 108 have died.

The situation in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, is very serious about the Corona infection. The most worrying matter is the cases coming from the slum area Dharavi here, yes it is likely to spread rapidly.

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During lockdown, Western railway started 11 special parcel train for the transportation of goods in the various area of the country. Services run between Bandra to Okha, Mumbai Central to Ferozepur, Dadar to Bhuj and Bandra to Ludhiana.

During this period of lockdown, when no one is getting out of the house, during this time, thousands of railway employees are busy in transporting essential materials across the country. Western Railway has so far run 11 special time tabled parcel express trains, which is the first time in Indian Railways. The Central Railway operated more than 37,700 wagons in the last 15 days.

Western Railway has extended its parcel trains for the time being. It has been decided to run 6 services between Bandra to Okha by April 14, 8 services from Mumbai Central to Ferozepur, 6 services from Dadar to Bhuj and between Bandra to Ludhiana.

The total loss to Western Railway due to the lockdown is estimated at Rs 307.14 crore (suburban + non-suburban) till 7 April. During this period the refund of Rs.136.10 crore has been ensured as a result of cancellation of tickets, in which refund of Rs.64.27 crore has been paid by Mumbai Division alone. So far, 21.44 lakh passengers on Western Railway have canceled their travel tickets.

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From 1 April to 9 April 80% of Corona vIrus cases has increased. Maharashtra is on the in the country in terms of number of infected cases and deaths. Infected cases in the state has reached to 1364. In which 125 people have recovered and 108 people have died.

Corona infection has spread rapidly in the last one month in Maharashtra. Maximum 1,364 cases were reported in a month. Looking at the Corona trend shows that more than 80 percent of these cases have come in just nine days of April. The state had 220 Corona positives as of March 31. There were 1144 cases between April 1 and 9. On March 9, three cases of corona virus infection were confirmed in the state.

Today is the 17th day of the nationwide lockdown. In Mumbai, 11 people died due to infection on Friday. They were aged between 46 and 75 years. The dead include 6 men and four women. 9 had problems related to diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. While a 45-year-old woman died in Sion Hospital. She has no medical history. The combined death toll in Maharashtra has reached 108. At the same time, 16 new infections cases were reported in Maharashtra on Friday. With this, the total number of infected people in the state reached 1380. Earlier on Thursday, the maximum number of 229 new cases were revealed. Maharashtra tops the country in terms of number of infected and deaths. On Thursday, 25 people died due to infection in the state.

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An IPS officer Amitabh Gupta issued the emergency pass to the Wadhawan Brothers. Wadhawan brothers were escaping from the ED and CBI in the Yes Bank Fraud Case. Satara Police caught them and IPS Officer has been sent on compulsory leave in case of negligence.

A case of negligence has come to light from a top official of the Maharashtra government between the corona infection and the lockdown. Here IPS officer Amitabh Gupta, posted as Principal Secretary (Special), Home Department, issued an emergency pass to the family of DHFL promoters Kapil and Dheeraj Wadhawan. On the same basis, to escape from the CBI and ED, along with 21 people of the Wadhawan Brothers family hiding in Khandala, 5 were going to their farm house in Mahabaleshwar on Wednesday. But before reaching here, the police caught them. IPS Gupta has been sent on compulsory leave in case of negligence. Police have registered a case against the family for breaking the lockdown rules. All people are quarantined in a building.

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition Devendra Fadnavis had demanded an inquiry into the matter. Apart from this, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya tweeted a copy of the letter issued by Gupta and wrote - Uddhav Thackeray government is giving VVIP treatment to Wadhawan family.

Investigations have revealed that the Wadhawan brothers tried to excape from the ED and CBI by making Coronavirus their shield. They were called by the CBI for questioning in the Yes Bank fraud case on March 7, but they did not went. A non-bailable warrant was issued by the local court against them for not appearing before the CBI. They escaped from Mumbai to escape from the investigating agencies. The entire family was hiding in a guest house in Khandala for the past several days. After the lockdown, the guest house operator was continuously pressurizing them to vacate the room. After which they left for Mahabaleshwar with the letter of Amitabh Gupta on 8 April. The Satara police caught they a few kilometers before Mahabaleshwar. According to sources, Wadhawan has a farm house in Mahabaleshwar and was going there. Now CBI and ED are in touch with the police.

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The Central Railway preparations are started to compete with the Covid-19. Under this, the electric loco shed of Bhusaval division has designed an in-house sanitizing tunnel to disinfect from head to foot in just 3-5 seconds.

A sanitizating tunnel has been designed to disinfect from head to foot in just 3-5 seconds. This sanitizing tunnel has been prepared at a cost of just Rs 15,000, under the guidance of Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer (TRS) Bhusaval, Himanshu Ramdev and under the supervision of Senior Section Engineer Mukesh Chaudhary. Many railway workers come to the shed amid the Covid-19 epidemic. This sanitizing tunnel has been prepared so that these workers do not get corona infected.

The Central Railway was told that the disinfecting tunnel has the capacity to work for 16 hours. It has to be refilled 500 liters sanitizer once a day. To save water and electricity, a two-way sweep has been installed in it.

The structure of this disinfecting tunnel is made by MS pipe covered by a tarpaulin sheet. PVC piping and spray nozzles have been provided to spray the solution. The tunnel size is 150 cm by 150 cm by 220 cm. A set of three nozzles will spray as people walk inside the tunnel for a period of between three and five seconds. Upon contact on surfaces, it is efficient enough to kill the virus. Employees are advised to raise their hands to the front while entering the tunnel to ensure efficient germ treatment.

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