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Five more corona concentration jmatis have been found in Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor district on Tuesday. The police have admitted all of them to the isolation ward after taking them into custody.

It is being told that all these five jmatis also joined the Tablighi Jamaat. After the discovery of these five infected patients, the number of corona infected patients has increased to 46 in the district.

The Health Department has quarantined all the members of their families after the corona report of these five jmatis came positive.

Also, the police has sealed the area in which the five lived, after sanitizing the area. Also, information has been received that so far 2 corona infected patients have been cured in Bijnor.


People in Soren Meerut of Lokharan ignored the seriousness of the global pandemic and came out of the house needlessly wandering the streets.

To prevent this, police started checking operations at every main intersection of the city and cut off the challans of a large number of drivers.

On Wednesday, police registered 20 cases against 83 people under Section-188 of the lockdown violation. Out of these, 11 cases have been registered against 51 people.

Apart from this, a challan of one lakh two thousand seven hundred rupees was also charged from the drivers while cutting the challans of 468 vehicles. At the same time, 22 vehicles have also been seized.


Gorakhpur BRD Medical College's RMRC will now test 200 samples in 24 hours. New reactants have been sourced from ICMR.

The Medical College Administration and RMRC are currently investigating Corona. Both the institutions have been upgraded and new machines have been installed.

According to the information, the process of investigation in VDRL was extremely difficult and lengthy. The investigation used to be in two stages. Which used to take about nine hours.

Because of this, an average of 80 to 90 tests were being conducted daily at RMRC. At the moment, more than 150 samples are coming every day.